Shane Dawson APOLOGIZES For Palette Launch DRAMA

Shane dawson sold out of his first makeup palette in a matter of hours But the launch was plagued with some frustrating technical difficulties Don’t forget you’re watching what straining be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more social media news daily, Shane Dawson And Jeffrey star have been working on Shane’s highly anticipated conspiracy palette all year And with Shane’s viral series showing the behind the scenes from start to finish the anticipation from fans has made this the biggest launch of the year Shane and Jeffrey both were Overwhelmed by fan reactions to the palette reveal and a team started prepping for the storm. Okay. Anyways, I’m losing my mind I’m freaking out. I’m so excited. I don’t know what to expect we’re about to go to Jeffrey’s office to do the whole launch thing and press the button and I just I’ve been crying for a Week I’m freaking out. I’m just so excited. I hope you guys like everything One hour away until the lodge Ready but unfortunately It looks like the traffic on the site was bigger than anyone expected and a lot of customers Experienced issues with their Shopify orders the issues went on for a few hours while customers began to lose Hope that their orders would go through shane tweeted I’m, so sorry Shopify is trying to fix everything right now, and I’m so sorry. My heart is breaking We are all in a room pulling our hair out trying to make this work. He added Jeffrey’s team was told everything was handled I’m so sorry. I feel like I’m gonna puke I’m so sorry you guys Please know that we are all losing our minds right now with you. Hey, guys, okay, I Can’t believe any of this is even happening. We’re two hours in and here’s the real mother T the platform that we use to sell our makeup It’s called Shopify a lot of people use it Yeezys Kiley colour-pop everyone There has been so much traffic me and Shane combined broke the platform like we’ve been sitting here now like we’re on our – and Thousands of people are being checked out per minute But there was so much traffic it broke the front end. It broke the back end every Y’all broke the internet and it looks like things got a little more intense Shane said I just screamed on a conference call and now I’m crying because I feel bad that I screamed It’s been a rough two hours. He continued I’m so sorry for the wait I can’t even enjoy the launch because I feel so sad that you guys are waiting and having issues with the site But I promise it’s not Jeffries team They had everything in place for this and have been working 24/7 on this for months I’m sitting here. And this has been the craziest most anxiety. We’ve had in a long time. Like I am so sorry you guys Everyone is working as fast as they can. The website is finally coming a little bit back to earth And I can’t believe that half the products weren’t on the shame tab. Like I’m so Horrified and shocked just so we are getting everything back up If you go to the site and search just the word Shane All of the products will show up and all the ones that are not sold out You can finally purchase I am so sorry. Okay Barry back. We have to get on the plane Eventually, Jeffrey confirmed that every unit of the conspiracy palette sold out But the technical issues with Shopify left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths Shane said I haven’t processed any of this my heart and brain are such a mess right now Thank you guys for supporting me for so many years Thank You Jeffrey for believing in me and helping me Love myself more. So did you try to buy this palette and did you experience any issues? Let us know in the comments section and for more of its trending head to what’s trending com You can also check us out on roku. Amazon fire and apple TV. Just search. What’s trending? You


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