Small Town Cinema : Overgrown Bromance | 절찬 상영중 : 철부지 브로망스 EP5-Final Episode[KOR/ENG, 2018.03.06]

(Small Town Cinema: Overgrown Bromance) (Episode 5: A Tale of Autumn) (Early bird 1, up) (Early bird 2, up) (Sungkyoung is preparing breakfast) Green onions smell nice. (Chop, chop) (Ready to be cooked) (Winter training by the hairy coach) Now, one more time! (That’s not the end) No resting! No resting! Now, go, go, go! (Tired…) (A busy morning for the early birds…) Let’s listen to some songs on the chart… Huh? (Can’t talk, need to breathe) On the chart… Years ago… Well, not years… I listened to Changmo’s “Maestro.” Hip hop spirit? Like BewhY? Yeah, BewhY’s good, too. BewhY! “Puzzle?” (“Puzzle” by C Jamm and BewhY) (When music starts, so does her dance spirit) (Oh, yeah) ♪ I think I’ll become Bieber ♪ (She’s got that beat going) (Are you listening, BewhY?) ♪ Got to confess, you know? ♪ ♪ Good night, man, every night ♪ ♪ I’m a bum on my payday, drink ♪ (Going to be the new hip hop star) Shall we get the rice ready? Yeah, I’m hungry. Why did you exercise? It was for fried rice. To eat! (A perfect BGM for cooking, “As You Live On”) (Crush) (Flustered) Why? I kind of feel sorry that I interrupted your singing with this crushing noise. (Sungkyoung’s beautiful voice sings on) Let’s start the fire. (And Changsuk adds harmony to her singing) (Duet in the kitchen) ♪ As you live on ♪ That’s too low. ♪ You live on ♪ (Ah, ah) ♪ Close your eyes ♪ ♪ Feel the wind ♪ ♪ The caressing hands of a mother ♪ (Congratulations, you are the best singers of Aegok!) I can just stir-fry the green onions here, right? – Sure. / – It’s not going to burn. (Sungkyoung’s fried rice recipe) (1. Stir-fry green onions in the pan) (2. Wait for Changsuk to wash the ingredients) (3. Add shrimp, bell pepper and mushroom) It’s so heavy. (4. Use both hands to stir-fry it with rice) Wow, this would be perfect for just us two. (To Changsuk, this is only for two people) – I can even finish it by myself. / – Really? It’s got a lot of rice. It’s alright. I can eat all. I see. Maybe we added not enough rice. Oh, good morning! Good morning! Fried rice! Wow! Man! Yo! Senior! Look at the shrimp! We bought them to make fried rice. – Really? / – Yeah. – Let’s eat! / – Looks good. It’s going to turn cold. Is this American style breakfast? Hotel style breakfast! – Fried rice and toasts! / – Oh, hotel! Go ahead and eat it. – Bon appetit! / – Enjoy! Enjoy! (Yum) There must be meat in it. (Sungkyoung’s shrimp fried rice is a hit) What’s this? – Beans? / – No, mushroom. Oyster mushroom! Chopped oyster mushroom. (What’s breakfast without toasts?) It’s been a while since I had toasts. (The highlight is, of course) (Warm coffee) Pasta was good, too, but I like this way better. Fried rice? (A happy breakfast time continues on… Or does it?) Good, right? (No!) What are you doing? Eggs might burn. (A total mess) My eggs… (You…) Aren’t you supposed to flip it over? (Flustered) Just now, I almost cursed. – It’s alright. / – No worries. We’ll have scrambled eggs. Brunches are served with scrambled eggs anyway. What Sungkyoung cares the most is how pretty it is. – It’s fine. / – I’m so sorry, Sungkyoung. It’s fine! Really. I like eggs done like this. – I like it this crispy. / – Sungkyoung hates it. She says she’s fine… – While gritting her teeth. / – I’m fine. I like my eggs like this. I actually do like them. She’s giving me the looks behind her words. No, I mean it. I just didn’t want it to burn. This kind of feels like… How do you call it? Like a son? You’re like a son to her. That’s it for you. So much for a senior. Want more eggs? Should I do more? Yes, two more, please. Okay. I want to see it. I’m not good at making eggs. Come on! (Just like a son) I want two more eggs! (Sungkyoung fries eggs again) Flip it for us, Sungkyoung! – Show us what you did last night. / – Will that work? Of course. Eggs are thin so I don’t know if that’ll work. You can do it! We’ll eat off the floor. (Go!) You can do it! We’ll eat off the floor. (Everyone’s attention is on her) (We believe in you) You can do it! We’ll eat off the floor. Got it! (Not satisfied) I can’t do it. – It’s good. / – It’s done. Mine looks uglier. No, Sungkyoung. (Feeling embarrassed) Mine looks uglier and weird. Alright. Let’s go take a shower at the village hall. Hey, do you want to play a game? The loser takes off his shirt and rubs on those poison ivy trees. Those are all poison ivy trees. (Poison ivy grove) Wow, that’s a lot of poison ivy. It’s the town’s specialty. – Really? / – Yes. (Poison Ivy, bark and sap have medicinal effects) I hope this program becomes a hit. I wish we can all be in a movie together. – That would be great. / – Title, “It’s Alright.” (A new movie of 2018, “It’s Alright”) It’s alright. (Silver Hall of Aegok) Hey, Junhyeok, did you bring lotion? – Yes. / – Give me some. (Is it real lotion this time?) This is what Changsuk lent me yesterday. – It’s Changsuk’s? / – This one, right? Yeah, that one. I also need it. Now? Wash first. I washed my face! You don’t look like you did. I did! Change your underwear! It’s the new one that’s good for a week. It’s 1-week-underwear. Don’t you feel icky? You have to endure a lot of things to become like me. (Both are the same in the end) (What are they getting ready for this early?) Let’s set our