Sharmila Tagore – Biography in Hindi | शर्मिला टैगोर की जीवनी | Life Story

The innocent girl who
didn’t want to be an actress. But when she started acting
she made her own identity. She is Sharmila Tagore. Me? I am nothing, dear.
What can I be? Sharmila was born on 8th December,
1946, in Hyderabad. Her mother was Ira
Boruah who was an Assamese. And father was Gitindranath Tagore,
a Bengali. I might have everything,
but in reality nothing. Sharmila Tagore belonged to
a very respected family. And her ancestors have
done several great things. In her childhood she had to
stay away from her parents.. ..because of her education. Actually her parents
were home schooling her. And when they felt she
needed to go to school.. ..she was sent to Kolkata. Her parents used to stay
in Jamshedpur, away from Kolkata. We are meeting after 18 years
on such a good day. Sharmila Tagore did
her schooling from.. ..St. John’s Diocesan Girls’
Higher Secondary School.. ..and from Loreto Convent. I belong to a poor family. I brought nothing and
I will take nothing. The story of how Sharmila
Tagore entered films is very unique. This happened when famous Manik da.. ..aka Satyajit Raj was
making a film ‘Apur Sansar’. For that he needed a small girl. A girl who studies in school. And when she will
be dressed as a bride.. ..everyone should
ask who this child is. You can see everything
but you are still silent. Sharmila Tagore was found.
They talked to her parents. And her father was very
happy that Satyajit Ray.. ..wanted his daughter
to work in his film. And the deal was made. This is not hearsay.
I’ve seen it myself. She was suspended from
school after film ‘Apur Sansar’. The principal said that Sharmila Tagore
is a bad influence on other girls. Because at that time working in films
was considered as bad. That’s why Sharmila Tagore
had to change her school. I did say it and I tried to
but I couldn’t forget. Sharmila was the eldest
child of her family. She has two sisters Oindrila Kunda
and Romila Tagore. Her younger sister
Oindrila had played Mini.. Bimal Roy’s ‘Kabuliwalah’. Though she did Satyajit Ray’s
‘Apur Sansar’ in 1959.. ..but she started doing
Hindi films in 1964. The director of the film was
Shakti Samanta who was a Bengali. The name of the film
was ‘Kashmir Ki Kali”. Everyone liked her
paring with Shammi Kapoor. And Shakti Samanta casted this pair
again in film ‘An Evening In Paris’. And this time it worked wonders. Sharmila Tagore was a
broad minded actress. And she insisted with
her director Shakti Samanta.. ..and wore a bikini. And it was a big deal to see
a heroine in a bikini at that time. You know I don’t like vulgarity.
Don’t force me. Meanwhile Sharmila
Tagore had a love affair.. ..with famous cricket
Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. I don’t have anything but this. Bollywood has an old
relationship with cricket. And in some time Mansoor Ali Khan
and Sharmila Tagore got married. Always keep your husband happy. Your husband is everything to you. They had 3 children
from this marriage. Son Saif Ali Khan. Daughter Saba Ali Khan
and Soha Ali Khan. Mummy, write down David’s name. Mummy, write down Katy’s name.
– Okay. Though Sharmila Tagore decided
not to do films after her marriage. But she couldn’t do that. Her pairing with Rajesh Khanna
became such a hit in ‘Aradhana’.. ..that she did several
good films and made history. Maybe it is impossible to
change your fate and your love. And along with Hindi
commercial films.. ..she also continued
to work with Satyajit Ray. She had founded herself
in different kind of cinema. And she was also doing
well in commercial cinema. Maybe this is the truth. Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra. Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjeev Kumar. Sharmila Tagore had a
good chemistry with everyone. Not only me. Everyone would know that. Multi starrer films
and character roles. Sharmila Tagore always
made an impact with her acting. In her personal life,
her first daughter-in-law was.. ..actress Amrita Singh. When her son Saif Ali
Khan divorced Amrita Singh.. ..her second daughter-in-law was.. ..Raj Kapoor’s granddaughter,
Kareena Kapoor. And her son-in-law
was actor Kunal Khemu. Sharmila Tagore’s
life was really exciting. She was a great actress. She became the daughter-in-law
of a royal family. She saw the excitement of cricket. And also the stress of censor board. Everything changes with time. Sharmila Tagore won
the national award.. ..for Gulzar’s film ‘Mausam’. And this list is quite long. Sharmila Tagore was an
actress who did the best films.. ..and gave a new
shape to Indian cinema. “Wait, O companion.” “Wait, O companion.” To know unique stories
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