SMTOWN TOUR ► SUM Cafe, Market and Jonghyun’s Memorial

We are now in front of SMTOWN We decided to make a seperate video about it because in this building every fan of SM Entertainment groups such us EXO, Red Velvet, Super Junior or NCT can find EVERYTHING related to his favorite group For example various gadgets, cafe and exhibitions If you are such SM stans like we are – we invite you inside with us! There is SMTOWN shop with gadgets on the first floor Everyone will find something here for sure! Let’s find out how it looks The first floor is now the second floor So we are on the second floor which is SMTOWN GIFTSHOP On the third floor there is SMTOWN MUSEUM Later on, the forth floor and SMTOWN Cafe & Market We can’t wait to go there! The fifth floor is for SMTOWN Theatre And the 6th floor is for something mysterious called SMTOWN SPACE SMTOWN GIFTSHOP SMTOWN giftshop is behind us but recording is strictly forbidden inside But you will see for sure what we bought there later on! We are on the 3rd floor – it’s time for SMTOWN Museum! MV outfits This is it for now because for now the museum is being renovated (they opened it a few days later) The 4th floor – SMTOWN Cafe! A place I’ve been waiting for the most! Before we go inside the cafe, let’s take a look at SM artists’ awards! In the first display we have awards from years 2016-2017 In the second display we have photos and awards from the music shows! And this is the last display – wall of the glory! Awards from the years 1996-2015! Cafe It’s time for the 5th floor! The 6th floor welcomed us with very special fanarts! Fanarts This is a dance hall – SM artists must have trained there sometimes! But behind me everything is becoming depressing… Jonghyun’s Memorial We just left SMTOWN and we really wanted to see Jonghyun’s memorial It is open till April 29th And we are here at that time so we could go! I must say that it was really emotional We hope it won’t bring depressing mood to this vlog But we really wanted to see it So about SMTOWN in general? It’s amazing! Everyone should see it You should come and buy as much as you can in SM market! Speaking of shopping, this is what we bought! EXO Coffee cup Huge box of peppero – also with EXO Never enough EXO in our lives – this is EXO The Eve fragrance I think it’s becoming boring but another EXO thing! But I couldn’t stop myself from buying this choco coffee If you have any doubts – this is EXO snack I found it next to Kai and these are puppy pens We have something different here! It’s NCT strawberries and almonds I don’t really know what it is yet but Ann put it into our basket Another NCT thing and one more time I have no idea what it is But it looks like nuts of the size of brain A bigger thing! It’s not EXO this time! It’s NCT 2018 album I had to buy this coffee so I also bought EXO’s UNIVERSE album We are saying goodbye to SMTOWN We hope you liked this vlog Write down in the comments what is your SM ENTERTAINMENT group!


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