Shilpa Shirodkar’s CONTROVERSIAL Filmy Life

Shilpa Shirodkar’s name
is among those amazing actresses.. ..of the 90’s who started
her career with a bang. But after a few years she
vanished from this film world. Shilpa’s grandmother is
a famous actress Marathi cinema. It’s obvious that Shilpa
had got acting as inheritance. Shilpa started the journey
of her Hindi cinema.. ..with the Mithun Chakravorty
starrer film ‘Bhrashtachar’. In which Shilpa played
the role of a blind girl. But before that Shilpa
had sighned an agreement with.. ..the famous film
maker Sawan Kumar Tak. He was making the
film ‘Souten Ki Beti’. According to that Shilpa could
not work with any other banner film. But Shilpa appointed Rakeshnath
alias Rikku as her manager. Sawan Kumar got very angry with this. According to the news
Sawan Kumar Tak accused.. ..Shilpa of having
an affair with Rakeshnath. And he said he has proof of that. Shilpa had got the film ‘Bhrashtachar’
because of Rakeshnath. And slowly other films
like ‘Kishen Kanhaiya’. Hence Shilpa broke her
contract with Sawan Kumar Tak. Later the rumors of Shilpa Shirodkar
and Rakeshnath’s relationship.. ..put Rakesh’s personal life at stake. However Shilpa always refused it..
and Rakesh too. But there was someone who was giving.. ..Rakeshnath’s wife such news.. ..due to which Rakesh’s wife
decided to fight it till the end. Fed up of the gossip of the affair.. ..Shilpa appointed Mukesh
Agarwal as her manager. The same happened here too. Like Rakeshnath alias Rikku’s wife.. ..Mukul’s wife after hearing
his closeness to Shilpa.. ..told him to break off with Shilpa. In between all this,
Shilpa did a lot of films. But in her personal life she was
harassed by the rumors of her affairs. Finally one day, Shilpa
Shirodkar got fed up of all this.. ..and got married to
a banker Apresh Ranjeet.. ..and bid farewell
to this filmy world. After many years Shilpa Shirodkar.. ..came back on the small screen. To know such stories of Hindi cinema.. ..subscribe to Lehren Retro.


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