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Egypt. An unsolved mystery since man evolved, still they’ve a fascination for sorcery. Keeping their dead for thousands
of years as Mummies, to bring them back to life someday, and to get hold of a wonderful
divine power in India. A tribe in Egypt is trying to achieve it, did they achieve that divine power? Total destruction of India and
universe in their control. Mother! Where is father?
– He’ll come, son. Caesar, my husband Mukhtar will be
coming with the pride of victory, go and welcome him. Brother! Where is my husband Mukhtar, brother? Did he get the all powerful Trident? Did he destroy the secret divine power? Why don’t you answer me? Brother! What happened? Brother! Why don’t you answer me? Why don’t you answer me?
Where is Mukhtar? My husband went to India to achieve
great power, who did this to him? My husbands eyes would see
someday the destruction of India. From that day Fakhtooni spent
a year in darkness. She was burning with to avenge
her husband’s killing. She made a plan with the help
of Egyptian sorcery. She did what no mother would
do on her eldest son. Mother…mother… Mahadevaraya, the baby girl is
blessed by Goddess Mother. She’s born with your father’s gene,
so the diamond is shining. The future depends on her. Swamy! Where is her saviour? Protect her till she’s 21 and
the great solar eclipse day, in the coming future,
she’ll herself bring the saviour. Hail Goddess Mother! She placed her husband’s eyes to her son. To make him a human weapon, Fakhtooni raised him with black magic,
sorcery and severe training. The name of this 25 year developed
human weapon is Rakha. Swamy! I’ve brought the Jwalamukhi diamond. I’ll visit 8 seats of divine power and
reach Haridwar for the great Kumbhmela. You come to Haridwar with
this Jwalamukhi diamond. Cleanse it with the holy water of river Ganges, and then tell your daughter
all the secrets. Hail Goddess Mother! Protect Aishwarya and
Jwalamukhi diamond safely. As you say, Swamy. Did you see brother Jaffer? My son is getting ready to go
to India in few days. Now all we need is Rudra Trident
and the Jwalamukhi diamond. The diamond is now with Mahadevaraya. It’s impossible to take it from him.
– Why? Mahadevaraya is a Central Minister of India. Then how? There’s only one way. Mahadevaraya has a 22 year old
daughter who is his life, to achieve what we want, she must also be in
our custody along with the diamond. Let’s inform our people in Hyderabad
and get her kidnapped. What’s her name? Junior madam! What are you doing here? You see us since your childhood,
why are you asking it again? We are doing our duty,
I’m always perfect in my duty. Bloody! Security here too? Whether it’s -star chocolate you eat
or 5-star hotel you stay. Is it? Which hotel? Sir, Home Minister’s daughter! Why is this gang trying to kidnap
Home Minister’s daughter? Hi dad.
– Hi dear. It seems you’re going abroad. I’m also planning to go to
Araku Valley with my friends. We’re leaving tomorrow morning.
– No, you’re not. She’ll not leave home for next two months. I’ll go dad.
– No way, after the recent incident
in the swimming pool, IG uncle has told me specifically
that your life is in danger, and not to let her move out of home. She’ll be in home only, double the security. Secure her properly. I’m getting late to my flight, bye. Always there’s security men
around me like I’m in a jail. From my childhood, not a minute
of freedom to live on my own. Your life is better. Our Araku trip is planned,
and our gang is ready to leave. We’re not going to Araku.
Dad said no. Why? We’re going on the trip secretly. Exactly after an hour be ready
near my house compound wall. We’re leaving silently.
– Okay, we’ll be there right now. We must protect madam like our eyes,
additional men are joining duty tomorrow. I mean double security.
I must hear even if an ant is crushed. From that wall to this wall,
from this wall to that wall, whatever may happen, it must be
brought to my notice immediately. Parrot must feel happy about
security of Doberman like me. Minister must be astonished. Onlookers must go crazy. You planned it? I’ll close my eyes and put my finger on
the map, we’re going wherever I touch. Take your finger…Jaipur! We’re free from restrictions,
security and that Subba Rao. Welcome…welcome… Okay.
– Welcome to Jaipur! Welcome to Jaipur! Welcome to Jaipur! Can’t you ask that in Telugu?
Problem? You’ve come with so many girls,
there are many rogues here, you’ll be in trouble.
– I know Hindi. Make arrangements for the trip. You move aside, I’ll talk to her. Greetings madam, our’s is A to Z
travelling agency, we offer all the services of lodging,
boarding, sight-seeing, and guides. We’ll take you in this van. God! Your name? I’m bored going in Mercedes and BMW’s,
let’s travel in this van. It’s be variety.
– Come. It’s releasing today. I must see first day first show.
– You must see! Junior madam is sleeping, madam.
Would’ve watched TV all the night. Get up! Mother, I’m going on a trip with my friends, Subba, you can’t catch me, What have you done, junior madam? Parrot has flown! Just see the posters and
decorations for now, let’s try for matinee show. I must watch Sallu’s film first day first show. Tommy, try in black. No end for it. I’ll try. It seems the heroine’s role
is shattering in the film. Who is he looking like ‘Adavi Ramudu’? Grand entry on elephant is shattering. His speed reminds like Andhrawala. Wherever he may be he’s their own,
he belongs to everyone, he’s a big Salman Khan fan, but he
himself has many fans, including me. Though he’s dirty, he’s dynamic. Off late he’s rocking girls. Rs.100 ticket for Rs.500.
– Give me 6 tickets. Go away. Rs.100 ticket for Rs.500.
Did you give him the tickets? Rs.100 ticket for Rs.500
…come…come… Hey, he seems to be carrying lot of money. Hey you!
– What? My ticket, it’s in my hands now.
– I paid you, right? If you want to watch the film,
shell out money? I gave you. You seem to have lot of money. If I do, should I’ve to give?
