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This is the qualification match for the PyeongChang Olympics. A very important race, wouldn’t you say? Park Eun-ho and Mo Pil-tae, ranking 1st and 2nd internationally, are competing in this race. And they are both here to win. Who will end up proceeding to the Olympics? Or will they both qualify? I can’t wait to see what happens. That’s right. Oh, and the rink right next to where we are at is hosting another competition, right? Yes. An amateur competition to celebrate the PyeongChang hosting is happening right next door as we speak. 2 million won for the grand prize? Are you serious? What are you going to do with that money? I’ve got plans, man. Are you ready? All skaters are at the starting line now. Ready. We’ve got Park Eun-ho and Mo Pil-tae in a fierce competition right now! And there’s Park coming in through the corner! Accelerating on a straight path is Park’s forte as well. I can’t wait to see who wins today. The chance to compete at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics! Who will seize this honor? Only one lap remaining! What a fierce competition! Yes? I thought I should check on the race before heading back up. Yes, I watched Park Eun-ho’s race. The outcome? Check for yourself. Dad You idiot! All that injury just to win the second place? Don’t let the victory get to your head. Prepare for the next training. Oh! What just happened? A fatal mistake from Park Eun-ho! He just couldn’t beat that speed. The victory goes to Mo Pil-tae. – Mo Pil-tae. – Yes. After a tough competition with your rival Park Eun-ho, you finally came out on top. How do you feel? It was even tougher than I had expected. Sorry! But I put so much training into this that I was sure I was going to win today. And I’m really happy that I did. Get out. I said get out. Are you deaf? You get out! I actually have to finish quickly too. What did you say? Do you know who I am? Should I? Here we have today’s amateur winner, Kang Ho-young. Good to have you with us. Hello. Pretty scary speed for an amateur skater that we saw in your acceleration today. Can you tell us how you are feeling? Well, I… just enjoyed it. – You have the potential to be more than just an amateur. – That’s a good way to wreck yourself. Do you train regularly? – I wouldn’t call it training. I just like ice. – Better than an ex-champion who’s just a loser now. – It’s more like playing with ice. Like it’s my friend, you know? -What was that? You just heard it from a lover of ice. Kang Ho-young, the amateur skater. I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll let you slide. Turn off the light on your way out. How can you mess up a race this important? What in the world were you thinking? Huh? What were you thinking, making a stupid mistake like that? Um… Sir? I’m sure Eun-ho is regretting it as well. We’ll get him a good coach, and once he starts training properly, he can aim for the next qualification race. I’m quitting sports. What? What did you just say? Quit what? I’m sure you were hearing things. No, wait… he just slipped his tongue. He just suffered an unexpected loss. He’s probably just not himself right now. Get inside. Come on, get inside. I’m sorry. Ow! What was that? Who told you to worry about something like that? You can use that time to study! Get a certificate or something! When will you stop playing on ice? Who’s playing? I’m working out there. I skate fast, they give me prize money. That’s good, right? You can stand here sharpening skates all day, grandpa. I just brought home more money than you. You can use it to fix the boiler. Like I said! You don’t need to worry about it! I’m cold too! It’s so cold at home I’m always shivering! You idiot! I’ll take care of the boiler! You just worry about taking classes and getting some certificates! What certificates? I’m not studying anything! – You can study all you want. – Why, you! Are you Kang Ho-young? Who are you? He probably just said it out of anger. There’s no way he’s quitting for real. When is Coach Son joining us? He’ll join us the day after tomorrow. Watch Eun-ho. Make sure he doesn’t get any funny ideas. Yes, of course! Eun-ho! I understand you are frustrated right now. But we have a meeting with Coach Son tomorrow at noon. Get some rest today. See you at the training center tomorrow. Are we good? Not going. Nope. Was he really this fast? With skills like his, there is a chance. Your lap time yesterday was actually an unofficial tie to the world record. Like I said, I’m not going. Why not? When are you going to get another chance like this? Well I’m not budging. I like it here better. May I ask why? We have cleaner air here than in Seoul, for starters… I can skate here better, I have my part time job here… Idiot! Who cares about the part time job? It’s important! And also… you are going to be all alone if I go. I’d be more comfortable without you. Go! Listen to me. You bring your skates here every day, just to work at a skating rink. They’ll let you just skate all