Small Town Cinema : Overgrown Bromance | 절찬 상영중 : 철부지 브로망스 EP 1 [SUB : KOR/ENG, 2018.02.06]

(A quiet rural village) (Where nothing is likely to happen…) (Small Town Cinema: Overgrown Bromance) Hello, everyone! We are movie actors from Seoul. (Lovely actors came to visit) We have prepared a special cinema for everyone in this village to show you a fun movie today. We’ve also prepared delicious snacks in addition to the fun movie. So I hope many of you can join us today at 6 p.m. at Mr. Wu’s place. See you soon! (The world’s one and only Romance Cinema) (Episode 1: Coming Soon) (7 days before the opening of the cinema) (Early October last year at a street snack bar) (A middle-aged customer makes an appearance) Hello. Do you really sell drinks here? Yes, we sell drinks here. Wow, really? Why isn’t anybody here? – I’m the first one, right? / – Yes. You’re the first customer. Oh, the little chaps should know to come before me. I’ll have some gizzards and cockles. Spicy seafood soup, gizzards and cockles, right? I like it with lots of chopped spicy peppers… Sure, lots of peppers… Make it thick, please. (Fish soup, a classic street bar appetizer menu) Great. (A sudden realization…) (All alone under the lights) (Overwhelming loneliness…) I see that cooking is done over there. (He longs of some company) – Is this the ingredient storage? / – Yes. There are mussels and lots of other ingredients. I’m good at making this. Are you going to make one for me? My mother also ran a street bar for 10 years near Bupyeong Station. I used to build it with wood and styrofoam. It’s just as how I used to make it. (He tails after the owner wherever he goes) When I used to run a street bar… These are called gizzards, right? I used to buy them in bulks, uncleaned. I did it myself at home. Cleaning and taking off the yellow things inside… I hated working on the baby octopus the most. I had to clean its eyes and… Lots of pepper on the gizzards, please. It tastes better like that. What would you like for the drink? Drink? I’m working now… So I’ll have soju and beer. – Alright. / – Yes. Soju and beer please. This is great. Can I drink a lot? – Sir, my sir! / – Hey! Come quick! You drank last night, no? A bit. I could tell from your face. Did you drink a lot? Yesterday was the final shoot for a movie. So after the shoot… Can we really drink here? (Still suspicious) It’s alright to drink if the bottles are covered, no? Well, then we should… Not? (Changsuk seems timid, yet he’s a bold character) Well, get on with it. (Changsuk and Dongil share a close friendship) You’re so natural at this. I’ll take care of it. Well, other members should show up before we can talk about our plan. A long time ago, around the early 90s… – I went to visit a farm village. / – Okay. I went there and the head of the youth committee was 62 years old. – Continue after pouring me a drink. / – Yes, sir. (Swirl, swirl, swirl) Since our viewers are watching us, let’s be polite. (Romance Cinema knows its manners) I told you not to drink it at once. (Too much drinking isn’t encouraged either) That was my last shot anyways. Why aren’t they here yet? I know. How is it that the younger ones come later than us? Why, it’s like that these days. Geez… (Matches his sense of humor) Right before joining you, I was looking at you sitting here by yourself. I looked lonely, no? Rather than lonely, you looked more… Pathetic? (He’s at an age that looks lonely when by himself) How do you know Junhyeok? I know him from the movie, “Mr. Go.” He’s the best in Korea at doing motion captures. He acted out the gorilla at the time. (“Mr. Go,” 2013) (A movie about a baseball-playing gorilla) (And a 15-year-old girl) (Seong Dongil plays the evil agent while) (Lee Junhyeok acts out the gorilla in the movie) (This is Lee Junhyeok) (Motion Capture) (Process of digitally recording various movements of) (human body using sensors or infrared rays) (Junhyeok does not appear in the movie) – Oh, my… / – Stop right this instant! (Currently, he appears in many movies and dramas) Your Majesty… I knew Junhyeok from when we were both doing plays. He used to perform mime acts… – And I used to do plays… / – Mime shows… We knew each other for a long time. Hello, there! Do you know what time it is now? You’re not the only one who’s busy. I love you. He doesn’t even seem sorry. Right, he’s thick-skinned… Oh, come on… Hey, sit down. I ordered already. (Lee Junhyeok, clown of the Romance Cinema) (He never loses his spirit) Why did you bring your camera in this darkness? I wanted to take photos for you. – Of us? / – Yes. I’ve done some photography in the past. His glasses are even glowing with money now. It looks more like a film camera. Yes. It’s a very classical design. (A digital camera that looks like a film camera) You brought it to show off, right? Tell us frankly. (Shaky laughter) Distance isn’t going to change his face size. No, that’s not it. – Not working? / – No, no. I got it. (And the result of this difficult photoshoot is?) Look at that resolution. (Curious) (Round and round) Have you ever gotten sick of your face? I try not to look at it too much. – Oh! Our youngest member is here. / – Hey! – Oh, wow! / – Alright! Clap, everyone. I’m a big fan of yours. (She hurried here right after her previous schedule) – Beautiful! / – Welcome, Sungkyoung! (Four members have finally all gathered together) – You guys know each other, no? / – Of course. Just a little bit. – You’re close with Yun Kyunsang. / – Kyunsang! – I’ve heard a lot about you… / – Through Kyunsang! Let the other person finish before you answer. Oh, I was too excited… (Hehehe) – You all heard a little about this, right? / – Yes. About four movies… – Four? That many? / – Yes. – One movie per day… / – Oh, one a day? – Because… / – Yes. There are only 30 households there so we can’t play one same movie for four days. A single showing per movie will be enough. (Romance Cinema will be held in…) (Aegok, a small village located in Danyang) Just as important as the selection of the movies, so is how good the resolution and sound is. Otherwise, there isn’t going to be… – Any difference from watching it on TV. / – I agree. Village hall would be the easiest to show the films. However… That lacks… That certain… – Atmosphere? / – Like that of a theater? There seems to be a house closed on all sides. – Closed on all sides? / – Yes. – A courtyard… / – In a courtyard? – That would be outside. / – It is. What I’m most worried about are the seats. – Me, too. / – Right? – Some may have trouble sitting down. / – Yes… They may prefer the floor than the chairs. They might start playing card games in the middle. That’s reasonable. – Just like the old days, with popcorn… / – Right, I see. Since it’s a movie theater, how about we wear a uniform? – Bring out that theater vibe. / – That’s really nice. Well, sizes are going to be… Available for the three of you, but for me… Since we’ll be ordering the uniforms, no problem. We’ll get your size. – We will. / – It would be nice to get hats, too. – Good. / – Hats? Cute and all. Now, our guests will show up one by one, all coming at different times. – So the timing