– Take out money. You’ve lot of money, if you want to
watch the film, shell out money again. Who are you? God is up there, the film’s hero is Salman, and the man before you is Shakthiman. Hey fool! What’s your problem? There are many problems, the country where Ganges flows,
there’s no water, the theatre where the film is on show,
there no tickets. if the tickets are available in black market,
no money to buy them, agreed if ticket is bought in black market. and after that to fight with rogues,
wastrels, and rascals like you, and to save justice from unjust
and protect good from evil, God has chosen only one man, it means…me! Claps! Dialogue delivery was great! The bell has rung! Bell has rung again! Let’s finish it quickly boys,
I must watch the film. You’re a one man army against
any number of people, you’re our saviour, man of the era, you’re forest Rama and driver Rama… Shell out money? What?
– Money? Stop praising me and
take out the money. Money in hands, I’m like this always. Is it? I paid them Rs.3000 for six tickets
at Rs.500 each. Mine is not for the tickets but for the fight. Rs.1000 per head, take out Rs.10000. Did we ask you to fight them? Low class guys are like that only,
they hit at our weak pints. I beat them to save your man. Want or don’t want? Let’s go.
– Pay him. Take it, we don’t take anybody’s help. Stop nagging and take out money. Come on clap… Here I am… Wherever I’m it’s festival, boisterous fun
and earth will shatter… Pride is my property, I’m all powerful
and don’t take chances with me… I’m ready for any challenge,
if you’ve guts try to catch me… I’m a bullet with speed like a rocket,
nobody can follow me… I don’t care if anyone says
I’m from low class… I’m a favourite with front benchers
and my heart is of high class… I may appear like a kid
but I’ll attack like a lion… I swear on mother… I’ll hack anyone who dares
stop me on my way… I was born as a boon
from Goddess Durga… I grew up in the protection of Lord Rama… I must become one in the world… Future must look up to me as
a role model… If you think you can
achieve anything, brother… Where there is a will,
there’s a way, brother… If I concentrate all my energy and hit,
it’ll rock and shatter anything… If I go after anything,
the world will be mine… If I challenge with the power of my youth,
battlefields will shudder… No man… No man worth his moustache has
ever dared to take on me and win… My life is progressing towards top
signing off every step of success… Guts and courage are my support… Self belief is my character… I’m my own boss,
I’m the boss, follow me… Prachanda, call him. Jackie, Mahadevaraya is here without
security as you’d asked him to come. When are we meeting? I’ll inform the place later.
– You said we’re meeting today, right? What you direly need is with me, everything will be mine. He says he’ll meet day after tomorrow. What’s this? He’s not Janaki Verma who once used
to work in your palace, he’s now Jackie who has made billions
with underworld dealings. He owns half of these buildings. The need is ours. Hubby, Aishwarya has escaped from
home and went on a trip with friends. When?
– The night you left. You don’t worry, but please keep
this matter secret. I’ll talk to DIG. Home Minister’s daughter gone
a secret trip with friends, trace her. Her photo and other details are in this cover. We’ve come to know she’s in Jaipur,
inquire confidentially. The girl belongs to a wealthy family,
keep it secret. That’s what you want, sir? Sister, the eclipse is just 40 days away. We must get that Jwalamukhi diamond
at any cost. Our men haven’t yet been able to
kidnap Mahadevaraya’s daughter. My younger son will take care of it. Look there! This is Mehrangarh fort. If it’s not a fort, is it your home?
Tell the history correctly. I can tell your history perfectly, to know the history, geography and
other details, our guide must come. Who is he?
– Brother! Guide?
– Did you mistake him for book? It’s him! Is he a guide? I’m a tour guide for living, I’ll make as much money
as possible from side. I know you make money from side business. Tell me the history of this fort.
– First know his charges. King’s fort and Queen’s garden,
total tour Rs.2000. Those who brood about cost
don’t have any taste. I’ll go that children’s group.
– Wait a minute brother. Madam, please think over it again.
– I must give him a shock. Okay, he must explain everything
which we can understand.- Okay. Rates change with languages.
– Let’s use Telugu. He chose the most expensive. Which type of Telugu you want?
– Are there different types of Telugu? There are many!
You want Nellore slang or Godavari slang, you want Rayalaseema mass or Krishna class, you want Guntur slang or Warangal slang, you want East Godavari slang or Nizam slang. Your man is no ordinary,
he’s a master of all arts. He’s a very talkative man, if you delay,
he’ll be picked up foreign tourists. He has great demand.
– You start! King watches from up there!
Queen dances down there! What do the soldiers do?
– Eat and sleep. Your man knows many tricks. Cannon. It was made in 1863.
King brought it in 1904. There are 10 canons here.
– What’s that place? What did we agree for?
– For this fort. Ask about this fort only,
it’ll cost extra if you ask about that. Will this work? Is yours working?
– What? Your brain, take photo. You gave us a good tour with
your sweet talk, I’ll pay you. What?
– You needn’t have to pay him. He must pay us Rs.8000.
– Me? What? I’ll tell if you want to hear it.
You took Rs.10000 in the theatre, if we cut Rs.2000 from it,
you still owe us Rs.8000. That’s a tip. We’ve side tracked your man, it’s good
join us or we’ll side track you also. Here’s your guide’s hat. You’ve cheated him nicely. There’s nothing here other than sand,
it’s hot all over the place. Stop here, need to drink something cool. We’re not here to drink this.
– Then? To have hot tea.
– Hot tea? Tea in this hot sun! No stove here,
where is he taking the kettle? Hot tea in hot desert! Won’t he stop following us? His way…I think it’s the desert. One tea please. We must be very careful with him. He’s stranger than you,
he’s having tea in hot sun. Money!
