yo what’s poppin everyone its Papa Jake
and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are in my brand new
room just to start off okay this is it looks different I know I know where am i
right now where is this Paul for Jake I know you’re asking those questions but
yes we did move we are in a new house that is a story for another day if you
guys want a house tour low-key hit the lock button leave a comment but god they
is operation 24-hour movie theater challenge that’s right welcome to the
operation this is the operation headquarters because we are on a mission
today guys today we are gonna be going and trying to survive in a movie theater
for 24 hours now you guys absolutely loved our last video where we snuck in
and played for tonight inside the movie theater and that video you guys crushed
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button but guys today we’re gonna be heading to the same movie theater but
this time we are gonna be trying to survive for 24 hours and see if we can
stay overnight I mean we’ll definitely bring some fun stuff but I don’t know if
we can I don’t know if we will but we are gonna try our best to survive there
for 24 hours so of course we’re starting out our house here but we are gonna pack
up I’m gonna grab Logan and we’re gonna head downtown and try and get in the
movie theater to survive for 24 hours and we also have a lot of stuff to bring
we can’t just you know wheel that into a movie theater so I think we’re gonna
need to come up with a plan to get like a big bin of stuff inside the fever of
course though if you are brand new to the Pappa Jake channel we’re always
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member but guys we need to get going we need to leave the brand new room this is
a story for another day maybe maybe if we get 20,000 likes and a bunch of hash
tag house tour comments I’ll do a house tour but we gotta go right now guys we
gotta go get Logan and we have to head to this movie theater come on alright
guys so we’re back at our favorite parking garage the one that’s closest to
the movie theater we got the car park and we are all ready to go on operation
24 our movie theater challenges one of the
hardest 24 hour challenges we have ever done not because of the cold or the wind
or the rain but because of the situation that we have to go in and all the pieces
that have to fit together to make this thing work now what we are gonna do is
we’re gonna sneak in there to start and we’re gonna try and figure it away for
Logan to bring well all of our 24-hour survival gear which is all packed back
here we have a bunch of toys and Ford items like our sleeping bags our pillows
and stuff so we definitely need that yeah we can’t just bring that all in
with us or else they’re gonna know something’s up so I think what we’re
gonna do is we’ll leave this here now let’s head to the movie theater get in
there and start doing some reconnaissance because this operation is
underway and we got to make sure it goes through okay guys so we’re heading
towards the theater now and as of right now it is completely open so we’re able
to get inside but we need to find a way that we can stay in there until it
closes because only the owner knows we’re gonna be sort of having all
overnight none of the employees do so we got to be really quiet don’t let anyone
know what we’re up to and head inside hard come on so dude I think what we do
is we grab a ticket to one of these movies we kind of like chill here until
it gets late until things start to close down and if we can find a back entrance
then you can go back to the car and grab all over overnight gear because we got
like a big tub of overnight gear we couldn’t bring all of it okay but how do
I get it in all right we’ll think first things first before we go into our movie
we got to find some sort of like back entrance you can bring it in let’s do a
little bit of exploring okay all right so we have our movie ticket we’re all
ready to go all right so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna head into the
movie watch them you know play everything casual and then once it’s
done well actually before it’s done and we’re
gonna find out where Logan can bring in all of our overnight supplies then we
have to find a place we can sneak in after the fact
got your ticket yep I need to do first is find out where you
get it stopping so we’ve got a water overnight you Jake where are we going literally us getting locked inside
Jake that wouldn’t be good I don’t want to be locked in this room well that
popcorn pick her up or better hold goes outside it’s like an underground what
reduce this is perfect I can get our stuff and then sneak back in I guess so
listen we found out a way that Logan could get our stuff and sneak back in
after the fact as long as I let him in so right now let’s go to our movie let’s
play calm obviously we can’t vlog in the movie because we can’t film in the movie
and then once it’s done I’m gonna hide and wait for everyone to leave and then
Logan will go out and grab all of our stuff I go operation overnight movie
theater challenge is a go okay guys so the movie just ended Logan actually
dipped out a little bit early to go grab the bin but everyone seems to have
cleared out I kind of went to the bathroom and just chill them there for a
little bit and now no one’s left right now well as far as I can tell you’re
kind of like looking around trying to see if I can find anyone and I definitely saw some down there looks