schedule now. Since we’re in Danyang, we’ve got to see at least one of its famous views. And I found a cruise tour. – A cruise! / – Nice! And it takes about 19 minutes from here to there. So… We should… Oh, we washed. – Get ready… / – Wash… See? It means that you didn’t wash. I washed early in the morning. No, you didn’t! – I so did! / – That’s why you… – Want to wash. / – Our viewers know. (2 hours ago) (I’m innocent) (Going back to Mr. Wu’s, all nice and clean) Wow, the foliage! – Where? / – On that mountain! (Aegok’s colors are ripening in October) I feel so fresh after the shower. Looking at the trees after a shower! Autumn is indeed a season for men. (Underneath the clear blue sky of autumn…) Are these spicy red peppers? Looks like it. They are small. These are red. Rock, paper… (He’s gone crazy) This is such an old repertoire. Rock, paper, scissors! (Yes!) – I… / – It’s my first time having a raw pepper. Really? It’s really my first time. Think of the sweats of the farmers. (One bold bite) It’s not spicy at all. Eat all. – Not spicy at all. / – Don’t walk away. It’s really not spicy at all. Really? Give it. This didn’t turn out fun. – I have my mouth closed. / – Try it. – I’m really bad with spicy food. / – Look at me. (How is it?) (Hot) (Got you!) (It’s totally spicy!) You’ve been pranked by a junior. Don’t spit it out! Farmers worked hard for it. Wasn’t it hot? She’s just holding it in! She’s turning red! Gosh, that’s hot. We got Junhyeok again. Look at her cry, look! (Crying) You’re really good at acting. (Best actress of Aegok, Lee Sungkyoung) Don’t cry, Sungkyoung! Don’t cry! Why did I have to eat it when I won? Hey, we have to put up the posters outside. Nothing’s up right now. We have to put it up next to the gate. This wall is too wide to just put one poster up. So if we put up two… Or… Sungkyoung can write, “Thank you for coming to Small Town Cinema…” – Shall I? / – Yeah. What should I write? You write something beautiful. Junhyeok will help you. (Thinking hard) (Sungkyoung carefully writes down her heart) (And the seniors silently watch her) I’ll have to make it pretty. (They’re finally getting ready for their last screening) – Done. / – Alright, good job! We’ll put this up at the gate. We should put one up at the village head’s place. Let’s leave this here. Let everything go great today, too. (“i Can Speak”) (Everyone puts up the posters together today) Wow. It’s finally our last movie. When we first put up the posters, I was worried how we were going to last for 4 days. I was troubled. It’s our last movie. (Unlike the nervous beginning) (Now they feel very proud and a little sad) (Now, only the last screening is left) Ready? Yes. Let’s go. (Time for a Danyang tour) It’s all good. It’s our first time getting out of this village. (Today, staff of Wu-cinema…) (Will go beyond the small village of Aegok) (Walking underneath the clear blue sky) (And enjoy the beauty of Autumn) (That Mother Nature has presented them with) – ♪ Oh, believe in me ♪ / – We have to hurry now. 57… Our cruise is at 1 o’clock, but it says we’ll arrive there at 12:57. What? Let’s hurry. (Hurry up!) Let’s go! Time to see the beauty of Danyang. We finally found a little time on our last day here. We’re all in, right? (Let’s make some memories) It’s a pheasant! – Pheasant! / – Pheasant! – Pheasant! / – Pheasant! It’s running! Wow, a pheasant! (Where) It’s a pheasant! (I missed it) It’s really nice to go on a trip like this. I thought it would be noisy. That’s a nice view. Danyang really has great views. It’s beautiful everywhere you go here. (Views that capture people’s eyes) Oh, this must be that tunnel. (An another hidden treasure) This is the famous one-way tunnel. – Interesting, right? / – Yeah. It kind of feels like a bunker… – From those war movies. / – Yeah. You’re right. (A one-way tunnel where cars must take turns) It feels a lot better with these lights on. – Without lights… / – It would be a little scary. (Once the light-decorated tunnel ends…) (Even more beautiful road) (Of Danyang unfolds) (Expressing the beauty with her face) I hope I’ll look fine when I film tomorrow. I hope I won’t look too big. Oh, don’t you worry about your looks. But I agree that beauty inside is beauty outside. Right. (How touching) I really don’t buy those sayings. I just need to quit alcohol. Tickets this way. – This way. / – There. Awesome! A cruise! Thank you. I’m so excited! A cruise! I’m so excited! Oh, this must be Chungjuho that I’ve only heard of. Alright, let’s go! Wow! A ferry! (Welcome to Chungjuho) Is that it? It really is beautiful here! Oh, you can see it from the top of the ferry. It’s different from a sea. (Ready for fun!) (Welcome!) It’s so nice! Board! Hello. (Let’s board first) It’s like a tour bus. – Right. / – Will I get sick? There’s even popcorn! – Really? / – Sweet popcorn! (Yes!) (Wow!) The rear is the best on ferries like this. Isn’t this so beautiful? Yes, it is! (We made a great choice!) Awesome! (Elegant contour of the mountains of Danyang) (And abundantly flowing water of Chungjuho) (It’s time to enjoy some time on a peaceful lake) (We’ll be going first) Let’s wave at them. Have fun! Good-bye! Good-bye! How are you? – Must be Japanese tourists. / – I love you! I love you! I love you! Changsuk looks so cute. (Cheese) (Looking so happy) – Three