Shrimant Damodar Pant Full Marathi Natak | Marathi Comedy Drama | Bharat Jadhav | Vijay Chavan

Hello! This is story is fictitious. It has nothing do with the real life. And if it is,
then it’s juts a co-incidence. Keshav Mahal. This is the Mr. Madhav’s house.. ..built in memory of Mr. Keshav. This is Late Mr. Keshav! The first generation of this lineage. Next to him is the Late Mr. Madhav! Mr. Madhav died and
the house belonged.. the next generation Mr. Narayan Mr. Narayan took
great care of the house. But he became aged and
the illness at this age.. ..took his life. Then Mr. Manohar.. the responsibility
of this house. Time never comes by knocking. Same thing happened in this family. And Mr. Manohar died at a young age. Mr. Damodar is ruling the house now. This is Mr. Damodar. Hey, where’s he? How come his photo frame is empty? Yes, I got it. He’s very much alert of time. So, he’s Mr. Damodar. Today, his next two generations.. ..are living in Keshav Mahal! In the tough period of life,
the family is in real trouble.. ..along with Mr. Damodar. ”Such a mesmerising pose..” ”..of Lord standing on the brick.” ”Such a mesmerising pose..” ”..of Lord standing on the brick.” ”Waiting for the devote..” ”Such a mesmerising pose..” Damu! – Yes, mother. Do you need anything? – No. Want some water? – No. – Tea? – No! Want to eat something? – No. Okay. Anna (father)! – You want Anna? He’ll come.
It’s time for his arrival. – Shanta! Shanta! You’re calm, thank God! You’re always reading the holy books. Had you been studied so much..’d have passed 5th class. Don’t look up when you’re reading. Otherwise, you’ll mix up the mantras. Anna! Go and sit at your usual place.
Why are you after me? Anna, shall I eat this? You already had half
of it and now you ask me? Want a punch? – Mother! – Yes. No, it’s Thursday today. So I went to the monastery. I thought you would be waiting. Because you’re fasting.
You’ve come from the famine country. You need something to eat
so I brought offerings for you. Go on eating. How will he take it? You give him. Eat like Laluprasad
and Mulayam Singh. What? – I read in the newspaper. Damu, have the offering. Offering won’t do.
– Then? – Apply turmeric on his head. Yes, let me apply it now.
show me your forehead. What are you doing?
– Applying turmeric. Hail the God of universe!
– Not today.. Anna! – Yes. It’s the call from our house. I thought woman who
sells fish is here. They both sound similar. Take the fishes and
take the universal fishes. Keep it there. I’ll take it later. See, my son is so descent. He isn’t touching your feet. He’s picking up the
sweets that fell down. Let it be. How come you’re back home early? Actually, what happened you know.. With whom am I talking? What happened? A comedy incident happened
in the mill today. But what? Stand at one place. It’s not that such
incidences happen daily. No, it’s not that but
it does happen once a week. Here, take the water. What was that sound? He keeps eating all the
day and then burps in the evening. Mill union says that the wages.. ..that mill owner pays to
his workers isn’t right. – Right! One should learn
from the mill owners.. to use the workers. So, the workers are on strike now. God Ganesha!
– Fifth photo from above. Save his job. I don’t care even if
the mill is set on the fire. So, do you want me
to go and collect garbage? God Ganesha,
you’re bowing at the wrong photo. It’s the fifth photo on this side. I know. Fulfill my
previous demands and.. ..keep in mind that
his job is important. Will you have some tea? Ganesha drinks milk.
From when did he start taking tea? I asked you. – What? Will you have some tea?
– Will you give me? I’ll get it. – Sure. My wife’s voice is so sweet. After a long search operation
I came to know that.. ..there are only two places
in the world where you get sweets. One is at the confectioner
and second is in my wife’s voice. Did you realise the joke now? And if you ever bother
me after I return home.. ..then.. – Mother! – What? Nothing! I was questioning him. So, how do you feel today?
– As usual. Oh, as usual?! That means we’ve no
scope even this evening. Did you do some reading?
– Yes, I read two newspapers. Wow! That’s a progress.
You read two newspapers? You think I’m very rich? You brought two same
newspapers of the same date? And I even read this? – So much? No, just monthly supplements of this. Mental peace! Yes, you better read it. So that both of us
can have some peace. And I also chanted the mantras. Really? – Not me. But Mother
insisted, that’s why I read it. Not me. There’s a priest
in the Sawant’s village. I received a message from him that.. ..his fate will change
if he chants the mantras. It’d be really nice,
if her fate would change. But the number of planets
will remain the same. Had it been 12, you’d kill me. But, Anna, what’s wrong with me? Nothing happens to you now. Whatever happens to you,
happens after 6 PM. Meaning? – Quiet. Why do you talk to him? Damu, go, sit near the window. I’m already sitting near the window. Did I say that you’re near the door? Come here. – What? And don’t cross
question him everyday. What did I say? Daily after 6 PM,
I get insulted by him. If you get time in the morning,
pull his ears. If you come in my ways,
I’ll crush you. Sit down! And cool down! – No, I want tea. Yes, take this tea before
it cools down. – Okay. Why do you make that sound? God has created great samples. Son keeps burping the entire day. And mother whistles.. As if Kapil Dev is born in my house. Today Damu was calm since morning. You mean he started getting
it even in the morning? Not that. But sometimes he does show.. ..some effects of the evening
till the next day morning. He will.. he’s quite impressive. And did you see this? What’s this? – See! Lord Swami Samarth! Lord Swami Samarth! Lord Swami Samarth! Lord Swami Samarth! – What’s this? It’s written 1001 and times. – Who? Damu! – Don’t fool me. He just wrote the first page. Rest of the pages
are the photocopies. Let it be. Now, Lord Sai Baba
will definitely grace us. Yes, He will. See, Baba is here. Take your leg down. You shouldn’t sit
like this in half pant. And yes. – What? Mrs. Mayekar was telling me. Mayekar! – Yes, I know. She was telling me that
if I vow to fast for 16 Fridays.. ..Damu.. – God, a new vow now. There are millions of God worldwide. Leave some for the others as well. It’s not good to call upon
God for every small problem. And by mistake if all
the Gods will please with us.. ..there’ll be problem in the house. What problem? it’ll be a miracle. A miracle really happening. You see the miracle
happening in everyone’s.. is beautiful. But we’ve the movie
going on in the house. You mean? – Want to see? See.. How do Mr. Sawan look? See. Mrs. Mayekar? – See. And your mother? Is she your classmate
that you call her a damsel? Murli Manohar?! Look at his face.
Stop it, the flute will blow away. Let it be. No matter how
but he was my father-in-law. And he was my father as well. So, how long I should
tolerate his torture now? That rude man didn’t even spare me.. ..on his last rite ceremony.
You remember? There were so many
crows gathered around me. Not a single crow was
ready to have the feast. Suddenly one crow
came and sat on my head. And then started.. How can you say such
things about my father-in-law? That old man was my father. God.. what words he’s using. Don’t use such bad words,
it might culture my son wrongly. You’ve pampered him too much. Because of which we suffer
every evening after 6 PM. I know. – What? You don’t like my son. Don’t say that.
Thank God, I wear specs. Otherwise,
my eyes would have come out by now. What happened?
What’s the topic of your discussion? Such a long gap
between two dialogues? As if Atal Bihari Bajpayi is talking. India.. ..will give.. ..the tough reply.. this attack.
By the time, Pakistan will barge in. Am I a burden in this house? Shall I go to the Kargil?
– Not at all. After 6 PM, all the soldiers
will leave the border. Not at all,
I won’t let my son go away. You’re going to spoil him.
– Will you please keep quiet? At least fulfill one of my wish? You’re responsible for
your unfulfilled dreams. I respect you. I value you. That doesn’t mean I’m scared of you. What are you saying?
Don’t give me any response. No.. if mother or I are
not allowed to give any response. Then you please don’t
blabber alone at home. People will call you mad.
– Never mind. I won’t mind if people
would call me mad. Sawant, call Anna mad. Hey.. – Don’t hit him,
by swear of me. No, actually I was checking the time. 5: 15. – 5: 15?! Where’s Suman?! – To her classes. But why isn’t everyone at home yet? They’ll come. Are they foolish
to forget the daily routine? Everyone should be
present at home before 6.. ..otherwise you know.. Sit down! – Damu! Sit down! When it’s about to 6,
my heart starts pounding. What’s there to fear about? These days he behaves nicely. I don’t understand who’s
paying respect to whom. And let me tell you
one more thing. – What? Naina! – There comes the elder one. Naina! Naina! Naina! – Is he
calling her or singing a song? A miraculous change is
seen in him after marriage. Earlier he used to come
home calling out mother and Anna. And now?
– Naina! – See! – Where’s Naina? Naina isn’t at home. Both of us had taken half day today. Is anyone dead in the office? – No. Then? – We planned
to go for a movie today. Why take half-day for that? Anna! We both go to
work since morning. – Right. And in the evening.. ..we’ve to be at his service.
– Right. This has become a routine. If we’ve something
to share with each other.. ..then it’s only
in an hour in the train. And we can’t talk to each
other with the fear that.. ..people are looking
at us in the train. I tell you, sometimes I can’t see.. ..Naina in the crowded train. It’s same here. – Meaning? I can’t see your mother sometimes. So, I made today’s
program just for a privacy. Privacy? Why do you want privacy? We never get any privacy in life? Mother, that was the different time. Yes, he’s right. Because our parents were
not of modern thinking like us. Don’t talk about your father. Why? – We daily get his dose. – Yes. I’ll break her legs.
– Whose? – Naina’s. Let her come.
