Shubharambh – 16th January 2020 – शुभारंभ – Full Episode

Wow, Rani! Your brother is just amazing. He is the thief and the judge! We are not so foolish… …to remove a thief from house
and let the other ones stay. Please, Hitank. Don’t disparage Rani. She is my wife.
– Before she was your wife… …she used to live in a chawl. She was raised among thieves.
Okay? Raja, think about it. A mother is saying that her son
is a thief since his childhood. Their father is a
big time drunkard. A girl who grew up
in such a family… …can’t be honest, right? Please, Hitank.
Why are you speaking so ill? This is the language you must use
when you speak to such people. Mehul, keep quiet.
I’m not speaking to you. I’m speaking to Hitank.
Don’t say anything. I’ll speak. What will you do? How could you forget
that I’m your brother? Since you met her you are
crossing your limits, Raja. I’m not crossing my limits.
I’m correct. You must teach your wife
what’s correct and wrong. Aunt, why did you form a
relationship with thieves? Hitank, you are insulting
everyone without any reason. They deserve this. The more you’ll be
in her company… …the more your character
will deteriorate. – Stop it! You started it again?
If I lose my temper… …I won’t spare anyone of you. Remember! Raja is crossing his limits, dad. Raja, how could you argue
with your brother Hitank? This girl has brainwashed
you within one day. Hitank, you are elder than me. But I won’t be silent
if you speak ill. Everything has a limit. Everything that’s happening
today… – Stop it! It’s not safe to allow a girl from
such a family to live in our house. Dad, she has robbed everything
from the safe within one day. What if she robs from
our shop in the future? ‘This is my money.’ ‘She is a thief.’ ‘As all of you are saying you had
sent the duplicate ornament… …we too can consider
that you’ve turned… …the real ornament which we sent
in to a duplicate one, right?’ ‘The ornament was worth
Rs. 5,00,000, Hitank.’ ‘I’m sure,
they have interchanged it.’ No! I can’t attempt this risk. Come on! Send her back. She won’t go anywhere. She is married to Raja. I said, it’s my mistake. I got my sister married to Raja
just for the sake of a lottery. Since Raja belongs
to a good family… …I promised to give 5
million after the wedding. You fool! Keep quiet. Stop talking nonsense. Lord Shrinathji! Lord Shrinathji, keep him quiet. Keep him quiet. He shouldn’t
say anything, Lord Shrinathji! But I’m so unlucky. I didn’t win the lottery. In order to save my
sister’s marriage… …I thought of stealing the
money from here itself. What? You didn’t win the lottery? No, aunt. I didn’t. What do you mean by ‘no’?
– No means I didn’t win it. I didn’t win a single penny.
Do you understand? And all of you listen too! This is all because of her. She came to me with
Raja’s proposal. She also put forth a condition… …that if I hand her the five
million I win in the lottery… …she’d get her son
married to my sister I’d have given her the five million
for my sister’s happiness. But both my luck and the lottery
number turned out to be faulty. I found out about it
before the wedding. But I thought… …if I reveal it,
Rani’s wedding would be called off. And I didn’t want that to happen… …because of me. But after the wedding, aunt… …came to me and started
to threaten me… …that if I don’t
give her the money… …she would send Rani back to our
home instead of the honeymoon. Therefore, I had to plan the theft! Utsav. What are you saying? Yes, mom.
I don’t understand anything either. What is this threat and
lottery he is talking about? What is Utsav saying? You fraudster! You were playing the fool
with me since so long! It is my fault! I should never have
trusted a fraudster like you! Why didn’t you tell me if
you hadn’t won the lottery? Why didn’t you tell me? Because of you,
I got my son married to a maid. I thought my daughter-in-law would
bring along a fortune of 5 million. What do you expect me
to do with this maid now? Why? Why did you cheat me? Aunt, it’s you who has cheated… …your son and
your whole family. You got your son married in the
greed for five million, right? Yes! Yes, I got my son married
for the sake of five million! Yes, I did! But what did I
threaten you with? What did I threaten you? Didn’t I say that only if
you pay me five million… …will your sister stay
in this house else… …I will send her back? So, you did make a deal! You traded your son
for five million. I have never seen a greedy
mother like yourself. Greetings, Mr. Gunwant. Greetings. As soon I knew there’s been a call
from the Reshammiya mansion… …I myself came here. Mr. Mukesh. I never dreamt that I will
have to call you so urgently. I’m so tense that… Come on, tell me what’s
the matter, Gunwant? I had told you over the
phone, there’s been a theft. Don’t worry about it at all. Because I will personally
handle this case. After all we are
friends since years. What’s that point of it then? Isn’t it?
– That’s true. What’s this loafer doing here? Loafer?
– Yes, this boy. This loafer, he’s the one
who committed the theft. Put him in jail. I have the list of all
his crimes anyway. By this time… This time, I will file such
serious charges against him… …that he will be sentenced
for at least 10 years. Go on!