elders and one young girl. / – Ferry’s moving! It’s going, going, going! (The ferry starts to move slowly) (On this bright happy day, let’s go have some fun) Welcome, everyone. Today we’re with KBS 2TV’s new program, “Dragon’s Club?” Nope! – “Small Town Cinema.” / – “Small Town Cinema!” – “Small Town Cinema” is the title? / – Yes! He’s funny. That was before… (Our program wasn’t aired then) Wow. Look at those fall trees. I can’t see the colors well, but it really is pretty. It seems prettier on this side. (Peaceful Chungjuho) I want popcorn! Sweet one! $3? (Here’s $5) Get a receipt. Receipt! Does this have different flavors? Look at them wave. Is it not good? Is strawberry flavor not good? How about others? This is good. I want to try strawberry flavor. Buy both. (You can try both if you buy both) No, I’ll take this one with multiples flavors. Thank you. It’s multiple flavored. Aren’t you sick of popcorn? Strawberry, chocolate and caramel flavored. Three days of popcorn… Strawberry flavor! We should have brought our popcorn! (What’s he doing?) He’s recording something, probably centered around himself. I’m recording myself only. (Sungkyoung joins in) Look at that background. (Overly happy) – There’s red popcorn. / – Strawberry flavor. And chocolate and caramel. It’s multiple flavored. Good choice, right? We would’ve missed a lot had we not come. Right. We might have just left without seeing this. True. Please look to your left now. On your left, you’ll see the famous peak of Danyang’s Woraksan National Park… – Jebibong will appear on your left. / – Jebibong! Let’s check it out. On your left… You’ll see that layers of mountains make a bird shape. It’s supposed to be a shape of a flying swallow. (He didn’t find it yet) Do you know the types of birds? Birds? There are various types of birds like blue bird, early bird, late bird, tweety bird… Tweety bird… (He’s funny) Let’s continue on. Turn to your right now. I’ll explain about the right side now. You’ll see a small and humble grave inside a wooden fence. That grave belongs to a woman who threw herself off a cliff after Yi Hwang, Danyang’s governor then… – There! / – There’s a grave there! That’s an interesting grave site. Why is it there? How did they even make it? (So much to see and learn) Wow. That’s breathtaking. No need to go abroad. That’s really breathtaking. – Wow. / – Look at that. – No need to go abroad. / – Yeah. (The sight in front of their eyes is) (The graceful view of Gudambong) (Gudambong is much more grand than expected) – This is really great. / – It is. It’s called Gudambong not because it has 9 peaks, but because of its overall shape. Take a look at its shape. When reflected onto the lake surface, it resembles the shape of a turtle. – So it means a turtle. / – Oh, it must be this. That must be the head. Awesome! The turtle that we’re about to see this time is an easy one to find for everyone. It’s the rock turtle on the left. On the left you’ll see… – It’s there. / – Yeah. If you can look to the top, you’ll see Gudambong’s rock turtle. Looking at from this angle, it’s exactly the shape of a turtle. (I’m also a turtle) – Oksunbong. / – This must be Oksunbong. I’ve been to the top. – It was for a shooting. / – Really? Is it great up there? It’s amazing. It’s great to look down from there. It’s really beautiful there. (6th scenic view, Oksunbong) It would be nice to just go for a hike, not for work. But this kind of looks like… It was like a film set. – I know. / – One, two, three! (Pretty) (Beauty created by) (Great Mother Nature) Amazing. Amazing, really. I really love it! That’s the rocking rock. – It’s on your right. / – That over there? It’s over there. Look at where I’m pointing. – Over there. / – Oh, that one? It’s a “like rock.” – “Like.” / – A “like rock!” They need to update the names. (Come and press “like” for Danyang!) I’ve been here for shootings, but I’ve never been on this cruise. Good choice. Helicam! So pretty! (Waving at the helicam) (Good-bye, Danyang’s beautiful views!) Tours are tiring indeed. I want some fish soup with pulled doughs. ♪ Mandarin fish, Mandarin fish, want you! ♪ ♪ Mandarin fish, Mandarin fish, want you! ♪ Everybody! ♪ Mandarin fish, Mandarin fish, want you! ♪ This place looks nice. Let’s have Mandarin fish then. ♪ Mandarin fish, Mandarin fish, want you! ♪ One Mandarin fish soup and one acorn jelly, please. – Let’s try garlic meat patties. / – Yeah? We’ll have one that’s like two. – That, too? / – Yes. Thank you! Since we’re sitting down, shall we select the songs? – Songs? / – Yes, songs. Something that starts like… Something like that. How about something like “With You?” How does that start? – I’ll play it. / – Music’s important… That’s it! (Very satisfied with the beat) But Sungkyoung, can you sing this song? – Yeah, she can. / – Can you? Well, my voice tone… (About to start singing) ♪ With my dear beloved ♪ ♪ With my dear beloved ♪ ♪ Let’s live a hundred years ♪ She was born with it. “Unconditional” is the best, though. – Do “Unconditional.” / – Yeah, do that. Just do “Unconditional.” – That’s got good beat. / – Yeah. (Getting ready) I can do this, right? Do we have to dance? How is she so pretty at everything she does? Got to do this. (Explosion of prettiness) (Ho!) (Ho!) (So proud) ♪ I’ll run to you if you call me ♪ ♪ If you call me ♪ ♪ I’ll run to you unconditionally ♪ I love the start. – What’s this? / – Accordion. “Jjan Jja Ra.” I heard elders like Jang Yunjung’s songs. (♪ Jjan jjan jjan ♪) This is it! (Feel that rhythm) She can do everything! It’s like he’s watching TV. He’s watching TV right now. (Music Show) – It’s like he’s watching TV. / – ♪ Twinkle, twinkle ♪ ♪ Staring at those twinkling stars ♪ Thank you! Thank you. Could we get some plates? – Enjoy! / – Enjoy! (Bouncy, bouncy) (Yum) (Nom, nom) It’s here! (What Sungkyoung’s been waiting for) Meat patties! Give me just one. I’ll give you some mushroom as well. (One bite) (Yum) Good! Have more soup. Have more. How did they come up with this? Oh, there it is. (Wow) (Spicy Mandarin fish soup is served) No, we still have to wait long. (Dongil just sits there and stares at it) (Gosh) I wish they had boiled it more in the kitchen. It’s harder to stare at it now. (Getting up all of a sudden) My legs are getting cramps. We need rice, please. – Here you go. / – Thank you. (Still standing) I can’t sit back down because of this leg cramp. Ding! – Is it this leg or that leg? / – Don’t touch! You can sit now, Changsuk. You can sit now, Changsuk. Oh, you can’t sit right away. (Yikes) First bowl is for Sungkyoung who’s never tried this before. – Just a little, please. / – You get one fish. One fish. It’s a fish per person? (Wow) Well, that’s not technically how it is. One for Junhyeok… – This is a big one. / – Good catch. That’s a good catch. Okay! Good catch! A different one… (Oh) (But it’s the same one) Isn’t the bowl too small? (Love from the senior) Thank you. Watch the bones. (It’s Changsuk’s turn) For you, Changsuk! It’s huge! That bowl won’t do. I’ve never seen one this big. (After giving one to each of his juniors) (He takes a small fish for himself) (Time for some real feast) (Ho) (Yum) (Ah) (They’ve lost their words) It’s so good! It’s not too spicy. I’m done for it. I’m supposed to lose weight. No, if you enjoy your food, it’s -100 calories. If that were true, I’d be all bones. Well, you’ll eat anyway. – Then let’s not get stressed about it. / – Right. When I listen to you guys, everything’s just up to your mind. Here. (Trying to give the last fish to Changsuk) No, I’m fine. – I’ve had too much today. / – Here’s more. I can’t have anymore. I’ll have it! Give it to her. (The remaining fish goes to Sungkyoung) (Sungkyoung’s eating show begins) (Slurp) (Nom) (So happy) (A spoonful of fish) My heart’s beating. (Heart attack!) (Heart attack here, too!) So good! Boys are always around you, no? Sorry? They tell me to sit still. – Huh? / – They tell me to sit still. I’m so full. You put this in your mouth all at once. Don’t use too much energy. (And she continued eating for some time) (3 hours to the last screening of Wu-cinema) (Food coma starts to shine down with the sunlight) Shouldn’t we practice? (Need to start getting ready) We have to check the prizes for today. – I’m so tired. / – Our prize… And what we are giving out today. Here they are. There’s a list here. You’re good with this. Events and things… – You can take charge of this. / – Okay. Take charge of this event. Do I just call out randomly from this list? No, no. It’ll be a raffle. – Raffle. / – On the ticket… – Cut ticket. / – Tell elders to keep the cut ticket. There will be numbers on it. That’s how it’ll go. We should start setting up the chairs, right? Yes. Two, three! – Tell us where the center is. / – It’s good here. This is good. (They can now set up the cinema in no time) (Great teamwork) Block the bottom. (Completely blocking windy passages) That helps a lot. (Ta-da) Wow, a karaoke machine! (Wow) (After getting the tea ready) (And preparing the cups and bracelets) (The cinema is ready for screening) (4th day of Romance Cinema, 1 hour to screening) (Hostess came out to the courtyard) (Opening time is nearing, but her footsteps are busy) (Hmm) (A welcoming smile) (Ignoring) (The cinema will be opening soon) (Where is she going?) Are you going again to gather up the villagers? I have to help. Thank you. You are indeed the cinema owner. (Every night) (The owners have been greeting the guests) Thank you again, ma’am. They’re guests to my place, too. – Right. / – Exactly. So I need to help. Thank you. (Changsuk’s also getting ready to promote the cinema) Ma’am. If you hold onto this ticket, at the end, we’ll do a raffle and select five winners and give out prizes. Even if you don’t get selected… – You can get a gift at the end. / – A different gift. Why, thank you. And when we… (Muah) (Feels like she already won first prize) Everyone gets one, no? Yes, so we’ll be handing out the tickets when the guests arrive. Help us by telling others… – About this event. / – One for my husband too. – One per household. / – Per household. (Too bad) – Good evening. / – You’re here already? (First guest arrived) Wait, ma’am. Today, there’s going to be a raffle with the tickets and we’ve got prizes. It’s this one. Hold onto this ticket until the end. – There will be gifts. / – Thank you. Even if you don’t win the raffle… – There will still be gifts. / – We’ve got other gifts, too. I got the first ticket! She’s cute. I got the first ticket! (Feels like the raffle’s going to be a hit) Today’s our last day, so we’ll be leaving after tonight. It’s sad. – It is. / – Are you