SHOULD HANS MARRY ELSA OR ANNA? (When Maleficent Puts a Spell on Them) Totally TV

Later in this video… I don’t have a lot
of time to explain, so here’s the 411, I’m beating Elsa to the church so I can marry
Hans, Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha, Prince Adam you are so funny. Okay, I’ll see you for our date
tonight, okay? No… you hang up first. No, you hang up first. “No, you hung up first.
Noo you hung up first”… Very funny Hans. You’re just jealous . Ugh, are you kidding
me? Me… Jealous? I mean, look at me, what’s there to be jealous about? Ha ha ha.. Besides,
you’re not really my type anyways. You know what, maybe if you weren’t such a meanie,
someone would actually want to date you. Slick Barn I see hearts. She’s obviously jealous
that a fine prince such as myself can only marry a true princess… not some peasant
girl from some poor provincial town. Hmm.. But how? Okay, I need help. Hmm… uhh, I
need help. Okay, let me think. Anna… Can you come in here for a minute? Uhh, Good morning
Elsa, what’s up? Morning! Anna, it’s after 12:00. Did you sleep late again? Well, I may
or may not have stayed up late watching Spongebob Squarepants but I’m up now. Good. I need your
help, I can’t decide which outfit to wear to the princess variety show later tonight.
I’d love to. Okay. Should I go formal bedazzle or should I go with a more casual look coz
I’m a cool Queen? Hmm.. Well, that outfit is snow cute… but everybody else will be
wearing princess dresses so.. I don’t know. Maleficent is my best friend… No, she is
my best friend. But I think her horns are really cool. So do I. Helloo… Anyone in
here? Hans, how did you get past the moats… and the crocodiles… and the arrows… and
the Barracuda? Ah yes, these sideburns act as a shield so I can get past anything. Anywho,
I was hoping you could help a brother out. What do you want? What I always wanted. To
marry a princess. Easy enough, my villainous friend. But which princess exactly do you
want to marry? Hmm, well you know I did have a short romance with Anna once… We almost
got married. I see… So you want to marry Princess Anna? Not so fast. Those pigtails
of Anna’s are hideous. I mean, if she would just pick a different hairstyle, it could
really work for her. Hmm… So you don’t wanna marry Princess Anna? Hmm… I guess she’s
pretty cute but then there’s Elsa. She’s a queen you know. With all the riches of Arendelle.
If I marry her, I can become king. Very well. Elsa it is then. But… Anna does love’s sandwiches
as much as I do, but on the other hand, Elsa is rich and powerful… oh, my brain hurts.
I can’t decide. I don’t have time for this. I’m a very busy Fairy, but here, take this.
Whooo! What is it? How does it work? It’s a music box. Dah! When you finally decide
which princess you want to marry, open the box. Fair enough! But, you must only open
the box around the princess you want to marry. Whoever hears the music from that box, will
want to marry you. Ha ha ha ha. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it, Evil laugh, ha ha ha, I’ve
got this. He doesn’t got it. Back to business. Huh! Hi, I want Maleficent to come over today.
But I had asked her to come over. Hello oh my princess friends out there. You are looking
beautiful. Welcome to the princess variety show! Are you excited to be here? [clapping]
I am snow excited to be here as well and together we are gonna help each other become the best
princesses we can be. We all have unique and special talents that make us one-of-a-kind.
Bingo! There’s Elsa and Anna. Oookey.., Anna and I are gonna go first with a little dance
we choreographed together. Ready Anna? Time to get into a little “treble” hmm hmm hmm.
