I would this I would that it what gots the point where he was just like I really I wish we were neighbors I wish we were neighbors and what that men I don’t really know and I’m like okay I’m like well I can’t be a neighbor I can’t afford to live in your neighborhood oh that’s not gonna happen I come up here in the Patriots I don’t know so he totally disappeared and I was like I reached out to this one person that I said I’m not gonna really give a win exactly who she is I’m just gonna say I’m gonna say damara’s oh let me shut the hell up let me damn Thomas so I’m just wrong and nobody’s ever seen her and I was kind of worried and I talked to her a lot she told me that she heard about me that he would constantly say really like it’s okay yeah like that’s not we’re good like by me I had so many thoughts going special about me why like is it really only because I’m blonde like I couldn’t get it and you know it got to the point where um he finally had come back from wherever he disappeared from and he told me that Chile was planning on going to Tokyo with Tito right and her sister for a time he told me it was gonna be two weeks and she was supposed to leave the beginning of March and she’s like you know I told him straight out I said I am NOT a bad mother and I cannot just up and leave my kids I have two biological kids what my daughter is 13 my son I said you know I can’t leave my two kids I can’t Hegel’s well then oh come with you and I was like oh okay so he does care like he knows I can’t leave my kids and my kids to come to I’m like okay the reason for us going down he’s like well I told you he told me from a long time ago he told me what he wanted me to play Brooklyn guys because of my accent there was no there was no anything girl you know that they try real hard because of like everything like even because of where I work like they’re real snakes girl like trust me like they slide right in there like in your stomach girl like deep they told me the same exact thing oh my god you have so many different kinds of voices you could play this part and then boom I was sold I’m just saying yeah I just had to add my little you’re so right on everything lines up together like they almost use the same story on every guy’s wife and I was like yeah we’ll make a video make a video we’re gonna do it we’re gonna make a video hey I can fly you down once a weekend every month at least to do videos the whole weekend I don’t like why it is like I’m I can’t I don’t think I can do that no I wasn’t working at the time yeah and he’s like I’ll pay you for 4 grand every single time you come down here for a video your husband can’t say no to that right right okay I’m like you know let me figure out what I’m supposed to do because you know like I said my husband’s very strict on that he’s not gonna fucking believe that well though especially because we already kind of opened up that side of the relationship a little bit you know pictures back and forth and all that and you know he literally told me his favorite color is red because it reminds him of sex and that’s why he’s always wearing red and I was like okay this is like some Fifty Shades of Grey shape you know like the Red Room you know I’m like maybe he has that side to him okay that’s fine with both Scorpios his birthday is November 17th my birthday is November 20th I’m like okay we both think the same and he’s just a little bit more honest we made this pact that you know we’d always be honest so I’m trying to figure out ways of what the hell I’m supposed to say he would go on FaceTime with me right before then he’s okay this standpoint and this is how far it is from the airports my house and he’s like you know I have everything all set up for you um you know the house is big enough the kids can stay upstairs I have this I have that they can do this have you guys mom oh and you can I can even have Lance come over with the puppets I’ll have Toby come over um you know you guys can hang out with everybody and I was like okay so it didn’t ended up happening because she had her trip booth yeah now I don’t know if that’s entirely true yeah he told me it was food I don’t know why but it actually worked in my more time so I told him I said you know it’s kind of weird because I never heard of Foxwoods casino that’s like about an hour away from me and I’m like you know he told me he was absolutely positive during the time that she was gone we were gonna see each other yeah I was gonna get flown down there or he was gonna drive up here and I said I don’t you drive everywhere but you know that’s like a 22-hour Drive whoa like I don’t care well I would have liked these trains of like and like you know take me away type of thing I was just like living in this fucked up bubble of I’m not seeing clearly obviously do me did you meet LeBeau right mmm oh I I did do a lie well thank goodness but you can actually still kind of see the S amount yeah anyway you know so we were sending these pictures back and forth and he would tell me you swear to God you never show anybody and I swore my kids and that was when he made this snapshot so we wouldn’t have to worry about Chile anymore because snapchat when you send the message it disappears unless you click safe and he made sure I would not do that because that would be showing that he couldn’t trust me and I was really doing everything I possibly could to show that he could if that meant not saving anything I so I didn’t really care I was like okay you know and it was like he’s like you know listen the words in this song and I’m like okay I mean I’m not gonna get super explicit of what he would send me but you know it was my name involved proof that I knew it was me he was thinking about what you know so I’m like okay and he would get very like a director and I just watched when you said how he felt my phone got wet I have so many other videos on my other phone like he is so fucking lucky that my phone got wet and felt Universal because oh my god it was I mean I took a this is kind of hot you know but in reality it was like and this way put your hand like this movie yo out of the way like that do this look addition is that he’d give you what you asked for did he give me yeah did he give you your money that you asked for the money that you would then give you see that’s the difference between your situation in my situation because like he never tried me with that like the only thing that I ever told him was like you have to give me this and then we can continue on and I’ll do like eight videos or whatever I would promise you know what I mean like okay I just wanted to ask that like I felt like I was taken so off-guard because I’m like you know he’s not using me I would say to you anyway I will and I will videos already yes he he took care of me basically like basically to keep chilly chill and so that he could have the other girl yeah in your sake it’s weird because it’s like this he almost wanted to be with you but it’s like he didn’t get the chance to yeah that’s it was like you know I I really didn’t believe that he was actually gonna get