– Take from her. Why should I pay? Rs.2000 you cheated me yesterday,
not only this tea but pay for the cart,
tent, my bed and fodder for the camel. I forgot to tell you, you made
fun of me yesterday, I’m hurt. Rs.1000 extra for it. I think he’s here for revenge.
– Revenge is mine not his. I think he’s not satisfied with
what I gave him. I’ll get him thrashed. You’ve a job! Powerfully! You’ve to beat…
thrash someone. I’ll pay you for it. A lot of money. We’ll do it.
– Leave me. You must beat him.
– Please save her. She asked them to beat and
do something, they’re on the job. Please take money and save her. I’m a cheat, how dare you cheat me
Rs.2000 and then make fun of me also? I’ll not come. Leave my hand. I’ll pay you for saving her
and the old due too. Leave me. What happened, brother? The girl would’ve been raped by now.
Just miss! Tomorrow means rape?
How is the girl now? If he hadn’t come on time,
she would be gone. I got it, they would’ve squeezed
out life from her. If this continues, my bag will go empty
and his box will get filled. Not a box but ATM. People go to ATM for money,
but my ATM always travels with me. Money only comes in, never goes out. I want your man.
– Are you that type? I’m worried about girls and their safety. If your man comes with us for
the entire tour, we’ll be safe. Please tell him.
– That’s okay but will cost you more. Let it cost anything.
– Get approval from your madam. By then I’ll convince him.
– Okay. Please try to understand why I’m
insisting him to join us. Okay, but she…
– I’ll pay but he mustn’t refuse to do anything. Call him.
– Go. I’ll take you to task. Your man has been fixed. Shall we go? It means? One night in the desert.
Arrange with him. Sir… What’s this so long? Must walk for an hour. I think he’s damn tired. We can pitch a tent anywhere
in the desert, right? Why did he then made us walk for
a kilometre and pitched tents here? Anything special here? To offer morning prayers early
in the morning. Be careful! Don’t waste water. You’ve to walk a mile for a glass of water. You’ll get burnt in the hot sun. I’m going to sleep. You need a companion.
– No need. I want two buckets of cold water
by tomorrow morning for my bath. It’s difficult to get water to drink here,
how can he arrange two buckets for bath? That’s his problem,
tell him to accept he can’t, let’s leave him. There’s nothing impossible to him,
there’s nothing he can’t do. But it’ll cost you more. A bucket of water will…
– Rs.500? Rs.10000! What? Rs.10000 for a bucket full of water? This is broad daylight robbery.
Use scent, that’s cheaper. Pay him. Let me see how he’ll arrange water
by tomorrow morning. Earlier tickets now buckets,
he’s making money! Look, if he says like that I’ll feel hurt. No need sir. If you get hurt, we’ll lose money. He brought it! This man will do anything for money. Poor man! He would’ve walked all the
night to get two buckets of water. Though he took Rs.10000,
he did a great job. What happened?
What happened? You…you… I’ll kill you. I think they’re hurt. Will you charge us Rs.10000 for
getting water from here? What’s there to cheat you? It’s your innocence not to know
there’s a oasis near by. It’s my intelligence not to
tell you though I knew it. Now that you now, why just take bath?
Jump in and swim too! He’s completely rob us our money. I don’t like this place. Get the bags. I think you’re hurt.
– Very much. Pay Rs.1000!
– Should we pay you if we are hurt? Hurt will cost Rs.1000, whether it’s you
or me doesn’t matter, pay. Don’t scold me, it’ll double. He’s different. I got married just 3 days ago, I must be on a honeymoon with my wife, you’ve brought me to Jaipur
as if this is Madhapur. Tell me sir, why are we here? 30 years in department,
can’t leak out top secret. Can’t you at least tell me sir? I’m very sincere in my duty. I divorced my wife,
I know when to leak and how. I want to know what that top secret…
– Will you shut your mouth? Okay. That’s Pakistan, keep little this side. What’s this? Give me the Rudra Trident. You know why he’s here… He’s here for the Rudra Trident. I’m not Karna to give in charity
whatever the seeker asks. I’m a businessman. What do you want? My property, my jewels, diamonds and
gems I got from my ancestors, I’ll give you everything, please return the Rudra Trident to me. I know it’s value to you. I don’t think your offer isn’t the
right deal for the Trident. For all the injustice and
betrayals you did to me, I’m humbly begging you
with folded hands, infact making a fervent plea,
please give me the Rudra Trident. If you want take my life for it. Life is the only thing that is worthless.
No use in taking it. Already my accounts of sin
has too many lives. I’ll think and tell you. I’ve many offers, I’ll think and decide. What’s this? What’s this rickety old bus? Change it right now.
– Okay. Did you hear it? Change the bus. This is the only Telugu hotel in Srinagar. Owner will look like Charlie Chaplin,
he’ll overact, that’s him. Welcome to Kashmir Andhra Vilas! Do you know Telugu? Yes.
– What’s your name? Hey you! Tell me your real name! My name is Sathibabu,
back home people call me as Sathi. Stop shivering first.
How come you’re settled here? Mine is a best and worst love story,
please come. You’re right. I came here as a lorry cleaner, came to know this hotel owner
has only daughter, I fell in love with her and
she too reciprocated, and his father died hearing this, I married her and conducted her
father’s funeral at a time, and became owner of this hotel. Sir. He’s not Sathibabu but a big bore. She too calls me like that only.
– Shut up. He trapped the girl and usurped
the property in the name of love. Love is not just blind but also short.
He’s an example. Arranged cottages for all of you,
please come. People with children sleep
in the cottages, people without children play out here. Don’t you’ve children to play with?
– We’re working on that. We’re leaving.
– Is it? Thayaru, be ready,
I’m coming immediately. Tell me Sanyasi Rao. Got information that they’ve left to Srinagar. You too go to Srinagar.