– She has come.. she has come.. Has she come? – Suman has come. Idiot! – What’s there
to be happy in this? No, what’s the time? – 5:30! Naturally, he’ll be happy. Anna, I’m tired of his daily lessons. Vijay, don’t get angry,
take the offering. This is nice about her. Moment there’s some
arguments in the house.. ..she’s ready with God’s offering. Mom! – It’s offering and not
the dinner that you’ll get twice. Sit down. Suman, what’s this? What are you doing?
It’s 5:30 PM. Where were you? Mother, sir didn’t leave us early. No one listens to me in this house. Good! After 6 everyone will listen..
– Shut up. Anna, somehow I managed to rush. It’s 5:30,
go and make the arrangements. Damu, I’ve brought a book for you. I’ll read it now.
– Read it tomorrow. – Why? If it’s incomplete he’ll ask me.. ..who brought the English book here? And he’ll slap me also. – Who? I’m mad.. I slap myself. Sawant, call Anna mad. – Shut up! Several times I told you.. No one listens to me in this house. It’s 5:30. She’s still not here. He’ll come. He’s on the way. I was talking about Naina.
– You should try her number. I did call up in her office. – So? They said she has already left. She must have been
to her friend’s house. To friend’s house? – Yes. Then why she should make me wait? Can’t she inform me before leaving? But why didn’t she call you up? The movie was at 3 PM.
I was there up to 2: 55. It’s 5:40 now. Has he come? – Not yet. Who? – My father is expected. Now you tell me what will
I tell him if she comes late? I felt very nice. – Why? Someone asked me a
question in this house. Last someone had asked me in 1942. Then you’re the one who asked me. So, tell me. Why don’t you question
each other on holidays? She got my chance missed now. Yes, that reminds me. – What? After 2 days,
a party is coming to see our Suman. Really? – You know my colleague Mr.
Sarpotdar? Yes. – They’re his relatives. Okay. – The boy is well educated.. ..and he’s on the government post. Anna, I’m not in
a hurry to get married. You’re short by size,
but you’re at the marriageable age. And it’s 5:30.
Start preparing for him. Damu, c’mon, we need to prepare.
– C’mon. For what? – To send me away. Go now. And why did you arrange
the meeting at home? I’m planning to book
Taj Mahal Hotel for this. Will it be affordable to us?
– That’s what I mean to say. Look, after 6 PM,
we’ve this program at home. That’s why I’ve invited
them sharp at 4 PM. So, we’ll free them before 6 PM. So, we’ll get only one hour. – Yes. And father-in-law will come at 6 PM. He daily comes. I’m in a bad shape.
– No, it’s really a nice proposal. I didn’t comment
on the proposal. – Then? It’s 5:45.
Naina is still not at home. You know everyone should
be at home before he comes. Don’t give me any tension now. She must come. Otherwise, It’ll be difficult
for me to reply him. There comes Naina. I’ll see her now. Where were you? – Where were you? There she started accusing me. We decided to meet at the theatre.. at 3 PM not here. I was there in time. I was there for 2 hours. You’re lying, Naina. – You’re lying. Mother, he’s lying.
I was waiting there. You didn’t turn up so I came home. I was standing at the
parking gate since 3 PM. In fact, the visitors
thought I’m the guard. Oh really?
And did you think about me? Every man passing by was asking me. Would you come for the movie? That’s why you should be punctual. I tell you she was late. She’s lying. I left early from the office. You can ask my friend. – Friend! Anna, didn’t I tell you
she’d be at her friend’s house. No, I had told you this. Really? But that’s not important. I was at the parking gate since 3 PM. Ask Anna. – Yes,
I was on duty there since 12 PM. You’re lying. You’re lying. – You’re lying. They’re fighting.
Give them the offering. Do you have any sense or not?
– You might not have any. I was at the parking gate. Are you mad to stand
at the parking gate.. ..instead of the main gate? Why to stand at the
main entrance? – Why? We were not supposed
to go for a movie. Then? – We would have
got 3 hours for ourselves. How could I read your mind? Did I have any dream? – You’re mad. You’re mad. – You’re mad.. It’s 6 PM. Father is here. Son! – Father! Who was shouting
so much in the house? Who was he? – He’s my son Vijay. And who’s she?
– My daughter-in-law Nayan. And she? – My daughter Suman. And she? – A girl. No, earlier she was..
now, she’s my wife. And who are you?
– Ganpat. Her husband. Ganpat! Damodar!
Shanta! Vijay! Naina! Suman! Damodar! Then where’s your youngest son Damu? Here he is. Where’s Damu? He’s gone? – Yes. When? Not there. America! – Is it?
Then what are you doing here? I’m a mill worker.
– Go and sit there. Look at his style of walking.
Walk properly. Sit there. Applied ashes on the forehead. Apply ashes of Himalayas
on my entire body. Then my anger might subside. I had so many dreams about you. You shattered everything. Gange! You removed your mother’s photograph?
You idiot! You removed your mother’s photograph? Oh no! Look at the condition
of these children. It’s all because of you. Arguing with me? How dare you? I don’t want to live
here even for a moment. I’m going. – Appa! Father! Father! – Father! Father! – Father! Don’t go away. Father! – Appa! Father! Inside.. Father! ”With the flowery adornment.. ..sister, you’ll be a bride.” ”With the flowery adornment.. ..sister, you’ll be a bride.” ”With the garland of flowers.” ”With the garland of flowers.” ”You’ll get married.” ”With the flowery adornment.. ..sister, you’ll be a bride.” ”With the flowery adornment.. ..sister, you’ll be a bride.” Done? Over? Sit down! Where did you learn dancing? I should sit like this at home. I tell you,
you’re the happiest man on the earth. You’ve got no tension at all. People are coming to see Suman. It’s 4 PM. They’re still not here.
I’m very tensed. Do you have any idea? Only the two of us have to take.. ..the entire tensions
regarding the household. One is myself and the other.. It seems he has got lice. Son has given two special sons to me. One is Argument.
And the other is Michael Jackson. It’s 4 PM. How come they’re still not here? Anna! – Yes. Anna! – Who am I talking to? What’s all this going on? Nothing. I was measuring
the square feet of the house. If you get angry,
will things go on as per your wish? Don’t teach me. You too look tensed.
– Yes, I am. – Are you?! The problem won’t
solve by taking tension. I’m doing my office work. How come you people are so cool? Anna, this is called wisdom. People are going
to come to see Suman. But they aren’t here yet. You mean people are going
to come to see our Chingy? Yes. What’s the time? – 4:30. Why? – Because he called her Chingy! I thought the program
scheduled after 6 began early. What’s the time?
– 4:30. – Don’t teach me. Mother! – No,
look I’ll slap myself. Okay? ”With the flowery adornment.. ..sister..” Where did he learn the dance? Have you seen anyone
dancing like him? ”Sister you’re going to be..” Enough! Enough.. Oh God! What’s the time?
– Anna, he told you it’s 4:30 PM. How come they’re still not here? They’ll come. Why are you in a hurry? Hurry? – Yes. Don’t you think we should
finish this program before 6? Oh yes! – So?! What’s this, Anna? You know our family problem.. ..and still you invited
them in the evening? That’s why I invited them at 4. Came.. came.. came.. – They’ve come? Mother came. – God! It’s too late now. – We
too are discussing the same topic. Why discussing? God Ganesha! Fifth photo! – Give them some sense. Anna! Have they come? Why do you pamper him now? Let it be. – What’s Suman doing? She’s tired of waiting. It’s more than an
hour that she’s waiting. Let it be.
Let her get habitual to waiting. So, after the marriage,
she’ll start waiting for her husband. Mother, you too used
to keep waiting for Anna? Yes. We too wait for you after 6 PM. That you’ll come and slap me tight. Lord Shankar!
Give some sense to Anna. Keep quiet. Anna! Anna! – Have they come? I mean, did you invite them today? Or there’s some
confusion in the date? Do you people not trust me? Anna, it’s not about the distrust. But Suman is waiting
from a long time. She’s bored now. Even my situation is the same. I’m already bored as well as..
what do you call it? Tension! – Yes. I’m tensed as well. It’s all because of you. Yes, I’m responsible
for this problem. Yes, mother. You’re right. Instead of accusing me
better suggest a solution. Anna, there’s no solution.
– Yes, you please tell him. Naina, you tell him. – Yes, please. No, mother, you tell him please. What will she say? She’d say Anna is there,
why would I trouble my brain? There’s nothing to think about.
Then? Go down! Make a phone
and cancel today’s program. I asked a suggestion.
Not to spoil the matter. It’s 4:45.
If they’d come. – Have they? Just sit quietly for a while. If they’d come and
our meeting begins. And what if they
didn’t leave before 6? Anna, she has a point. Yes, there wasn’t any
problem during our time. Because we had eloped
and got married. But we’ll marry off Suman splendidly. And we don’t intend to
hide anything about our family. Yes, and we’ve nothing
to hide from people. Look at him! This.. if this thing will
take place in front of the guests.. ..before the exams,
we’ll have a result as fail. Yes, she’s right.
I just can’t think of anything. God Ganesha! – Fifth photo! Do away with this problem. Let my daughter’s future be bright.
Sai Nath! Seventh photo! – I’ll come
to Shirdi to bow down to you. But let the guests come
soon and leave soon, Balaji! There’s no photo. She didn’t tell that to
Lord Balaji but you. Sit down! And what are you doing? No God will come to
your help if you do this. Small problem creeps in the
house and she starts.. Ganesha! Before Ganesha stands
up from his seat.. ..she’d say Lord Shankar! So, Ganesha will stop
saying that my father is going. Before Lord Shankar
stand up for her help.. ..she’d say Lord Vitthal! Shankar will say, let Vitthal go now. And Vitthal will
say I don’t have time. Dnyaneshwar and Mukta
are expected soon. All three of us are
going to sit and sing. ”With the flowery adornment..
