Significance of ‘Parasite’ becoming first Korean film to win Golden Globe

south korean hitfilm parasite has won a
Golden Globe Award for the very first time in the history of South Korea’s
film industry and film critics so long with major US networks are applauding
the film’s success calling it a historic achievement for South Korea our amine
son has the story pungho knows highly acclaimed a film
parasite is the first South Korean movie to win a Golden Globe behind this
achievement for the South Korean film industry critics point to several
factors that strongly connected with foreign audiences despite the language
and cultural barriers he has kind of a very good sense about what works for
international markets not just a local one I think the biggest thing is the
themes of the film it’s very much a film about the the haves and the have-nots
and it’s a satire on capitalism and in today’s in today’s environment
particularly in the the capitalist hub that America is I think people kind of
really connected with it in a strong way after winning the Best Foreign Language
Film award at the Golden Globes the film also made waves in the US media
the LA Times said the film’s success was partially driven by the hashtag boom
hive which refers to Punk’s region of online
fence the paper also referred to Palm D’Or a phrase coined after parasite made
its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May last year and walked
away with the festival’s top prize top M door another US media outlet deadline
called the movie success a surprise but inevitable critics also highlighted
parasites box office success in the u.s. despite being a foreign language film
the film is also a huge box-office success already made 23 million dollars
in America and it looks like it’s going to go over 30 and so that’s kind of
fairly mainstream appeal the win is is great but I think it’s just this is kind
of the culmination of this campaign for the film and how the film is really
broken through into the American market now I sell on how many hours parasite
will win at the Academy Awards in February critics say there are high
expectations that poem and his film can win Oscars in several categories
including some of the top hour between the Golden Globe winners and
Academy Award winners what typically happens is the winners in the acting
categories often go on to win at the Academy Awards but winners for Best
Picture and Best Director it’s more of a 50/50 bet so the fact that he had didn’t
win Best Director doesn’t doesn’t mean he’s hardly running the final
nominations for the Academy Awards including Best Director and Best Picture
will be announced on Monday January 13th Eamonn son Arirang news

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