SML Movie: Jeffy’s Taco Tuesday!

Jeffy: Alright, Daddy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I’m ready. Mario: Jeffy, what are you doing? I got my taco suit on, Daddy. Why do you have a taco suit on, Jeffy? For Taco Tuesday! What’s Taco Tuesday? DON’T YOU DO THIS TO ME, DADDY!!!! YOU KNOW WHAT TACO TUESDAY IS!!! Jeffy, I don’t know what Taco Tuesday is! YES YOU DO!!! EVERY TUESDAY, WE GO TO TACO BELL, AND BUY TACOS!!! Jeffy, we’ve never done that! YES WE DID! WE DID IT LAST WEEK!!! Jeffy I don’t what you’re talking about, We’ve never done that! Where’d you get that taco suit at? YOU BOUGHT IT FOR ME. No I didn’t Jeffy! WELL SOMEONE DID, IT WAS IN MY CLOSET! Well, take that taco suit off, Jeffy. YOU TAKE YOUR TACO SUIT OFF, DADDY. I don’t have a taco suit on, Jeffy! You’re right, Daddy. Go put yours on and let’s go get tacos. Jeffy we’re not going to buy ta– JEFFY JUST GO TAKE THAT TACO SUIT OFF! AM I GETTING TACOS OR NOT?!?!?!?! NO! WELL TRUCK! REPLACE THE TR WITH AN F! YOU KNOW WHAT, YOU’RE GROUNDED JEFFY! F-FOR HOW!? BECAUSE YOU JUST SAID A BAD WORD! No I didn’t. I said truck. Like, what you drive. No you said replace it with an F. And that makes it a bad word. No it’s not, Daddy! It’s a math equation that you did in your head! You minus the TR, add the F! So– RAAH!! Okay Junior… Would you rather ride 30 miles on a bike with no seat, Or ride 30 miles on a bike with a seat? Well… Obviously I’d ride the bike with a seat, without a seat it’d be uncomfortable. PFFFT Screw that, Junior. I’m doing no seat! I could ride it for 50 miles if you want, even a hundred! I’ll be like PEH PEH PEH PEH HEY GUYS!!! O-Oh, hey Jeffy, what’s wrong? *Sarcastically* Oh, I don’t know Junior. Maybe I’m just dressed like a taco, on Taco Tuesday, and I don’t have any tacos! Yeah… that is kind of a problem. Yeah, why don’t you have tacos? Cause my Daddy’s being a stupid truck. and he won’t buy me tacos. Wow, his dad is being a stupid truck. Yeah…
Well, why don’t I ask Chef PP to make tacos for us Like… for Taco Tuesday! Oh, he’ll really do that Junior? Probably not. Cody you don’t know what your talking about. Chef PP loves me. He’ll do anything I say. Lets go ask Chef PP, he’ll do it. Okay! MMM-MMM-MMM!!! Chef PP, how do you do it? CHEF PP!! *sigh* What Junior?! Don’t you see I’m cooking dinner? Well, me and my friends want to know if you can make tacos. Tacos? No, I’m already cooking dinner, look, I made Froot Loop surprise! Froot Loops surprise?! We want tacos, it’s Taco Tuesday. No, it’s “Terrible Tuesday,” and I’m making something terrible. As always… *cri* But Chef PP, we really want tacos! Look… I don’t want to hear it Junior, you see this?! I don’t even know what it is, but you’re gonna eat it. Well, you know what I think of your cooking, Chef PP? *Junior spits in the food* Well, jokes on you I already spit in it, it adds flavor. *Chef PP spits in the food* Now, get ready for your slop! Junior:Awww
Cody: I’ll take the weenies. Uh-ah… NO TACOS?! No tacos… *cri* CHEF PP YOU’RE A STUPID TRUCK!! Aw guys… I didn’t know Chef PP was going to say no.. I did… Well, I still want tacos, and if I don’t get ’em, I’m gonna poop in my suit. Aw… What’re we gonna do? Oh! Guys, why don’t we just buy our own tacos? Good idea, Cody. Jeffy, do you have money? No… I spent it all on my taco suit. Well Cody, do you have money? No… I spent it all on that board game, and I made up that question. So now we gotta find a way to make money… Ah… We could give rim-jobs! What? Y’know at the car wash, washing rims on tires. Well Cody, it’s dark, nobody wants their car washed at night. I do… Any other ways? Ehmm… We could blow leaves… Blow leaves? Cody, I don’t want to