[Music]. I wanna marry Hans! No! He’s miiine! Um what! Is this part of the routine? I don’t
think so. It’s Showtime baby! Well hello ladies! Fancy running into you here. It really is
a pleasant surprise. Hi Hans, you’re looking extra handsome today. Totally husband material,
ha ha ha ha. Thanks Elsa, right back at you. Hans, do you remember when we first met? It
was love at first sight. We’re meant to be! Oh yes, how could I forget. The day I met
my little Anna banana. I’m sorry, what’s going on? Is this part of a variety show? Uh huh
huh, yeah, this must be part of a skid or something. Right? Exactly. No way they would
actually want to marry Hans. Hans, you should really pick me, because I… I love your hairy
sideburns. Extra points for you Elsa. Hansy Pooh, you are mine! No Hansy pooh, you belong
with a Queen like me. All right enough already. Since both of you want to marry me so badly,
I’ll meet you both at the Arendelle Church tomorrow. And then I’ll pick one lucky princess
to be my lovely wife. Capisce? Tu tu. You got it Hans, I won’t be late. And neither will
I.. I will see you at the church future hubby. Bye future hubby, ha ha ha ha. Daaah! Okay,
something’s not right. We’ve got to let Kristoff and Jack Frost know about this. Ah… There,
the burns are ready for the big day! Just wait till everyone here is that both sisters
want to marry little old Mwaaah, ha ha ha ha. Hmm, but which one should I marry? Hmm…
This is a tough decision. Huh! I bet Hans will choose me. I mean, we were in love once
before and we almost got married. We both like sandwiches and… Other stuff. I mean,
we are just good together, like fish and chips. Okay Hansy Pooh.. I am ready for yaa. I’m
just minutes away from marrying the man of my dreams! Hans, I just know he’ll pick me.
Imagine, I can be his ice queen and he could be my snow king! Perfect! Here I come Hansy
pooooh… What? Really? That’s crazy! Something must be going on. Have you told Kristoff?
Yeah, we just called him before you. We need to figure out what’s going on? Yeah. Meet
us at Hans house as soon as you can to help look for clues. Okay, I’ll fly like the wind.
Literally. Mmmh, such a tough decision. I mean, Elsa’s ice powers are cool, but kind
of scary and Anna’s pretty cute but can be really annoying sometimes. Whoaa! Hmm,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Anna? Elsa? Where do you think you’re going? The same place
you are going… to meet Hans at the church. Hmm, Cute. Save the trip little sis because
Hans is obviously gonna pick maa. Back off Elsa! Hans is mine. We used to be in love.
That was in the past Anna. Take my advice, let it go. Huh! You’re just scared that if
I go to the church Hans will pick me instead of you. You wish, Hans deserves to be with
a queen like me. We will see about that. Oh and Elsa, last one to the church is a rotten
egg! All right, Heads it’s Elsa tails it’s Anna. Tails! Wait, which one was
which? I forgot! I saw him first Elsa, Hans was always meant to marry me! Oh yeah, if
Hans really wanted you, he would have married you by now. Ha ha ha ha, eat my dust Elsa.
Whoa, slow down there Anna, Belle said something strange was going on. Kristoff! Uh, no time
to talk. Where are you running off to? I don’t have a lot of time to explain so here’s the
411, I’m beating Elsa into the church so I can marry Hans. What! You’re in a hurry…
to marry Hans? Someone smells like rotten eggs and it is’nt me. Great, now she’s gonna
beat me to the church! Waaaait! You guys weren’t kidding! They’re actually on their way to
marry Hans, we’ve got to get to the bottom of this. I can’t wait to
get married any longer! Oh! There he is! I’m so humbled that you both want to marry me.
Now I shall honor you with… my presence. Someone pinch me, I’m dreaming. He’s such
a dream boo. I could stand and stare at you all day, you’re perfect! I’m flattered, but
ladies please, compose yourselves. Let’s get down to business. Now, I’ve been racking my
brain trying to figure out which one of you shall be my lucky princess bride. So, I’m
going to give you each a chance to convince me. Easy peasy! Hans, you should marry me
because from the first moment I saw you I knew you were the man for me. Hmm hmm hm,
no Hansy pooh, I think that you should marry me because we could both rule Arendelle together,
plus I can always make you unlimited ice cream. Hmm… Kristoff one, door zero, Booya… come
on in you guys. Man, this place is a dump. Uh, Hans maybe a prince but he is also a slab.