is… / – Yes. Some will show up early. – So for them… / – Don’t you do some magic? – I’m not good at it. / – For magic tricks… Some instruments are all you need. Let’s eat first. – Chicken gizzards, right? / – Yes, it’s really good. – This really looks… / – Try it. Oh, here. For you. – It’s split. / – I was too late. You got to be quick! (A good example of destruction of perspective) We also need to cook for ourselves. – Ourselves? / – Yes. Who would cook for us? – We’ll have to set some roles. / – Yes, we do. For example, technology-related things I’ll take care of tech-related things. Okay. What role would you like to take on? I’ll do what you tell me to do. Will you be alright with us ordering you around? I’m good with that. That’s why I’m here. I love this kind of attitude. Our girl, Sungkyoung… (Romance Cinema in a small town) (Coming soon) (D-Day, 13 hours to the grand premiere, Seoul) (The beginning of their 4-day journey) Oh, you scared me! – Hey! We have the same suitcase. / – Yeah. How did this happen? – Is this all you’re taking? / – Same color, too. Yes, this is all for me. Are we sitting here? No, over there. (Just one single bag) Yes, this is all for me. Geez… (No-look pass) I think I saw something like this on the news. This bag is so… – Oh, it’s not… / – What’s wrong? Are you James Bond? – Oh, that… / – It’s James Bond’s briefcase. – It’s my old magic trick set. / – For the show. – Oh, this? / – This, too. – Is something in here? / – Nothing’s there. – Something is in here. / – Just say nothing’s there. (Hahaha) You get to show that nothing’s in here. – Yes. / – Like that? – Like this. / – Show it to the audience like this. And then you take something out… Do you have to look at the sky? What? Where did that come from? (Mystical world of magic) (So much fun teasing non-magicians around) That’s called magic. (Searching) (Sungkyoung finally arrives, too) (In a hurry) – Oh, she’s here. / – You’re here! – Show it to her. / – The trick? Come see this magic, Sungkyoung. (The same trick that Dongil couldn’t figure out) See, nothing is in here, right? Nothing’s in here. There’s nothing here. Wow! Wow! Isn’t something in there? Nope. (Something is in there) You can’t have anyone touch it at all. I’ll have to keep a distance. Nothing’s here, see? (Junhyeok performs a different magic trick) (Confused) (Not a still-shot) There’s a lot more. What’s this? Those are called D’Lites. They’re for your fingers. – Oh, for your fingers… / – From your ears! From your mouth! It’s so much natural since he also practices mime. Throw it to me. – No. / – This? No, he means the light. (Swish, swoop) (Wow) Wow. Such professional con artists… I had no idea that they were such naughty people. – Look at them! / – So awesome! (These magic shows will soon) (Be performed on the stage of the Romance Cinema) (Amazing) (The one and only magic show where) (The audience and the performers become one) (Amazing) (The Romance Cinema magic show, coming soon) Is this our car? There’s a button. Good job. (Everyone has at least one big suitcase while…) This is all I’m taking. Aren’t you going to change? – I kind of expected that one of you… / – I mean… I also only have a jacket. I mean, for me… This is already a lot for me. Are you sure you didn’t mistake the days? No, I didn’t. (Off to Danyang, 12 hours before the grand premiere) – We’re heading out. / – Okay. A car driven by Sungkyoung… (Clunk, clack) (Bump) – Are you alright? / – This is weird. This is a little… Oh, you have to control this. Oh, I see. – I’m a little worried. / – No, don’t worry about it… (First time driving with seniors…) This was set on manual driving. You just need to put this on the other side. Actually, this isn’t too bad. My wife once drove to Wonju with her parents in a brand new car. Then I got a phone call in the middle of the night saying the car broke down. What do I have to do? Go? Then, an hour later… What? – So she called a tow truck. / – Okay. Later on, my wife told me… “It began to move after filling up the gas…” (Hahaha) Oh, gas… How could she not look at the gas meter? She said she didn’t realize it until the end. Oh, she couldn’t see it. No, it’s not that she couldn’t, she just didn’t. She said that the gas was filled. But the car moved after filling up the gas… We also need to fill up the gas. – Yes, we do. / – Yes, yes. (The same could have happened here…) Did everyone get enough sleep? An hour? Only an hour? – Really? / – An hour? Why? But I’m really feeling fresh. If I get sleepy, I’ll let you know. Sungkyoung really is a true actress. – Look at her. / – Yes. It’s like from the Paris Collection. – This is a regular coat. / – Like the runway… Sitting next to Changsuk, you guys make a big contrast. (Gloomy, bright) This is how much you don’t know about fashion. That’s called fashion? You just put on anything. It’s my best ones from home. Really? Didn’t you say you were moving? I am moving, but it’s the same neighborhood. You’re in Songdo now. I’m about 40 minutes away from Songdo. – So it’s not Songdo. / – It’s not Songdo? I’m living in a small town in Gimpo. – Oh, you live in Gimpo. / – Yes. You moved there recently, right? – No, it’s been awhile. / – Oh, really? Why do I know nothing about you? I don’t know. How long have you been living in Gimpo? A really long time. – I went to high school there. / – Oh, since then? That’s like 40 years. Then I should be treating you like my peer. (Oops) Bin is getting prettier by the day. This may sound weird but your daughter is getting prettier, too. Get it? A feeling that only you and I can share… Get it? (Both are getting prettier) – Junhyeok, you don’t have a daughter. / – I do. – Oh, you do? / – You really don’t know anything. I really don’t know anything about you. Do we know what movies we’re screening? Oh, right! Movies! – We’re showing “I Can Speak.” / – Really? – I didn’t watch it! Love it! / – Starring Na Munhee. I want to watch it, too. “The Grand Heist,” “Miss Granny.” And this is the highlight. “Farewell My Love.” “Farewell My Love.” That’s great. What’s this? – Is this the OST? / – Yes, this is the movie’s OST. Why do I know this? (♪ With all my life ♪) – Oh, this song. / – With all my life… (♪ I loved you so ♪) It’s so sad. (“Farewell My Love,” 1968) (A story of an affair between a middle-aged man) (And a young lady and the conflict that arises) (From the birth of their child) Love should be this desperate. (♪ A lover that I can’t love ♪) It’s a lover that she can’t love… Daddy! Daddy, don’t go! That raining scene in front of the gate is the best. It’s got that classical beauty. I was asked to play a rich family’s son role in an upcoming drama… What? But I couldn’t fit it into my schedule. – I’m sure they made a mistake. / – No, really. I told them I’d definitely take on that role. A mistake, he says… I really wanted that role! (Open for any rich family’s son casting in the future!) How high have you gone up in historical dramas? – Position-wise? / – I’ve played the role of a minister. A minister? And you? I played… How do you call it… – The king’s eunuch. / – Eunuch. I was a eunuch. I played the role of the king’s eunuch… – Taking care of