day! What’s not to like? Just let me be, grandpa! Just shut up and go! Nope. I’m not going. You are going! No ifs, ands, or buts! So what’s going to happen if he goes to Seoul? We’ll test him first. If he passes, he’ll be accepted to a sport university via special admission. We’ll train him from then on. His tuition and housing will be on us. I’ll make it happen no matter what. And if things don’t go well, will you send him back to this backwater town? Oh, no. We’ll make him a pro athlete. He’ll be racing in international competitions. And even the Olympics. You’ll be skating all you want. Why would you say no? They’ll even put you through a college! I was worried you’d waste your life away after high school. Everything worked out for the best! I don’t know. I’m not interested in colleges. I’m just going to stay here with you… – You idiot! – What is it now? Don’t you have any of that… What’s the word? What? You mean ambition? Yeah! Ambition! If you skate well, then… What’s the word? Those people representing the country… You mean a national athlete? Yeah! They’ll make you a national athlete! This is exactly why I can’t go. It’s not just the words you forget. You always forget to turn off the stove! You always forget to lock the store! Pretty soon, you’ll forget to eat, too. So how can I just leave you here alone? Why, you! If I just focus a little, I can remember everything just fine! Who do you think you are? Bringing up my… what’s was it… What? What? Fault! Yeah! You are bringing up your grandpa’s faults! Sheesh… Listen to me. I’m asking you to make my life easier, too. A medal-winning grandson! How proud would I be? And go win an Olympic medal while you’re at it. You know what that means? The government pays you pension until you die! Seriously? That’s right! So go out there and train hard! And also… it was your dad’s dream. It’d be grand if his boy realized it for him! What are you doing? Hey, grandpa. How about a piggyback ride? Hop on! Get out of here! Come on! – Hey, grandpa? – What? I’m going to Seoul. I’ll become a national athlete. I’d like to see that. I guess I better live long, then. – Go home! – What the heck? What did I do? Leave! Leave! I just came from America, so I didn’t bring my passport!!! What’s she saying? No minors allowed. Get out of here! Go! Go! Get her! Where do you think you are going? You… Come on! Come on! What? Who are you, punk? Hello? Ji-na? What? Where? Korea? What are you doing in Korea? Shouldn’t you be in America? Huh? Police station?Seoul StationHey, Man-bok! I’m in Seoul right now! Where are you? Police station? So when did you come back? Today. What about school? Does uncle know about this? Can you stop nagging? I’m still jet-lagged. Oh, is that right? Is that why you were at a club dancing? Not to mention getting the police involved. And who’s that guy? Well, it’s a long story. He’s the Prince Charming who saved me back there. Sorry for the trouble, pal. Thanks for helping my cousin. Do I look like your pal? Thank you… Hey, Man-bok! After all this time, our reunion is at a police station? You… you’re that… wreck! You are… the loser! What are you doing here? I said get out. Are you deaf? You get out! What? You got a place to clean in Seoul? Oh, I guess the ex-champion is a criminal now? Is that why you are here? Wait, you two know each other? Are you kidding? That’s the loser!/the wreck! Hey Man-bok. Are you going to introduce me or what? Oh, that’s right! This here is… my cousin. Currently living in the U.S. No, wait. More like ran away from the U.S. Anyway, my cousin, Yu Ji-na. Hey, boys! And this guy is my best friend, Kang Ho-young. He’s from Gangwon-do… So… she’s your cousin? Nice to meet you. What the heck. You have a cousin this pretty, and you never told me until now? And this guy is… Park Eun-ho. Nice to meet you. Are you hurt? Nope. By the way, I’m not liking your tone talking to your seniors. Hey. That’s America, man. American style. See, I’m an expert at this. That’s how they talk. That’s right. Where do you live? I can give you a lift. She’s got no place here. You go home. We got it from here. Yeah. You must be busy. I’m not busy. Hey, everyone. I’d say it’s a fate that we all met here. So let’s grab something to eat. I’m starving. Do you three really know each other? It’s a fate all right. Tell me about it. It’s a bad luck. More like a rotten luck. What’s this? It’s delicious! If only that Q-tip head weren’t here to ruin the appetite, it’d be even better. This is exactly my kind of food. If only that rotten punk weren’t here… I actually bought these for Man-hee back home. All right, that’s it. I’ll take one for the team. Hey! Nonsense… You are a minor. Give it here. This is okay in America! Well this is Korea! So I’ll take that shot. No way! Give it here. I think you should both call it a night. Nope! This is nothing! It’s getting dangerous for both of you. