Smriti Irani – Biography

I embrace you not
because you are BJP.. ..I embrace you because
you are a woman. ‘She was a model who went
on to become an actress..’ ‘..turned producer and represented..’ ‘..the Bharatiya Janata Party.’ ‘Today she is Human Resource
Development Minister..’ ‘..for Government of India.’ I, Smriti Zubin Irani.. ‘Born on 23rd March, 1976 in Delhi
to a Punjabi and Bengali background..’ ‘..Smriti Irani has come a long way.’ ‘Smriti did her schooling
from Holy Child Auxilium School.’ ‘After 12th she discontinued
education and focused on her career.’ ‘She is the eldest of three sisters..’ ‘..and comes from
a middle class family.’ ‘She started working early
in life to support her family.’ ‘It was also heard that she
wanted to become a journalist..’ ‘..when she was young,
but when she was rejected..’ ‘ a news channel,
she rejected the idea..’ ‘..and went on a journey
to becoming a star.’ ‘During her struggling
days Smriti worked..’ ‘ McDonald’s at Mumbai.’ ‘Later in 1998 she took part
in the Famina Miss India Contest..’ ‘..and became one of the finalists.’ ‘It is believed that
another turning point came..’ ‘..when she replaced
actress Neelam Kothari..’ ‘ the host of a TV show.’ ‘Ekta Kapoor noticed her
and that changed everything.’ It is believed that
the team did not like her..’ ‘..but Ekta believed
in her and wanted Smriti.’ ‘Finally in the year 2000
Smriti Irani became Tulsi Virani..’ ‘ Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Kyunki
Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’.’ “Because mother-in-law too
was a daughter-in-law at one time.” ‘This serial also brought
a revolution on television.’ ‘And this serial changed
the scene of daily soaps.’ ‘She was one of the most
loved and popular face..’ ‘..of every home in India.’ ‘She was an obedient
daughter-in-law..’ ‘..a loving wife and an ideal mother.’ ‘But in the year 2007 she
decided to quit the serial..’ ‘..that gave her popularity.’ ‘She wanted to move on.’ ‘Smriti has produced
TV shows like ‘Viruddh’..’ ‘..and ‘Thodi Si Zameen
Thoda Sa Aasmaan’..’ ‘..under her banner
Ugraya Entertainment’.’ ‘Looking at her personal life,
in 2001 Smriti married..’ ‘..Zubin Irani, a Zoarastrian.’ ‘They have two kids.’ ‘A son named Zohr and
a daughter named Zoish.’ ‘Smriti Irani is Zubin
Irani’s second wife.’ ‘He was previously
married to Mona Irani..’ ‘..a coordinator and
former beauty contestant..’ ‘..and has a daughter from
his first marriage named Shanelle.’ ‘It is believed that Zubin and
Smriti were childhood friends also.’ ‘Looking at her political career,
in the year 2003..’ ‘..she decided to join politics
and became a part of BJP.’ ‘She also became a vice-president..’ ‘..of the Maharashtra
Youth Wing in 2004.’ ‘Slowly and steadily she kept
climbing the ladder of success.’ ‘In 2010 Smriti was appointed
the national secretary of BJP..’ ‘..and All India President
of the BJP’s women’s wing..’ ‘..BJP Mahila Morcha.’ ‘She gave tough competition
to Rahul Gandhi..’ ‘ contesting elections
from Amethi in 2014.’ ‘Though she lost, yet she
is one of the youngest ministers..’ ‘..of Prime Minister
Narendra Modi’s cabinet.’ ‘She has won many awards
for her television shows..’ ‘..and runs an organisation
People for Change..’ ‘..which provides drinking
water to the poor..’ ‘ India’s remote areas.’ ‘Her journey as an actor
as well as a politician..’ ‘..has been great
as well as consistent.’ ‘She is a believer,
a fighter, a survivor..’ ‘..and an example
for millions of women.’ ‘Smriti Irani is
definitely a personality..’ ‘..who no one can ever forget.’


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