Sketch To Stage: “Footloose” at Broadway Rose Theatre

Hi, I’m Peggy Taphorn. I’m the director and choreographer of “Footloose” at the Broadway Rose.
Whoo hoo! You know, the show opens in Chicago with kind of a night clubby, very ’80s vibe and then you go through a fantasy series of ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ You have the guys’ number, ‘The Girl Gets Around,’ which I always try to get Ariel in it with some fabulous lifts and flips, which you’re gonna seeand then, you know, the dance just builds from there throughout the whole first act. It culminates with a big fugue at the end that’s set in a gym so you have to have some gym dance elements, some very athletic dance elements and then the act two opens in The Bar-B-Que, which is a Country-Western bar so then I put in some Country line dancing elements, some two-step elements, but then you go into ‘Let’s Hear It For The Boy’ again, another iconic ’80s song, so to have, kinda that girl-group movement as well and of course, everybody remembers Kevin Bacon in the final scene of “Footloose” and it just has to be filled with energy and all the different styles so it’s really challenging, but in a fun way, to find all those different elements and then of course you have the character of Ren who – God love him – has to do everything he has to tumble, he has to be athletic, he has to be country he has to be ’80s, you know, disco, he has to do his solo work and then everything else builds around whatever special skill set he has Luckily, in Eric we have a great dancer, gymnast, so we’ve been able to do a lot of things in this production that I haven’t been able to do in some other productions that I’ve done of “Footloose” So I hope the audience gets what I get out of this show which is a whole lot of joy, wrapped in a beautiful message about personal growth, about being able to open your heart, and open your mind because it touches me; I think a lot of people view “Footloose” as just this bubble-gum, cotton-candy show and it is that, and it has elements of that but I think it’s more about the joy and abandon that the ’80s represented. This has been your Sketch to Stage for “Footloose” at Broadway Rose!

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