How are we supposed to find a clue in this mess? Gosh! This place is gross! Anna and
Elsa are fighting over a guy who can’t wash his own clothes and keeps the dead fish as
a pet. Oh! I knew something smelled fishy… It was that – It was the fish. All right,
I think I’ve heard enough to make my final decision. So, that means it’s time for the
elimination process, but don’t worry, I’m gonna let one of you off easy. Oh man! I can’t
be in here much longer. I know, I think the smell is burning off my nose hair. Oh! You
guys, look it’s a note! It looks like it’s in Maleficent’s handwriting. Open this music
box when you find the princess that you want to marry. Wicked wishes Maleficent! This is
it, Hans is been using a music box to make the sisters wanna marry him. I don’t see it
anywhere though, he must still have it. We’ve got to stop this! We have to get to that church!
So, Hans, who will it be? We can’t wait any longer. Hmm… If I marry Elsa I’ll become
king of Arendelle but if I marry pretty little Anna, I’ll still be Prince. Oh, who am I kidding,
I want to be rich, Ha ha ha ha. Anna, I’m sorry but I’m just not going to marry you.
You see, you’re just a redheaded little princess with a little too much spark. I need me a
queen, but, please stay and enjoy the wedding. My heart will never be happy with anyone else.
Elsa is the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. Yeees! Ha ha ha ha. I knew you’d
pick me Hansy Pooh. Should we hug it out? Uh ha ha, no. No? Okay. Now, put this on.
I love it! I love it! We will begin the wedding ceremony right away! Mwa ha ha ha. Don’t worry
girls. We’re coming to save you. Pizza! Kristoff, stay focused. Right. Do you Hans take Elsa
to be your wife forever and ever, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer… Let
me stop you right there! This right here would always be for richer, and I do already. Very
well. Do you Elsa take Hans to be your husband forever and ever? She does not! Hans isn’t
marrying Elsa or Anna. Jack, what are you doing here? I’m about to marry the man of
my dreams! Yeah, cool it peasants! Ha ha ha, See what I did there Elsa? I’m the man of
her dreams and we’re getting married! Go Belle, while he’s distracted. You got it. Look Hans,
there’s two of us and one of you. Yeah, give it up now or you’ll have to take on the ice
guys. The ice guys? Really! Because we both deal with ice. It’s the first thing I could
think of. Look tough. Well if it’s a duel you want, then it’s a duel you’ll get… Who
tied my shoelaces? Wait! Why am I in a wedding dress? Was I about to marry Hans again? Oh
no. Well, but that was really weird. I don’t wanna marry Hans either! Belle, Rapunzel,
Kristoff, Jack, you saved us! Boy, am I glad we did. Another day, saved by the ice guys.
It’s growing on me. Can you imagine? You two were actually fighting over Hans. Yuck!
Gross! Thosed sideburns… Elsa, I’m snow sorry. I’m snow sorry too. I mean, I would
never let a guy come between us. Sisters? Sisters. Huh, oh! Aladdin look another shoe
store. But Jasmine, you’ve already bought like 10 pairs of shoes. Uh, I got sandals,
heels, wedges, dance shoes and flats but I haven’t gotten boots Aladdin, uh, a girl can
never have too many shoes. Hey look, a jewelry store. Okay, I guess I can skip the boots.
I think we should go look at some rings, what do you think? Oh my gosh, really? Just pick
out which one you like and we’ll see what happens. There’s nothing on the crystal ball
today; news, sports, unsolved mysteries, oh, what’s this? Looks like you picked up Aladdin
and Jasmine. Yes Iago and it looks like they’re looking at engagement rings. Well, they have
been together for quite some time, it seems like the next logical step. Iago you fool,
if Jasmine marries Aladdin, that means I cannot marry her and become the sultan of Agrabah.