sad? Us, too… We are indebted to your kindness. Which of the three movies did you like the most? – All of them. / – All of them. But if you had to choose one… All of them were fun, but do more wizardry show tonight. Wizardry show was really fun, right? – Wizardry? / – Yes. – Magic. / – Magic. I think they practiced singing today. We did practice. We could hear it from the field. You could hear it from the field? We could hear it from the field. That was really fun yesterday. Really? Hey, Changsuk! Yes! Our elders really enjoyed our wizardry, not magic, show yesterday. (Hahaha) Do a little more of them. – Short one? / – That was really fun. (Hahaha) We’ve got to answer to our landlord’s wishes. Yes, sure. (Thank you) (Heavy footsteps) – We’re in trouble. / – Why? Elders really liked our magic show and would like to see at least one magic tonight. Give me a minute. But I don’t think we can do several. (Magic box summoned) (What kind of show will take place today?) (Villagers have started to arrive) Welcome! Welcome! (Welcome) – Changsuk! / – Yes, sir! – It’s time to greet guests! / – Alright! If you give this to us, we’ll give you a gift. How nice of you to give us gifts, too. It’s nothing big. (Snack stand is also almost ready) Where’s our camera by the way? (Sungkyoung wants to take instant photos for elders) Let me take a photo of you up here. Careful. Shall I sit? One… Make a finger-heart! Like this. You, too, ma’am. Oh, good, good, good. Good, good, good! One, two, kimchi! (So much more than just a picture) Would you like a photo to take home? I’m not good in pictures. You can take it home. I’ll make sure you look pretty in it! How can you be not pretty in it? Like this. Good, good! One, two, three! Kimchi! One, two, three! (Shy and awkward in front of a camera) Look over here, please! Smile! One, two, three! That’s a pretty heart! Oh, good, good! Smile at the camera! (Remembering the time spent together) One at a time… Village leader makes a pretty finger-heart. (Each one of them is a memory to remember) One, two, three! Oh, hello, grandma! (A happy face to see every night) (She came with the walker that Changsuk gave her) How about a picture for you? One, two, three! (Four days with the people of Aegok) (Recorded in pictures) Please come in. Take a seat up here. (Once the seats start to fill up) Have some snacks while you wait. I’ll be less boring. (Staff at the snack stand gets busy) (Warm tea) It’s hot. Be careful. (Once popcorn is also served) (6:15 p.m., 15 minutes to screening) Thank you all for coming tonight. Today is our fourth day at Aegok. We have prepared our last talent show tonight. Sing together with us and clap with us. (Aegok’s Talent Show) (“With You” by Nam Jin) ♪ On that green field ♪ ♪ I’ll build a picturesque house ♪ (Fun, fun) – ♪ With you, my beloved ♪ / – ♪ With you ♪ ♪ Live for a hundred years ♪ ♪ Although skyscrapers fill the cities ♪ ♪ Although following trends are fun ♪ ♪ If I’m with you, even in a straw house ♪ ♪ I’m good, I’m happy just to be with you ♪ ♪ If I could live with you ♪ Time for some magic! (All focused) (Hup!) (The night is getting heated up) ♪ Although skyscrapers fill the cities ♪ ♪ Although following trends are fun ♪ ♪ If I’m with you, even in a straw house ♪ ♪ I’m good, I’m happy just to be with you ♪ ♪ If I could live with you ♪ ♪ On that green field ♪ ♪ I’ll build a picturesque house ♪ ♪ With you, my beloved ♪ Welcome! (Hug) – Thank you! / – Thank you! (“Jjan Jja Ra” by Jang Yunjung) ♪ Jjan jjan jjan ♪ (Standing up!) (Get that groove going!) Let’s go, father! ♪ Good-bye, oh, my love ♪ ♪ Twinkle, twinkle ♪ ♪ Staring at those twinkling stars ♪ (Shake it up!) ♪ We promised not to change ♪ ♪ Have you forgotten it? ♪ ♪ Were you playing with my heart? ♪ ♪ Is that what love is? ♪ ♪ Going this way once ♪ ♪ And going that way once ♪ ♪ Going this way once ♪ ♪ And going that way once ♪ ♪ Are you still confused? ♪ Everybody! ♪ Jjan jjan jjan ♪ ♪ Don’t make me sad ♪ ♪ Just leave, don’t say a word ♪ ♪ Jjan jjan jjan, I won’t cry anymore ♪ ♪ Good-bye, oh, my love ♪ ♪ Jjan jjan ♪ (Feel the beat) Father! Dance time! (Going great!) (#Tonight #Dance #Successful) ♪ Good-bye, oh, my love ♪ ♪ Good-bye, oh, my love ♪ ♪ Jjan jjan ♪ – Thank you! / – Thank you! Our friend here will show you his renowned vibration dance for a minute. Give him an applause. He doesn’t look like he’s got a neck, but he does. He might get cramps in the neck. We’ve done our best to make this into a fun and happy event, and I don’t know if we’ve been successful. Anyway, this movie is playing in theaters now. The title is? – “i Can Speak.” / – Yes, it’s called “i Can Speak.” So we’ll start the movie now. Thank you. (Sadness deepens as the night ripens) (Just like the last village bus) (Going away into the darkness) (Wu-cinema is now ready to play its last movie) Is everyone here now? (For our memory that will forever last…) Dim the lights, please. (The lights are dimmed) (Another memory is sent to the stars) (Just like the feeling of the first day) (We present to you Wu-cinema’s last movie) (“i Can Speak,” 2017) (Okbun, also known as the “goblin,” has filed) (Over 8,000 civil complaints to the borough) (One day, a civil officer named Minjae appears) Teach me English. What? (Minjae can speak English like a native) (Okbun, who has spent a