Shakespeare’s Telling Tales: Storytelling with Polarbear

Hello! I’m Polarbear and my show is Mouth Open Story Jump Out! ( Happy ukulele music plays ) It all started when I was ten What was I like when I was ten? Let me paint you a picture Things that I liked… Uhh… reading comics, making up stories a little bit of football, eating cake! Things I did not like… Anybody who doesn’t laugh at my jokes! Birthday cards with no money in, what’s all that about? Anyone who can’t listen! Owls. I’m sorry! Any animal that can just stare at you and turn its head all the way around Freaky! I don’t like them. Have you got a favourite teacher? Don’t say the name out loud, they get big heads it’s embarrassing, forget it. Look, I’ll tell you about my favourite teacher Mister Bukowski. Picture: A badger… No better yet! Picture: A bear! Alright, zoom in just on the bear’s head Close your eyes if it helps, right. You got the bear’s head? Alright, now shave it. Shave off the fur, leave a little beard and bits above the ears Alright? Now put glasses on him. Those round glasses that make everybody look clever Alright, wait wait! Make sure he’s smiling. There he is! Friendly-shaven-bear. Mister Bukowski, my favourite teacher He loves stories, I love stories! We got along. ( Ukulele music ends )

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