plane tickets and actually send us down there I’m gonna spend all this money on you girl like I know it’s not like 60,000 yet but this is you know my daughter even though she’s only 13 and my husband is not her biological father but she’s been with me through a lot when I was really young and you know she’s been with me through a lot of shit and she’s very smart for age yeah she saw everything that was going on and she was just like are we forgiven grew fire to mommy yeah we were really gonna go I’m really involved like please I really want to go I’ve never been out of the state I never been on a plane and I was like I don’t know yet I don’t know I just don’t I don’t know like the Superbowl I didn’t know I was going on until Friday so cool isn’t a Sunday you know I mean like I really had no idea I didn’t want to say something have a not some truth so he would send me screenshots and he’s like I want you so bad you have no idea how about I want you he sent me a screenshot he goes I can have you home by tomorrow afternoon once and you sent me a screenshot of a roundtrip ticket that there was a way that I can get there and be back by the next afternoon I was like I can’t do that little bit I’m like I can’t I have to do it I can’t do that and he’s like okay okay okay you know I have a definite date of when she’s leaving she was leaving I wanted to say it was April 25th and coming back Mason days my son turned six on the end of April so I said okay maybe we can say that this is like his birthday gift me filming so May he asked me for our information you know full names and that’s why I was like oh my god I was reading the messages when he needed the information from her yeah through you I was like okay I remember that yeah he needed all the information to get the same ticket set and he sent it to me on a Tuesday night the tickets were like a crazy amount of money I sent you that receipt it was for me my daughter my son he told me to be ready on May 1st which was a Wednesday the uber driver was gonna come to my house to pick me up so my kids didn’t go to split day yeah we stayed home I had the most packed and ready I was nervous as shit because it was really gonna be like the first time that we would be alone together even though my kids were gonna be there but they would be gonna be so occupied but everything right so every time I’m with him you know you know Chili’s there it’s like this the first time that we were gonna be alone and I was like so the adrenaline was like insane and it was like a fucking movie i we get off the theater it’s like I mean I leave out of here 30-something degrees rain in shitty yeah we land over there it’s like fucking paradise there’s palm trees everywhere I’m like and then here he comes in his like beautiful red Camaro you know and he gets out of the car like a gentleman grabs old bags butts in the trunk the front see him what does he have on his radio is Jason guvo so we go right to his house yep yeah he was sitting outside of his house he goes oh shit and I just remember saying to my kids duck duck duck Duck Duck so yeah it was Chili’s father Oh sitting outside the garage he told me that story something that happened between the parents he was sick he was supposed to stay there overnight yeah Logan went up to him I don’t know exactly what he told him he came back and he told me that he told the father that we were just fans and he was gonna give us a tour of the house and I’m like but then he didn’t take out our bags and I’m like but doesn’t that seem a little weird I mean it’s kind of like 10 o’clock at night and you just have like this random checking her kids who like in three hours and 10 o’clock at night but whatever so you know we’re in the house that the kids found this spot they were playing games on this spot they didn’t want to leave that game room I’m like okay everything was set up from the video he just film which was Jeff he breaks his leg older stuff was still out you know my son’s going through the puppets he is showing them everything you know you can do anything you want you have this whole room you have this whole room so you know like those are the little clips of the guys thank you that my daughter films of like his patients from controller and I was downstairs and he was he looks really nervous going back and forth check in the door you wanted to make sure that we did not go to the front door because I had the camera on it that’s which he had me hit one time to like so he could enter and exit without her seeing him he wanted to make sure that nobody went the front door off and oh okay okay so I it was no plan set you know we were supposed to stay yeah now obviously my kids were exhausted he asked them you know perfect we were in his room my kids go sleep you just seemed like really really nervous and somebody had called him saying like oh shit and it was some I’m here to inspect you I’ll be right there so he was so scared he’s like okay you guys anybody don’t don’t say a word don’t say a word my kids were sleeping after sleep anyway so he comes back to the room his bedroom he told me to pose a certain way fix me like I was I was in a movie I had my hair a certain way the blanket a certain way he goes this girl’s gonna come over and check on me and I said what girl and he said her name I sounded like mighty I would say her name was Lena Lena Lena Lena Lena I know her the truth about her and that was why I was scared because he told me that he was to be with her obviously so when I was and you were helping office because he was getting everything repainted I was like okay this is going on like 1:00 in the morning so I wake well done sweetie you want to play the character like the role as is more sleeping in his bed because I was totally covering my face she was too he had the bedroom door shut she wasn’t gonna see my face and I’m like what if she walks around okay so I’m sitting there my eyes are like you know like what the fuck gonna happen so I ever go to the door he’s like oh my mom’s a mess like really nervous my mom’s in there and she’s like your mom’s in there so she opens the door and I was like I don’t know how I did it I tried so hard to be still and he’s been painting all day and she’s like huh it’s like all right well I’ll be back and he goes why and she’s like while you know to check on you and he’s like why like what the fuck why you have to check on me if she goes uh she’s like she laughed and he’s like winning coming back and she goes either tonight tomorrow actually you know I’m just gonna come back so she leaves and he comes in really nervous to the point where he was pacing I literally had to hold him like hug the bulletin and I’m like you need to relax I’m like you can’t live like this I’m like why are you always on edge you can’t like that’s not right some chick just comes into your house like that you think it’s Chili’s best friend and chilli told her to come by and check like okay he was like I gotta make a phone call because I I can’t I can’t have this happen and I want you

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