..sister, you’ll be a bride.” Do Dnyaneshwar sing such songs? Dnyaneshwar and Mukta
were siblings, right? My mistake. You’re right. And in such situation,
God becomes still and we panic. Done with your sermon?
Do you want time to speak? No, don’t miss a single
chance to taunt me. Yes, mother. Anna really
gave a big lecture. Yes, of course. But he was right. Tell me exactly which side you are? It’s 4: 50. – Yes, we’ve
to pay the grocer’s bill, right? No, I mean it’s 4: 50 PM. Oh my God! Pandurang! No, but I always take
only one God’s name. Mother, I don’t think Suman
is ready for this marriage. Did she tell you anything? No, but I feel like
that from her behaviour. Hey, she was like that
even for the previous 2 meetings. It’s not right to
be judgmental on this. But Anna! What if Suman
is in love with someone? Move back. – Why? When we’ve a big affair at home.. ..who will go for one more outside? And if it was true, she’d have
definitely told Naina, if not us. About what, mother?
About the love affair. Mother, Naina and I
were in the same college. After marriage, she told me that.. ..she always loved
me even before marriage Your Naina is so bold.
– Enough! It’s 5 PM. Yes! And Anna look panic. Decided. – What? – Decided. What? – I’ll go downstairs
and cancel today’s program. When? After the guests come? Yes. So, what do we do now?
Now, if they come.. ..we’ll quickly bring Suman out. We’ll serve them tea and
send them away quickly. – Okay. And then welcome him! ”By the flowery
arrangements.” – Sit down! Anna, it’s 5 PM. And we forgot
an important work in all this. What’s that? – Damu’s arrangements. Yes. – No.. Let him be in this dress. If we’ll make him wear that dress.. ..we won’t be able to talk freely. We’ll feel as if he’s watching us. Nothing such will happen. Remember what had
happened last time? What? He has slapped me when
I didn’t get him ready. Yes. – So, please listen to me.
Do one thing. Tell Suman to get him ready. She’s getting ready for her meeting. Is anyone coming to see you? C’mon, Damu! – But what preparation? To send you away. C’mon. – Yes, c’mon. I’ll just go down and come. Where are you going, Anna? Let me call them up and
find out what has happened. Did you take the phone number? She thinks only her husband
is foolish in this entire world. You think I’m going
without the number? Here, check this.
assure yourself. C’mon. Is the phone number
written on your pocket? It must be somewhere here. I know you very well.
– Still you’re living with me. – Yes. Anna! – Yes. Shall I go and call them up?
– Yes, go. Go there and then you’ll realise
that you don’t have a number. Come behind me to look for it. But which shirt you
were wearing that day? That day.. what was the day that day? Wednesday! – That means white shirt. Why? – From Monday to Sunday.
I use only white shirt. Because, I’ve only one. So, where else it can be? Here it is. I’ll come.. I’ll come soon.. What? – What’s this? How come it is 10 digit number? Anna, it’s mobile number. I was checking your knowledge.
But you know. I’ll come soon. Is Mr. Ganpat here?
– He’s going to make a call. Are you Mr.
Ganpat? – Do you mind? – Not at all. I’m Sarpotdar’s friend Shingarpure. Your daughter.. – She’s inside. – No! I came to see her for my son Shekhar. But we don’t have a showroom. I’ve come with the proposal.
– Then go away. I mean I’ve come with
a marriage proposal. Oh.. I see.. so he’s Mr.
Sarpotdar’s friend Shingarpure. Exactly! You didn’t say that. Please come in! Hey, think about.. ..the tea and take care of Suman. Also look at the clock. Vijay! – Yes. I should slap you. – Why? I told you to take Damu inside. Damu is already inside.
– Then who’s he? He’s uncle! Excuse me! – Mr. Ganpat! – Appa! I’m Shingarpure! Please, sit here.
– But, I’m fine here. The mobile range
is not good over there. Okay. – Please come! It’s okay. – Please, sit. Bring some water please. – Yes, sure. And do you take cold water? – Yes. Because we’ve a fridge. – Is it? Give the water. – Take it. Did you drink the water?
– I’m Shingarpure! I mean do you want more water?
– No, it’s okay. Actually, people drink
4 glasses of cold water. – Yes. Because we’ve a fridge.
– May be. – Yes, please sit. And why are you so late? My son didn’t come home in time. That’s really nice. Now do one thing. – What? Next Monday, come sharp at 4 PM. Please, leave. – But.. – Yes, please. Get away. – But.. Get away. – But.. He’s my son. I was telling him..
get lost. – Yes, he told me. Is he your son?
– Yes. I thought he’s a salesman. Please, come! Sit! No.. not there. It’s reserved, please sit there.
– Sit. – Yes. Serve him water.
– Yes, give him water. Will the cold water do?
– Yes, definitely. Because we’ve a fridge. Anna! Why do you lie? – Why? We don’t have a fridge. I’ve put ice in the pot. So, he’s my son Shekhar. He’s my son Vijay. – Hello! – Hello! Father! – Yes. I like the girl. – Hey, come here. She’s my daughter-in-law. Look there. She’s my wife. Keep in mind. You mean you’ve a
boy and a son? – Yes. A daughter and he’s my son. – Okay. Anna! Then whose son am I? Who’s this joker? – Hey.. He’s not a Joker. – Then? He’s my son Damu. – I see. Actually, we’ve a fancy
dress competition in the colony. So, he’s going to present
as Dagdu Seth confectioner. – Wow! He appears to be an actor.
– He’s a born actor. After 6 PM, his acting flourishes. Then my daughter Suman. In all, you’ve a small
and happy family. – Yes. Now, what do I do? – What? I’ll bring Suman. – Definitely. Quickly ask her anything you want. And even if you leave
in just 15 minutes.. ..we won’t get angry.- Mr. Ganpat! People call me Anna in this house. Only one person calls me Ganpat. Anna! as it is we’re late. So, we’ll finish it off leisurely. If you’d delay, everything will end. But why? – How do I tell you? Anna! Shall I sit at his feet? You please sit there. Let him sit near me. Damu! He won’t listen to me. You bring Suman. I’ll see of Suman is
ready with the arrangements. What? She’s already decked up. Tell her,
enough of the make up. – Yes. You called me Shingarpure! Not you! – Then? I called my daughter.
Come fast. Enough of make up. I see. – Yes. Is he expert in sports? – Yes. He looks like that. Are you ready with
the questions? – Yes. Start asking, we’ve very less time. Anna, I’ve been noticing you.
You’re in a hurry. Rest for a while. You see,
our house is very old. – Okay. If anything unusual happens,
it’ll be difficult to pull you out. Even our family is small.
Right, Shekhar? Shekhar’s mother! – Okay. Passed away in childhood. Then how did he take birth? I mean she passed away
when Shekhar was small. Oh, okay, you mean Shekhar was small. You talk half the sentences.
So I don’t understand. I’ve been his father and mother. Do, don’t worry. – Why? My Suman is very cooperative.
– Really? Yes, she’ll give motherly
love to your son. She’s going to be their
daughter-in-law and not a mother. That’s why I told you
don’t let him sit near you. He’s right. – How? When a wife comes home,
husband receives love.. ..of mother, wife and lover. I’m inexperienced in this case. We’re at the same place in our house. But your Damu is very calm. Do you want to take
him away in the evening? No. Actually,
it’s the peace before war. – I see. Look at the clock. Anna, why do you keep
looking at the watch? You see, this is my routine. Yes, but why? – How do I explain? Especially, not in the first meeting. Anna! – Yes. Actually, Sarpotdar has
told me about your nature.. ..and about your family. – Really? I immediately agreed
when I came to know.. ..she’s Damodar Pant’s granddaughter. This entitle carries prestige. My father. – Even he comes? No, he is dead. – Okay. But he told me a lot about
your father before he died. Had he borrowed money from
your father? – No.. not at all. Be told me many good thing about him. And he also gave me entire
detail about this house. Anna! It really touched my heart. Wait for a while and
your emotions will overflow. What? – No.
What are they doing? – Okay. Anna! – Yes. – What does Damu do? A lot! – I mean he
must be well educated. No, he couldn’t study much.
But he’s our fondled child. Wow! – Anna! – Enough! He has inherited my father. – Is it? That’s why we don’t send him outside. And we make him sit here only. What’s that?
Get up! Is he your friend? Why are you chatting with
him?- Let him sit with us. You take him near and
he’ll dance on your head. Anna! – Yes.
– Suman is coming. – Is she? She’s coming. Come.. come.. Where.. where?
Where shall I sit? – Here. sit. Sit down! Shringarpure! – Yes. She’s my daughter. – Very nice! He’s an actor! My God! It’s 5:30. Why again? – No.. no, well.. Yes, actually it’s our first
auspicious time to show the girl. So, you’re in time. And if you leave from here at 5:45. Then even the second
auspicious time will be kept. 5:45? – Yes. You mean we’ll get
only 15 minutes? – Yes! So, what all have you
decided to do today? – No. Actually,
our priest has told us. – What? That if the guests
won’t leave at 5:45.. ..then the boy’s
father will die at 6 PM. That’s why you’re in a hurry? – Yes. Because after 6, I won’t
have time to attend your funeral. No.. no.. – Serve them tea. – Yes. Are you going to marry? Sumi! Anna! – Yes. Is tea hot? – Why? I hope it isn’t brought
from the fridge. Yes. give it.. it’s hot. Take it. – Slowly. Easy.. Wow! The tea was really nice! Very good! Keep it. Keep it in the tray. Nice hosting! Sit, my child. So, she’s my daughter Suman. – Okay. She has passed 12th. – Wow! So, what all does she know? Embroidery, stitching,
cooking.sShe knows everything. My sister is very talented. Let go off that.