long time studying English) (Persuades Minjae to help her learn English) I’m fine, thank you! And you? Good. (Minjae learns that there is something) (That Okbun really wants to say in English) Grandma… (The movie was playing in theaters at the time) (And this heart-warming story is about to play) (At Wu-cinema) (“i Can Speak” starts now) (It’s Minjae’s first day at his newly assigned office) (Exactly on the minute) I’m Park Minjae and I’ve been newly assigned here. I look forward to working here. (Shocked!) (Somebody makes a grand entrance) (Everyone is frozen) I need… Never mind. (I’m here) (Okbun made a visit again to the district office) Since a few months ago, whenever it rains, our walls and floors have been getting more cracked. That’s why we need that urban redevelopment. Who are you? I’m the owner of that building. You’re the one who’s been sending all those hoodlums to make a mess! (You’re in for it today) Do you even know when I filed that complaint? You civil officers are the problem! (Snap) What are you doing? You’re violating my privacy. I need to collect information on how the complaint was filed. (Fun from the beginning) Who are you? You must be replacing that other skinny boy, huh? Did you get a number? Number? I’ve never had to get a number here. You can start today. No. 6, please! (How dare you) (Manager Park Minjae) Manager Park, I think we’ll see each other pretty often. Goblin grandma. Everyone in town knows about that old hag. The total number of complaints that she filed to our borough office is 8,000. How do you file 8,000… (Her complaints can make a history book on its own) What? You own this road? Put this all inside. (Clearing the road) What is it this time, grandma? Why, look at this cord here. Look how dangerous this can be! (Caring for public safety) (Funny) (She’s a hard one) Stop messaging us! What illegal poster? He had a hard time getting elected. Well, he got elected now, so take it off already. – Well, since he put in so much effort… / – Take it off! It would be nice of you to understand. Can you handle her? I’ll just do by the rules. No. 17! (Grandma Okbun’s retaliation) Do you have the documents? Of course. Yes, exactly as the rules. (Grandma Okbun using number tickets?) No. 18! That’s me, too. No. 19! (It’s all me, no need to call out) (There you go) (It’d be nice to befriend each other like us) (Exactly) (Okbun is envious of Jeongsim who speaks English) I think I want to go a few days early. It’s good news. (Jealous) How are you getting better at English by the day? I’m so envious. I study every day. (Okbun’s lifetime wish is) (To speak English fluently) That must be L.A. (Traces of her studying) (Okbun makes an international call) (And is looking very nervous) Who is this? Is anybody there? (But she fails to speak a word) (She ends up signing up for an English class) Teacher! Can we go a little slower? Slow, slow! (But it’s hard to study English with young students) Why weren’t you in class today? Sorry I didn’t tell you. I won’t be taking conversation classes anymore. You’re going to stop? (Familiar back) Well, you have mastered the advanced course. How about the simultaneous interpreter course? No, I’ve been studying here because I have something I want to do. (Uh, oh) You know, government employees recommend the best restaurants. Sounds good. Okay. See you around. Okay. Keep in touch! (Found my teacher) What? Teach me English. Sorry? It’s a tough pay as an officer, right? How about a part-time job? I can’t barely make any time because of all those complaints that you filed. I’m sorry. Mrs. Jennifer? (Okbun continuously asks him to teach her English) Have you thought about it? About what? About teaching me English. Hello? This is Jennifer! (Endless love-calls from Jennifer) (Protesting with an English book) This can be an obstruction of justice. You’re really not going to teach me? Sorry, I can’t. Alright. This doesn’t feel good. (In that case) Isn’t that… (A bomb of complaints) Where are you going? I’ll have to file all these complaints that I’ve been collecting. Why would you collect that? Get ready for it. (What a war of nerves) (Minjae’s brother is heading somewhere strange) (His brother walks into a dark alley) (Where can this be?) (Specialized in alterations) (The strange place his brother arrived at is…) (Jennifer’s house) (It’s Grandma Okbun’s alteration shop) (After their parents passed away) (Minjae has been taking care of his younger brother) (Grandma Okbun has been preparing) (Warm meals for Minjae’s brother for some time) Thank you for the meal! (Looks delicious) Have some if you’re bored. Yes. Thank you. (Traces of her effort to learn English are everywhere) Why have you been caring after my brother? I saw him eating uncooked instant noodles. I felt bad. So I gave him a meal. But even after that, I saw him pass by several times. So I invited him to have dinner here. It’s boring for me to eat alone, too. (Minjae opens his heart to Okbun) (For the kindness that she showed) (And decides to become her English teacher) (That’s good) Does that mean… (Starts right away) The earlier, the better. (Pleased) There’s no need for fancy words. How are you? Fine, thank you. And you? Good. (Thus began Minjae and Okbun’s English class) It’s too long. Understood, right? One flick each time you use Korean. Only