– Okay sir. Trace them quickly.
– Hold on the line for a second. Aren’t we going back to Hyderabad, sir?
– We’re going to Kashmir. No use in offering prayers here
coming from Egypt. Came to know the girl has gone
to Srinagar from Jaipur. This information is enough for
the Rs.1 crore you paid. We’ll know further details later,
if you want to know more details, I want Rs.2 crores.
Why are you surprized? Is the girl’s father a school headmaster? Pay money, don’t stare at me. No man who knows about us mustn’t live. Let’s go to Srinagar and search for her. He would be sleeping after a heavy meal, let’s open his ATM and take back
all the money he took from us. Not only our money,
let’s steal his money also. Slowly… He didn’t even lock it. Open it! Backs would’ve got burnt! Are your fuses broken? I think he touched it first, he’s dazed. It’s ATM, right?
I use current for night safety. Next time I’ll use high voltage,
if you touch you’ll get burnt. They’ve had an experience,
they’ll not dare touch again. It’s cold, right? Let’s go now. What sir? Who will pay fine of Rs.10000
for opening my ATM? Your dad? We got electrocuted, right?
– That’s punishment. Cash is penalty. Pay Rs.1000 extra for battery charging. Got it? Pay him.
– Okay. Come. It’s inside, I’ll get it. He’s always overacts,
that’s had a greater shock. It’s cool Kashmir, but my bad he’s
with me instead of you. He’ll die in that cold, bloody fool. Did you see this girl?
– No. No? I promised to name out child after him also. How nasty it would be calling him Sanyasi? But he doesn’t care. What to do?
– Are you Telugu? I’ll call you later.
Are you Telugu people? Are you here for sightseeing?
– Yes. No, we’re here to buy sites. Who are you? Don’t feel for it, he’s different. He speaks like that only. What’s that matter?
– We’re on a trip. You’re lucky sir, I’m married newly.
– Are you here on honeymoon? He literally dragged me from
the marriage. Take it. You got good thing in these bad times.
– Come and take photos. Not a girl looks docile to marry
the choice of parents. Everyone of them is eloping type. Bloody silly group, look at their faces,
their dresses and make up style, I told you they’re useless group,
and leave me alone. Aishu, come here. And then that Tommy with them. Tommy? He looks like a street vendor. You wash your face with Zalim lotion.
– I don’t use things used by others. Why are you so hot and angry
in this chill weather? I must give him a little shock.
– We must. Let’s go to the snow,
– Come. How much ice here? Won’t you get down to show us around? There’s nothing much to show
in snow mountains. It’s same everywhere, take photos. Be careful, this is very dangerous place. Its snow cracks all over that place. Don’t go beyond this pole,
there are many traps. Very dangerous. Why would we go after seeing this board?
Are we mad? Please don’t do it.
– It seems it’s very dangerous here. Let’s go back. What? I’ve a plan to trap Shakthi.
– What’s your plan? I’ll hide there, you go anxiously
and tell him I’m missing. He’ll come searching for me. He’ll see my scarf there. He’ll go to that spot.
He’ll fall into the trap. Got it!
– You got it? He’s robbing us like a dacoit,
we must steal it from him. No, please listen to me. He’ll come… He’ll search… He’ll slip… He’ll then roll down… And falls into a trap… Shakthi, Ais is missing.
– Ice is all over the place. I’m telling you about Aishwarya.
I think she’s stuck in ice. I’m not joking, it’s true.
Please save her. Look there! She said she’ll hide for fun,
but she’s missing really. Slowly…slowly… Check her. O beautiful baby, something has
happened to you… How do you feel now? He said he’s king… He said it’s unjust… He’s man with sharp eyes…
He pinched me with eyes… He’s a magician… He’s hot like Sun…
He made me see stars… Come my sweet…
found her because of you… It’s sweet all the way… I’m free like air, I met you… Today I’m not myself anymore… Towards the way of Cupid… Oh I lost my sleep… Don’t touch me, take everything
lock, stock and barrel…Play on it… I’ll take on you and
fulfill all your desires…Hold on… Make me squeal with pain of pleasure… I’ll have your sweet cheeks…
There will be no marks on it… Let’s unite our hearts, souls and bodies…
Is your youth voting for me? Take me to some place
on the flying horse… Can’t I touch your
waist while riding it? Please do something without
getting any bad name… Oh dear, control your speed…
don’t push me… I’m a rogue and a man of great power… Would I say no to you… What happened?
– You know how we were worried. With god’s grace you got saved. You said he’s bad boy
but he saved your life. How nice it is! This is one of the 8 temples of
Goddess Mother in Kashmir. Why are they tying it, Sathibabu? This Goddess is very powerful,
a mother who fulfills our wishes, when I was a bearer in their hotel
cleaning tables and glasses, I wanted to love her and
then marry her, made a vow and tied it here,
and my wish got fulfilled. I too tied without his knowledge. Are you making a vow? For whom? What did you wish from Goddess? For whom?
We must know the answer. Tell me…tell me…isn’t it for Shakthi?
– Isn’t it for the guide? Tell me Aishu!
Tell me! Tell me…did you fall in snow or love? Stop… Found the girl. Tell me… Who are you? Go quickly! Shakthi, few people kidnapped Aishwarya.
– Where? They came in two cars and
kidnapped Aishwarya. You go quickly! Which side did he go?
– That side. We missed the girl. Who saved the girl from us? It’s my habit to take photos with
guests and hang it in reception, moreover I like you all,
please one photo with you sir. What? You’ll go to that hotel and
inquire showing a photo, why don’t you tell me whose photo is that? I will, shut up. You want room?
– I want a girl. You don’t get here.
– Have you seen this girl? Are you a Telugu man?