him. / – Eunuchs were powerful. – Yes, the closest ones. / – Right, they were. They were powerful. Are you alright, Sungkyoung? – Hey, Changsuk. / – Yes? I think you’ll have to drive instead of Sungkyoung. – Don’t worry. / – No, no. We’re not worried about you. We’re worried about our families. Let’s switch players. That’ll be safer. – Delicious! / – What is it? These are called mini hotdogs. (One for the driver) (Hehehe) It’s a relief that we’ve got Sungkyoung here. (Rough and wild) Otherwise, we’d be really blue. I’ve filmed movies with all three of you here. The one that I filmed with Sungkyoung… – Will be premiering early 2018, right? / – Yes. Early next year, about wrestling… We both appear in the movie. She’s my daughter there. (The two also appeared in a drama together) What’s going on? I didn’t intrude! She had me sleep in her room because I didn’t have anywhere to go. Shut up and leave! At least give me breakfast. Don’t you ever come back to his house! Go! This… This has an owner. We don’t take anything that has an owner. I’ll give up my share, too. Let’s meet as humans next time, Dongil. – As humans? / – Yes. I met you as a gorilla last time. (They met as a gorilla and a human in “Mr. Go”) Wow. This is amazing. – The autumn trees just… / – Korean foliage… It’s just so beautiful. Yes, it’s that time of the year. (Through the window frames) (The autumn colors unfold the beauty of October) (Underneath the clear fall sky) (Their journey begins to fill up with excitement) I’m sleepy. Get some sleep. You said you only slept an hour. I don’t think we can call that sleeping. I just fell asleep like that. Get some sleep, Sungkyoung. (Yawning) (Sungkyoung fell asleep under the warm sunlight) (Now that she’s asleep…) (What should the men talk about?) (Anything anyone?) The road to Danyang is beautiful. (Yes, I see…) (Time for breakfast and some rest!) Should we wake her up? Wake her up? Sungkyoung. What do you want to do? Sleep more? Let’s go get some noodles. – I want some noodles with rice cakes. / – Alright. – Noodles with rice cakes. / – Did you sleep a little? Yes, I dozed off. (Straight to the counter for some food) Noodles with rice cakes and… Four bowls of noodles… No, I want pork cutlet. One pork cutlet and four bowls of noodles and three rice rolls, please. – Enjoy your breakfast. / – Enjoy! (So excited!) (A full house) We’ve got to stay strong. (Hot!) (Yum, yum) (Sungkyoung just loves pork cutlet) (Gone in a blink of an eye) Dip it in the soup… That was a good meal. That was a good meal. (Shopping finishes off a good meal) – Sunglasses? / – Yes, sunglasses. We have to get her a stylish one. She’s a model. (Sunlight was especially strong this morning) (My eyes!) – I didn’t bring my sunglasses. / – You didn’t? Sungkyoung said she didn’t bring hers. I don’t have one either. Look. – Nope. / – You look like a wrestler. Sungkyoung! Yes! I bought you a present. It’s a pair of sunglasses. Here. – See if you like it. / – Thank you! It matches your coat. – Looks great on you. / – She really is supermodel. – Come over here. / – Me? Let’s see… Wow. It looks like she got it from Italy. I love it. – She’s really something. / – Seriously… The wearer makes a huge difference. – We both look great. / – No, it’s very different. – This is too funny. / – Okay, let’s go. (Good present makes Sungkyoung hum) Wearing sunglasses… It’s good because it blocks the light, but… – You can’t see, right? / – I can’t see… You can’t see well? Is it too dark? I can’t see very well! We ate and shopped… – Yes, shopping! / – You can do everything here. Sungkyoung gladly joined us. – So we have to do our best. / – Thank you. (So happy!) (Flick) (The weather is great and the view is wonderful) (And sunglasses shopping just added more joy) (7 hours to the grand premiere) I love how beautiful our country is. The weather is getting better by the hour. I love how the world looks so yellow! (Changsuk, on the other hand…) (Eventually takes off his sunglasses) Is it that bad? His pair is too dark even in this bright clear day. How dark can it be? I’ll put it on when we walk. Sungkyoung, this is your first time going on a trip with your senior actors, right? – Yes, my first time on a show. / – It is, right? Really. You’re not nervous of anything, right? At first, I just didn’t know what to do. But I’m loving it now. It’s like having three older brothers. I don’t remember what I did at Sungkyoung’s age. (Yawning greatly by himself) How old are you? 28. What’s with you asking while yawning? You’re so rude. No manners… Where are your manners? (North Danyang) I heard that there’s a really famous fried chicken. – Where we’re going? / – Yes. Really? Look it up quickly. We have to stop by on our way. It’s great from here. This road? Yes, look. It’s nice. (Following the Namhangang stream) (Ripening colors of the fall trees) (And Dodamsambong, Danyang’s famous scenery) (Welcomes each and every traveler to this nature) It’s a relief that the weather is nice. Loud music would be a great addition to our trip. I have my phone connected by Bluetooth. Really? Alright, you pick out some songs for us. (Selecting songs for the senior members) This is a song I was listening to yesterday. (Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong) (Huh?) I hear ding-dongs. – “Apartment?” / – I hear door bells. Isn’t this the song, “Apartment?” There we go. Yesterday… Ding-dongs are definitely “Apartment.” Ding-dong, ding-dong! (♪ Crossing over the star-flowing bridge ♪) – Yes, we go, yes! / – Yes, we go, yes! (♪ Through the windy reed field ♪) – Yes, we go, yes! / – Yes, we go, yes! (So exciting!) (What will be Sungkyoung’s next selection of music?) (What’s this song?) A song my mother recommended me yesterday… (♪ Mister Choi next village ♪) (♪ Has three daughters ♪) Who’s the singer? – Lee Eunha. / – Oh, Lee Eunha! (“Youngest Daughter of Mr. Choi”) (A song about a boy named Chilbok) (Who successfully wins over Mr. Choi’s) (Youngest daughter after painstaking efforts) (Lee Eunha, a sexy popular singer of the 70s-80s) Her dance moves were very cool. (He’s just as good as the singer) Listen to all these character names. All those characters… (Totally his taste) (6 hours to the grand premiere, finally in Danyang) That’s an artificial waterfall. (Wow!) I came here many times last year. In winter, that waterfall freezes and becomes ice. An ice wall… That’s an artificial fall? Yes, that is. Wow… The completion of fashion is in the face. You don’t seem to belong to this group. You don’t belong to this group. This place is beautiful. That fall is just amazing, isn’t it? This water is pumped up all the way there to make that waterfall. So that fall turns into an ice wall in the winter. I personally think that this is one of the most beautiful places in Korea. Turn and look this way, please! (Actors know how to pose at the camera) We look like robbers of some sort. (#Robbers #Here to rob Danyang) Give it to me. I’ll take one for you. Just like that… (Dramatic pose) (Faces brighten up standing next to an actress) (#Beauty and robbers) (Wiggly, wiggly) (Taking a photo of Dongil in his funny pose) This is so funny! (#A