Oh, hmm, we are in a pickle then. We need to stop this from happening, quick, to the
mall. I love this one, its so pretty. Let’s take a picture and… Excuse me, but I couldn’t
help but overhear you’re looking for some jewelry. I have a jewelry stand over here,
uh, Cave of Wonders jewelry. Cave of Wonders is a jewelry stand? Wow, they’re really expanding.
Yes, actually we’re giving out free necklaces today to help promote the brand. Oh wow, that’s
so cool. Completely free? Yes, we’re trying to advertise with Instagram Influencers and
you look like the princess of Agrabah? Uh, I am the princess of Agrabah. Oh, perfect.
Well, here you go, on the house. Wow, it’s so pretty. Enjoy. So, where do you think we
should go next? Well, the holidays are coming up, maybe we should check out Oaken’s for
some gift ideas. Okay, let’s go. Okay. Aladdin! Jasmine! Fancy running into you guys here.
What are you guys doing here? Well, we’re actually doing some Christmas shopping. What
are you two doing here? Oh, you know, we’ve just been looking at rings. What! Oh my gosh!
Yay, that’s so exciting. Nothing’s definite yet, we’ll see, we’ll see. Still… super
exciting! Anyway, Jasmine also just got this free necklace. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.
You got a free necklace? Yeah, this new jeweler gave it to me to promote the brand. Put it
on. Okay. Oh, so sparkly, I love it. Yeah, it looks great Jasmine. Hmm, who is Jasmine?
I’m confused. Are you joking? My name is Jazzy and I’m an Influencer. I mean, that’s a nickname
we all call you. Jasmine, are you feeling okay? I gotta go, I don’t know any of you
and it looks like you guys all have under 10,000 followers, so… bye. What just happened?
That was super strange and where did she get those sunglasses? Is she playing a joke? Not
really her sense of humor. It’s like all of a sudden she just started acting so snobby.
Right after she put on the necklace. We have to go after her, let’s go. Oh, man she left
and she took the magic carpet. Don’t worry, we have Elsa’s snowmobile here but where would
Jasmine be? Probably back at her castle, right? Let’s drop off our bags and go ASAP. So, how
did it go boss? Splendid, I gave her the necklace. When she puts it on, she would become a self-absorbed
Influencer and want to marry me, the most popular man in all of Agrabah. Oh, really…
since when? Let me out of here Jafar, you’ll never get away with this. You took the lamp?
But Gienie can’t make someone marry you, he says it in the beginning of Aladdin’s movie.
Yes, but he can make a necklace to make someone forget who they really are and give me 10,000,000
Instagram followers. Jafar, you’re a genius! Thank you my little friend, let me get you
a cracker. Oh, here she comes. What’s up you guys, it’s your girl Jazzy about to do some
makeup tutorials, ah, hold up, who are you? I’m J, a super hip Instagram model like yourself
and I came here to do a collab with you yo. Um, never heard of you. Please, Google me,
I’m bigger than Miranda Sings and Wengie put together. Oh my gosh, wow, you are big time.
Anyway, I was thinking we could do a collab together, a livestream of our wedding. What!
That sounds like a great idea, I could get so many subscribers and followers, let’s do
it #Doitforthegram. Um, totes #Tothechurch. She’s not here, but the carpet’s parked outside.
You guys, look. It’s Gienie’s lamp. Maybe he can tell us what’s going on. Gienie, we
need you. Jafar you’re never gonna get away with this wait-wait, where’d he go? Gienie,
what’s going on? Does Jafar have something to do with why Jasmine’s acting so funny?