You ask her anything you want. Yes, go on asking.
My sister is very sharp. What are you going to ask?
– No, I’ve nothing to ask. So, c’mon, make a move. Ask her. – Yes, okay. Let me ask her. Okay. – Ask her. Ask her.
Ask her what’s her name. – Suman! Mother, you don’t even know her name? Ask her education. – 12th pass. Sister-in-law,
you don’t know about her education? Now, ask her difficult question. Ask her an elephant passed
away from a forest (fifty-one ). There was only one elephant
in the forest, right? If he too went away,
so there’s no elephant. Wrong! 50. I asked 1
passed away out of fifty one. How many signals does.. ..a local train pass
from Churchgate up to Dadar? Count Three! Red, green and yellow! Easy question. What’s your opinion about
match fixing in cricket? What’s the time? – 5:40. That’s why the batsman is in form. Whatever it is. – Yes. But Damu is really knowledgeable. That’s because Damu is
very fond of reading newspapers. sWow! I mean he takes a newspaper
in the hand in morning. And then sits down. – What? sI mean he starts reading it.
– I see. You can ask me news of
any page in the newspaper. I’ll quickly tell you. Ask me where is it written?
‘Nava Kaal’? – Where? On the top of the front page. No one can say he’s seventh fail. You know.. – No..
– No, let it be. Let him come! Come! Man’s intelligence never
depends on his education. Then? – I’ll give you an example. He’s Mr. Damodar!
He was not much educated. Then he’s Mr.
Manohar! He was not much educated. Then he’s Mr.
Narayan! He was not much educated. Then he’s Mr.
Madhav! He was not much educated. Then he’s Mr.
Keshav! He was not much educated. Then he’s Mr.
Ganpat! He isn’t educated at all. But he could progress in life.. ..because of his impressive
qualities. – Wow! He’s in mill. A labour. sAnna! Your Damu is
really worth praising. Any girl would be happy
to marry him if you want. And we too will refuse
them with smile. But why? You’re here to see Suman. – Yes. Talk about her. – That’s right. But Damu’s intelligence has changed.. ..the angle of this program. Okay, listen. – What? I hope you don’t mind
if I ask you something. Not at all. Please, go ahead. By the way.. did you like our Suman? Shall I tell you frankly? Yes, of course.
It’s a question of your life. Shall I tell you honestly? Be quick!
It’s a question of your life, too. Yes. We really liked Suman. ”With the flowery adornment.. ..sister, you’ll be a bride.” When he’s too happy
he does that. – Okay. So, we’ve known your opinion now.
Now, make a move. C’mon! – Father! Father! Father! – Make a move!
– Anna! – Anna! Go.. go.. – Anna! Make a move! – Anna,
this was just a formal discussion. We’ll talk tomorrow. – We’ve
other formalities to complete. We’ll talk over it some other day. But.. – What’s the time? 5: 55! – God!
I beg of you. Please, make a move. Okay, Anna. If this is your final decision
then I won’t force you. Right. Even I’m concerned about
everyone’s future. – Right. Okay, then see you. – See you! Okay.. – Okay..
– Okay, Vijay! – Yes, bye! – Bye! Thank God, he left! Shringarpure!
We’re sorry. – It’s alright , Vijay. Please, make a move. No Vijay..
please come here. Come here! Tell me. – Vijay! I really feel strange
about Anna’s behaviour. But it’s okay. It’s one’s own nature. Okay, Anna. – Yes. Shall I tell you something?
– Be quick! Look at the watch! I liked your family a lot. She?! – I mean the entire family. Okay, family.. – Family! Actually, I’m weak in Marathi!
– I see. I work in mill. So,
I keep talking in English. – Good! Such obedience and
cultured behaviour! You never get to see
in this time! – Never! It’s Damodar Pant’s blessings,
actually. Okay, Anna. See you! Forgive us if we’ve mistaken.
Okay, bye! – Bye! Please, wait. Have dinner with us!
– Yes, definitely. Do we do charity?
– This is his love for me. No, actually, we’ve leftover
food of yesterday night. Leave! – Okay. Wait.. wait.. – Yes.. yes.. Okay, Anna! – Yes. Shall we fix the
engagement date later? Yes, we’ll buy sugar first
and then think about it. – Yes. Now leave.. take turn.. take turn.. Okay, Anna, we’ll discuss about.. ..the marriage expenses later. What expenses?
We’ll order four horses and 2 lights! Okay. – Now, leave.
Take turn! Take turn! Take turn! Okay, Anna! What do I say about
your daughter Suman? She’s my daughter.
What will you tell me about her? No, but I like Suman a lot.
– Okay. – Okay, then see you. Don’t you dare take turn now. Now, I’ll come directly
at the wedding ceremony. Okay. – Bye, everyone. – Bye! See you at the marriage. – Sure! Thank God he left before 6 PM! – Yes. Oh, its 6 PM!
– Start the arrangements! C’mon, hurry up!
Hurry up! C’mon, everyone. Anna! My bag was left here. Wow! You started with the
wedding arrangements from now? That’s really nice.
But no one is speaking anything. Anna, earlier you were
sending me away hurriedly! And now you’re sitting quietly? Strange! I like the girl and her family. We’ll talk about
the give and take later. Don’t take tension. You’re giving us your daughter.
It’s more than enough. But.. I’ve brought up my Shekhar!
I’ve raised him with love. I must get it’s returns. Show me to which places you want. I don’t want dowry.
– No, I’ll give you right away. I really don’t want any dowry. I’m totally against dowry. – Right! Anna! But we have the
custom of giving something.. the groom, right? – Yes, we do. And it’s our culture. – Yes. So, this custom
must not be forgotten. He’ll give you a good reply now. Damodar Pant’s granddaughter.. going to be my daughter-in-law. It’s really a matter of pride. Ganpat! Ganpat! – Appa! Anna, Damu is calling you by name?! Ganpat! – Hey.. – No, Appa, he.. Yes, I know.. I know everyone. Who’s this new man? Damu! You shouldn’t
call your elder’s by name. What are our cultures? Don’t you have any shame? Are you mocking me? Listen! Don’t hit him! Please, don’t! Anna, tell him something. Anna! Shanta! Vijay! Nayan! Suman! His name.. Where’s he? Must have gone to look
for a new devotional hymns. Good he’s not here.
Otherwise, I’d have got headache. God! Wonder what these
people living upstairs.. To the left? To the right. How can they see me? Mr. Ganpat! – Appa! Appa! – Anna! Photo! – What? Photo! – Photo? What photo? – Look at this. I think I’ve seen it somewhere. Let me see who is it. Idiot! Why did you
hang my photo there? Am I dead? There was a problem
when the guest had arrived. Everyone’s photo was there
when we introduced people. Only your photo wasn’t there. You aren’t getting
promotion in the mill. So I thought let me promote you here.
That’s why.. Don’t get onto my nerves
all the time. Sit there. Why do you keep getting
angry on me all the time? You can never value your son. Yes, you’d make your father
die and want me to value you. Look at Sawant! – What did he do? He’s so proud..
– About you? – About his son. He keeps praising
his son all the time. And look at you.. My God.. oh Gods and Goddesses.. ..bring some miraculous
change in my Anna. The way robber Valya
transformed into Valmiki. Rank became Rao. Similarly,
let something happen with my Anna. No need. Every evening
you transform me from.. ..Anna to Ganpat. It’s enough for me. Anna! Will you honestly
answer to my question? Tell me. Tell me honestly. – Go on. Are you sure you’re
Damodar Pant’s son? Meaning? I can’t see a single
quality of him in you. If I had inherited
a single quality of him.. ..I’d have reformed you by now. Violence! One should lead a
path of non-violence. Sit down! You know what happens
if you get angry? The small and big brain
fight with each other. Then the emotions come out. Mind gets disturbed and
you get negative thinking. For that you should meditate. Sit calmly.
Close your eyes and chant. ‘Om’! Now say. – ‘Om’! Who will close the eyes? Your father? Oh God! You’ll make me mad. Sawant! Tell Anna mad!
– Hey!- Mother! No, nothing.
I was just knowing about his health. Anna, mother isn’t at home.
She went to the temple. Good. Now you’re a goner.
Now, I’ll show you. One should lead a
path of non-violence. Because otherwise
Damu calls his mother. And Anna’s emotions come out. So, close your eyes and meditate. And then say ‘Mother’! Say it! – ‘Mother’! Who will close the eyes?
Your father?! So, close it! – Hey! What’s all this? I could
hear your voice down the lane. What has happened? There’s nothing very important
in life to tell people. Why not? I’d have told
people about your photograph. Please, keep quiet! Please.. Are you back early today? – Yes. I think your day wasn’t good today. Days are never good for him. Not at least till you’re in my life. Your day will be fine. – Shut up! Hey.. he already gets
bored sitting near the window. Does that mean he should
get onto my nerves in the evening? And to start with?
Small and big brain? He can’t cope up with the change of.. ..personalities in
the evening. – Okay. What exactly happens
in the house at night? Nothing. We just take
2 pegs and go to sleep. This idiot keeps slapping
me in the evening. And now he has started
with something new. – What? Sit here. The small and big brain
bang with each other. Then emotions come out. I think a doctor is born in my house. Where’s Suman? – In the classes. And what’s this? The tiffin is heavy.
I don’t think you ate. What have you cooked.. No one listens to me in this house. Close your eyes and say Om!
– Shut up! You forgot to put salt
in the curry at night. I offered my Tiffin to my friends. And you know what they
said after eating it? Now we realise your
life is still tasteless. In the running around at
night I misplaced the salt jar.. ..and found it today afternoon. I thought I’ll tell
you but you had left. Yes, even I was shouting behind you..