funny-posed photographer in Danyang) (#It must be hard for his age) I’m laughing so much! Taking photos can be your workout for today. It’s almost like training. So, we have to buy… – Rice. / – Oh, we must have nothing. If we’re doing a barbeque, meat. We’ll have to decide on a menu. Menu should be decided by the cook, Changsuk. Changsuk will be cooking. Changsuk… I’m already tired. You’re panting already. We don’t have to buy for all 4 days today. Right, we’ll come out to town again. So we just need ingredients for today’s dinner? – This must be it! / – Danyang’s Gugyeong Market… Gugyeong Market! Let’s go see the market! (Hidden behind this lively atmosphere is) (A place of the past in the present) (Danyang’s famous traditional market) Buy some garlic before we leave. Danyang is famous for its garlic. Look at those garlics. (Garlics hang everywhere in the market) This is amazing. Wow. (Garlic, Danyang’s famous produce) I heard that they’ve prepared sauces for us. But we need to buy rice. – Rice. / – Rice. Wow. Korean sausage. Wow! – Garlic bread! / – Garlic bread… Shaved-ice with red beans… Stir-fired Korean sausages! – Where? / – Octopus skewers! Chinese food is good at market places like this. Look for a butcher’s shop. – Pork belly? / – Alright. This must be delicious. Let’s buy some of this. It looks soft. (Croquette) Let’s first buy what we must. Alright. – We can ask them to hold it for us. / – Chicken! “O’s Chicken” and “Chicken in front of O’s Chicken.” Wow, look at them. (A battle of the century taking place in an alley) They must be two different businesses, no? So funny! – I’m so curious. / – Let’s make a take-out order. Excuse me. For to-go. You sell fried chicken only, right? Fried chicken. Are we buying chicken? – Yes. / – Garlic short rib patties… Two? Three? I think one should be enough. We need to feed our crew members, too. (Oh, my…) We’ll order three and come back for it. Really? – Are we buying croquettes, too? / – Yes, we are. We’ll take three fried chickens. – We’ll be back in 30 minutes. / – I brought mine. Honeybee! (Where are you going now…) Where’s the butcher shop… – Alright. Let’s look around. / – Shall we? Pork belly and neck meat are all we need, no? For stew and everything… $30 for each should be enough, no? $30 for each should be enough, no? Wouldn’t that be too much? $30 isn’t going to be much meat. No, it’s 600g per $13. – Right. / – Usually, a single portion is… – Around 200g. / – That’s why it’s not a lot. It’s not a lot. If we buy $30 each… That’s really a lot. (It’s not, right?) Do you have beef, too? Are we buying the grill? Let’s go see our lodging first. With the skin… – Thank you. / – Thank you, too. Meat, kimchi, garlic… Pepper powder should be there… Rice cakes. – Bar rice cakes! / – Bars are coming out! (Rice cakes!) Do your shopping. I’ll be right there… (Ignored) Can we try some hot fresh rice cakes? (An amazing little show) I think he’s going to buy out the whole market. He’ll be buying rice cakes now that he’s there. Have some. Well, we’ll have to pay for it first. – Just have it. / – Just have it? Is this for us to taste? (We want to taste, too…) – Let’s taste it. / – Thank you. This was done just now. This is going to taste so good. – What do I do? / – It’s so hot! Have this one. Hot! Hot! So funny! (So good!) We can’t just go after trying all this. Hey, Changsuk. Let’s make some sales for her. This one, this one! We’ll take this one. These two? We’ll need grain syrup for this. She gave us a lot more than what we bought. Have a great day! And a nice bunch of hot peppers, please. Do you have a small bottle of starch syrup? Yes. Let’s get it for the rice cakes. – Starch syrup… / – I found grain syrup! – Here! But it’s too big. / – But we need it… Is there a smaller one? Grain syrup. That’s the smallest one. How much is it? – That’s $3. / – Oh, it’s cheap. We’re getting that huge grain syrup… – For rice cakes? / – It’s $3. Hey, it’s $3. It’s this much for $3! – No, no. / – Did you pay for it yet? No, not yet. (Just try it first) You tell me if $3 is too much for this. We can buy it, right? Small fish sauce… Oh, look! He picked up the fish sauce! What’s he going to make for us? No, it’s nothing special. Fish sauce makes pretty much everything better. Changsuk will be cooking, so… No, I won’t be cooking. (But his destiny can’t be changed) (Conquering the kitchen with his dynamic force!) (Masterpieces of this great actor) (Coming soon!) So that’s $17.50 total… That’s good. I’ll take the rest. We’ve got to do it together. – I’m fine. / – No, let me just carry it. Let me see. (He can’t help but feel sorry) (What’s the box for?) I don’t want your hands to hurt. Thank you. How thoughtful… – You can carry more, right? / – Yes. (Oh, what love they share) Carry more… We need it. (Last items on their list) We need garlic and rice. This? I’ll do it myself, ma’am. 4 liters of rice, please. – Thank you, ma’am. / – Thank you. Thank you. (Don’t forget to pick up the fried chicken!) (6 hours to the grand premiere, shopping completed) – Thank you. / – Let’s go, let’s go. We’re late. I don’t think we can open the cinema today. No, no, no! Smell that chicken… Would you like to try one? Just a little? (It hasn’t been long since they had their lunch) Wow. They just fry it all the way! – Like chips? / – Yes. This tastes like… Just try a little. This isn’t much. (Yum) – This isn’t chicken. / – It’s like chips. So much like chips… I’m supposed to be on a diet… We’re continuously eating. It’s like we’re doing a food program or something, not showing movies. (She continues on searching for more chicken) (Nom) (There goes a drumstick) (Delicious) A convenience store! What do you need? Sparkling water, wet wipes and stuff… I’m sure they have those at the village. We’ve still got a long way to go. They can’t not sell daily necessities at the village. (After miles and miles of driving) (The road gradually gets narrower and rougher) (Aegok, the name of their destination) Aegok. Doesn’t it sound a little sorrowful? It feels like a village with many stories to tell. (The name “Aegok” was given because of) (Its location in the valley and its mugwort) (At the end of this narrow trail) (That shows no hint of any shops) (Or even a single convenient store) Isn’t this it? Aegok… I think this is Aegok. (A dense forest surrounds the quiet village of Aegok) (In this quiet and still village) (Where only 37 households reside) (The fruits of the villagers’ sweat are ripening) (The villagers are harvesting those fruits) (Who are you?) (Welcome) Wow, look at that… – I don’t think those are bamboos. / – Nice trees. What kind are they? They’re standing beautifully upright. They’re so pretty. Oh, it’s this house. This one. This traditional house. Wow. It’s a Korean traditional house. Are we setting up the cinema here? (This is the ancestral shrine of the Wu family) – Thank you for the ride! / – Thank you! (So bright!) Wow. This is cool. This house fits my taste! Hello, there! This is an amazing place. In the old days, this would have been… – Oh, my… / – And the movies… Where do we…. Are we doing it in this courtyard? We project the movie here… This way, please. Go out the door… – This isn’t the house. / – This isn’t it. – This isn’t the place. / – This is a shrine. (Shrine) (Destination) This must be it. (A little further down the shrine is the house) (Where the Romance Cinema will be installed) – This place is… / – It’s better than the other one. It really is spacious. Wow. Everything is here. Oh, this must be where we’re staying. I see grandmother there. