Shooting on the Ships | Making of Thugs Of Hindostan | Chapter 2 | Amitabh Bachchan | Aamir Khan

After these two years of thinking
of the ships… …building the ship, now we were
ready to start filming on the ship. There is a whole army of people
that descends on these ships. You Sfx needs to get on,
cranes need to be brought in. So the challenges never really end. One finishes and next starts. Malta itself one had heard
of earlier on… …where lot of sea-shootings
are performed there. As we got ready with the Sfx,
we needed the wave makers. We needed the water cannons,
we needed the rain machines. There was just a never-ending
stream of challenges. 3…2…1… Action! Oh, shit. This is not right. The ship…sails. Bombs are exploding, water spraying. There are wave machines here. A lot of people working in this film. And the atmosphere is truly unique. I never worked in an atmosphere
like this before. What was troubling me the most
was the water on the deck. Because it used to make the deck
very slippery. And it was very difficult to get
a firm footing. And, when you’re doing action,
you’re moving very fast. Sometimes you’re rushing in,
or you’re running, or you’re kicking. So, if you’re feet are not firm… …you might end up hurting someone,
or yourself. It’s tough shooting on a ship.
And it’s tougher shooting on two. It was very difficult because you’re
shooting action sequences every day… …and, you don’t have a single break. But I must say, Bachchan sir,
he’s at it. I mean it’s continuously raining,
and he’s got this heavy costume on. But, he didn’t stop even for a second. He’s a legend, and no wonder
people call him a legend. No wonder people look up to him. This is something that I am not
supposed to be doing at this age. But there was a certain amount
of confidence and insistence… …on the part of Adi and Victor,
I just took it. When you do action something like
this, safety is of utmost importance. And you have to be prepared,
and you must have Plan A, B, and C. So the safety drills became
a regular part of the shoot. Keep a nice straight line,
keep it balanced. Walk in the center, be safe when
you are approaching the ships. You can fall off the ship, honestly.
The ship is very high. Water is deep enough for you
to drown. So while we were filming, there was
a team of divers always underwater. Watching out for anything
that could go wrong. And that was our safety backup. Should we be opening
our eyes underwater? – No, sir.
– No. I did. I realised that it’s salty,
and then I shut it. How will the entire crew
get on the ship? And for that, we had to build
a false door in the lower deck. So people would enter from the lower
deck and move on to the upper deck. I am glad we went to Malta
and shot over there. Because the infrastructure
of that place really helped us. All the resources required,
all the help required, was all there. We had doctors, we had experts,
the divers. So it was a massive shooting,
in Malta. It was the biggest that
I’ve been a part of. Just the sheer scale of it brought
about so many challenges. A lot of time it felt
as if we were on a ship… …and we were going into a storm. Once you’re on it, and you know
that you have a great crew… Then you can sail through any storm. And that’s… That’s the scheduled wrap
for Thugs of Hindostan.


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