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey! Wait, wait! Mom! You should come out! Hey! Man-hee! Hello, aunt. What… What is she doing in Korea? Hey! Aunt! Baby shark, doo doo doo… Cute shark… Ho-young! What are you doing in Seoul? And who’s this? Gosh! What’s going on? Explain yourself. Wait, no. Ji-na, you first. Why are you in Korea? I came back for the audition. Huh? Does your dad know? So you just sneaked back in? When you should be studying over there? If your dad finds out you are here, he’ll kill me. So just rest here for a bit, and then go back. Aunt, this audition is really important to me. Can you please turn a blind eye? Just this once? Not a chance. Aunt! Please! I’ll go back right after the audition. Okay? They are so loud! Shut that door! Okay! What are you smiling about? Oh, right. I probably shouldn’t be smiling. Can you be any dumber? I just hope Ho-young doesn’t get sick from this. Just my luck! Just my rotten luck! What the…! Man-bok! Man-bok! Hey, Man-bok. She’s calling for you. Man-bok! Man-bok! Hey, hurry up! She’s calling for you. It’s like I’m a dog or something. What? For crying out loud… Hey! Cover that up! Why? What? Ain’t that hot? Did you not hear her? I just banged my head… As if there’s anything to see back there. What? Nothing to see? What’s all this, then? Look! These are some tight glutes. I think it’s impressive… Out of my way. Hey, get out of there. This is mine! Mine! Is this normal in your family? Does anyone knock before opening? Coach Son. You know why we recruited you. National team is just the beginning. We want an Olympic gold medal. That’s our goal. Sure. I’ll do my best. Since his defeat during that last race, Eun-ho hasn’t been performing well. I’d like you to skip the morning training. I thought I had full control over his training? Oh, of course! Full control… Yes, of course. I was just worried is all… Oh, and I heard you are testing a new skater today. Is there someone new? Sheesh… I have a test tomorrow. My condition is a mess. I’m kind of worried. What test? Kangbaek Foundation’s short track speed skating test. And if I pass… we’ll be training in the same team! For real? – As a sport university student, too! – Really? ♫is kick it with you♫ ♫Girl look at you baby Almost looking flyer than me♫ ♫And I, I got that gold rollie♫ ♫With the benzel and Louis Vuitton on my body♫ ♫And I know that shit don’t impress you♫ ♫Girl I ain’t with playing games♫ ♫I wanna take you home I’m just being frank♫ ♫I’ve been fantasizing ’bout you girl all night♫ ♫Put yo panties to the side if it’s alright♫ Dang! She’s good! Thanks. I was pretty thirsty. You are thirsty too, right? Here. Thanks! So you won a single amateur race. And now you want to be a pro athlete? Well, you better be ready. For what? Anything. This is awesome! Practicing here is probably super effective! But then why are you so bad? I actually did improve a lot. That’s good, friend. Want to go for a race? I like the sound of that! – Let’s go. – Let’s go. We have a test scheduled today for a new skater Coach Son brought. What about Eun-ho? He’ll have a meeting with the coach today, and then go straight to training. That new guy Son is bringing… sounds like a really skilled skater. Maybe he was trained overseas. Son was really confident. Perhaps if Eun-ho were to train with him… It’d be a good stimulant for him. Is the new person that good? What’s his name? You practice here too? I’ve been practicing here since elementary school. So why haven’t I seen you here before? That’s because I practice alone, when you guys aren’t here. I guess a champion really is different. Hold up… This is Kangbaek Foundation… The chairman’s son’s name is Park Eun-ho… And I made him sleep in that tiny room! You didn’t make him sleep there. He got wasted and slept there on his own. So is this what you meant by “better be ready”? Can you even practice after getting wasted like that? It’s just a practice for me. But don’t you have a test? Good luck with that test. Every single word he says is trashy. How does he even do that? I didn’t do anything wrong, did I? Why? Is he that great? Kangbaek is the most prestigious name in the sports industry. The chairman is Park Hun. Park Eun-ho is his son! Ranked first place, both domestically and internationally. He’s the short track emperor! Sure… emperor… That guy just walks a different path, man! And I made him sleep like a nobody. I hope he doesn’t take revenge on me later. Why would he? You saved his drunken butt from freezing to death! Auntie asked you to help out at the restaurant. Why aren’t you helping? I’m busy. Ho-young’s Kangbaek Foundation entrance test is today. I have to go cheer for him. By the way, was that guy your boyfriend? Nothing like that. It’s a long story. So that Ho-young. What is he like? What is he like? Can’t you tell? He’s hot. He’s gentle. He’s an athlete. He’s funny. What doesn’t he have? Back in Gangwon-do, he was so popular, he had an army of girls chasing after him. Can you imagine how hard it was for me? Hard for you? Why? Nothing you need to know! Should I go too? To cheer? What about that audition? I can just stop by on my way there. The chairman