– Yes. They were my guests for two days.
– With you? Where are they now?
– They went just now. Where?
– They went that side. What do you mean by went this side? They went in a white tempo
of A to Z travels. If you go quickly, you can catch them. But it’s a valley, right after a left turn,
there’s a mountain, go around the mountain… Who are you? Bloody fool! We’re leaving.
– Thayaru, I’m coming. Not to Hyderabad but chasing them. Come.
– Okay. Now says chase, changing every other minute. What do you want me to do? Aishu, keep your finger here. He always asks her to put finger.
Come on do it. Not finger, I’ll say with my heart. Haridwar? Jackie is not responding to our phone calls. I feel Egyptians are also trying
severely for the Rudra Trident. I must go to Haridwar
and meet Swamy. I must cleanse the Jwalamukhi
in the holy river Ganges. Aishwarya hasn’t yet been traced. I’ll take care of Jackie,
you’re getting late, go back to India. Isn’t it adding beauty to
our reception area?- Yes. Isn’t it very good?
Go and do your work. No vacancy here,
please find another hotel. Please go. Have you seen this girl? What’s that snake tattoo on hand?
Why is it having wings? Bloody dirty face!
What’s that lousy hairstyle? Go…go away! Go away! Sathibabu! Unable to live without us. Where are you heading, Devudu? Line got cut. No…no… What?
– Where’s the Jwalamukhi diamond? May be Aishwarya took it along with money. Jwalamukhi must be cleansed in river Ganges.
What to do now? Get down! I’ll get a priest to offer prayers. No need to go, I’m here already. Where are you coming from? Please don’t ask, they don’t know where
they came from and where they are going. Very strange group, and Tommy
is too much. Bloody overacts. That’s him.
– Did he ask you? Told him just for information. I think you’re also from our side. Yes, Vaishnavaite, my name is Narayana. Let’s get to business,
you must first offer Rs.1116. How much can it hold?
– Let’s see that after the prayers. Another robber has joined the thief. I think you both belong to the same caste.
– Yes. Change your clothes, let’s start.
– Come. What? Jaipur, Kashmir and now Haridwar,
I fear I may also end up as a mendicant. I’ll not let you become a mendicant or
unite with wife till I find the person I want. Where’s Goddess Mother’s temple here?
Where is it? That’s Goddess Manasa Devi’s temple. Goddess Mother’s eight…
– It’s not eight but eighteen. How dare you teach me how many parts
to a Vedic scholar like me! Don’t get angry sir. There are eighteen precincts of
Goddess Mother’s temples. Along with Siddha precincts of power,
it’s 108! You’re blabbering 18 and 108,
what the hell you know about it? Do you at least know one name of a precinct? Do you know where are they?
– Do you at least know it? Goddess Shankari Devi in Srilanka. Visalakshi in Kanchi
somewhere near Chennai… 18 temples of Goddess Mother!
The count is tallied. You’re elder, I’m not so great
to teach you, sir. Please accept your limitations sir,
tell what you know very well. There’s some power in him,
there’s an unknown power in him. Jwalamukhi has been cleansed! She’s here only! Don’t know where did he vanish? Did you see this girl? This girl! You inquired about her and
brought me to this place. I met her in Kashmir itself. I saw this girl.
– He’s claiming it for money. You keep quiet.
– She’s a Telugu girl, right? Just now I offered prayers for her.
– Where? She’s there only,
hey girl! Someone is searching for you! That’s the girl sir! Police!
– It seems police! Why is it so crowded?
– More than a crore people are here. Let’s leave the place immediately.
– Just now we… A big mistake has happened!
I came here empty handed. Yes Swamy, Jwalamukhi is missing
from my house safe. I don’t know how it got lost!
May be it’s with Aishwarya. I don’t know where is she now. I failed to get it cleansed in the
holy river Ganges. What to do now? Don’t feel sad, Mahadevaraya. God has decided that our endeavour
must be accomplished. That’s why on the decided day at the auspicious
time, Jwalamukhi got cleansed. What are you saying, Swamy? I’m sure Jwalamukhi is cleansed in Ganges. Not only that my soul tells me
the protector too has arrived. It’s all the blessings of Goddess Mother. Jackie didn’t give the Rudra Trident,
though I offered him all my wealth. We’re police! Your daughter Aishwarya is here only sir. Really?
– Yes sir. Where?
– She ran away seeing us. Aishwarya is here, it means Jwalamukhi
has been cleansed as you said. Jwalamukhi must have been
with Aishwarya. Where is Aishwarya? I’ll tell him today. Have you decided? Whatever it is, your man is very lucky. I fell head over heals
in love with you… Hitting the heart, I’ll create chaos… Go boy! Did you get me so easily? I was free like wind…
I got you now… Coming after me! My dream lover!
Handsome hero! Stop fighting! Young maiden! Golden beauty! I’m your man,
you’re my love… Hey man! Do what you’ve been
asked to do… This is mistake, very great
and it’s right… Beauty with no waist…
bewitching damsel… Though there are many beauties,
my heart is after you only… You’re an astonishing guy!
You’re a great admirer! You’re a damsel! Giving and
taking between us is great romance… He appeared and took away my heart… He swept my feet away from ground… What’s this? He got so many letters like this. He’ll not care even it’s written in blood. What?
– What happened? I think accident.