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello! / – Say hello. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, sir. Thank you… – For letting us stay. / – Thank you. (Deep bow) Oh, right! Go get the chicken! Quickly! Go get it! Chicken! – Bring everything? / – Bring all of it? I think… We’ll be needing a lot of help from you. I don’t know if you’ve heard that… – We’ll be screening some movies here… / – Yes. Where will that be? – Here. / – Oh, in this courtyard? (This is where the cinema will be) We bought fried chickens! We bought these fried chickens on our way here. Oh, you didn’t have to bring us anything. I heard you have chicken every day. – Right. / – We’ll have to buy it every day. It was special to us. – Thank you, again. / – Thank you! Should we get all our suitcases? Where’s the restroom? Restrooms are here and there. But I heard that young ladies are afraid of using old-styled restrooms. I think it’s one of those styles where you only have a hole in the ground… (Perhaps, like this?) It’s not something too new. – Just a hole… / – I mean, look. It’s just this wooden flat floor with… – In case someone falls? / – Yes. But the hole is way too small. I think I won’t make it. Think of it like a dart game. I’ll just hold it. I saw a position chart in here. Oh, the chart is over here. Head of safety, of snacks… Wait a minute. One, two, three, four, five… Why do we have five? – Is someone else coming? / – Head of the cinema… No, the head position of the cinema should be given to the village leader. – Right. / – Forced position. He’ll do his best to help us if we give him… – An official position. / – Right, right. There’s a map here, too. Right. First, we have to go meet the village leader before anything. We don’t have much time. I’ll be in charge of installation. – Installation? / – Yes. Like installing this and that… – Next. Marketing and events… / – That’s for… Senior Junhyeok? No, we’ll do the hard jobs. Sungkyoung, you take it. What else is there? Snacks? – Safety and snacks. / – I don’t mind. I can do whatever is needed. – You’re good with sales. / – Yes. Then I’ll take care of the snacks. Alright. What’s your name again? It’s Lee Junhyeok. Lee, Jun and Hyeok. I’m Go and Chang and Suk. Go and Chang… Go and Chang… We’ll put down the head of the cinema as… Excuse me, sir! Could I get the name of the village leader? – Sorry? / – Bae Munyeong. – Bae and… / – Bae Munyeong… Munyeong. Mun and Yeong. Bae, Mun and Yeong. Forced position… Done? (Chart completed) We are quick at these. Speed is our strength. Now, head of installation is Dongil. Head of marketing and events is Sungkyoung. Head of safety is Changsuk. I already feel safe just by looking at your face. By the way, is this our kitchen? – I think so, no? / – No. The main kitchen is there. This is the sauce station. – It’s here. / – Oh, everything’s here. – Everything is set here. / – This is the main kitchen. – That’s the kitchen, right? / – Is this the stove? (Let us introduce you to the team’s lodging) (The clear sound of cooking knives from the kitchen) (Everything from preparation to washing dishes to) (Cooking all kinds of food is done in the kitchen) (Sungkyoung’s room, the only actress here) (Will be filled with the hairdryer sound each morning) (Swing, swing) (Sometimes, she gets lazy) (Puff, puff, puff) (Next to her room is the living room) Ciders and cokes and stuffs… (Sometimes a resting area) (Where you can talk and have fun) (Lastly, the room of the three men) Now that the investments are made… I’ll turn off the lights. (Strong brotherhood can be felt here) Let’s gather up! (Changsuk is looking at the floor plan of the cinema) Oh, so the screen should go over there, right? Audience seat, wooden platform… We’ll move that to here. Huh? That’s not it. I can’t tell very well with this. According to the kitchen, the screen goes over there! The screen should go over here. We can’t have it there. We have an art director for the job. Art director… In the KBS drama “Mad Dog,” the team leader of the investigation team… – Yes, hello? / – Hello? – Yes. / – Yes, hello! My name is Lee Junhyeok. Oh, yes, hello. I’m the head of snacks for this project. Yes, I see. Yes, I’m in charge of snacks… But I don’t have the movie screen here so I don’t know if I can sell anything here tonight. Yes, we’ll help you out. Yes, thank you. Where are you, by the way? I’m near the house. Oh, you mean the house here? – Yes. / – Oh, not your house… – I see. / – Yes, alright. Okay! Well, let’s first move this platform over there. – Which way? / – This way. I’ll help. I’ll do it with Changsuk. – You could have offered earlier… / – Which way? – This has to face the front. / – Over there. – All the way to the wall? / – Yes, to the wall. That’s heavier than it looks. “You could have offered earlier…” Two, three! Okay! Chairs next! – Chairs… / – Let’s do that after the director comes. (Meanwhile…) (Sungkyoung’s suitcase) (She brings out something from her bag) (They’ll love it!) Umm… You open gas like this. – I brought presents. / – There’s a basket up there. But food seems to come first now. This is a present! A present! Present! – What’s that? A hat? / – A hat. Is it a chef’s hat? – Who gave it to you? / – I did. I brought it. – Oh, a present for us? / – Yes. – You wear it! It’s pretty! / – No, I brought four! Oh, four? Yes, it’s for the team. I knew you’d bring hats. – Oh, this is a pretty beret! / – I hope it fits! I don’t know if it will. Oh, I really hope it does. Make sure the tail falls at the back. (And the result?) (Ta-da!) (Looking cute!) It fits! It looks great on you! That’s not the front. (He put it on wrong) (Shy smile) – You look like a soldier whatever you do. / – Good! Can I have all of you see here? One, two… One, two, three! It looks so perfect! This was a great success! It’s driving me crazy that I can’t see myself. You’re looking so good! We’ve got to get ready and go see the village leader. He left after lunch because it’s past 1 o’clock. Oh, is he away right now? He left for the field because it’s past 1 o’clock and the door’s locked. Oh, the village leader is busy. You’ll have to see him in the evening. Where’s the field? Is it far? Where he works? I don’t know where he’s at. Can we get his number? He comes back in the evening after working the field. What does he look like? What does he look like? – The village leader? / – Yes. How does that help you find him? I was going to use the helicam. (Finding the village leader with a helicam?) Oh, I just want to slap you with fried chicken. But we can find him quickly that way. Should I go search for him? Ma’am, where’s the village leader’s house? It’s that house with the blue roof. I wonder if his wife is at home. This is a bean