Sightseeing London – Tower Bridge to St. Paul’s Cathedral walk, The Globe and Tate Modern

this is a walking tour from London’s tower bridge to St Paul’s cathedral We head towards the Tate modren and on the way we can visit the Globe theater, the original place where Shakespear had his plays played out in London Naturally, this is a renewed version, you can watch theatre in this very place, pretty awesome for a city that has kept its art alive for centuries. This also gives you an idea of the size of the city and the way buildings looked way back, the walk by the river is a pleasure most day – just better to avoid cold and windy days. Tate modern is one of the leading museums of the city, we did not spend too much time here, this place deserves a video of its own. The Millennium bridge is a new addition to the city’s old and famous bridges, its slick design is clearly modern and it will lead you towards the cathedral. Some great sights of London on both sides of the Millennium bridge, a great place to stop to grab a photo. Here it is – St Paul’s cathedral. One of London’s most recognisable landmarks. The entire area is great to visit. Even the cathedral garden offers unique tranquility in the heart of the metropolitan. This is the end of this walking tour, please subscribe to get new videos of walking tours and routes.

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