English. (Playing games using only English) You see that? – One move, two goes down. / – Shoot! Shoot! Shoot? Come on. (What fun!) (Pay back) (Elders look pleased watching the two) (The market is empty on a holiday) (Grandma Okbun is alone eating instant noodles) (The brothers make a visit) I’m fine. Thank you! And you? (They spend time making food together) – Oh, gosh. / – Let him be. (And share their time together as friends) – It’s hot! / – It’s good! (And…) (New relationships that were built among) (The staff of Wu-cinema and elders of Aegok) (A small village) (A small cinema) (That last night) (Is nearing its climax) The moon is really big and round. It’s the Hangawi full moon. By the way, why are you studying English, grandma? I have a younger brother, too. We were separated when we were young, and he lives in America now. (Grandma Okbun has been studying English) (Because of her younger brother in America) I want to at least call him, but I can’t speak with him. Whether he’s doing well… Or whether he has grown old… There’s so much I want to ask him. (To Grandma Okbun, learning English was) (Her hope and wish for a family) (Minjae tries calling Okbun’s brother) Who are you? Hi. I’m Okbun’s English teacher. She’s learning English to speak to you. So… Okbun? I’m sorry. I don’t want to speak to her. I didn’t wish to speak to her before. I won’t have anything to say. Please don’t call here again. And tell her I don’t remember her. (Okbun’s brother does not wish to speak with her) What’s wrong? No appetite? Grandma, let’s stop studying English. Why all of a sudden? I’m really sorry. How are you? (Minjae feels sorry knowing that her wish) (Is a wish that will never come true) (Okbun pays a visit to her friend, Jeongsim) (Who has lost her memories due to dementia) What are you doing, Jeongsim! You said you need to live long to see those jerks kneel before you. You should feel responsible for saving my life, too! Excuse me, grandma. (Right then, an unexpected guest visits Okbun) Yes, that’s me. We’ve been sent here by the U.S… (A desperate request for Okbun’s help…) Resolution 121 contains… (And Okbun makes a new resolution) Give her some time. Let him speak. I’m not going to hide anymore. Jinju! (And an amazing secret is revealed) What’s this? (A hearing for enforced sex slaves to be held) (Grandmother Na Okbun will be participating in…) (A surprise to everyone) (And a story that she has never told anyone) Did you know about this? (The scars deep in Okbun’s heart) (Minjae visits Okbun who has revealed herself as) (A victim of enforced sex slavery of the Japanese) (She takes out a photo) (That had been hidden in a box) It’s a past that I want to forget. But I didn’t throw away that picture. If I forget, I’ll become the loser. I didn’t show it to anyone for over 60 years. (A scar that she has kept hidden for 60 years) This photo… Strangely, I feel much better, just showing you this picture. Jeongsim was… A friend who saved my life. (Manchuria in 1943, a scar that can’t be healed) (The painful tragedy) (Of history) (Okbun tries to commit suicide at a young age) Okbun! Okbun! Get yourself together. Okbun! Why are you stopping me? I can’t even die when I want to? Can’t I just do whatever I want to with my own life? If you die, how can I endure by myself? (This movie comes to us) (As something much more than just a movie) My father, too… He was taken away to Japan back during the Japanese occupation and was forced into slavery at a mine. (An unimaginable suffering) (That his father must have gone through) (Movies that deal with history) (Lingers heavily in our hearts) (We remind ourselves of things) (That should never be forgotten) Hey, Jinju! Jinju! (Jinju starts to keep a distance after learning) (That Okbun was once an enforced sex slave) Why are you avoiding me? What are you talking about? Look! You’re not even looking at me! You don’t want a friend with a dirty past like me? Is that it? I was upset! How long have we known each other for? But how… How could you not tell me anything? Was I that untrustworthy? Did you think that I was some kid who wouldn’t understand you at all? No. You’ve been a great support to me. I had no idea… You should have told me earlier. For all those years… All alone… How hard it must have been. How painful it must have been… Oh, my friend… (For the first time) (Okbun receives a consolation) (Where is my brother) (Who still lives in my memory…) We will now begin the hearing for the adoption of the apology resolution… (Okbun makes an appearance at the hearing) Na Okbun. Will you testify? Will you testify? Yes. I can speak. (She shows the audience something before) (She begins her testimony) There’s no evidence? I am the evidence. I was… I was only 13 years old. I felt sorry for her. She must have gone through a lot. That’s what I was thinking. It’s great that she led a strong life, but pitiful that she led a tragic life… That’s what I thought. It was so sad. I can’t imagine the pain that they had to suffer. (Okbun’s speech in English) Threatened and forced into being sex slaves for the Japanese army. (Word by word, our hearts listen close) (A movie that presented various emotions) (If you give an answer to your viewer) (Your film will simply finish in the movie theater) (But when you pose questions, your film