field. Look at those beans. It’s a rice paddy, but we don’t have enough hands. Oh, rice paddy… We don’t have enough people to work on it. These days? Who’s the youngest person in the village? How old is he or she? The youngest by age is 60 years old. 60? How about the oldest? The oldest one in the village… – Is about 87 years old. / – 87 years old… The village leader’s out, but his wife must be there. No, both of them work the field. – They both work. / – Oh, that’s right. (The gates are firmly locked) Wait a minute. Let me ask… – If they know his number. / – Really? (Disappointed) (Meanwhile, back at Mr. Wu’s…) Where did Dongil go? (Sungkyoung goes off to find Dongil) Did he go that way? I heard that he went this way. (Grandmother’s voice is coming from nearby) (This way?) Is she here? Found her! It’s not the leader’s home. It’s not? Village hall then? – Hello! / – We’ve prepared a lot today. You’ll come see the movie, right? When is it? We’re thinking of starting at 6 o’clock. Alright. What movie do you want to watch? What kind? I don’t know. I don’t watch movies much. When was the last time you watched one? – A long time ago. / – And that’s about when? – About 40 years ago. / – 40 years? You probably won’t remember it well. Back then, there were no movie theaters in the countryside. There weren’t any around here. But in Seoul… – You must be from Seoul. / – I watched it there. So the movie you watched 40 years ago is… – The last movie you watched? / – Yes, that’s right. We’ve prepared a fun movie, so come with your wife. Your wife must be the same about movies, right? It’s been just that long? Isn’t that right? No, I watched it by myself. I watched it when I went out for work. Then it’s been more than 40 years for your wife, no? – So come together for the movie later. / – Okay. – We have it ready. / – Please come! It starts at 6! You look really familiar to me. I come to this village often. – I’ll see you later. / – Please come! Thank you for the number! (Village leader’s contact number) Is this the village leader’s number? / – Yes. I hope he picks up. Yes. – Hello? / – Yes, yes. Excuse me, is this the village leader of Aegok? – Yes. / – We are the team from Seoul… Who promised to screen some movies here in Aegok. Yes, yes. We wanted to first pay you a visit, but you seem quite busy. When do you think you’ll be back? I think it’ll have to be past 5 o’clock. Okay. I hope to see you then. – Alright. / – Yes, sir. (The village leader will visit after his work) They’re all out on the field. – Oh, they’re out… / – You keep it well. But I’m glad that people seem excited. They don’t seem bothered, but excited. You never know if we’ll run out of seats. I’m hoping the best. Where’s the art director? (Right here) – May I come in? / – Yes! You’re the art director, no? – Hello! / – Hello. (Kim Namhoe, art director) Now, let’s get that screen and seats and snack bar… – How can we do this? / – We are… Going to put the screen… – Over on this side… / – Yes. – The seats will be there. / – The seats, yes. – And the snack bar there. / – There? In that case… What kind of screen is it going to be? A roll screen? We’re going to make a wall for it. After we make the wall… (Here comes the screen) It’s all completed. (It’s not done yet!) (Nice curtains are installed) (To finish up the theater screen) (Satisfaction guaranteed) Is this for the lights? We’re going to hang the light bulbs. – On this string? / – Yes. (Bulb by bulb, each bulb is connected) (Carefully to brighten up the night) There’s another one there. Where? Oh, there’s another one. (Detailed touch) (A perfect duo) Oh, the snack bar! The snack bar is getting installed. (Make way for the snack bar!) – Snack bar! / – Wall menu… It’s like one of those old DJ boxes… It’s pretty! A DJ box… We have a snack bar, but what do we sell? – Drinks. / – Popcorn. Rice wine. There’s also iced rice wine. (What’s after the snack bar?) (The heart of a movie theater, the beam projector) (It’s time for Dongil to take charge) Isn’t it too far? If it’s too far, the projection gets wider. It should come at least here. Let’s set up the audio. Speakers are here. Two over here and two over there. And maybe two at the back. Wow. This is heavy. We’re going to surprise the elders with our audio. (Dongil is confident about his job) Thank you. Is there anything else you want to add? – Should I write this? / – Writing? – Should we write… / – Yes. 6 o’clock on Friday the 20th? – Yes. / – Right? 6 p.m. What about the location? How do we describe this location? – You can call it “Mr. Wu’s.” / – Mr. Wu’s? Mr. Wu’s place… Mr. Wu! – The Wu-cinema. / – Mr. Wu! Wow. Mr. Wu and Wu-cinema sound prefect. (Come to Mr. Wu’s for a movie!) – Oh, the chairs are here? / – Oh, chairs. – Sungkyoung! / – Yes. Move the chairs! Chairs! Don’t carry it like that. – Put it on top for me. / – No, let go. Just take one or two at a time. Put it on me. One more. These big ones aren’t the ones we ordered. These are called anti-gravity chairs. Even the actors don’t use it very much. (Having trouble) This one… (That definitely doesn’t seem right) How do you unfold this? Most elders fall asleep in this chair. Was this chair our PD’s idea? It was mine. My idea. This was your idea? Isn’t this the one that I told you about? (During the last meeting…) We need to prepare food and… What I’m most worried about are the seats. – Me, too. Back pains and… / – They’ll be quite old. To be sitting down for up to 2 hours to at least an hour and 20 minutes… – I’m worried about the seats. / – How about… Camping chairs that you can stretch out on? Wouldn’t that be nice for the elders? With blankets? That seems nice. – Yes. I like that. Right? / – Yes. Ones with the neck rest… Yes, it comes up to here these days. It’s really nice. This was your idea? Isn’t this the one that I told you about? But you can’t see it from the back then. But you can pull up the seat, too. This was your idea? You can make the chair upright. Oh, you… (He agreed to it before…) Shall we try setting it up? We got you what you wanted. – What do we do? / – This wasn’t what I wanted. I just came up with an idea… Wow, this is going to be a problem. For now… (Worried) If we arrange it like this, it just may be alright. Let’s try. Oh, I can see it. At this angle, I can see the screen. Then, the first two rows are fine. – Yes, they’re fine. / – Two, four, six, eight… Ten, eleven… If we have the four seats in the front laid back, it’s possible. Yes, it is. Oh, good. Try it. Lie down. You see if it’s uncomfortable. Wait. But for elders… – It may get dizzy. / – No, wait. This is a pillow, not for your back. – Lie down. / – It’s comfortable. It is. – How is it? / – He’s going to fall asleep. It’s good. It’s comfortable to see the movie. – Really? / – Yes. Talk with neighbors, too… This may not be too bad, no? If everyone lies down, everyone can see it. If everyone lies down, everyone can see it. – If everyone lies down… / – Let’s try that. Everyone can see once everyone lies down. – Lie down. / – The view is clear. Everyone can see once everyone lies down. I’m going to try. Lie down. Nothing’s blocking my view. You can’t lie