Shubharambh – 17th January 2020 – शुभारंभ – Full Episode

Rani! Listen. Rani, please forgive me. Rani, it’s my mistake. But talk to me once, Rani. Rani, please. Rani,
hit me as much as you want to. I’m ready to bear any
punishment from you. Your condition is
your punishment, Utsav. Mom, tell him to leave from here.
I don’t want to listen to him. Tell him not to speak to me. Listen to me once. Rani, I didn’t know that Raja
will marry you for five million. I thought he is a good person. I was just trying to
save your marriage. Leave from here.
Else, I’ll beat you. Go out! Why are you troubling her? I said, go. Mom! Mom, why does this
always happen to me? Why do I always suffer?
What’s my mistake? I never had any clue that… …Raja will turn out
to be like this. Can’t Lord Shrinathji ever
let the poor be happy? It’s everyone’s mistake. Utsav, Raja, mother,
everyone is at fault. But what’s my fault, mom? Why do I get punished for… …everyone else’s mistakes? What was my mistake? ‘Yes! I got my son married
for the sake of five million.’ ‘I did that!’ ‘You made a deal of your
son for five million.’ ‘I’ve never seen a
greedy mother like you.’ ‘I had planned for the robbery.’ ‘I gave the safe’s keys
to Utsav for the robbery.’ Why did you lie, Raja? You should’ve let
those liars go to jail. What else could I have done, mom? Should I have let everyone
consider that my mother is a liar? She is greedy? Why did you do this, mom? Why did you lie to
me, uncle and aunt? Raja. I did all this for your sake, son. I thought if we’ll
get some money… …you’ll have a happy future. How long? How long should we live in
this house obeying others? Obeying others? Yes, we live in this house. But the ruler? Your aunt is the ruler. Your aunt is the one who
receives respect and honor. She just pretends to
be good before you. But the truth is… The truth is… …she wants to make
you her servant. Why are you blaming
aunt for your mistake? Raja, I’m not pointing
out at anyone’s mistake. I’m trying to tell you the truth. What kind of truth is this? You told me that uncle and aunt
mean everything to me, right? Hence, I respect them so
much since my childhood. I told you, Raja. But…
– No, mom! Both of them have never
done anything wrong to me. I don’t know how to
explain it to you, Raja! Son, I’m just trying to
help you get your rights. Rights? Which rights? Which rights are you talking about? Uncle and aunt seek my
opinion before they… …have a word with
Hitank and Mehul. They’ve never refused
me for anything. In fact, the shop is
registered on my name, too. How could you talk about rights? This is the ultimate right
I can ever expect. – Raja. You are too naive, son. Gunwant is not that bad. But you don’t know about Kirtida. You can never notice the
thin line lying between… …the truth and the lie, son. Right now, all I can see… …is that what you did… …was absolutely wrong. You have hurt uncle Gunwant
and aunt Kirtida a lot. And what you did to me… That’s wonderful! I’m very tired. You just…
– Me too. Increase the temperature of the AC.
– Wait a moment. Let me fix the AC to sweet 16,
just like you. Yes!
– That’s good, right? If we dance like crazy… …of course, our hips will hurt. Don’t you worry, my darling. I will give you a
massage tonight. Just like everyday? Today you have been wonderful! You hit two birds with one stone. To be honest, in this… …there was someone else too. I have found a
very good partner. Aren’t you ashamed of finding
a new partner at this age? Listen, just relax. By partner, I meant
our daughter-in-law. But you threw her out
of the house, right? Oh God! Our other daughter-in-law, Jharna. Oh! Being so involved in Raja
and Rani’s matter… …I forgot that Mehul
has also got married. So, Jharna… You mean to say… …that Jharna knows
about our ill deeds? She knows about our
ill intentions? Not ours… …but knows only
about my intentions. Yes, that’s alright. You have to present yourself… …as the epitome of justice
and self-reliance, right? Gunwant, the good man. You have made me… …very happy today. That Rani… Forget her.
She’s out of the house. What’s the new plan? She’s only out of the house now. We are yet to get
rid of her forever. We must arrange for that. Now watch. The actual movie begins now. You will be the superstar
hero of the movie. Hold on. But, remember this.
You mustn’t overact. Just say action! I will perform so well… …that even the great
actors will be surprised. What do we call them? James Bond! Once Mehul and Jharna… …leave for their honeymoon,
the real movie will begin. My words may fail. But my aim never fails. Action! ‘What happened?’ ‘Look, the whole
suitcase is filled.’ ‘I don’t know how to arrange it.’ ‘There’s so much
left to be packed.’ ‘I have never been on
such a long trip before.’ ‘I have no idea how to
pack all these things.’ ‘Even I don’t know
about long trips.’ ‘But, I’m used to living with
many people in a small space.’ ‘So, I know very well… …to make use of space.’ ‘You don’t worry.’ ‘I will do your packing.’ ‘Yes.