do yard work it’s night time. But I know a guy named leaves… Jeffy, you got any ways to make money? Uuuhh… We could sell my teeth! Go ahead and punch me in the face, Junior. Jeffy, you only have two teeth, we wouldn’t make that much money. Yeah, and you need your teeth to eat tacos. Oh… okay. *sigh* Any other ways? Umm. Oh, i have an idea What? We could dress up like girl scout and sell girl scout cookies to Chef Pee Pee That’s awesome. Chef Pee Pee love girl scout cookies He buy a bunch of cookies so we sold them Yeah. *stutter* Let’s dress up like girls *Laugh* Hello? wait WHAT Uh, excuse me Chef Pee Pee Junior you dont know his name Owh uhh, excuse me sir We’re selling girl scout cookies to help *stutter* A homeless goldfish *Facepalm* And we want to know if you want to buy some And i got a wet kitty. Shut up jeffy Mhuh. So where are the cookies U-uh. *Whispering* Cody where is the cookies You didn’t get cookies Junior! We don’t have any money for tacos, how do i have money for cookies Um Junior this wig is kinda itchy. *Gasp* SEE I KNEW IT WAS YOU GUYS umm I mean you look beautiful, BUT I KNEW IT WAS YOU GUYS Uhh, Cody he knows it’s us Uhh, Plan B Junior *Sexy music* owhh noo My hoo hooes. Take a good look peepers NOW PAY UP! Wai- i’m not paying anything, you’re not getting any tacos Owh, but Chef Pee Pee *sigh* *sigh* Come on guys Oh NO TACOS? THIS IS PURE TRUCK Owh man guys, that didn’t work I know Junior. Because we didn’t have cookies Well Cody, We don’t have money to buy cookies Okay, well why don’t we just sell my milkshakes Milkshakes? Cody we don’t have money for cookies How i’m gonna have money for milkshakes I have two lush lushes milkshakes right here Where? *sigh* Forget it Junior *another sigh* Guys i know an easy way to make money but It’s gonna be kinda hard How? We can steal money from Chef Pee Pee’s wallet B-but Junior that’s BAD. Stealing? W-well guys, i know he has money in his wallet So, you know, w-what if we borrow it? you know? W-we put the money back later i-in a few years Oh okay. BORROWING YEAH yeah let’s do that Okay yeah let’s borrow money from Chef Pee Pee’s wallet He won’t mind. It’s only borrowing, you know *whistle* Okay guys, you see Chef Pee Pee’s wallet? it’s right there Yeah go grab it I can’t just go grab it, what if Chef Pee Pee catches me He’s not gonna catch you, he’s cooking. I think you should go distract him. Wha- Distract him? Why? He’s already distracted. He’s cooking! I think you should go juggle in front of him J-Juggle? Junior, I don’t even know how to juggle. And that would be pointless, he’s already distracted. Look at him. But what if he turns aroun-? Cody just go juggle in front of him Junior, in the time we have spent arguing, we could’ve just grabbed it. He hasn’t even turned around yet. Cody, just go juggle in front of him *sigh* fine Mm-mm-mm! Almost done! Hey Chef Pee Pee! You wanna see me juggle? *sigh* No Cody, I don’t want to see you juggle! I’m cooking! B-But look at me Chef Pee Pee! I’m juggling! *Cody Doing Circus Music* Cody, I’m cooking! Why did you throw at my food? *grunts* Okay I got it! Cody we got the wallet! Cody: Wha- Jeffy, why would you say that? WAIT, GIMME MY WALLET! RUN! HURRY HURRY! EMPTY THE WALLET! EMPTY THE WALLET! Wh-That’s it…? GIMME BACK MY WALLET, YOU THIEVES
(Worst Robbery Ever XD). Chef Pee Pee, this all you had in your wallet? Yes. How do you live? His dad doesn’t pay me.
(Sad) Oh, I feel bad for you, Chef Pee Pee. I mean, I have $20 in my room if you wanted. (WAIT WHAT?!?!?!) What? What? You have $20 in your room? W-Yeah. JUNIOR, YOU HAD $20 THE WHOLE TIME?!?!?!?! WE COULD’VE HAD TACOS! Well, I don’t have to spend my own money on the tacos.
