Short North Food Hall accused of racist & classist dress code

central Ohio S only live doppler radar. Fallout from a short north business sign – is stretching into the weekend rush. The message came in the form of a dress code posted on the front door. Some city leaders called it “Classless”. Some called it — “Racist” reporter Kevin landers is live outside the short north food hall with more … The dress code list is no longer posted on the door here. Private businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone, but when this bar said it wouldn T allow people inside based on their attire, it created a lot of unwanted publicity. When a dress code sign appeared at the short north food hall, some saw it as a form of discrimination. “24 there are a lot of racial undercurrents with that” “28:39 they should change that” “34:40 when they said no baggy clothes or grills I thought that was racist.” The short north food hall immediately apologized saying, “Our policies at short north food hall are first and foremost to ensure the safety of our customers and employees,” “We are proud members of the diverse and passionate short north community and unequivocally denounce discrimination in any form.” The dress code banned items including “Ill-fitting or excessively baggy clothes, work boots, athletic clothing, Jerseys, sagging of pants, excessive jewelry including grills and headphones” among other things. “24:21 all of these fashion statements are urban, black men that S what describes the typical urban male period :31” “29:05 look at me now sweatsuit on ball cap that S just the style” Columbus city council member rob dorans tweeted ” this is both classist and racist. Do better #shortnorthfoodhall” another person tweeted ,” since when is a racist dress code a safety policy?” Someone else wrote, ” what is drug related clothing? Is there a drug dealer dress code..” Stephanie Hightower is president of the Columbus urban league. “:41 do you think it was racist? I M saying I though it was discriminatory is what I M saying I think there was a certain demographic of people that were taeted:53” she says she doesn T believe this is the only business that does this, and hopes the publicity will bring about change. “1:48 I hope that this a teachable moment for this community that we can do better” we did contact the owner of the business but we did not get a response.

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