SIRI Picks Our Slime Ingredients Challenge!!!

Hey guys, it’s Karina.
>>It’s Ronald from Sis versus Bro.>>And as always today,
we are making slime! No big surprise. And as you know,
probably in the past, we have made slime
with our mystery wheel
choosing your slime ingredients. We got our cats to choose
our slime ingredients. And who else are we gonna ask
to make our slime ingredients, but Siri! We got the Siri glow,
homepod thingamajiggy. I don’t know what it is,
but it’s name is Siri. So yeah. Hello. Hey Siri, what’s up?>>I’m learning some new tricks. Try asking me what
I can do for you.>>Can you– Hey Siri, can you
make me a slime?>>No, I can’t.>>Like no, I can’t.>>Guys listen to it. Hey Siri,
can you beatbox?>>Here’s one I’ve been practicing,
boots and cats and boots and cats,>>and boots and cats
and boots and..>>I can do this all day.>>Cats and boots and cats
and boots and cats and boots,>>and cats and boots ….>>So guys,
let’s get started.>>So for our number one,
we got some pink glitter glue. We got blue glitter glue
and we got red glitter glue. So basically
we’re gonna have Siri pick a number
from one to three. And whatever number she
picks is going to be the slime ingredient
we’re gonna be using. This is number one,
number two and number three.>>All right, you go first.
>>Okay. Hey Siri… pick a number
from one to three.>>Random number
between one and three is three.>>Oh, you get red!>>Aww.
Thanks a lot Siri.>>I like red.
I want red. Can we like–
>>Ba-ra-ra pink.>>Hey Siri, pick a
random number from one to three.>>Random number
between one and three is three.>>Oh, I got red too!>>So we just both got red. I’m gonna pour
my red right here. All right, three,
two, one, squeeze! Oh yeah, that looks
like a little poop.>>Alrighty, three,
two, one, squeeze! I’m going pouring
in my favorite color into my favorite
slime ingredient bowl. Alrighty,
I’m finished.>>Yeah, I’m pretty sure [inaudible]>>Whoa!
>>Okay. Hey Siri, are you ready
for round number two?>>Let’s talk about you,
not me. [laughter]>>Get roasted.>>So guys,
round number two. We got purple glitter glue. We got yellow glitter glue
and green glitter glue. I’m really hoping to not get
the green glue because green and red make– [explosion]>>I’m really hoping
to get the purple glue, because it’s going
to make galaxy and like, oh yes!>>Okay. Let’s see what
Siri wants us to get.>>Okay, this is number one,
purple’s number one. Yellow’s number two. Green’s number three.
>>Mmm-hmm. Hey Siri, pick a number
between one and three.>>Random number
between one and three is three.>>You got green! She’s always picking three. Please don’t pick three–
>>Seriously? Way to go.>>Hey Siri, pick
a random number from one and three.>>Random number
between one and three is two.>>Yes!>>I didn’t get purple though,
but I got yellow!>>We can switch!
>>We’re not switching, okay? We’re not switching.>>All right. So, guys, I got the exact color
I did not want to get, so that’s just awesome. I’m gonna squeeze a, I guess a
bit of this in here. Is that enough?>>You have to put
in the whole bottle.>>Okay fine,
all right. It’s already turning poo.>>Yey, vote for me.>>No..
>>Hashtag BroSquad. Alrighty guys,
I think my yellow masterpiece is about to be put in. [grunts] I’m gonna make orange! Make it look so good! Whew.
I passed on the galaxy though. Hmm.
Still kind of salty. Squeeze the yellow stuff. You’re gonna squeeze
your poopy stuff.>>All right, I think
that’s enough green, enough poop in my slime. Hey Siri, next time can you pick
something better for me and something really
poopy for Ronald?>>You have no answer.
>>No answer. The silent treatment.>>All right guys, now it’s time
for round number three.>>So guys, for round number
three we got some glitters. We got some black glitters. We got some blue glitters
and some purple glitters. So I’m really hoping
for black glitters because I got
poopy vibe going on and I’ll get some poopy glitters
to add to it.>>I don’t know what glitters
I’m hoping for. I just want some glitters.
>>All right.>>Black is number one,
blue number two, pink number three.>>Mmm-hmm. Hey Siri, pick a number
between one and three.>>Random number
between one and three is one.>>Yes! For once I get something
that I wanted! Yes! Go Siri! Go Siri!
>>You’re gonna make poopy color with black.>>But I mean it’s the same vibe,
I guess.>>Hey Siri, pick a number
between one and three.>>Random number
between one and three is two.>>Ooh, I get blue!>>Orange and blue?>>Yes.>>Is that the best?
