SLEEPING BEAUTY and the Good Fairies | Bedtime Stories for Kids ~ Help Kids Fall Asleep

once upon a time in a kingdom far far
away lived a beautiful princess under a magic spell to sleep every night and
today can you help the good fairies to safely break the sleeping spell for
Sleeping Beauty to realize the power of true love as well together with the good
fairies you will find a way to safely wake Sleeping Beauty and then maybe even
celebrate at the palace with a party listen along to my voice which will
guide you through to discover love’s huge power as our Sleeping Beauty lies
deep asleep in the royal palace tower but let’s go back to the beginning and
see what happened before this is the only way to save Sleeping Beauty really
true love’s kiss now imagine three lovely little fairies
from the enchanted fairy tale land are visiting you right now and flying
daintily around you as you see them glow in little balls of magic light you know
they wish to bring you to their Kingdom because you are the only one who can
help them find a way to wake up sleeping beauty
with your brilliant ideas now these good fairies blow their fairy dust over you
and it’s a magic dust that shimmers beautifully in the Starlight to keep you
safe and protected from sleeping beauty sleeping spell now
you have special fairy powers too so with your magic fairy powers you step
into the enchanted fairytale land and here you can see a huge palace with
overgrown gardens and a lovely village standing close by now it’s so
captivating as the good fairies fill you in on what has happened in the kingdom
you see some time ago the king and queen of this land very much wanted a baby and
when the royal couple finally got their wish they named their beautiful baby
girl Princess Briar Rose then the whole kingdom celebrated with a
huge party but there was one jealous witch who was
not invited to the party and who felt so left out she placed a curse on the baby
girl and bewitched little princess Briar Rose but Princess Briar Rose had three
good fairy Guardians who loved her so much they were chosen by the king and
queen to keep her safe always the evil witch foretold that Princess Briar Rose
would grow in grace and beauty to be beloved by all
but the princess was also cursed to prick her finger on the spindle of a
spinning wheel when the Sun went down on her 16th birthday instead of celebrating
her birthday that day she would be in grave danger
always after to keep their beloved Briar Rose safe the good fairy Guardians
placed Briar Rose on a beautiful bed and they cast a special sleeping spell over
all the land to make everyone in it fall into a deep sleep so no further harm
from the evil which could befall her the princess will stay asleep for 100 years
until the sleeping spell can only be broken if she can be awakened by a
handsome prince as luck would have it Princess Briar Rose had a special prince
friend Prince Arturo who used to visit her together
they would ride on white horses and visit the Rose orchards and share their
stories as they laughed and had so much fun and all of this time the prince was
on his way now riding his horse through the overgrown forests which surround the
palace lands on his way to help rescue Sleeping Beauty but sadly he has been
taking such a long time to arrive because the Royal Palace has now become
shrouded in many overgrown plants so many gnarled trees and bramble thorn
bushes it’s so very difficult for anyone to find a way through now you know the
good fairy story you see it’s so curious interesting and strange for you to look
around and see an entire kingdom asleep underneath the sleeping spell almost as
if every person and creature here is frozen still in time you see so many
Village People all snoring the palace guards dozing all the horses napping and
even the king and queen fast asleep as you walk through the village you see
this enchanting wave of deep sleep cast over the whole kingdom where everyone
ages not even a day as all rest peacefully looking so relaxed and
refreshed from so much sleep yet because of your special powers and because you
wish it with the dazzle of magic the good fairies can take you to see
Sleeping Beauty for yourself and so you find her right now
lying in her beautiful bed as you stand by her bed in her chamber in the royal
palace tower you see she is surrounded by beautiful carved furniture art
frescoes and Borgess satin pillows and the room smells so nice full of fresh
spring flowers you look and see Sleeping Beauty resting peacefully with a dreamy
smile on her face she has glorious golden hair and wears a gold princess
tiara and a ruby red pendant around her neck the good fairies ask you if you can
think of any way to lift the sleeping spell to help them ensure that Princess
Briar Rose is kept safe from the evil witch after all Prince Arturo has been
taking far too long to arrive and they need all of your special powers right
now so you wonder to yourself for a while and suddenly you have a brilliant
idea what if Sleeping Beauty could wake
herself up now you know the only way to get this message through is to speak to
Sleeping Beauty face to face in her own sleeping dreams so you decide to fall
asleep to with all of your fairy magic you remember you can wake up at any time
so you call upon your fairy powers to take you to Sleeping Beauty’s own dreams
now very soon you find Sleeping Beauty sitting awake in her dreams sitting on
some beautiful white fluffy clouds underneath the stunning rainbow in the
sky quickly you introduce yourself and say hello and she looks so happy to see
you you begin to talk with Sleeping Beauty and help her to realize and
understand how much powerful love energy there is all around her and how many
people want for her to do well you tell her she has no need to be afraid because
she can trust in all of the goodness in the kingdom to keep her truly safe
Princess Briar Rose smiles and degrees as she listens and she tells you after
she really does miss her Kingdom and although she is so deeply relaxed here
she no longer wants to be worried or afraid and she’s ready now to believe in
the power of love not only from a single princes visit but from the energy of
goodness and kindness from the hearts of everyone in her life finally she knows
this love is the real love to conquer all now you hear her wishes and you’ve
received her dreamy message so with a dazzle of your fairy magic you step out
again of your shared dream and find yourself standing right back in Sleeping
Beauty’s bedchamber suddenly you watch as Sleeping Beauty begins to open up her
eyes you see she is waking herself up as her whole face shines with a big
beautiful smile the energy of pure joy and happiness radiates from her open
eyes as she recognizes the good fairies and also you right here and only just
now Prince Arturo quickly bursts through the chamber doors to step into the room
seeing the princess awake the Prince falls to his knees beside her bed so
happy and delighted that his princess has awakened from the spell all by
herself Princess Briar Rose is now no longer Sleeping Beauty and Prince Arturo
sees she is just as beautiful as she’s ever been looking refreshed and
revitalized and so very very kind-hearted and happy where do you
think the term beauty sleep comes from the good fairies dance and buzz about in
balls a bright light as they flit about and begin to wake up the rest of the
kingdom from the sleeping spell to knowing now that all of the good energy
in the world will keep their princess safe and very soon the whole kingdom
gathers and rejoices to celebrate princess briar roses special birthday
and you are invited as the guest of honor and you see there is such a
bountiful feast and an amazing party taking place throughout the whole land
and this time even the jealous which is invited to attend because we all send
her some love she feels included and now warmly welcomed and because she no
longer feels jealous she has no reason whatsoever to be mad you look and see
Prince Arturo’s sweeping princess briar rose up in a joyful dance as the couple
seemed so happy so you smile and celebrate and dance with them if that’s
what you choose feeling so blissfully happy to join the good village people as
well as the good fairies and all of your new friends especially Prince Arturo and
Princess Briar Rose who used to be Sleeping Beauty now because you are feeling so happy and
so warm inside you wave goodbye to your friends as you allow the good fairies to
take you all the way back home to return you to your own comfy bed taking all of
your sparkles of very magic with you as you snuggle under your covers feelings
so dreamy and calm because you know that real love is the most powerful force in
the whole wide world thank you so much for visiting and thank you for helping
Sleeping Beauty you’ve done so well and may you enjoy every calm night as you
float all of the way into your beautiful sweet dream


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