– Okay get down. Bhai, he’s that boy! Bloody, the one who took on me. Okay, kill him! Who is he? Secret agent of NSA Shakthiswaroop. Sister! Janaki Verma is coming
with Rudra Trident. He’ll not back from Egypt. How do you do, Janaki Verma? Don’t forget you’ve come to this
position because of our help. 27 years ago I gave you a secret
you wanted desperately. You paid for it as much as I wished. It was not alms. Where’s the Rudra Trident? My only wish now is to become
the richest man in the world, if you fulfill it,
I’ll give this Trident to you, if not I’ll give this to anyone
who fulfills my wish. I’m a snake myself, I’ve reached this position
betraying people who raised me, you can’t scare me. Didn’t you bring it? It’s in Dubai only. I’m not a joker to bring it to
your place on your request. I’m Jackie! Come to my castle,
transfer money to my account, and take the Trident, Jaffer. Fakhtooni, the eclipse is not far away. The rate will shoot up as you delay. Your wish will remain unfulfilled. Sister, we’ve to follow his orders,
no other choice. Sorry mom. Sorry dad. Where’s the Jwalamukhi? Jwalamukhi? It was in the locker with money. You may have taken it by mistake,
please try to remember. Try to remember, it’s a round box. With marks of sacred mono syllable
and Swastika. What box? I don’t know…
I don’t remember anything, dad. Your daughter is safe from danger,
why are you upset instead of happy? That is more important than my daughter. Search everyone who went with Aishwarya. Who gave you the permission
for undercover operations? While joining the duty in this department, we had taken a oath to sacrifice even
our lives to protect this country. I did that to keep that oath. We attacked the terrorist group in the
hotel according to information we got, Thought I can know the reason why they were
targetting Home Minister’s daughter, so I went to the girl’s home
to monitor security personally, I saw her jumping the wall then, sir, I was sure they would follow the girl
who escaped from the house, I thought I could catch them and
followed her as a guide, result of my plan, I got the group’s head Bashim. Did he tell anything? I’m sure he’s responsible
for ACP Banerjee’s murder. But he’s not talking. Leave him to me for an hour. Ravi will take care of it. Bashim has been arrested by NSA. He’s under tight security. Time is fast approaching,
what should we do now? My elder son Rakha is the answer
to all your questions. Come, let’s go to India. Why are you so tired
for 10 minutes only? Have this to regain energy. If Shakthi comes, I’m confused
if I must dismiss or suspend him. I’m the Chief and
he brushes me aside cheaply. Who are you talking about? You’re too much! Thanks dad! At last you’ve agreed I’m great! Did you see? He’s having the drink
you brought for me, Barging! Why do you need this, dad? You look ugly with that pot belly,
reduce it.- Yes. He did IPS but has
criminal intelligence. You left for undercover operation
without informing me. Going without information
is known as undercover. Is it any function to inform
everyone and then go. As a chief, won’t you inform me also? I know everything you did with Home Minister’s
daughter in the name of undercover. I’ve the entire file. If you interfere in my personal matters…
– Okay son…cool down. Today is his birthday, instead of blessing
or wishing him, what’s this? Am I new to this? His irritation is blessing to me,
his scoldings are wishes. Okay, get ready,
let’s go to the temple. Very beautiful! Madam, Home Minister’s daughter! Our Shakthi and this girl… Greetings aunty. She’s like an angel,
take good care of her, David. Just like you Shakthi sir too felt and
looked after her very well for 20 days. She too took good care of Shakthi. I took care of both of them. Then, they know each other well. Nothing like that aunty. So, the matter is very clear
to you, right? You keep quiet. I came to see if I’ve missed
anything and left with Shakthi. I think there will be,
it’s in the bedroom only. Marry him. She said go and see. She heard it differently. Princess of Kingdom of love…
young maiden… You’ve selected and chose
the gardener Ramu… Mischievous young man…
fell for you… You’ve charmed my heart
with your magic… You’re my dream and my reality… My heart and soul is
enchanted by you… Come to me my dear and
let me hold your thin waist… O my dear, light the fire of
pleasure in me… Spread the bed of lightning… Desires are overflowing… Let the passions of love get eased… Spread your magic and
win over my and my heart… Come and take on me… How much your beauty and youth
would’ve waited for this day? How much the separation
from you had affected me? I thought my life is all yours… Me, my heart and my youth
is all yours… Why are you here? What are you doing here? I’m also asking you the same question,
what’s this? Hiding so many memories and
love in your heart, when I sent I love you message,
will you say I don’t love you, Shakthi? I didn’t say that.
– Then? It was a money-minded avaricious guide. Then, who is this officer Shakthi? You’ve seen it, right?
You need any answer now. Hello! You came searching for something,
did you find it or not? Everything is here only.
Search properly. I found it and got your son too. You too come to the temple with us.
Today is my son’s birthday. I didn’t know so no gift. I know it. You’re his biggest gift, Come. Greetings Jackie!
– Tell me Jaffer. My sister is ready to offer you
more than all other offers. I’ll decide the rate and date
and inform you. Our new security specialist Avatar is here. Why? I never let even a fly to sit on
the Kohinoor diamond for 20 years. But by 21st century a fly sat on it
and my ego was hurt terribly. I resigned immediately. If you fail here,
you needn’t have to resign. I’ll gun you down. Will you see the arrangements? I don’t see any arrangements, what? Use this! I’ve arranged invisible high voltage laser
beams and infra-red rays around it. If you touch… Money! Fakhtooni from Egypt has
agreed to my offer. Jackie is refusing to give the Rudra Trident. No matter how much I offer
he’s refusing. I think he has settled a deal
with Egyptians. What to do now?
– I’m also confused. Swamy, Jwalamukhi is not
with Aishwarya too. Janaki Verma is refusing to give
the Rudra Trident. He’s planning to sell it to Fakhtooni. What shall we do now, Swamy? Goddess Mother will arrange it herself! Please offer special prayers
for my son Shakthiswaroop. Okay madam. This is the diamond box
her father was asking. I got this box in Haridwar. Found the Jwalamukhi diamond. Found Jwalamukhi! Come immediately to Hampi with Jwalamukhi
and my daughter Aishwarya. We’ll leave immediately. Found the Jwalamukhi diamond,
I’m leaving to Hampi with Chief. What? Brother, officer is going to Hampi
with the Jwalamukhi, let’s go. They’re after the diamond,
they know Chief is going to Hampi with it. They’re attacking him. You go.
