Shakespeare’s Globe on Tour: Ensemble’s Choice

Oh swap night
definitely Oh aah Oh God oh wait actually come in start again if
I was in New Orleans I’d like to see Taming of the Shrew Taming of the Shrew
I would choose Taming of the Shrew I’m thinking I’m playing Kate and think of
issues I’m really biased because I’d like to see how it would be done yeah I
think with this version that we’re doing it we’re not really imposing anything on
it uh Twelfth Night and I possibly because it’s the most beautifully
constructed play ever written in the English language I say Twelfth Night
because less for the stage management to do during it I pick Merchant of Venice
quite like Merchant of Venice at the chance to be Shylock is rare for a
middle aged woman the language somehow just pings out bit OS we’ve been
rehearsing it I don’t know which I do know which I would choose come to see
all three that’s the answer

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