(What a brat..) Cody: JUNIOR, WE COULD HAVE BOUGHT TACOS THIS WHOLE TIME!!! Junior: Well, I get $20 allowance every week
(?!?!?!?!?!) Chef Pee Pee: WAIT YOU GET ALLOWANCE?!?! I’M THE ONE WHO COOKS AND CLEANS. WHY DO YOU GET MONEY? Well, I don’t know. My dad just gives it to me every week, you know. W-well Junior, we could use that money to buy tacos right now! No! Nobody is buying tacos, you guys are gonna eat what I cook! *beeping* Is that a fire alarm? *gasp* NO! NOT MY FRUIT LOOP SURPRISE! Okay so- okay so if we use a $20 to get tacos How do we gonna get there? We don’t have a license Owh yeah i didn’t think about that *sigh* Yeah how do we go to Taco Bell Owh i-i actually do know a guy who might take us. O-okay yeah take us to him. Okay yeah Uhh, excuse me Sir Hey there, what can i do for ya Uhh, we need you to take us to Taco Bell because We’re not old enough to drive Taco Bell huh. What did you want to get there Uhh, we want to buy tacos Oh you don’t want tacos from Taco Bell You want the good stuff Wha- the good stuff? Yeah i got it right here. BOOM *best sound effect 2018* Check these bad boys out Wow look at those tacos Jeffy! I know. Those look really good. I just want to eat ’em up like BLRBLRLBRLBLBLBLBLBMBBHEH (I don’t know) Yeah that. W-what’s the different between these tacos an- and tacos from Taco Bell Owh these tacos are the BOMB. These tacos are TO DIE FOR These tacos are EXPLODING with flavor These tacos are BOMBS Wait really? they’re that good? Yeah, yeah they will blow your tastebutts off And, most of your face too (100% accurate) Whow okay, well how much are they? How much you got? Uh ugh, i got $20 That’ll do, just put it in my mouth ahh *opens mouth* uhh. Pleasure doing business with you Alright Jeffy we got tacos. YAAAY! YAY! WE GOT TACOS GUYS! Yeah. Alright, before we start eating them, I think we should give Chef Pee Pee one, because we try to steal his wallet. Yeah, that’s a good idea Junior. Chef Pee Pee! What now, Junior? My dinner’s ruined and I have nothing to eat! Well Chef Pee Pee, why don’t you eat a taco (FOR ONCE, JUNIOR IS NICE TO CHEF PP!!)? A-A taco? Give it here. Might as well. Alright Jeffy, how many do you want? Uh, I think two. One for me and one for my daddy. Alright Cody, how many do you want? Uh, well I don’t know Junior. We have all these tacos left. Yeah, the whole box of them. What we should do with them? Um, eat them? Well, I got a better idea! How about we have A TACO FIGHT! *throws taco* *explosion* JESUS CHRIST, JUNIOR! THAT TACO JUST EXPLODED! UH, WHY IT DO THAT CODY?! I don’t know- Wait Junior! Look at this! The box says Taco Bomb! *That’s what the problem is* *OH NO, THIS IS BAD…* Wait, Cody remember what we’re buying tacos from the dolphin? He said: These tacos are, THE BOMB! Yeah. And these tacos are, TO DIE FOR. He said- He said these tacos are… BOMBS! *gasp* OH MY GOD, JUNIOR! THESE TACOS ARE BOMBS! THESE TACOS ARE BOMBS?!?!?! OH MY GOD! WH-WH-WHY ARE THEY BE BOMBS!? OH MY GOD JUNIOR! JEFFY! CHEF PEE PEE! *BOTH SCREAMING LIKE IN HOME ALONE
(Not the SML one, the original one)* Mm-mm-mm! Mr. Taco get in my mouth! CHEF PEE PEE! *slow motion* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… OOOOOOOOOOOOO… OOOOOOOOOOOOO… OOOOOOOOOOOOO… OOOOOOOOOOOOO… OOOOOOOOOOOOO… EHHHHHHHH… FALLLLLCOOOOONNNNNNN PUNCH!!! *explosion (Junior is the hero next doooor!!)* JUNIOR! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!?! WE’RE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!?! NO CHEF PEE PEE! THE TACOS WERE BOMBS! WE DIDN’T KNOW THEY WE’RE BOMBS! I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON! BOMBS!? Hey daddy! Guess the truck what? What? I got tacos! See them? *grunts* Jeffy, where’d you get these tacos at? I found them! Jeffy, you did not find them! Tell me what you got it from! I got it from my butthole, daddy! How about that? *gross and…
OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!* *sighs* Jeffy just don’t eat them on the couch! JEFFY! *in slow motion* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… What do you want, Cody? *stuttering* Those tacos… THEY’RE BOMBS! WHAT?! *Breaking News* Okay, uh breaking news. We have a very serious situation here, they are tacos going around that are actually bombs. They are bombs disguised as tacos. Uh, it was really big mistake. But in the military, it was a military experiment gone wrong. And those bomb tacos are mixed in the public tacos. So uh do not buy any tacos from strangers because they likely explode. Uh we reached out to the military for a statement but they said they don’t want to taco ’bout it. *Laughing* *gasp* SO THOSE TACOS ARE BOMBS?! YEAH! WELL THAT SUCKS! I DON’T WANT THEM ANYMORE! *explosion* Guys! Sub to SML!!


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