actually) (Begins after people watch it, Asghar Farhadi) (Thus, with questions posed to) (The audience of our Small Town Cinema) (Screening of the four movies came to an end) Alright. (As if every night were a preview) Thank you. Did you enjoy it? It’s cold today, too, but does everyone have a ticket? We’re going to start the raffle now. Let’s pick out the lucky numbers! – Number 20! / – 20! Wow, 20! Number 20! Next, it’s a really nice steam iron! Number 17! (Steam iron for number 17) Yes, 17! This is nice. A massager. (Massager) Oh, he’s taking his time. Our leader is taking his time. – Number 1! / – It’s 1! (Number 1) Oh, it’s Mrs. Wu. The hostess of the cinema! – Now, a special prize! / – Yes, that prize is for… Our village leader. I don’t know if I deserve this. – Of course you do. / – It’s yours alright. – Applause! / – Please give him… A round of applause for all his work! Thank you! – Thank you! / – Thank you. And for those who didn’t win anything, it’d be upsetting to leave empty-handed. – So we’ve prepared… / – Vitamins… A bag full of vitamins for everyone. Anyway, thank you all for showing this Small Town Cinema project your love and interest until the end. We thank you for just being here. We wish you all the best. It was a blissful time here, thank you! Thank you for all your kindness! Thank you and… We’ll end our cinema project here. Thank you and best wishes! (October 23rd, 2017, Romance Cinema closes) (Four days from now) (These four actors have) (Made their way here) (Away from their work) (Without any hesitation) But really… I hope they’ll enjoy it. Grandpa! We’ve prepared a movie to show you tonight at Mr. and Mrs. Wu’s place! Do you see those lights? Please come! Showing elders movies is something really nice. It’s a unique experience. It’s something that they won’t come across easily, and I’m sure they’ll love watching movies like us. Frankly, before coming here, I was thinking of the scene from “Cinema Paradiso” where everyone simply enjoys their time watching movies. (That someone can enjoy something…) Yes, it would be nice for us to make a scene like that. But then again, that, too, is just my wish… Are there any movies that you remember? I’ve never been to one. I had to keep the house. I wasn’t even curious, and didn’t really care about it… I don’t know anything about this. There was no such thing at the time so there was nothing to wonder about. I don’t wonder about it and I can’t go now anyway. I don’t even want to… Two, three! (To open their hearts) Good, good! Good, good! (Time and sincerity was needed) To not have a single experience of going to the movies their whole lives… Frankly, I never even thought about it. (A life completely separated from movies) (Hopefully, our short visit) (Will not be a visit wasted) Welcome! Welcome! – Welcome! / – Welcome! Great! Would our visit be any meaningful? Movies are easy to see these days…. That’s what I had thought. But now, I was surprised to learn that this was a first experience for some and a movie in 40 years for others. (Movies seen through their hearts) So, yeah… I think there still really is some romance in movies. So… What I learned today… (The meaning of cinema that Changsuk learnt) Is that movies are to be shared. (Is that it’s a place of sharing) It’s a first time experience in 80 years for many of them and they were sharing it with each other. They may have wrinkled faces, but they were young at heart. (Wrinkled, but young at heart…) I cried and laughed so such more here than I do at cinemas. I cried watching the movie and cried even more watching the elders cry. I came to give, but I think I received much more than what I gave. It was a thankful experience. Frankly, I think… I wanted to experience that feeling. After seeing our elders, I felt that I should be more sincere about my career as a movie actor. At least now, this experience has made us think that we should do our best as actors to make that day’s guests laugh and smile. That’s what I thought. How was it today? Great. I was really happy and… I can’t explain it in words. We’re usually especially busy during this season. After a day’s work, it was a little hard to dress up and go see the movie. But once I saw the first movie, I began to wonder about the next movies. It was great. It was really great. (It was great) (A comment from the lovely) (Mr. and Mrs. Wu of Wu-cinema) I’m thankful to all of you. Thanks to all of you who visited our village, I could see movies and also appear on TV at an age that’s over 80. It’s something I’ll never be able to do again in this countryside… It’s great that I’ve lived this long. Who would come here to show us any movie? That’s why I kept on telling you earlier… “It’s so fun.” Who would imagine that I would be able to see movies in this countryside? What I remember the most… How can I say it… That we can all enter into a same time period? Be it young or old, a city person or not, when the movie turns on, it’s like everyone gets sucked into a wormhole. We’re all entering into that moment together. “Movies are really amazing…” That’s what I thought once again. (A hope that what we have done here will) (Be kept in someone’s heart as a warm memory) (Until all movies can reach the hearts of all…) (“The Boots” by gugudan)


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