Skritter’s Guide to Chinese Costume Drama

Today we’re gonna share some beginner concepts and words for costume dramas We’re crazy about our dramas. And we welcome you to share your thoughts on period dramas. because we’ve really seen a lot! Coz we really love them. Once I see long haired guys, I’m happy. Yeah, so handsome! It’s not that I don’t like it, but rather, when you’re watching a kung fu drama, and see stuff that looks like magic, where everyone can fly around, where stuff floats around It’s not actually magic, like in Harry Potter. No, it’s because their Kung fu is so awesome. Their movements are so fast that it looks like they’re flying. That ain’t magic. They just have awesome qigong (a system of deep breathing exercises) But most dramas are set in the Qing dynasty So if you find it frustrating, just learn a bit about that period and you’ll understand around 70% of dramas. No, it’s because their Kung fu is so awesome. Like the most recent one to come out, like Story of Yanxi Palance, and Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace. They’re special coz they’re competing for the most accurate portrayal. There’s different levels and grades. You though her family name is Yang, and called Gui Fei? He can just pick whoever he wants in the palace… They’re the lowest ranking people in this system. But they’re still above servants. Can’t you tell? It’s so obvious! Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be bedded by the emperor. Recently, you’ve not been spreading your seed enough! You want the rain and dew to be dispersed. It’s a…. Basically if you get sent there you’re done for… but it’s a common trope in these shows where someone gets out of the cold palace. You want them to come out of such a scary place and succeed. I’ve seen The Empress in the Palace…. almost 10 times. After watching, you’re welcome to discuss with us.


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