>>Yes…>>So guys this is–
is it really glitter? It’s more like black and dust. so I actually don’t know
how I feel about this but it does give me a black. I’d rather black than poop. All right,
so let’s add this in. Going to add the entire thing
to make sure it’s black. All right, three, two, one. Yeah, this is definitely
gonna be black. Oh, wow. Look at that. All right, I think
that’s enough blackness for my soul here. And, now it’s time
for Ronald’s turn.>>Okay guys now it’s time
to dump in three, two, one. Ooh-hey! I think it’s gonna be
all blued up, but a little bit of
orange in it as well. Alrighty. Hey Siri, are you ready
for round number three?>>Four.
>>Hmm.>>Oh, four.
>>That’s something I don’t know.>>You never know.
Siri…>>For once she actually
says something different. Yes.
She actually had to know. She’s like, whoo.>>But she’s always
still unprepared for the awesome,
amazing round number four.>>So guys for
round number four, we get some
different colored fish bowls. We got green fish bowls,
clear fish bowls, I want these one
because it will match with my theme. We got some
purple fish bowls. All right,
let’s ask Siri which ones
we are going to have. Hey Siri, pick a number
between one and three.>>Random number
between 1 and 3 is 3.>>You got purple.>>Actually I like that, we
because kind of have like Enderman style, the purple eyes–>>Okay, now we’re going
to Minecraft. Alright,
so this is also okay, but green is just
the ultimate worst for me. All right,
you pick now.>>Hey Siri,
pick a number from one and three.>>Random number
between one and three is two.>>Wait, wait!
Oh, yeah! I got the one that you wanted. You want to trade?
>>I really do… So guys, I got
my fish bowls ready. Let’s dump them in three, two, one. There they go.
>>So many eyes. Yes, they’re like
Endermen eyes, and this is the
the Enderman head and these are
all the eyes.>>[inaudible] what happened?>>It submerged
inside the glue.>>Alrighty, I’m gonna dump
my awesome whiteness inside. I’m gonna get
all of them out. That last one,
the survivor.>>He survived!>>So guys, I’m not gonna lie
but my slime is looking pretty good…
so far.>>So guys we got
our fish bowls in, now it’s time
for round number 5! So guys, round number five.
We got some foam balls. We got some
white foam balls. You can never go
wrong with white because white is [inaudible]
and it could go off anything. We got some
blue foam balls and we get some
yellow foam balls.>>White is number one,
blue is number two, and yellow is number three.>>All right. Let’s ask Siri what
we’re gonna get. Hey, Siri. Hey Siri, pick a number
between one and three.>>Random number
between one and three is two.>>Ooh, blue.
>>Okay, I got the blue ones, interesting.>>Hey, Siri, pick a number
between one and three.>>Random number
between one and three is one. [explosion] Alrighty,
I got the white foam balls going good with
the white fish thingamajigs. You want to trade again?
>>I do. So guys, I got
these blue foam balls and I’m fine with them
mine’s just gonna be a full bowl of colors and I’m kinda scared
because I don’t it want it to look like poop. Just cross your fingers
that the black will cover it all up. It’ll be a black
galaxy slime. All right set these in,
in three, two, one. Perfect.>>All right guys,
now it’s was my turn to dump. I got the
white foam balls. I think they’re gonna go good
with the white fish bowls. Thingamajigs. Alrighty. Na-na-na-na-na-na. Okay guys,
I’m done. I hope my slime
is gonna look good.>>So guys,
we got our foam balls and Ronald,
once again, got the color
that I wanted. [evil laugh] Now we’re ready
for round number six. So guys for round number six,
we got some shaving cream. We got some instant snow and we got some,
soap. This is a bit of an interesting one
cause I never added soap, to slime–
I added lotion to slime, but not soap.
So this will be interesting. Maybe we’ll have soap slime, so we can wash
your hands with it. That would be cool.>>All right you guys,
this is number one, this is number two,
and this is number three.>>All right.
Let’s ask Siri. Hey Siri. Hey Siri, pick a number
between one and three.>>Random number
between one and three is one.>>Ooh.
I want number two. I like two– I like instant snow.>>I like shaving cream.>>Hey Siri, pick a number
between one and three.>>Random number
between one and three is three. No!
I got the soap! No, instant snow…>>So guys, that’s
my ultimate shaving cream. You can never like,
let shaving cream down. Shaving cream is like,
everything to slime. All right sp–
three, two, one. Spray… [cheering] Okay, I think that’s enough, because I don’t want
to be too shaving creamy.>>So guys, I never added
soap to a slime before, and I guess I’m gonna find out
how it is today. Go.