down in the last row. You can’t see it? It’s better to sit like this in the last row. – Just the last row? / – Yes, the last row. This isn’t so bad! – You can see the sky here. / – Up to 3rd row… – Hey, you… / – But it’ll be dark. – Go up a little bit. / – No, it’s not that. – You have to lift up the head to see it. / – Go down. That seems fine, too. Wait, wait a minute. – Need help? / – No, no. Ma’am, are you home? Could you help us a little? – What’s all this? / – It’s nice, right? – Yes, it is. / – Ma’am, come this way, please. For those who want comfort, we’ll have them lie down here. How do you sit here? Try sitting down, ma’am. Tell us if this is comfortable or not. – We’ll help you. / – Yes, upright. Try sitting down. Pull all the way in and I’ll pull the chair down. Lie down comfortably. Now, how is it to watch the movie… – Lying down like this? / – How is it? The movie will be shown here. / – Here. – I’ll have to pull up. / – Sorry? I have to sit up. It gets dizzy lying down. It gets dizzy lying down. (Oh, no!) Really? My grandmother gets dizzy lying down, too. It has to be at least like this. It does have to be lifted up a little. Really? Is this the best? Let’s try it again. How about this? – No. This is dizzy, too. / – Oh, I see… – What do we do? / – This angle is right. Then… Just adjust the seats for everyone. People at the back can’t see… We’ll have to raise the seats somehow… (Feeling sorry for them) You have to sit up right to not get dizzy, right? I don’t know. Other people may be fine. The back… But elders are… Oh, please come here, sir! (Another helper appears) Sir, these seats are for married couples to watch the movie together. Try sitting down here. Sit together… – It’s for a couple? / – Yes. Hold hands together. Hold them together. Good. It’s going down now. Try lying down. – Do we have to hold hands? / – Yes, for couples. Put up your feet. Right there. Now, let’s… – Bring it down. / – Oh, no, no. – Are you dizzy? / – Oh, my… – How about this? / – How is it? – Pull it up more. / – More? – It has to be at least this. / – Oh, this much? It’s good to watch the movie together like this? It has to be around this angle. We can’t lie down. We really can’t lie down. (Discouraged) How long has it been since you watched a movie together? Never done it. – Really? / – Never? – Never? / – Yes. Not even once. Not even when you were dating? Nope. Never been to a cinema. We were farming deep in the countryside…. What about before marriage? That, too. Grandmother and grandfather, and my in-laws… They wouldn’t let us go. Why do you mention that? That’s why we’ve never been! – Stop it. / – Why stop it? So this will be your first time to watch… – A movie together holding hands, right? / – Yes. – That’s right. / – We’ve never done it. Then… You can first pick where you want to seat together. We’re not sitting like that. Others will be coming and we’re sitting individually. – You’re not sitting together? / – No. – She’s too cool about it. / – Why not? I don’t want to. But you’ve never… Don’t mind her. – She’s just saying it. / – Yes. I’m sure. Would you like to watch it together? – Do you want these center seats? / – Anywhere. Really? (Anyhow…) So what do we do? (The problem is still not solved) We’ve got 10 of these. – What? / – We’ve got 10 of these. (Ta-da!) It’s better to have those in the front row. That’ll work. What a dilemma. Should we make it circular? And then, should we empty the center area? That may work. Just make a big circle. – Let’s empty it first. / – Empty it… Then put those chairs… – Tightly in the center. / – Like this, right? Line them up. Line them on one side. This is quite a lot, no? See? More on this side. Diagonally… – Put it diagonally. / – You can see from here. – I can see everything. / – You can? – I can see if from here, too. / – Okay? Come in a little closer. – Good! / – You can? Come in a little closer. – A little closer… / – Push it a little more to the side. – This way? / – Yes. Let’s put this on after. It’s not sturdy enough. By the way, you guys… I really think this is a great layout. It looks just like a cinema. Look, Changsuk. It’s perfect. From here, it’s got that Colosseum-like feeling. Wow, we did an amazing job. We did? – I love it this way. / – Okay. This is nice. Give me five. The village leader is here. – Huh? / – The village leader is here. Oh, good afternoon, sir! – He looks very young! / – Hello! Nice to meet you, sir. I’ve seen all of you often. Good afternoon. Thank you for visiting our village. Oh, it’s nothing. Thank you for having us here. First, our youngest member will pay a visit to your place to see how the announcements are done with the microphone. Are we having a light-up ceremony? – It’s a bar-style sign. / – Now in theaters… We have to put up today’s movie poster here. Yes, the main movie poster. Bring one over here first. – I’ll get it. / – Yes, get one first. Bring out today’s main poster. Let’s see how it fits. Today’s movie should go here and… – For tomorrow. / – For tomorrow. Hold it still. Wow. The texture of the wall is… (Hard-working) This is amazing. It looks like a real cinema! We’ve done it. This wasn’t necessary, huh? What’s that? Bullets? – This is how we used to do it. / – I know. This is looking really nice. They have a bigger poster, too. (1 hour and 30 minutes to the grand premiere) Let’s go to the village leader’s place first. Okay, to the left. (The actors are out to advertise the event) Good, good! Where? Here? No, over there. (Just beyond the bean field…) – Hello, sir. / – Oh, this is it? It’s here. Come in. Cats! Four of them, too. Wow, four! – Actually, five. / – How are there so many cats? – They’re kittens! / – So pretty! Hello! They’re so pretty! They’re so cute! What do I do? What do I do? I love it! Oh, my… They’re 20 days old. (20-day-old twins) They’re 20 days old. (#Photographer Lee Junhyeok) – Too cute. / – They want their mother. What do I do? Put them on the floor. – They walk around well. / – They can walk? Already? Are you guys cold? I’ve never seen such young kittens. They are so lovely! Come here! (Let’s stay together to keep warm!) So cute! Sir, do you make the announcements here? No, at the village hall. – Oh, at the hall… / – Is the hall far from here? Shall we go now? – If we go now… / – Shall we go now? Oh! We have to hand out these flyers. Huh? – Do it on our way back? / – Okay. (Lovely Changsuk makes a run for something) Excuse me? We’ll be showing a movie tonight! If you have the time, please join us at 6 o’clock! We’ll be showing a movie called “The Grand Heist” at Mr. Wu’s. Oh, my! I don’t look nice right now! You came to me when I don’t look nice! Oh, take your time! Take your time! – At 6 o’clock! / – At Mr. Wu’s! – If I have time… / – Yes, of course. It’s at Mr. Wu’s at 6 o’clock! Please come! – When is it? / – 6 o’clock! – At 6? / – If you come a little earlier… – You can get a better seat! / – We’ve prepared… – Light snacks and food, too. Oh, I need to tidy up then. – Oh, my… / – You look just beautiful now, too. I need to wash to go somewhere. I’ll prepare walnut cakes and other snacks! So please come! – She wants to wash