Anna, Stop. But you.. I ran faster listening to your call. In fact I reached the
mill before the watchman. Are you a watchman or a labour?
– Shut up! And yes. I met Sarpotdar today. What did he say? What will he say?
He turned away with the sight of me. Shringarpure must
have told him everything. What did Shringarpure say? Did he like our Suman? Did he say anything
about the dowry and all? Tell me..
did he talk about the dowry? He’s satisfied about it. You’ve given me 5 big slaps. I asked him if he wants more.
if he really needs more of it. He said no,
now my cheeks have swollen. What? Did he ask about that incident? No, I don’t think so. But Shringarpure’s one
cheek is enough to prove that.. ..our children are not cultured. Really? – Yes. I don’t understand from
where does he make this sound? Even if this generation
has forgotten father’s teachings.. ..the earlier generations has not. How do you say? Shringarpure’s second
cheek is the witness. What are you saying?
– Yes, I mean it. And I’m really fade of such actions. Look, don’t say anything
and make me angry. Suman will get many better
proposals than this one. Deduct 3.
As they’re already beaten up. No.. it was 51.. – What? One elephant passed away out of 51. Is Suman a cattle
that you’re counting? I’ll give you a tight slap. Has Appa come early today? Anna, shall I go? – Go.. go quickly. Yuck! God! He’s behaving so obedient. And it’s given by him. We did everything for him,
consulted doctors.. ..Vaidyas,
fasting and vows and everything. Not we.. you did all this. But the result is zero. – Yes. I’m sure one of his biggest wish.. ..has remained incomplete.
– Yes. May be. Otherwise, it won’t haunt like this. You think will he rest
in peace after giving me death? Naina! – There comes the second one. Naina, I had told you,
I’ll fulfill all your wishes one day. That’s why I married you. – Naina?! I was joking. Anna, bless me. – Okay. But without any reason? – Not at all. Of course, there’s a reason.
– Really? Give him the sweets! – Take it. And distribute equally
amongst everyone. – Okay. Otherwise,
that hungry cock will eat it all. What? – Comment about
him and she’d get angry. But why did you get sweets? You know what, mother? Today we went to
Siddhivinayak temple. Great! Both of you?! – Yes. Just like that?
– Not at all. There’s a reason. Give me, Rs.21. – Why? I had asked for a vow
at Lord Krishna. – For what? That if we’ll have a
child like him in our house.. ..I’ll offer sweets worth
Rs.21 to the Siddhivinayak. Asked for a vow from Lord Krishna. And sweets will be
offered to Siddhivinayak? Won’t they fight with each other? That you’re taking away my customers? Mother, you’re misunderstanding.
What? – Yes, mother. We didn’t go to Siddhivinayak
with that reason. Then? – Look at this.
This was the reason. God! Did you lose your job? Mother, what rubbish is this? No, last time when
he had strike in the mill.. ..he came home with such
coloured paper in the house. Right, Ganpat? – Appa! Get up.. get up from there. What’s this, mother? Can you see from my
face that I’ve lost my job? No! Not you.. – Then?! But when he came home.. ..he looked as if he had
come from someone’s funeral. And she quickly warmed water for me. And I took bath twice that day. Let go off that.
But tell me what’s the matter? Yes, tell me what the matter is. Have you taken polio dose? Naina, you tell him. No, you tell him.
– No, you better tell him. It’s your achievement. You tell him. It’s a proud feeling for you.
So you tell him. If you decide,
let me know by post. – Okay. See! – Okay, fine. Let’s
both of us tell him. – Yes. Come. So, Anna! – And mother! Where’s she? – Mother! Coming! – Come out and
listen to what they say. – Yes. Eat later. The box is with you. So, Anna! And mother! The moment we were
eagerly waiting for.. Has arrived in our life. Anna, I’ve got a
house from my company. What? – What are you saying? Read this, Anna. Let me read it. Wow! Mother.. mother, did you see this? No, but I heard it. You mean,
will you leave this house, Vijay? And Naina, you too agreed? What are you saying? We should stand by them in such time. They too will have
some dreams in life. Shouldn’t we think about it? Girl from a strange
house came to our house. She coped up in this atmosphere. She shared all the good
and bad times with this family. Why she should take the tension?
And for how long? We’re used to this environment. Shouldn’t we free her from this mess? This generation has tolerated.. ..our previous generations’ tantrums. But the next generation
must not get affected by it. Vijay! Nayan! Ganpat! No.. it’s me.. it’s me.. it’s me. Seriously, you should go. I mean it. Look, I’m still working
and mother is also in good health. She must have blabbered
something in anger. But consider her emotions behind it. You go. – No, Anna. How long do you want
me to say now? – No. Will I not get hard breathing? Anna, has anything
happened in the house.. ..without your will? And we’ll leave this
house only if you allow us. Mother, we want you. but that.. I know. Mother!
C’mon, give them your permission. My mistake, master.
But you know what? Our emotions come out
first than our thinking. And even if Vijay would go away.. ..his roots will still remain
with this house. I just forgot that. Yes, and he’s much better. But that Peeple tree. I don’t have courage
to uproot that tree. Naina, Vijay, you must go.
– Yes, mother. But before that Naina,
make some tea.. ..for everyone to
relive some seriousness. Right away. – Anna! – Yes. I’ll go and get fresh, okay?
– What action was that? See, my son is so understanding. No, Naina is much more
understanding than him. You’re right. She left all the comforts
of her maternal house.. ..and came to this house.. ..where there’s not even
a TV for her entertainment. But yes, teaching program
runs on daily basis. Daily there are different stories. Take that stool inside. – Yes. You’ll get angry if
I say anything about him. Naina! – Vijay,
what’s going on? – Why? Is it prohibited to talk to my wife? Then stand there and talk to me.
I can hear you. Naina, this is too much. Have some shame. – You’re too much. It’s such a happy day for
us and you always start with it. One needs to consider
time to express happiness. Hey, don’t talk like
the old time heroines. The time has changed. This is the bad
quality of all the men. You think the women are not romantic. Yes, of course, you are. Before marriage,
when I hold your hand. What will people say? And after marriage? – Anna! – Anna! Yes, so check and mate from you only. Vijay! – Yes. I’m very happy today. Naturally, you’ve got a house.
You got what you wanted. It’s not that. I’m bored of this house. I’m fade up of the environment
here. It’s not true. But every newly wedded
bride has a dream. And that dream of
mine is fulfilled today. Still, I always feel somewhere
in some corner of my mind.. ..that this joint family
system should continue. Anna! Mother!
Suman! Damu! You! Me! Tea! – Tea! Tea?! You think we’re distancing them?
– No. – No, then? Brother! – Yes, come! See, this is the
problem of this house. We don’t get privacy at all. Good it was Suman!
What if Anna had come? Now things are going
on as per your wish, right? Then this problem
will never arise there. In fact, I’ll never let it happen. Vijay! – Yes. We’ve got the keys of that house,
right? – Yes. So, let’s go and see it once. Good idea. But Anna? We’ll go only if he allows us.
– Okay, let’s go. – Yes. Tea! – Let it be. Come! Anna! Anna! Where’s Anna?
– 2 years passed to his death. Vijay! – It’s 6 PM.
Start with the arrangements. Where’s Damu? Here.. – Where’s Damu? Where’s Damu?
– Why do you repeat my question? Put that book aside. Look for Damu. Damu! Damu! – Damu! Damu! What do you think of yourself? Are you people mocking
at the old man? Damu went the bathroom, right? – Yes. You mean Pant is coming now? – What? And that too in the half pant? Ganpat! Ganpat! – Appa! Aren’t you ashamed
of mocking at an old man? Appa, are you back?
– What do you mean? I hadn’t gone there permanently. Who’s she? She’s.. – Let me guess. He’s my grandson. – Yes. She’s my granddaughter.
She’s grandson’s wife. And she’s my daughter-in-law Shanta! Veil! And you?! – Veil! Father of these children! Ganpat! Damodar! Ganpat! Shanta!
Vijay! Naina! Suman! Damodar! – Yes. Then where’s your eldest son Damu?
California! The words are little complicated.
Will you teach me? The children of this colony
are not disciplined at all. Anna! I don’t mind if he come here daily. But tell him that his
house has lost it’s glory now. Only one room is left
for us and rest all.. ..are captured by the people. Sit down! You’d shout and I get slapped. Ganpat! – Appa, listen. You please take dinner
and rest for a while. It’s not good to blabber
much at this age. Are you tired? Get up! Your son is totally undisciplined. Wow! who’s he?
– Shrimant Damodar Pant! Good! When did he pass away? Recently. He was very nice. He kept saying yes and
at the end moment he said no. Anna, you forgot
to take out the garland. Of what? – Of the photo. – Yes. So, you put the garlands? – No. Actually, it was copper jubilee.
That’s why I had kept it. Aren’t you ashamed?
Do you put garlands.. the alive man’s photo?
Had there been.. Appa! Bring some water.
– Yes. Let’s bring water. That’s why I told you take rest. Do you like to die twice? Are you there, Appa? Let’s go to the railway
with these utensils. I asked for water and
you brought it in spoon? What’s this? Did you add water? Appa! What? – Take this. Take this.
It’s my mistake. I seek your apology. What are you doing? Mother, why is Anna doing this? Mother?! Appa?! – I’m Damu! Idiot, seek my blessings.
Seek it.. you idiot! Go on seeking it again and again. Let go off him!
– Now, I won’t listen to anyone. But Anna,
how come Damu be here at this time? Yes! – Hey.. Anna, shall I sit here? – Sit down! Vijay! Check the calendar.