Mmm. Oh. Ooh. This is so weird. It feels like,
I don’t know, honestly. Okay guys,
I think that’s enough– that’s enough soap put
into my awesome slime.>>I think It will ruin
your slime that way, Ronald.>>No, it’s gonna
be awesome. It’s gonna be like,
washing hand slime, twenty bucks at the store.>>It’s going to make
your hands smell like glue.>>Still.>>So guys, I got my
shaving cream in my slime, and Ronald has his soap. It kinda looks
like a swamp over there.>>Swampy swamp. It’s very interesting. I don’t know how
that’s gonna turn out but–>>There’s frogs
and crocodiles, beware.>>Now ready for
round number seven. So round number seven is the last round, because we got
some activators, and, because it’s Ronald’s
lucky number, actually.>>Oh, yeah.>>Hey Siri, what’s
your lucky number?>>I don’t really like
talking about myself.>>Seriously, Siri.
>>Okay, okay.>>But we got some
contact lens solution, it comes with baking soda. We got some borax and we got some
Elmer’s magical liquid.>>Okay, so this is number one,
this is number two and this is number three.>>All right. Hey Siri, pick a number
between one and three.>>Random number
between one and three is two.>>Oh, so I got the borax. I was hoping to get
Elmer’s magical solution.>>Hey Siri, pick a number
between one and three.>>Random number
between one and three is two.>>Oh, you got the
borax as well. Twinsies.
>>No.>>Now, we can be unicorns together.
>>Please, no.>>Okay now,
I’m gonna add my borax. I learned from last time,
not to add too much, because I know how powerful
this stuff is now. So, I’m only gonna add
five squirts. All right, one, two,
three, four, five, six. Just be safe.>>Okay, guys,
I’m gonna add five and a half squirts
this time. Alrighty.
One–>>Oh wow, you got a [inaudible] trouble there.>>Okay, one, two, three,
four, five and a half. Alrighty.>>So guys, it’s the moment
we’ve all been waiting for. It’s to mix the slime. But, before we do that,
comment down below. What colors do you think
these slimes are gonna turn out? And who’s slime’s do you think
is gonna be better? Hey Siri, do you think
he did a good job?>>Glad to be of help.>>Oh, okay.
>>She was of help, I mean like–
>>Sort of, not really for me. But okay. So guys, I gonna mix
my slime first. Please keep
your fingers crossed for my slime
to be a pretty color. Cause I need luck
to fix this thing because… It’s a lot of things going on, and I’m not really
too happy about it. All right, let’s start mixing.
Three, two, one. All right, we’re mixing. The shaving cream
is going in nicely. I like this shaving cream. Okay,
all the blue balls like– little blue balls fell out. That’s not very good,
but okay. All right, the black
powder spreading evenly. I’m pretty sure this
is gonna be all black, that which I like. This looks like
a witch potion. There’s green,
there’s black, there’s some gray, and a little bit of purple. There’s a little bit
of everything in here, just like a witch potion.>>All right guys,
now it’s time for me, to mix in three,
two, one, go. Okay, the soap is making
it look very creamy. I don’t know what happens
if you put soap in, slime but we’re about to find out. Ooh, that’s nice. Nice, nice.
Nice.>>So guys, we’re going
to keep on mixing our slimes. And we’re going to do slime
reveal in three, two, one. So guys,
these is our slimes. Mine is literally
all black. That’s way more black
than I expected to be.>>Mine is so stretchy,
it feels like soap.>>So guys, my slime is
literally all black. I thought it’d be
a little bit orange, or a little bit brown, but no,
it’s all black, and it looks like
a glittery galaxy. There’s no colors in the galaxy,
just glitters. Except just like these
blue-blue little ballies, and we got the
purple fish bowls. I love this slime so much,
it is in the glitter galaxy, except without the color. So, if you take my slime ball,
comment down below, #GlitterGalaxy.>>So guys,
this is my slime. It’s kind of
like a bluish color, has lots of like, glitters, and it has lots
of foam balls and pebbles. It’s very stretchy. It feels like soap, and when you
make it go like this, it falls like soap into a sink. It’s kind of sticky, but it’s kind of easy
to get it off. So, I don’t know
how to explain it. Sometimes it sticks
on sometimes it doesn’t. I love the color and I
love how it shines. So if you think I won,
comment down below, #BlueFoamySoapyAwesomess.>>So guys, don’t forget
to comment down below, who won the challenge. and thanks Siri
for joining us in this video. Hey Siri, did you like
being in our video?>>Sorry, I don’t understand.>>And with her
awesome replies.>>She’s never grateful
for anything, is she?>>Yes.>>So we hope you liked this video
if you did, smash that like button
and we’ll see you all next time. Goodbye.

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