– Thank you.’ ‘Look.’ ‘Saw this? This shirt takes
only a little space.’ ‘That’s how we should
fold all the clothes… …together.’ ‘Did you see? I told you.’ ‘All the clothes are packed
in the bag. – Thank you’ ‘This shirt is left out.
What shall we do with it?’ ‘Never mind. I will
keep it in my bag.’ ‘Alright.’ ‘Despite living in poverty… …I have always dreamt
of becoming rich.’ ‘When Utsav didn’t
win the lottery… …I asked him to lie
that he did win.’ ‘Just remember that
I’m always with you… …and near you.’ ‘We didn’t get the
money from the lottery… …and now,
we are being blamed for dowry!’ ‘The consignment is delivered.
You’ll get the payment on time.’ Yes. Okay, Mr. Paresh. Bye! Yes?
– Well… I have dropped Mehul and
Jharna at the airport. They will call once
they reach Shimla. – Okay. Listen. Some people will
come in the afternoon today… …to install electronics
lock on the safe. Make sure, they work properly. Listen. Tell me, where are you going? Say something. Answer my question. Where are you going? Please tell me,
where are you going? Mom, what happened? Dad, where are you going? Your dad is leaving home. Leaving the house! But why? Gunwant. I am exhausted. Now… I don’t have strength
left to bear more pain. I don’t want any more problem. Here, take it. Yours and Raja’s belongings. Hereon, you are the owners
of this house and the shop. No, keep it, Asha. No, take it. Take it. I need my peace. So, I’m leaving all this
and going to Haridwar. Gunwant.
– Uncle. How could you leave the house? Because, Asha, I have failed in
fulfilling my responsibilities. Therefore, you didn’t include
me in the decision you made… …about Raja’s wedding. We have failed. Raja, listen carefully. Kirtida already knew
about the lottery. We even wanted to tell you
about it. But it was… …too late. You were so happy
with this marriage. So, your aunt thought
of ignoring this issue. Your happiness meant
everything for us. She suppressed such a great pain… …within herself. Uncle, you…
– I’m not done yet. Had we known… …about Rani’s and
her brother’s… …wrong intentions… …we would’ve
informed you long back. But we were too late
to realize this, son. Do you know what’s hurting me, son? Your father. My brother Dhanwant! How could I face him? I failed to handle the
responsibility of his family! I couldn’t take care of Raja. This is what’s hurting me. Hence, I don’t have any
right to stay in this house. I’m leaving. No one will stop me. Handle your own
responsibilities. Henceforth, the owner of
Raja Suiting And Shirting… …will handle the responsibilities
of this family. That’s it. I… I want to tell
something to all of you. Please forgive me if
I’ve ever hurt you. And… …relationships
are greater than… …money, luxuries and everything. Nor I’ll ever consider
them to be greater. No, uncle. Please don’t say that. You’ve always fulfilled
responsibilities… …with utmost dedication. It’s not your mistake. It’s my mother’s mistake. I promise that henceforth mom… …won’t repeat such a mistake. Please don’t leave from the house.
– Raja! Gunwant. I won’t repeat such a mistake. I request to you. Gunwant,
don’t leave from the house. Asha. This wasn’t a minor mistake. Your mistake… It will take forever
for the wound… …you’ve inflicted
on my heart to heal. Forget it. Uncle, wait a minute! ‘Thank God!’ Okay, then. I want everyone to listen.
If uncle leaves… …then I will also leave with him. ‘Oh, no!’ ‘I won’t let Raja go anywhere!’ ‘I will have to somehow stop… …Gunwant from leaving the house.’ Gunwant! Gunwant! Gunwant! I’m sorry!
I made a huge mistake! I will do whatever you ask of me! I will do just as you say, Gunwant! You can give me any
punishment you like! I shall accept it with
my head bowed down! I won’t question your decision! Please forgive me! Please forgive me! Get up. Asha, please stand up. Raja’s emotional distress is more
important than any punishment. Raja’s life has been ruined. Not even Lord Shrinathji
can help one… …if they marry an immoral person. I had warned you earlier. Rani was greedy for our wealth. But with a heavy heart
I decided to let go… …only because Raja wanted… …to marry her. I understand that your
feelings have been… …have been hurt,
but that doesn’t mean… …you should just leave the house. You mean the world to Raja. He would do anything
to stop you from leaving. He would even get
divorced if you ask him to. Just say the word and he will… …sign the divorce papers! Aren’t I right, Raja?


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