Check the date today. Yes. – Hurry up! It’s no moon’s day. – No moon? – Yes. I’m doomed. – And this day
will end tomorrow morning at 5: 59. My God! I’m totally doomed. God, you mean even this
year we’ll suffer the same way.. we had last year? – Yes. Appa can come anytime today. Do one thing. – Yes. Double
the dose of the sleeping pills. Give Appa into the water.
– Take this. Am I Appa? Not at all, I won’t let
you try any experiment on my son. See, he’s sitting in
the corner so obediently. Wait for a minute. Once Appa is back,
he’ll make me sit like that. What are you waiting for?
Add the pills. Go. – Yes. Damu! Damu! – Damodar! What’s it, mother? That means the chapter
hasn’t changed yet. Go. Go soon. Hey.. hey.. who’s he? He’s Damu!
– He.. who’s he? – My Shadow! Close the windows! Close the windows, first!
– Talk slowly. I understand. But who’s he? – He’s Damu. Who’s he? – Our Damu! Look at him properly. Who’s he? Who are you? Vijay! Nayan! Hey, don’t shout!
We’re already scared. How do you know that I’m scared?
– I mean I’m scared. Do you call yourself like that? Who are you?
– Who’s he? – He’s ‘we’re scared’. I’m goon!
– God.. do something, Ganpat! – Appa! Stand up! Stand up from there. Look, I’m not a goon.
I swear, I’m not a goon. I’m an educated young man! You think this is
an employment exchange? I’m police informer. I give goon’s tip to police.
– Send him out first. – No! Those guys will kill me. My problem is different.
You please leave. Please, don’t do this.
Give me shelter only for 15 minutes. Stand up.. stand up first. Please try and understand my problem. Please leave this house first.
– Hey, just.. – Hey.. Don’t call me goon!
I swear, I’m telling you, I’ll.. This is Damu! I swear, I’m not a goon.
Let me hide here.. ..for only 15 minutes. Switch off the lights. Switch off the lights. Talk just once. I can understand. God, it’s too dark.
I can’t see anything. Anna! – Hey. – Yes. You’re going out. – Yes. That’s why I wonder how come Mrs.
Sawant is in our room? Come! – God, I can’t see anything. Slowly! There’s a problem
in the darkness. – What? I can’t see that goon. Please, smile. I can at least
identify you from your teeth. Yes.. shall I switch on the lights? Want to go to the bathroom? Anna! Why do you ask him?
Just switch on the light. Yes, switch it on.
Check if the boys have gone. Yes, they went.
Now leave. – Just leave now. No, let me hide here
for only 15 minutes. Ganpat! Ganpat! Ganu.. Ganu.. Ganu.. Old man is taking
out variety of Ganpat! Who’s he? He’s my son Vijay! How come he’s so short? Let it be. Come, I’ll introduce you. Shanta! Where’s fan?
– Nayan! – Where’s stick? Suman! – Where’s umbrella? Ganpat! – So, where’s Damu? – Here.. Hey.. what have you done? Mistakenly my hand went that side. He.. – Damu! – My Damu! This is Mohan! Mohan Shinde! Ganpat, who’s this Mohan? I don’t know. He’s our Damu. Go! Why do you do this?
I’m here to hide for only 15 minutes. You help us a little
and we’ll help you. Go now. But my parents have named me Mohan! I’ll talk to your father.
now go there. Anna, don’t create
such misunderstandings. We might land up in some trouble. He isn’t my son.
– He won’t stay here permanently. Behind me..
over there.. amongst all of you. What discussions is going on? Nothing. It’s just like that. My Damu! Why does your son behave like this? Why do you behave like this with him? What is he blabbering? It’s my insult. He has recently come
from foreign land. That’s why he’s doing it.
From where, Vijay? Yes, Africa. Go there. What’s this?
– We welcome people in this way. How are you, my son?
– He’s fine, Appa. What’s say? – No, he isn’t my son. She is concerned about her son only. Ganpat! – Yes! Talk softly!
– No, I was talking to him. Can’t you answer? When did you come? – Don’t you know? What’s he talking? Actually,
they talk in English over there. How are you?
– But it won’t work here. Okay, where were you in Africa?
– Where? I live in Chinchpokli! Chinchpokli?!
– It’s a small village near Africa. Chinchpokli! Now, say yes.
Otherwise, I’ll kill you. Yes! – Okay. I couldn’t like here without you. There’s 10th frame of Rama! See.. how he’s cracking jokes. God.. there’s no
future of this house. How.. He’s your son, right?
You’re his parents, right? Do you want to see a certificate? Appa, have some water.
– Yes, have some water. My thirst quenched seeing Damu.
– Oh no! But I want to discuss
something with Damu in private. What? What does he want to discuss? What do you want to talk, Appa? I’ve a little doubt.
– Doubt about what? When Damu was small,
he’d come and sit on my lap. Then why isn’t he
coming on my lap today? That’s because.. ..when Damu was small,
your lap was big. Now Damu has grown up
and your lap has become small. Such nonsense jokes. What do we do to assure you? What are you doing? What are you doing? – Keep quiet. Keep quiet! At least you explain him something. It’s just a temporary phase.
– Get there. Yes.. I’m assured now. He’s from our lineage. He?! From generations,
if anyone would shout at us.. ..we go and sit in that corner.
– Yes, you’re right. And now when I shouted at him,
he too took that corner. And we’ve many examples. Late Mr. Keshav,
he too used to sit in this corner. Late Mr. Madhav,
he too used to sit in this corner. Late Mr. Narayan,
he too used to sit in this corner. Late Mr. Manohar,
he too used to sit in this corner. Who’s this animal? Anna! – Yes, he’s son.. my son. Damu! Look, I’m not your son.
– Hey, you want to go out, don’t you? Will I ever say that?
I’m into total mess today. Look, Mohan! Mohan! Who’s he? – No, Appa.
They’ve met after a long time. Let them speak in private. So, when will we get a chance? Damu, come! He’s after me only. Listen, there are
so many people at home. I daily meet them.
– Please, explain your son. Please stop them. Otherwise, my son.. ..will get tired
of running after him. Let him be. Then he’ll
ask for the water. – Water! Get some!
– Water! – Get some water! quick! Water! – Yes, sit here. – Water! Water! Hey, why your brother
is behaving like that? Actually, he’s our grandpa. – What? Yes, from evening 6 till morning 6.. ..Late Mr.
Damodar comes in our Damu’s body. How’s it possible? Don’t crack jokes. Wait for some time
and you’ll know everything. Vijay! – Yes. Vijay, coming! – Quickly bring water. ‘Soda’ (Leave me ) ‘Soda’! – How do
I bring soda at night? I mean leave me. – No, I won’t. Leave me I said. – No, I won’t. Anna , hold me. – Damu is back. Anna! – Yes. What this goon is doing here? Anna, he’s goon.
Why did you allow him to stay here? He’s saying that
we made him stop here. Don’t tell people.
You’ll get involved in a police case. Police will kick us.
I’m blabbering a lot. Shall I have some offering?
And apply holy powder?- Go.. go.. Hey, why your brother
is behaving like this? Just now he was different and now.. Are you assured now?
Do you believe us? This is it. – How’s it possible? Can something like that
happen in such a nice house? No, you look at it
yourself and you’ll know. Actually,
we don’t show this program to anyone. Today, we showed it
to you free of charge. But I still can’t believe my eyes. Suman! – Suman?! Is her name Suman? Hey, do you know him?
– I mean, yes and no. I mean I too go to the
same typing class where she goes. Anna, we don’t know
each other so well. Let it be. – I swear we don’t know. That’s what I say. Let it be. I mean actually it happened.
– Meaning? After seeing this drama. – Okay. Actually, no one knows
about this outside this house. You too please don’t
try to tell this to anyone. But does this happens daily? No, he’s like that
only for 2 hours in a day. Then we make him sleep. From morning 6 to evening 6,
our Damu is with us. In short,
he’s with us on installment basis. Actually, it’s no moon’s day today. So, he keeps coming and going. I should appreciate everyone of you. You really take great care of him. That’s because I
loved my father a lot. Even he loved us a lot. That’s why today
he’s torturing us a lot. But isn’t there any solution? We tried many things,
but it’s of no use. And if you’ve any remedy,
please don’t tell us. We don’t want to go
through it all over again. When so many Gods can’t do anything.. ..what am I going to do? If you’re done with praising us.. ..then shall I remind
you of something? – Definitely! Earlier, you were in trouble! – Yes. So, you came here. – Yes. Then you got into another
mess in this house. – Yes. Now that you’ve a chance to go out..’re discussing him? Do you know something? He’ll come back anytime.
– No! – So, leave. I had it enough.
– Leave! – Bye! – Okay. You people get the water.
C’mon! – Yes. Thank God, he went. – Yes. But.. – Have you come? No! Once again thanks to all of you. Thank you! – Okay. Thank you! – Ganpat! He’s a goner!
He invited this trouble himself. Ganpat! – Appa! Yes, I know everyone. Who’s he? – He is.. – Wait! Let me guess.
– Wonder whose name he’ll take now. You’re Kulkarni’s Raghu, right? What? – Yes.. Yes.. Raghuveer Kulkarni! What’s all this?
Who’s Raghuveer Kulkarni! Why do you ask me? Your grandpa’s name was famous.. the whole of India
during the British times. We also worked together in that time.
I still remember. Tell me about my grandpa later. Who’s Raghuveer Kulkarni? – You! You’re Raghuveer Kulkarni! And your grandpa was
Shahir Vishwasrao Kulkarni! Shahir? I remember he used to instigate.. for motherland
into the freedom fighters. I’m sure he’ll keep us awake tonight. And in that time your grandpa used.. carry you in one hand
and musical instrument in other. Yes, I remember. I remember everything. I remember everything. But now I should leave. – Why? My grandpa would be
waiting for me at this time. Are you trying to fool me? Your Grandpa died 10 years ago. Right, Ganpat? – Yes, I too
was there to attend his funeral. What’s this new drama now? You see his memory
power is very short. So, just say yes
in everything he says. Not at all. I can’t do this. Look, we didn’t tell you to stop. You’d got a chance to
leave and you kept thinking. Look.. – What will you show me? What will you show me, Kulkarni? Ganpat! – Yes. Kulkarni family was
really strange you know. How to fight the British? No, how to fight the kings? No jokes. Does he remember that time?
