Shakespeare’s Globe

The Globe Theater was built in the years 1597 and 1599 in Southwark on the South Bank of London’s River Thames, The Globe was built by William Shakespeare’s friend James Burbage. The Globe was created from the timber of an older theatre called “The Theatre”. The Globe Theatre was initially supposed to built in the town of Shoreditch, but because of a ending lease on the land, the globe construction was moved to Southwark. After Globe was built, it ran many of Shakespeare’s plays and entertained many people around the world for around 14 years, but unfortunately, a shocking accident occurred. On June 29th 1613, The Globe Theatre went up in flames during a performance of Henry VIII. The cause of the accident was a theatrical cannon which set off during the performance and misfired resulting in the igniting of the wooden beams and detaching it from the Globe Theatre. The Globe was rebuilt in the following year. However like the previous theaters that were closed down, The Globe Theatre was also closed down. The Globe closed down in the year 1642. Almost three centuries later in the year 1997, The theatre was rebuilt and renamed “Shakespeare’s Globe” and was built with an approximation of the original Globe. The Modern Globe is similar to the Original Globe. The globe you are seeing now is the modern globe and it is an exact replica of the original. Even to this day it is still running and it’s is a popular tourist attraction in London and you can come and see Shakespeare’s famous plays performed live to you at the globe.

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