Sibiu, medieval city in Transylvania | Places to visit

Hey, hey! What’s up you, guys? Once again
this is Boogie with Travel Maker, with another story from Dracula’s country, in
Romania! Now, you guys, guess where I am today? I am in the city of Sibiu, ladies and
gentlemen, which you know, actually, in 2007, was designated Europe’s Capital of
Culture together with Luxembourg and Forbes ranked it the 8th most idyllic
city to live in! Now, folks! It’s an absolutely beautiful
city, which has a lot of historical monuments and if you’re wondering what’s
that thing behind me there, they are also celebrating the old German tradition,
what’s known as Oktoberfest, the beer fest, ladies and gentlemen! Now, I’m gonna
show you some of those great monuments some of these beautiful buildings here
in the beautiful city of Sibiu. Stick around! And, of course, like any city
that is so old, when it was originally built from the ground, the first thing they had
to take care of, of course, was the safety. So they had to protect themselves and
what you see here behind, I’m trying to show you, you can see… you, oh wait, wait,
wait, come over. There, oh, you can see the watchtower! Look at that! The
watchtower and those little holes, of course, was used by the archers in that
time and what made it almost impossible to be conquered! All right, you guys, well,
I certainly hope you have enjoyed this beautiful city of Sibiu,
make sure you stick around, there’s so many more places that we are going to
find here in the beautiful country of Romania! Oh, wow! You see behind me the Choo-choo train, ladies and gentlemen. there’s a Choo-choo train, here as well. So once again, folks, it’s been my pleasure to be your guide here in this beautiful
city! My name is Boogie with Travel Maker and
I hope to see you soon!

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