– ‘Wait, Inspector.’ He’s my brother. He’s not done anything wrong. I’m the one who
planned the robbery. I gave the safe’s key to
Utsav to commit the robbery. Rani, what are you saying? Rani… What are you saying? Sir, she’s lying. I committed the theft. Utsav, come here for a moment. Mom. Promise me… …nobody will say anything. What are you murmuring about? Speak louder so that
everyone can hear. Inspector, look here! I wonder, if they are
planning something new. Did you see?
One more allegation. It would have been fun… …if we got some popcorn to go
along with this robbery scene. Raja, hear the truth today. Even though I was poor… …I always dreamt of getting rich. When your mom came to
us with your proposal… …I thought… …there can’t be a better
opportunity than this… …to become rich. To become the owner
of such a big house. When Utsav didn’t
win the lottery… …I told him to lie
that he won the lottery. And that he will get
the money very soon. Everything was going
well until the wedding. But your mother wanted
money no matter what. So, I decided… …to commit the theft. I’m the one who
planned the theft. Oh my God! This simple looking girl
is a wolf in disguise. Such a huge conspiracy! Oh my! That’s enough, Rani. Why are you lying? Rani. What are you saying? Mom. There’s no point in lying, It’s too late now. Inspector. You let my brother go. Arrest me instead. Rani, enough! Now everybody listen
to the truth. If we go to jail… …then she will go to jail too. We had to do this because… …she demanded
a dowry from us. Sir, look at this. I have all her messages. I have all the evidence. Demanding a dowry is a crime. Hey! What nonsense! I didn’t demand money. I didn’t demand a dowry. I just asked for the money
from the lottery’s winning. Hold on, sir. Listen to me. We don’t want to
file any complaint. Let these people go. First of all, we didn’t get
the money from the lottery. Moreover, you are accusing
us of demanding a dowry. Even we spent on it. We booked tickets for
Switzerland, thinking… …that we will get five million. What are you saying, Raja? Were you aware of the matter
involving the five million? Just try to apply some
brain if you can! I’m the owner of Raja
Suitings and Shirtings! Why would I marry
a woman like you… …when I already own
such an opulent house? Raja…
– Just a minute, mom! Let me talk. Let me also tell you
something truthful. Uncle had chosen a beautiful
woman for me to get married with. But I fell in love with
you the other night… …when we were
at a ‘Dandiya’ festival. But it is only later
that I got to know… …that you are a person
of a lowly status. My heart was shattered. But when I got to know that you’d
won 5 million in a lottery… …I thought it wouldn’t be
too bad an idea to marry you. But I never imagined
that you and Utsav… …would cheat us of 5 million! Raja, what are you saying? Did you marry me for
the sake of money? I had never thought that you… …would turn out to be like this. Even I had never thought… …that you, who portray yourself
to be the epitome of morality… …would actually be
such a greedy person! Uncle. Uncle, I am sorry. The fault… The fault is mine. Please let us just get over with… …this mess right away. No one but you can do that. If we get them sent behind bars… …then they will get
mom and I jailed, too. So please just get this
done and dusted with. Mr. Mukesh.
– Yeah. I think… ‘Rani, who is always stays
firm on her principals in life… …has spoken such a huge lie
in order to save Utsav’s skin.’ ‘Raja has never in his life
done anything wrong.’ ‘And today, he has
told such a grave lie… …just to save me from
getting in trouble.’ Would you like me to order some… …’Mohanthal’ or any
other sweet for you? If you have even a shred
of shame left in you… …then take Rani with
you and just get out! Kirtida… …let’s discuss
and sort out the issue. Are you eager to get
even more humiliated? We feel ashamed to even
call you our relatives. One thing is decided now. Rani shall not stay in
this house any longer! Am I right, Asha? It is Raja and Rani
who are in a relationship. So Raja, the decision
is yours to take. You need to take a call on this. What do you think? Am I not right? So tell us then. Raja. Please take your decision
after thinking carefully. Mom. You need not plead
with them anymore. Relationships based on lies… …don’t last long. ‘I had masterminded the robbery.’ ‘Because I was born
into poverty, I had… …always dreamed of
becoming rich one day.’ ‘When Utsav did not
win the lottery… …I had asked him to lie
that he had hit the jackpot.’ ‘We did not even get
the lottery amount… …and now you’re accusing
us of demanding a dowry!’ ‘We had booked
our tickets to Switzerland… …thinking we would get the
5 million lottery amount.’ Let’s leave. See. I got bit by a snake
on 99 yet again. Not just you. It bit me, too. Mehul. I want you to get all the
locks in the house changed. Who knows what we
can get robbed off… …now that these thieves have
got hold of our house keys. Oh no, Raja. What shall we do about the tickets
to Switzerland that you’d booked? Now we will go for our honeymoon… …to Shimla. Start packing
your bags, sweetheart. Oh, dear! Asha had so enthusiastically
spent he money on the tickets. What shall we do with them now?


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