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The Tracks of my Tears was one
of the songs that was started by Marv Tarplin
my guitarist. – Marv, he played that intro.
– He played the guitar riff, you know? So I took them and I listened to
it over and over and over again. Finally I come up
with the first three lines of the chorus. Take a good look at my face
You’ll see my smile looks out of place, If you look closer, it’s easy to trace that you’re gone and I’m not. Oh no, that’s not it I went to 38 ohs. One day I’m in the mirror,
I’m not kidding you, one day I’m in the
mirror and I’m shaving, and I’m looking at my face
and I’m saying to myself, what if a person had cried
so much until the tears left tracks in your face? Yeah. And I said, “That’s it.” And I went and that became
“The Tracks of my Tears.” The tracks, so you invented that concept of tears leaving tracks in
your skin. The tracks of my tears. I remember hearing it as a kid and it took
me a minute to understand what you were saying because we
hadn’t heard that expression before. The tracks of my tears. Sounds like it was around forever
but you made it up. Yeah, so anyway, I take it to the meeting
and I recorded it and rather than me ending
it with the chorus there’s a part that comes in in
between the verses, I need you need you,
need you, need…. I ended it like that. You ended it that way yeah. I need you, need you. And everybody’s saying,
why are you doing that? And Berry Gordy and
Brian Holland said to me, man what are you doing? So you got one of the greatest
choruses ever take good look at my face, you’ll
see my smile looks out of place and you gonna end it with
I need you, I need you? Go back. Do that again. So I went
and re-recorded it. Did you write another verse then?
You had one less verse. No no no no no no no. All the verses were there. Just end with the chorus. Just end with the chorus. Yeah. And we did it. Don’t be so artistic
he was saying. And leave the
people wondering. Yeah. Poor guy needs you, needs you. So yeah, that’s what those
meetings who are about. Critiquing the music and getting the best out of every piece of music
that we could.

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