How will he? He was very small
in his grandpa’s lap. I really don’t want any jokes
on the body parts below the wais. Do you remember? – No. Why can’t you? There were many things they
didn’t know about me. I told them. Recollect.. recollect. I recollected. – Well done! I recollected! Many.. lot of. Lot many. But I tend to forget. Shall I help?
– Never mind. You begin. Grandpa’s birth-date.
– Now, you only end it. Grandpa’s death! Say something in between.
– You took birth in between. Like this! It’s no use talking about all this. Especially not in the prose. But in the poems. – What’s that? Let there be a traditional poem. Where do we get it? No.. no.. no.. Your grandpa used to sing so well. He had given many
successful evenings. In a meeting,
Kulkarni’s song has to be there. Even today, I recollect him
and my heart feels overwhelmed. Exactly.. Exactly in this position
he used to stand and sing. He used to spread tunes like this. And exactly in this way,
he’d say that now my song is over. Sing a traditional song. What’s that? – It’s a form of music. No one has sung in my entire lineage. Join any words. – But what
do I sing when I don’t know? Why don’t you know? Singer’s son even cry musical. Okay. If you want I’ll cry in musical way. Please explain him. You can leave as soon as Damu comes. Once, I had sung a poem in my school. And my teacher had
taken a month’s leave. So, sing it today. So that he’d leave for a month. At least you please explain him. If we’d listen to you,
he’ll make us dance on your song. Why do you waste time? He has lost his musical notes. No joke on the music. Late Mr. Keshav! Late Mr. Keshav! – Has he also come? Late Mr. Keshav! Kulkarni’s grandson is here. He’s going to sing traditional song! Who’s this Late Mr.
Keshav? – My father! I hope he isn’t anyone to me.
– How’s it possible? Sing what he says. – What? If he’d change his mind
and think of ‘Hind Keshari’! Then he’ll beat you
like anything. – No! So, go on singing. – Okay. I recollected. – Okay, Ganpat. What’s his recent profession
other than singing? Singing is his main profession. These days he places
a bowl on the harmonium.. ..and sings in the train. Wow! Please, sing a song for me.
It’s my wish. Why are you all standing?
Sit down! Sit everyone. Thank God, we’ll get to sit today. Sing that one. ”What a brave woman
was the queen of Jhansi!” ”What a brave woman
was the queen of Jhansi!” ”She had made the British
escape from India!” Water.. bring water. – Yes. Yes, bring water.. c’mon. Stand up! Sit down! You stand up! You sit down! You stand up! You sit down! Ganpat, stand up! Shanta, sit down! Ganpat, stand up! Mrs. Shanta, you sit down! – Okay. You don’t pay attention to them.
You sing. ”What a brave woman
was the queen of Jhansi!” ”What a brave woman
was the queen of Jhansi!” Sing.. sing with the melody. In your Grandpa’s style. ”What a brave woman
was the queen of Jhansi!” ”What a brave woman
was the queen of Jhansi!” ”She had made the British
escape from India!” ”What a brave woman
was the queen of Jhansi!” Why is he singing like this? These days stone pelting
happens on the local trains. So, he has changed his profession. Now, he’s working in
the graveyard activities. Rs.10000 is his monthly income. Apart from that the
meal on the last ritual.. ..of deceased and a free shirt piece. If anyone dies in Maharashtra,
they called him. He’s the only one.. ..who can sing even
a sad song with smile. Didn’t you hear him now? ”What a brave woman..” Had your father tied a violin.. ..on your back that
you were doing this? Recollect your Grandpa’s tone. ”What a brave woman..”
Why do you look there? Sing it for me. Will you let me go? ”What a brave woman..” – Anna! Why is he singing it like this? Damu is back. Why is he singing it like this? Damu is back. Mother, when did Anna got habitual.. listening the songs at night? I’ll give you a tight slap. You made him sing.
– When did I say that? Anna, he has left.
Now, he’s our Damu. – Yes. Anna! What do we
do with him now? – Whom? This singer? Now, let alone in my house,
but if I see you singing.. the area,
I’ll make you drink acid. No! – Get lost! Bye! – Go.. go away. And you all think of the water. And.. – Now what? No. Once again I’d like to.. – Come.. Come on the stage please. The audience is here. Carry out your thanksgiving program. After some time the elderly
person will welcome you. No! – Get going.
– I’m going. – Bye! Bye! I’ll see if he has really gone.
– Yes, go. Thank God,
we’re relieved of one problem. Why has Damu gone out? He’s the main problem. I’m telling you.
Don’t call him a problem. When he insults me in public,
you never tell him anything. And what’s this? Your father had to
come in my son’s body only? And we don’t even remember his time. It’s all your faults.
– What have I done? When you were pregnant with him.. used to constantly
look at this frame. Instead of looking at me,
what were you looking at there? Anna, what do we do now? Nothing. Now, give all
the sleeping tablets to Damu. Anna! – Yes. Why do I need sleeping tablets? I’ll sleep it like that. No, my son. I can’t tolerate
sleepless nights these days. Anna! – Yes. Aren’t you feeling well? – No! Come.. come and sit at my place. Once, if I’m done with him,
I’ll see you. Till then don’t consider me dead. The heart seeks more. Vijay! – Yes. I’ve written my death
note in the cupboard. There’s nothing left in your name. Come.. sit here. – Okay. I’ll massage your feet. Not like that, my child.
Start from the bottom. Slowly come up and grab my neck. See, he’s behaving
nicely and serving you. Damu! – Yes. I’m Damu! Look, son!
now your sister-in-law will bring.. ..a glass of water for you. Okay? Drink it and sleep well, okay? What’s he blabbering? Idiot, Nayan will bring water. You shameless fellow, drink it. And bloody idiot, go to sleep! Explain me like that. – My God! Appa is here! Appa is here! Anna, will Appa knock
the door and come? – Yes. Coming, who’s it?
– See, who’s at the door. You?! Stop! Stop! Again.. What.. what’s your problem? You told me to go but those guys.. ..are still waiting
for me downstairs. And instead of meeting
death over there.. ..I’d like to live a wriggling life. As it is, I’m used to now. Ganpat! There comes..
there comes the Shrimant! I’ll introduce you to him. Do you know him so well? C’mon! – Please, come! Appa! – I know.. I know everyone. But who are you? – I’m.. – Stop! Let me guess! You’re Waghmare’s son Nandu! You’re right! Look at there! Bengali Goddess and
South Indian Demon! Send him away from my sight. Water! – Go get some water. Quick! I said give some water to me.
I’ll kick you away I told you to go away.
But you told me, come, I’ll introduce you. What’s wrong? Last time when twice he named me,
you said yes. So, the third time I said yes. Did I commit a mistake? Why did you say yes
for Waghmare’s Nandu? So what? Waghmare and Appa are old enemies. He had ditched me. That Waghmare told
the British my whereabouts. I was imprisoned for 10 years.
Hit him. Oh! Is it like that? – Yes, it is. Water! Take him inside and give him water.
Go inside. Appa! Appa, what have you done? He isn’t Waghmare’s Nandu.
He’s our Damu. But he said he’s Waghmare’s Nandu! He was joking.
– Do you really mean it? By swear of you. Anna! – What’s wrong
in taking swear of father? He’s already dead.
No, he has gone inside. No.. no.. I’ve committed
a grave mistake. – Yes. I’ll go inside and apologise to him. I’ll come along. – Why? What will you do between
a grandpa and grandson? Sit down. Sit there. Look outside. If you look this side,
I’ll tear you off. Suman, I want to talk to you. But I don’t want to speak to you. Please, stop. Yesterday,
I waited for you at the class. Look, it’ll be better if
you wouldn’t try to impress me. I still love you. Who’s it? – What? What? ‘I..’ ‘I still love you.’ How
could you hear this from him? You’re Shrimant Damodar
Pant’s granddaughter. You should have considered that. What? What?
– I too was asking you the same. What’s all this going on? Mohan! Mohan! Mohan! Appa! Appa! Appa! Appa! Appa! Come! Appa! Now you suggest us a way out. What has happened? Anna and Mother are.. Look at there..
finding a groom for her. Look here. Sister and sister-in-law..
Look there. Bring a new proposal everyday.
Look here. And she’s with that boy..
now don’t just look at anyone. Mohan! Mohan! Mohan! Mohan! You still chant that rogue’s name? Let me find him one. I’ll strangulate him and
chop him off to feed the dogs. No, Appa! The boy is really nice. Do you really mean it?
– He’s educated. What are you saying?
– He’s very cultured. What are you saying?
– He belongs to a cultured family. What are you saying? His family is of
the equal status to us. What are you saying? He’s in front of you. – Where? He’s in front of you.
– So, what’s the problem? You.. You should convince Anna and mother. Ganpat always becomes
obstacles in everyone’s ways. I’ll kick him today. Come with me. Stop! Get full information
about that boy first. Vijay! What’s Damu doing
inside from a long time? How would I know? Go and see. Otherwise,
your father might commit a murder.. ..and my son will be accused. Don’t think negative. If that was the case,
we’d have heard some sound. Should we wait till they shout? Don’t go there. – Why? He’ll strangulate you. But, Anna.
a stranger is in our house. You think he knows Appa’s habits? Good.. now I feel satisfied. Okay, how does he look? Prince! He’ll be in future. Heavy voice. He’ll have in future. Fair skin..