You go and save them. Leave the place immediately with
Aishwarya and the diamond. Come. Leave him! The protector has arrived! Come! He has arrived! Protector has arrived! I know Goddess Mother has
brought him here! Are you surprized we’re saying
as if we know you? You don’t know who we are! But we’ve been waiting for your arrival! For me? If you want to understand this, you must know what had
happened 27 years ago. Mahadevaraya’s ancestors belonged
to the Rayala kings. His father Vijayakrishna Rayalu was
blessed by Goddess Mother. A great God fearing and
benevolent man. Minister! Please arrange for
free food distribution. Yes my lord! God bless you with long life! Why did you ask me to come
without fail for this festival? The time has come to tell you
the most guarded secret. There are 18 temples dedicated
to Goddess Mother. Everyone know all are
famous pilgrim centres. But only we know the secret temple from
where all other 18 temples are controlled. With the help of this plan leaf,
the temple located secretly in Hampi, can be reached with Jwalamukhi diamond
and Rudra Trident. Our country India is prospering because
of that secret temple only, if that temple is destroyed,
the country would also get destroyed, some tribes and people of alien
nations knew about this secret, and attacked the place, unable to locate the secret temple,
they destroyed every temple they saw, but our clan has been protecting the
temple for centuries and offering prayers. An eclipse happens for every 27 years, only after the eclipse, one can enter
the temple and offer prayers, nobody can enter the temple
without the Jwalamukhi diamond. It shines only when in the hands
of the blessed ones. After your father only your progeny
will be the blessed one. Eclipse is approaching fast, we must
reach the temple before it elapses. Like the clan of Rayalu is here to
protect the divinity of the temple, there’s a fiend in Egypt who wants to destroy
the divinity and prosperity of this nation. Minister Janaki Verma sold our country’s
secret to the Egyptians for money. Got it! I got it! I found the secret which was
unknown to the world till now. I got an opportunity to destroy
that country. I’ll find the Rudra Trident and
destroy that secret temple. Mukhtar, it’s easier said than done. Brother! Don’t you know about
my husband’s bravery? It seems the temple is protected by divine
forces which no warrior can touch. Who protects it? Their God? Protector who secures God! One who protects the temple from a clan which
has been protecting since time immemorial. Great warrior Rudra! Maharudra! Stop that nonsense! I’ll not only destroy the secret temple, the protector you said about,
I’ll behead him, and present his head
at my wife Fakhtooni’s feet. My dear, my eyes will see you
again after victory only! Eclipse is over, come out. Will it be son or daughter, Swamy? With the blessings of Goddess Mother,
you’ll have a son. With courage not to fear anyone,
with the bravery to oppose anyone, to protect the temple,
he’ll be ready to sacrifice his life too. This is the entrance to the
secret temple. How much ever one may be powerful,
no weapon on earth, sorcery or black magic, nobody can open this entrance,
except this Rudra Trident. It’s impossible to enter the temple
without this Rudra Trident. Hail Goddess Mother! Holy Ganges which flowed from
the tresses of Lord Shiva, the protector of the temple must
get cleansed in that holy water, after cleansed by the holy Ganges,
no fire can harm the protector, Trident is epitome of power
of Triumvirates, it’s another form of power that
runs this universe, so many evil men had tried to take the
Trident and got themselves destroyed, these 18 pillars represent the 18 temples
of Goddess Mother all over the country. Daughter of Daksha,
consort of Lord Shiva, all these places are where the
18 pieces of Dakshyani’s body fell, they became 18 temples dedicated to Goddess
Mother and became holy pilgrim centres. Each pillar represents
Goddess Mother’s body parts. When protector touches it with
the Trident, as prayers are offered during
the eclipse, this idol of Goddess Mother
will shine brightly, with the divine touch of the Trident, 18 temples will accrue more powers.
18 temples will get activated. As Trident is decorated to the Goddess,
with the divine touch to the Trident, 18 temples will accrue more powers. As sunsets, the entrance will close. Prayers must be offered as usually
during next eclipse after 27 years. Mukhtar! That’s Rudra’s wife! You please go inside. I beg you, please go inside.
Don’t go there. Take madam away. Where is Rudra? Death comes to everyone, but you came
from far way searching for your death. You will die!
Your death’s name is Rudra! Hey Rudra! Where are you? Come out!
It seems you’re a great warrior! It seems you protect this secret temple. Come out! I’ll cut your wife and
your forthcoming child into pieces. You complete the prayers and come. Come and save her!
Let me see what your power is! Come on! You invited him, right? Look there! Your death is standing before you! Is he my death? Death means me and my men. What can this lone man do? Except fear me!
– Fear? Me? Fear fears me! I don’t need an army to maul you. I’m alone is more than enough. I’m an army, my blood is my weapon,
my people’s blessings are my armour, protecting temple of Goddess Mother
is my power. I’ll destroy this temple and
take the Trident, and bring back to live
my ancestors’ mummies, and rule over this universe. I’ll present your head as gift to my wife. The moment you step into the temple
and see Goddess Mother, I swear on Goddess, I’ll behead you and consecrate
Goddess Mother with your blood. The main temple of all the 18 temples
is the altar for your sacrifice. Mother…mother… You leave the place! You weren’t born to cry! You’re the son of protector of this temple
who protected it till his last breath. Goddess Mother will protect you! Take care! Betrayer! A great warrior who protected
the temple ended like that. As the protector’s son, Goddess Mother has
brought you here to save this temple. It’s true, Shakthi. We became your parents by raising you
with love and care, we’re not your real parents. Yes, this same day 27 years ago, we didn’t have children and
were offering prayers for child, we found you in the river Thungabhadra. Amidst lamps, in the temple
of Goddess Durga, we got you as a boon, Basava! He lost sanity after losing you. Have you understood now?