wants to have a lunch with you. So be sure to make time for that. Hello. Wait, this is him? I’ve never seen him before. Is he really from overseas? Just watch. You’ll understand. Kang Ho-young. Are you ready? Yes. Don’t think about the record. Just go at it. How about five laps? Can you do that? Sure. Wait! Short track skating is a competitive sport. Shouldn’t he have an opponent? Lucky we have Park Eun-ho here, the best skater in the world. How about a race between them? We’d be able to tell his potential by comparing him to Eun-ho. Sure, he’s a bit out of practice. But he still got his basics. There’s no way he’ll lose. Isn’t that right, Eun-ho? What? Who’s beating who? Looks like they’re about to start. Huh? That guy next to him… Isn’t that the guy from last night? Go! Kang Ho-young! Watch closely. I’ll show you what short track really is. Oh, please do, Mr. Loser. Enough with that loser thing! Then show me the emperor. I won’t hold back. Try not to get scared. My thoughts exactly. Try not to be too surprised. I’m a rising star. You are a falling one. Wooo! Good luck! What… What’s with that guy? Who is he? What is he? What a monster… Even I didn’t expect this… But looks like Eun-ho’s still got it! He says slump and what not, but that was all nothing! Really impressive! Yes! Ho-young won! He’s so good! Right? That’s our Ho-young for you. What. Ji-na, who were you cheering for? Huh? You should be cheering for Eun-ho! Says who? Anyway, they are both amazing! So cool… So who won? Does it matter? It’s a competition. It’s the only thing that matters. Sheesh… I’m really curious now… What a shame. I could have beaten you more definitively. Such a shame… What are you talking about? Being so arrogant after you jumped? I’m saying it because I jumped. Are you blind? It’s clear that I came in first. I guess the so-called “emperor” can’t stand the shame of losing to me. Is that right? But what can I say? It happened. I said that’s not what happened! “I said that’s not what happened!” Sure. Whatever helps you sleep. Excellent performance today. Both of you. That was an amazing race. Thank you. First things first. Ho-young, you passed the test. You are now a part of Kangbaek Foundation’s short track team. Keep the friendly competition going like you guys did today, and keep training like that. Good work. And Ho-young… Let’s make Ho-young… Eun-ho’s pacesetter. For now, that is. What? We are covering his tuition, and even his housing! Shouldn’t he at least return the favor to Kangbaek Foundation in some way? You’ll be Eun-ho’s pacesetter. Huh? A pacesetter? Why me? Eun-ho is a skilled pro. We want you to learn from him, too. From this guy? No thanks. I’m against this, too. I’m against this even more! You two. Get out. Out! Give me 10 laps on the track! Huh? No? How about 20 laps? I hear that the new kid raced against Eun-ho. People say Eun-ho’s in a slump, but…whew! He’s still in his prime for sure! So in his prime, he still lost to that kid? Well he didn’t lose, technically. It was unbelievable. Down to a thousandth of a second… They came in at the exact same time. That’s same as losing! Eun-ho’s been skating since kindergarten. Then some kid shows up out of nowhere, and races him to a draw! With no training! Who do you think did better? This will be a good stimulation for Eun-ho. With someone like Kang as his pacemaker, he’ll want to beat him no matter what. He’ll surely improve a lot. And Ho-young… You’ll be Eun-ho’s pacesetter. I’m quitting short track skating. Hello? This is Korea News, Sports Department. I’m Park Eun-ho, the short track skater. I want a press conference. I’m retiring. Is this the reason why you brought me here? To make me Eun-ho’s pacesetter? No can one decide your worth but yourself. You can either be his pacesetter, or you can make him your pacesetter. So you mean… Each of you have your own strengths and weaknesses. You have excellent musculature, but you’re lacking in basic skills and competition tactics. On the other hand, Eun-ho has strong foundational assets. The school has exempted you from your tuition. Not to mention the free housing. You may think of this as returning their favor. But the reason I told you to be Eun-ho’s pacesetter is because you two have a lot to learn from each other. Park Eun-ho has announced his retirement. A video was uploaded just now. Is it from Park’s practice today? Yes. Despite the rumors of his recent slump, he still hasn’t lost his touch at all. But we’ve never seen the other skater before. He’s a new face, right? That’s right. The public is dying to know who this man is! Darn it, Oh! What kind of job are you doing out there? Didn’t I tell you to keep a close eye on Eun-ho? Stop him! Stop that press conference no matter what! Now! Yes… What were you thinking? All this because of one practice run? Huh? I’m… quitting sports. Get your dad’s permission first. What? I can’t even quit on my own? No! EpilogueSubtitles brought to you by __________ @ Viki


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