Shakespeare’s Telling Tales: The Jellyfish with Joseph Coelho

Hello! My name is Joseph Coelho And our event is ‘Let us on your imaginary forces work.’ (Happy acoustic guitar music plays throughout) I’d heard, that jellyfish sting! That their tentacles come barbed with poison! That they attack without cause as indiscriminate as the wind that blows onto whoever guided by nothing but the malice of the seas. The bloom blew upon me. A tingle on the backs of my thighs A piercing on the flesh behind my knees I turned and screamed daylight into dusk The sea was domed, and thick, and filled… with jellyfish! Boxed in I yelled action into my Mother who battered the jellied onslaught with sandals in hand. I yelled courage into my Grandmother Who plucked me from the sea in hands that refuse to wobble. I yelled fear into my Sister Who bawled at the skies making the tides turn Sending the bloom back out into the ocean. (Happy music ends)

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