Oh, Al, thank goodness you’re here. Jafar took my lamp and made me make a necklace to
give to Jasmine to turn her into a completely different person who’s obsessed with being
an internet personality. Why would he do that? Because he also wished for a big social media
following and now they’re headed to the church to livestream their wedding. What! Wait, she
is supposed to be marrying Aladdin. We have to go stop this. Gienie, we wish we were at
the wedding. You got it. Okay, you guys were live in three two… hey what’s up you guys,
it’s me Jazzy coming to you live from this church where the minister is gonna marry me
and the super famous J-far. Hello I’m super trendy, hash tag. This is my first live wedding,
a real royal wedding. All right Jazzy do you take J? Stop the video, cut. We can’t cut,
we’re live. What are you guys doing here? Jasmine, you can’t marry Jafar, you don’t
really care for him. You were supposed to marry me, remember? We looked at rings. Jazzy
would never marry you street rat, you don’t even have a blue checkmark. We need to get
that necklace off of her. Jasmine, take off the necklace. No way, I have a sponsorship
with this brand. That doesn’t matter Jasmine, you know deep down that you care about true
love and Aladdin and not how famous you are. Oh, yeah, well, what they didn’t tell you
is that’s actually last season’s brand, you’re gonna lose followers. Jazzy, don’t listen
to her. Last season! Oh, gross, uh. What happened? Why am I in a wedding dress? Are we recording
something? Yes, we’re recording how Jafar is trying to trick you into marrying him and
exposing him for the true villain he is. Curses, this is #Embarrassing. Jafar, you don’t even
know how to hashtag. You better get out of here before I #FREEZU. I’ve gotta get out
of here. Okay, this is awkward, I’m gonna go too. Oh my gosh, you guys, I had no idea
I was under a spell. I don’t even care about social media at all. We know Jasmine, don’t
worry, this is all behind us. And… in not too long this will all be a throwback Thursday
#TBT. #Squadgoals, haha. Okay, let’s see, we have the desserts the cucumber sandwiches
and the crumpet? Cucumber? Yuck! Don’t worry Chip, we have plenty of peanut butter and
jelly sandwiches for you. But I feel like I’m forgetting something… We have the tea
of course. Uh, how could I forget? Yes Mrs. Potts, you’re right, the tea. Just think,
in one more hour the annual Princess Tea Party will begin. Are you ready to party? Huh huh!
I am. Not so fast my dear, you have to take your afternoon nap or you can’t be a part
of the festivities. Uh maan! Ha ha ha ha. 14, 15… Gaston! 999. Wow. 1000 and done.
Wow! Hey, did you know that Belle’s annual Tea Party is today? Says right here in this
calendar. Woah, yes, yes it is! She invites me every year. How can I have forgotten? She
does? Well, yes, of course she does. It’s just the mailman gets my address mixed up
every year. Uh sure Gaston, I don’t think she’s actually ever invited you ever since
you locked up her father and got the villagers to go after the Beast. Whose side are you
on LeFou? Well, yours of course Gaston, but maybe instead of trying to marry Belle all
the time you just buy her a nice gift and tell her you’re sorry. LeFou, you are a ge-ni-us!
I don’t care what people say about you. Huh, hey! Come on, we have a special gift to get
for Belle. Ha ha ha ha. One cup of dragon’s breath ha ha, that’s it and one teensy-weensy
pinch of giant’s tears. Wella, my facial Beauty mask is complete. Ahem! Well, if it
isn’t the muscle man and his little sidekick Bufoon. Well, thank you awfully nice of you
to notice… Actually it’s LeFou. Anyway, whatever… make it quick. You’ve interrupted
me. Ooh, what are you making? Some wicked spell. Spell! Oh, this cauldron yes, a very
wicked spell. Actually, that’s kind of why we’re here. Gaston was maybe looking for a
special gift for a certain princess. Yes, a gift that makes her want to marry me! Marry
you? Wait, I just thought that you were gonna get an “I’m sorry gift”. Who said that? LeFou
pay attention! Are you two done bickering yet? Get on with the story already. Well,
it all started when Gaston didn’t get an invite to Belle’s annual tea party. Hmm. Ugh! I don’t
have all day. I’m a very busy mistress of darkness. Here, take this. A teapot. It’s
a magical teapot you fool. Whenever you’re around the princess you want to marry, pour
her a cup of tea from this magical teapot. Whoever drinks the tea will want to marry
you. This shall work perfectly! She’ll want to marry me in no time. You owe me Gaston.