up… / – Yes. – And dress up for it. / – Exactly. It’s just as they say. Woman will be woman… – No matter the age. / – Right. Girls always have to do their brows… – And put on their lipsticks. / – Exactly. It’s so nice here! I really like it! I’m really liking this place! How wonderful would it be to walk here every day? (Cloud hats over the grandfather mountain) (Their footsteps are getting lighter) I really hope the elders will enjoy tonight. Sungkyoung, let’s give him a flyer and go. You can stop on the center trail. Grandfather! Are you busy, grandfather? Can I walk on this trail? We’ve prepared a movie to show you at Mr. Wu’s courtyard tonight. We’ve prepared snacks, too. It’s at 6 o’clock. – At 6? / – Yes, at 6. So feel free to join us! This is the movie for tonight. It’s a historical comedy. – Historical? / – Yes. Some of the actors on this poster are here today. Here! He’s right here. We’re decorating the cinema over there! That light! It’s going to be at Mr. Wu’s house tonight at 6 o’clock. Please join us! We have tasty snacks, too. When was the last time you went to a cinema? – A cinema? A long time ago. / – Yes, a cinema. – Really? How long ago? / – When was that? I think it’s been about 30 years since my last visit. – Oh, 30 years! / – 30 years! You don’t remember what you watched, do you? No, I don’t. Well, I’m now 85 years old… 85 years old? – You look like you’re not even near 60! / – Right! Only if that were true! You really don’t look like your age. Please come join us! – We’ll be waiting! / – See you soon! Can you go this way? – Is that fine? / – This way’s better. Oh, I see. Young people can walk over the ditch. I’ll help you jump over. You can jump? I’ll jump. (She’s got long legs) She’s got long legs! (Please come to watch the movie tonight!) Thank you, again! It’s nice today. Everyone’s still working. They’re all busy. Would they come if we make an announcement? Well then… Sungkyoung and Mr. Bae can make the announcement while we put this up. Wow… Announcement room… We just need to set this up. (Only the village leader can access this machine) CDs, tapes, volume… It’s all labeled. I’m so nervous! This is being broadcasted live! (Sound check affirmative) (Going live without a rehearsal) One more ring… Hello, everyone! We are movie actors from Seoul. Today, we have prepared a special cinema for everyone in this village to show you a movie. We’ve also prepared delicious snacks in addition to a fun movie. So I hope many of you can join us today at 6 p.m. at Mr. Wu’s place. See you soon! (Today at 6 p.m. at Mr. Wu’s place) (Remembering the past years as unknown actors) (They put up the posters with great care) (To invite as much audience as possible) Hello? Hello? – I don’t think anyone’s home. / – I don’t think so. I don’t think anyone’s home now. Maybe they’re out in the field. Did you hear about the movie playing at 6 today? Yes. We came by to ask you to come see it today! If you have some time, please come by! We’ll be screening a movie tonight at Mr. Wu’s house… I’ll be there. Go pick up jujubes and have it. Jujubes? It’s right there in the yard. These jujubes are red and ripe! (Roar of the “Weightlifting Fairy!”) Oh, no! Some fell! – Pick all of them! / – Oh, we can’t do that. Each person should have at least one. Should I put it in my pocket? – Thank you! / – Thank you! – Come for some snacks! / – Please do! It’s at 6 o’clock! Isn’t it good? (40 minutes to the grand premiere) I hope you can make it, grandpa! Please come! What song should we sing? For today? No, for tomorrow! We do have to sing something. – ♪ My love ♪ / – ♪ What is it? ♪ ♪ Did you see a couple of chicks ♪ ♪ Playing in the backyard? ♪ – ♪ I did ♪ / – ♪ Where are they? ♪ ♪ I was growing old, so I had them for my health ♪ ♪ You did well, you did well ♪ ♪ You did well, you did well, did do well ♪ That really is an old song. (Small Town Cinema: Overgrown Bromance) ♪ I’ll be back when the sun turns bright ♪ When it goes “turn,” shouldn’t we actually make a slight turn? “Turns bright,” like that? Oh, I wonder what Dongil is… What would he be doing? Let’s make a guess! (Dongil, who’s the head of installation) (Fell asleep in his seat) (After wrestling with the beam projector) (Perhaps he should be one of the elders invited) What would he be doing? Let’s make a guess! He’s over there. He’s standing in his warm jacket. – Welcome back. / – He must be cold. He looks very kind, no? Jujubes? An elder gave us jujubes. – These jujubes are delicious. / – They’re tasty. – I picked them. / – Wow… Wow, this is as big as an apricot. – It’s so good. / – It’s almost the size of an apple. We picked it ourselves. It’s so good. – Isn’t it? / – Yes. I need to work on the menu. We need to call it “walnut cakes.” Sungkyoung, turn on the popcorn machine. Should I? – Oh, popcorn? / – Yes. I’ll get to it right after the menu board. – Work on the menu after you turn it on. / – After? The machine takes time. Do I just fill it up and turn it on? Is this it? – On the floor? / – Yes. – Is it automatic after I turn it on? / – Yes. You just need to salt it. – At the end? / – Yes. Do you see any margarine there, Changsuk? – Sorry? / – Any margarine? What do want me to do? Margarine! Margarine! Oh, margarine! I don’t know. I didn’t really search for it yet… I think I’m going to change first, if that’s alright… (Off with the layers) (Having a hard time) (No one’s grabbing on to it, right?) (Looks just like a cinema staff with the uniform on) (He’s looking peculiarly nice in his uniform) (Tops it off with the hat that Sungkyoung prepared) (Underneath the ever-changing autumn sky) (The one and only Romance Cinema is now lit up) (The great happiness that this small place will bring) (Will the elders at Aegok) (Come to watch the movie?) Have you been to the cinemas or to the movie theaters when you were young? No. When you were dating your husband… – You didn’t watch movies? / – There was no dating. It was all arranged marriages back then. Have you ever wanted to go to a theater of some sort? Not really because such place didn’t exist back then. Did you ever wonder about it? Not so much, and now, I can’t go even if I want to. I can’t move easily. Do you have any memories about movies theaters? I’ve never been to one. I had to keep the house. How could I when my in-laws were so vicious. My mother-in-law passed away at 94. I married into the family at 20. She passed away at 94. Did you not go see movies when you were young? With friends? (Shy, shy) (20 minutes to the grand premiere) (The entrance of the cinema is still silent) (Small Town Cinema: Overgrown Bromance) Cinemas? I’ve been to cinemas in the past, but not these days. How long ago in the past? That’s when I was young and my son was a baby. At the time… I think I was around 17 years old… Do you remember exactly what movie you watched at the time? How can anyone remember everything like that? That was over 40 years ago… (Are you ready to travel back into your memories?) (10 minutes to the grand premiere) (Finally…) Hello! This way, please. Yes, welcome. Welcome. (Coming Soon) (“Hot Potato” by N.Flying)

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