You were born for a reason. You were destined to achieve a great thing,
so you were found by this couple. Courage as heart beat
and adventure as breath, and made you join in
the service of nation. What should I do now? Eclipse is approaching, Egyptians are planning
to destroy the temple again. We found the Jwalamukhi
because of you. You must bring back Rudra Trident too.
– Where is it now? After killing your father from behind,
now settled as Jackie in Dubai, it is with Minister. He has kept the Trident safely
amidst tight security. Son Rakha! No Jwalamukhi can hurt him anymore. Where has Jackie hidden the Trident? He changed many places. But now it is in beach building
amidst high security. It is impossible to touch.
But there’s a way. Security incharge Avatar stays
in that building only. Is Avatar there? Leave me, you fools! I’m here to
join as assistant to Avatar. Leave me. Who the hell are you man? My name is Rama Rao from Nimmakur. really great that you’ve come
all the way from Nimmakur. Not only you, entire state feels great
about Nimmakur Rama Rao. Just a minute. Lemon form my village. If you rub it on head,
your brain will work sharply. You need it. You brought a lemon from Nimmakur, would you bring a pumpkin
had you come from Guntur? Liked it so much?
– Very much sir. Boss is calling you. Boss? You’re my God and
do you’ve a boss here? How can he be my boss? He wanted some security and was
ready to pay handsomely, so I’m here. What are you securing sir?
– Securing what? An antique item Jackie has,
I’m giving scientific security. What a great security
you would’ve given! How can I not show you? Is he Jackie? He’s Jackie, very bad man.
Always roams with girls. What is he using? Snuff powder?
– No! I don’t want to see him, please show
the item you’re protecting. How can I not show when
you’re so interested! Look here! See! See! Hold this sir! Enough of learning for today,
I must join as your disciple. As fee I’ve brought Rs.1 crore,
please accept it. Rs.1 crore?
– Yes, Rs.1 crore! I don’t want.
– You must take it. Then, let’s go.
Come sir…come. Where’s the money? It’s here! Take it. Rs.1 crore.
– Yes, Rs.1 crore! Rs.1 crore! Open it sir. I’ll open it! With great devotion and respect! Lemons! You gave full details to someone. You allowed him to enter my place. What was his offer?
What did he gave you? He gave sir…lemon from Nimmakur! What for? To rub on head for good sharp brain. Use it, sir.
– Lemon! Somebody has trapped us! Money is ready, we’re coming to you. I’m coming to Marina with Rudra Trident.
– Okay Jackie! See! See properly! Your death! the man you stabbed from behind
unable to face him, the man whose power will
make death too shudder, Rudra! I’m Rudra’s son! You thought history is over!
But his blood is still alive in my form. I swear in his name,
I’ll not let you live. Only if you’re alive! Rudra Trident is in my hands. I’m leaving now, tell your father. Come fast! I’ll be in your thoughts till you come. Your beauty is like eight wonder…
It’s forcing me to go for you… You’re majestic like young tiger…
You’re out to steal my heart… O my dear, my temperature
shoots up on seeing you… If you come near, I’m cool like moon… I like you, my maiden…
watch out I’m coming for you… I like your power…
you’re the A-1 star… You’re everything to me, my darling…
I’ve trapped you… You flattered me with gestures… You’re my wife, my life and
mother of my kids… I’ll share everything with you… Without saving anything,
I’ve given myself fully to you… You were just a bud till yesterday… I’ve bloomed with your arrival… My dear, come to me… I’ve given you my heart, take it… You must be very fortunate to get me…
You must have a range… As your eyes fall on me,
my drapes slip down… O my dear, youth and beauty is short lived,
saved it for the best day… It’s commotion and passions
have taken over me… You’ve given everything you ever
wanted to give… You’ve come true as my dream boy… O my dear, your waist is
younger sister of rainbow… Take on me and
switch on the love game… Eclipse is over, prayers must be
offered before the sunset. Die! Where is Shakthi, uncle? Somebody was following us,
so he’s coming the other way. He asked you to start the prayers. Shakthi will come,
you start offering the prayers, Swamy. Hey Sadhu! You can’t offer prayers!
We’ll destroy it! To see that destruction, I’ve placed
my son’s eyes with my husband’s. Let me see who will protect
the temple now! The protector will not come! Fakhtooni has bought
our friendship with billions. You grew up with my money.
How much I had trusted you! You betrayer! Hubby!
– Father! Father! Let anything happen here,
let anyone stop you, prayers of Goddess mustn’t stop, if it is stopped, it’ll bring
destruction to the world, come…come…we’re getting late, come. Bring her! Give the Jwalamukhi! Trident! Where is the Trident? Rakha! That is the powerful
Goddess’ Trident! Bring it! Fire won’t harm him! My husband’s ambition! Goddess’ Trident! bring down each of them.
Destroy everything! Country must get destroyed! Your father’s eyes are waiting to see it.
Go…go! Take revenge!
Destroy it! Isn’t there anyone to stop these evil forces
destroying the divinity of this temple? Who will save us from these demons? Who will protect this temple? Where is the protector of this temple? Take him away! Hey devil! To protect this temple,
to punish you, the all powerful man blessed
by Goddess Mother is here! Look at the epitome of power! No power can take on my power.
Destroy it! Sun is going down! Decorate the trident to Goddess
before the sun sets. That is the last temple! I’ve replaced my son’s eyes with my husband’s. Protecting the good and punishing
the evil is Goddess Mother’s will! May the world be blessed with prosperity!


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