Sierra Boggess – On the Steps of the Palace

He’s a very smart Prince He’s a Prince who prepares Knowing this time I’d run from him He spread pitch on the stairs I was caught unawares And I thought, well he cares This is more than just malice Better stop and take stock While you’re standing here stuck On the steps of the palace You think, what do you want You think make a decision Why not stay and be caught You think, well it’s a thought What would be his response But then what if he knew Who you are when you know That you’re not what he thinks That he wants And then what if you are What a Prince would envision Although how can you know Who you are till you know What you want, which you don’t So then which do you pick Where you’re safe, out of sight And yourself, but where everything’s wrong Or where everything’s right But you know that you’ll never belong And whichever you pick Do it quick ‘Cause you’re starting to stick To the steps of the palace It’s your first big decision The choice isn’t easy to make To arrive at a ball Is exciting and all Once you’re there, though, it’s scary And it’s fun to deceive When you know you can leave But you have to be wary There’s a lot that’s at stake But you’ve stalled long enough ‘Cause you’re still standing stuck In the stuff on the steps Better run along home And avoid the collision Even though they don’t care You’ll be better of there Where there’s nothing to choose So there’s nothing to lose So you’ll pry up your shoes Then from out of the blue And without any guide You know what your decision is Which is not to decide You’ll just leave him a clue For example, a shoe And then see what he’ll do Now it’s he and not you Who is stuck with a shoe In a stew In the goo And you’ve learned something, too Something you never knew On the steps of the palace

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