What if she’s not the only one who drinks the magical tea? Gaston did you hear that
or… Now to go watch my favorite TV show. Come on LeFou, we don’t have all day you know.
Gaston, I look silly. Come on, you look great and besides, I can’t deliver to the door.
Belle will know am up to something. Ha ha ha. Amazing. I look ridiculous! Don’t worry
LeFou, you always look ridiculous. Hey… and you know what, I’ve actually kind of been
thinking, what if more than one person actually drinks from the marriage tea? LeFou, you’re
such a worrywart. Maleficent clearly said that the tea will only work on Belle. No Gaston,
she didn’t, Maleficent said that if you… LeFou we don’t have time for the petty details,
the package. Fine but only because you’d do it for me because I’m your bestest buddy…
If the roles are reversed of course. What! What LeFou, were you talking, I wasn’t paying
any attention. Huh, stop your yapping and go deliver that package. Her mail is always
delivered at 3:00. I – I should know since I always look through it. On my way. Oh, where’s
my hat? Hopefully Belle’s the only one that drinks from this thing. Oh, there’s the doorbell.
All right, I’ll go into the door and you two start brewing the tea. Hmm, that mailman looked
awfully familiar. Oh, someone sent me a present. “my dearest Belle, open on the day of the
tea party with all your princess friends”. Oh, he must be from Adam. He must have felt
bad that he had to go out of town on the day of the Tea Party. So, I will make sure I open
this when all my friends arrive. I’m just so glad you all could make it. Of course,
we wouldn’t miss your annual Tea Party Belle. Me either. I’ve only actually had tea with
Prince Eric. Sad to say, he’s not really good at making tea. I’ll be right back My dearest,
enjoy. Thank you Mrs. Potts. Ah, that Mrs. Potts makes the best hot brew I’ve ever tasted.
Yeah, seriously Belle, she has a gift. A gift! Oh my gosh! I almost forgot, I got a gift.
A gift! Yeah, look I got a gift. Oh my goodness, who’s the gift from? That’s the thing, I don’t
really know. I think it’s from Beast, he really wanted to be here but… He probably sent
the gift as a sweet little keepsake for the party. Well, why would Beast send it in the
mail if he lives here? Well what are you waiting for, open it. Do you wanna help me? Sure,
I love oppening gifts. Oh, it’s a teapot! Another teapot? But, why would he get you
another one? Doesn’t you already have Mrs. Potts. Is there no or anything inside to explain
it? Let me look. Oh, there is. This is a magical tea kettle, one drink from its brew and all
of your wildest dreams will come true. Magical tea kettle! I’m in. Whoa whoa whoa, what if
it’s a trick or something. You heard her, Belle said it’s from Beast. Right girl? Well,
I think so, it did say dearest Belle on the card and that’s how he always addresses me.
Oh, so maybe he sent it to make our Tea Party even that much more amazing! This is so cool.
So, what do we do? Just make new tea in it? Well, I don’t want to ofend Mrs. Potts. Wait!
It’s heating up on its own. Oh my… There’s already tea in there! Really? Ohh, thank you.
You’re welcome. Okay, it looks like we all have our magical tea, cheers to making our
wildest dreams come true. Cheers! Yummy! This is good tea but… Do you guys feel anything
magical happening? I don’t. Neither do I. It’s the same tea as before. Yeah, I just
feel like – like – I’m in love with Gaston. What! Belle, how could you say that! Everybody
knows that – I love Gaston. No, everybody knows that I wanna marry Gaston. No, I want
to be betrothed to him. Sorry ladies but Gaston is my dream husband and I’ve got to find him.
Not if I have anything to say about it and I know a shortcut. Why marry a princess when
he can marry a Queen. I’m coming over! Get out of my way, he’s all mine! Not if I get

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