– But.. – He’ll be in future. 6 and a half feet tall. – What? He will never be. He’ll be. – He won’t be. He’ll be. – He won’t be. He’ll be.. he’ll be our son-in-law. Soon, I’ll command Ganpat.. give the responsibility
of Suman’s marriage on her brother. Appa! – Yes. No brother. Mohan! – Who Mohan? Heavy voice. He’ll have in future. Fair skin.. – He’ll be in future. ‘ 6 and a half feet tall.
– We’ll make him tall. Let’s go. Anna, why don’t you
ask Appa little strongly? There’s a difference between
your father and my father. Ganpat! I want to talk
to you in private. Come here. Ganpat! I want to
talk to you in private. I too want to talk to you. As a father, I’ll say first.
– What do I say next? Anna! C’mon! – Yes. You’re always.. – What always? I’m seeing this since
childhood. – What? In childhood you’d say, children.. ..tomorrow I’ll show
you an old woman’s boot.. And next day, he’d show us
the neighbouring old lady’s boot. Appa! Appa! Come to the point. If Damu will come,
our effort will be in vain. Ganpat, you’ve ruined
the cultures of this house. Henceforth you’ll ask
me before taking any decision. Otherwise, I’ll hang you reverse.. ..and burn red chillies below. He’s nicely welcoming
in front of the children. What.. what have you
done for your children? He’d be the only son to
ask his father such a question. Vijay got married on his own. What great job he did?
He eloped to marry her. That too requires courage. One needs to run for that.
One should be capable. – Suman! Suman! What all measures you’ve
taken for Suman’s marriage.. ..this year? Do you give us that much time? What has happened? I had brought Mr.
Shringarpure and you beaten him blue. We won’t give our daughter
to any beggar. – Okay. I’ve found a boy for Suman. You?! You mean half time husband? From evening 6 to morning 6? No, he’s there. What’s his name?
– Mohan Sakharam Shinde! I think I’ve heard this name. That boy is Mohan Shinde! – Yes. He’s Mohan!
– Hey, He’s Damu, right? – Yes. Damu.. Damu, my God! Gone! Now what? Why do you always blame ourselves? Why do yu always say
idioms at wrong time? You’d never pass
in languages in school. Okay, Damu! Tell me something
more about Mohan! – Yes. He.. He won’t tell you. I’ll tell you about him.
– Okay, tell me. Shall I? – Yes. What do I say? Tell him.. tell him. Listen! Go on! Are you going to say anything? I told you. Didn’t you hear me? What’s this Appa?
Where do you always get lost? Pay attention! Listen! Okay. Will you please tell me?
– Can’t you hear, Appa? Tell me again. Okay, listen! Okay. Speak loudly.
Let me hear. – What’s wrong with you? Do you want to kill me? From past one hour,
I’ve been repeatedly.. ..telling the same thing.
I’ve got hard breathing now. Now, I’m telling you this
one last time. Listen to me. Okay. Is he really speaking something? He’s fooling you. Are you mocking your father? Are you mocking your father? Shall I bring my father here? I really don’t know anything. Ask Suman! – What? Suman! Suman, come here. What do you know about Mohan! Anna, he’s nice by heart. Idiot! I had sent
you to the typing class. I thought you’ll bring a certificate. And you brought that
typewriter’s ribbon? Wait for some time.
Let Appa go and see what I do. Appa! Now, I’ll tell you the
history of that Mohan’s family. Tell me. – You’ll kick
him out if you hear me. Anna, why do you do that? So, you were trying
to get me rebuked? I provided you shelter
not for being a permanent member. But, Anna! – Shut up! Why are you getting angry on Damu?! He isn’t Damu! – Ganpat! This is the problem. That’s why I had alerted you before. These days your family
discussions are increasing. And I must seriously think over it. Appa! If you want to think.. ..think about Damu. What happened? What a nice boy he
has found for his sister? What’s wrong? – His name? Mohan! – And they’ve recently
exchanged this religion. What are you saying? – Yes. If that’s the case
then this boy is cancelled. Don’t say anything.
They’re pure Maratha! How do you know? You live in Africa. How will you have so
many information about him? Appa! Appa! Appa! They love each other. What will you eat? What will you eat? Appa, the boy is unemployed. His mother sells lottery tickets. And his father has
a liquor shop. – No! What? – I’ve been
there five times. – What? No.. just to enquire about Mohan! He’s in the government department. Every prisoner in jail say that. Look at this identity card.
– Let me see. See.. it’s our Damu’s photo.
See. Isn’t he? But Mohan has to marry. I’ll see how you get married. Anna! – Yes. Say something about his looks.
– Looks? Looks? Appa! He looks so nice, you know?
– Charcoal! Charcoal! A mother applies kohl to her child.. safeguard him
from the evil eyes. But his mother would
apply him limestone. Appa! Appa! Appa! Appa! He looks like me. Listen to this new joke! Suman’s would be husband
looks like her brother. It means after marriage,
no wedding ceremonies.. ..she’ll directly
celebrate brother’s day. Anna! – Appa! Anna! – Appa! Appa! Appa! I’m Mohan Shinde! Then what are you doing here? Damu is back! Anna! Anna! He’s a goon! Please, save me!
Save me, please! Call the police! Hit him.. hit him.. No.. no.. Take him out. – Why do you do that? I’m Mohan! I’m Mohan Shinde! – Guest is here. Appa! – Please, come.. please come.. Come in, son-in-law!
Come! Please, sit! Take rest! Now, tell me. What do I say?
What’s this? Are you alone? Where’s your parent? We don’t talk with the boy directly.
Right, Ganpat? Yes! Now speak up. Why are you talking to him?
He’s a goon! Damu is back! – No! We’ll get involved into a
police case. Police will arrest us. Send him out! – Get lost! Please listen to me. Why do you escape? – Damu! Come inside! This isn’t the culture of my house.
Go inside. Ganpat, son-in-law is here. Talk.. talk about the marriage. It’s morning now.
I’ll go and have a bath. No, Appa! – Why? You please stay here. – Why? Anna! Why are you scared of him? Ganpat, you must not blabber. Otherwise,
I’ll give you a t ight slap. Done? Now, c’mon! Give me water and towel, C’mon! Suman, go and arrange
everything for him. Thank God he doesn’t realise
that he’s in half pant. Otherwise, he’d have
slapped me even on this cheek. Why is it paining here? Oh! What will happen with you,
Dark fellow? Anna! Anna! Listen to me.. ..and then take your
decision and I’ll agree to it. I’m Mohan Shinde! But I’m not the Mohan
that you met yesterday evening. I really belong to a cultured family. Anna, I’m not a goon! All those standing
downstairs are my friends. And it’s true that I love Suman. That’s why I entered into this house. Because.. Because, I wanted to know
the reason behind difference.. Suman’s nature
every evening after 5 PM. She would constantly avoid me. I used to get confused
why she does that. I used to get negative
doubts in my mind. So, I also followed her few days. But she used to directly come home. Then what’s the problem? Today, I’ve known that problem. Anna! Anna, I need your permission. To free Suman from this mess. I still stick to my decision. Even after enduring so
much and by getting beaten up. I’ve realised that
it’s not anyone’s mistake. Your thinking is strong like me. I’m happy to know that. – Anna! I’m really happy that
my daughter will marry into.. ..a cultured family. Mother! Your prayers are heard today. No, Anna. All of you must
come out of this maze. Only then my efforts
will be successful. Yes, one by one everyone will be out. Vijay and Nayan will
go to their house. After few days you’ll
marry Suman and take her away. Anna, Damu and both of you.. Where will we go at this age? And frankly speaking.. ..we’re living because
Pant arrives every evening. You saw this for the first time. But you already have
known it’s severity. Damu’s madness has become a routine. And we will live with
Damu till our last breathe. You mean,
you want this to continue forever? Ganpat! We feel it should be like this. Ganpat! – Appa! Ganu! Ganu! Ganu! Ganu! Who’s he? Shall I tell him that
you’re Waghmare’s Nandu? – No! Didn’t you recognize him?
He’s our son-in-law! Oh, yes! Come. Please come, Son-in-law! Come, I’ll introduce
you with our family. Come! He’s Ganpat Pant! He’s my grandson!
She’s my granddaughter-in-law! She’s my granddaughter. And now.. let it be. She’s my daughter-in-law! Shanta! He’s Late Mr. Keshav Pant! He’s Late Mr. Madhav Pant! He’s Late Mr. Narayan Pant! He’s Late Mr. Manohar Pant! Who’s this moon like face? Soon he’s going to die.
Mr. Ganpat Pant! What’s this? Have you become so great? Did you hang your photo
in place of my father? Take it out!
– Don’t slap me! Take it out now! Take it out now! Anna, let the photo be there.
Why are you taking it out? Damu is back! I said take it out!
Take it out now. – Don’t hit him! Take it out! Anna, let the photo be there. Damu is back! Take out the photo.
Take out the photo. Take it out now. Anna, let the photo be there. Damu is back! Take it out. This untimely game like
that of rain is still going on.. Late Mr. Damodar Pant’s house. And it’ll continue forever. Pant is very punctual. Anna! – Yes. Tell me who he looks like? No, he looks like our Vijay.
– No, he looks like Naina! No, only his eyes
resemble that of Naina. And Mohan’s beauty spot! Hey.. – Hey.. Hey, it’s 6 PM! C’mon, start your preparations! I forgot father while
playing with my grandson.Yes Hasn’t he come yet?
– No! Please come. Come fast. Has he come? – Yes. Appa! Appa! What’s it, Anna? Damu! So, where’s Shrimant? Ganpat!


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