like they’re kind of like cleaning up the theaters and stuff and like making
everything organized but if I stay back here we should be okay I gotta get over
to the theater and let him in the emergency exit just uh be really quiet the coast is clear now we’re gonna go
meet up with Logan operation movie sleepover is still in effect okay okay looking what are you doing I
can hear you everyone can hear you oh dude you got the big Niles a bit all
right cool there’s still a few people left in the
theater we can make your way into the one of the empty ones that set up we
said to be really quiet okay looks like coast is clear clear let’s go
we gotta find a fever you’re going to fight you try that one
dude the lights are off oh dude it looks like a movie just finished some of the
it looks like the same last time if this is the same TV then there should be a
projector room these are the lights out of the projector room dude yeah big the projector is roll that’s a big
projector gee we need one of these in our house we gotta keep it down to guys
we do not want to learn anyone that worked here all right there’s a bunch of
electrical stuff over here why don’t you take a look in there it turns on okay it
worked yeah you got the lights on oh dude sweet
hopefully we don’t alert anyone with that come on Skeeter okay guys we got
all of our stuff here in auerbach we set up with our backpacks and everything
like that it’s still a little bit dark in here but I’m hoping what we can do is
connect the Xbox like we did last time so we can get some video games going I
also want to set up a fort and unpack all of our gear guys Logan want to go
scout out and make sure that no one’s around kind of like walking around the
theater and we also shut the doors so that no one can get in at the back and
at the front of the theater so I think first things first let’s set the Xbox
and then we can start building our fort with all the supplies we brought hi guys
there we go we got the Xbox on okay so now that we have the Xbox on what we
need to do is hopefully Logan comes back and tells me that we’re all okay he
could come back and say there’s a bunch of people so maybe I should keep my
voice down but let’s go check out the bin that I brought and see what we have
inside I guess so let’s see what we brought inside our 24-hour survival bin
we kind of packed it really quickly this morning so I don’t know what we brought
Logan also put some Logan put some balls in here well I was looking put bouncy
balls what are we we’re gonna play dodgeball
in a movie theater I mean I guess actually that’ll be pretty fun I should
hit the screen every played dodgeball in a movie theater so that actually would
be pretty fun okay so we got some blankets just sleep tonight definitely
needed there’s a big old sleeping bag gonna need that oh we got some fun stuff
here oh so we brought a zing ball some Bay boys night-vision goggles in case we
need to look at some of the dark beers or if it gets really dark at night I
don’t know if it will we also brought motion sensors so I can sit up around
the area what’s going on guys I set the xbox s-sir showing the movie
brought her survival bit so far the coast is clear and I only saw one
employee so I think for good well I showed off a lot of toys yeah we also
brought a bunch of sleeping stuff and why did you pack dodgeball his buddy
what you’re supposed to do with these I mean maybe we want to play a game of
dodgeball we have a lot of time well I brought some Nerf blasters because I
thought we could have a nerf blaster battle in the movie theater okay well
where are we gonna set up our sleeping area cuz that’s the most important thing to battle later why don’t we set up a
sleeping area but look at how to sleep where should we set up because I want to
be able to play xbox from our fort mmm guys what do you think what do you think
the best area to sleep in is think it’s one of these seats are like on the floor this okay beds so what if we made like a
blanket for it then we complete xbox from here okay I mean yeah someone came
in they probably see this and be like why their blanket for it in the middle
of the movie no I’m like in a little blanket for this is so cool I got my
pillow I’ve got the nice blanket above me it’s actually like really comfy okay
well why don’t we come a little bit more keep working on the fort here and then
we can play some video games okay so while Jake’s building the rest of our
fort I thought I’d come outside and set up some motion sensors so if anyone’s
walking around outside our movie theater will be alerted there’s one
we’ll put the second one right here all right so that way if anyone is walking
around we’re gonna be alerted Oh guys it looks like Jake made a pretty cool for
it check this out we got some blow-ups here oh look at this okay okay so come
through the door check it out welcome to the blanket for we got tons of room in
here I’m currently chilling on the couch we got some pillows and basically this
is where we’re gonna be sleeping for the night so we are gonna be we’re gonna be
just trying to chillin in here and you know relaxing but we also have the Xbox
set up and we’ve got a bunch of fun toys and stuff but lookit I was thinking you
could probably stay over there go go go show them off your quarters over here is
where I’m gonna be sleeping all right guys under the blanket we go and we are
in our movie theater for your activities too these are actually really comfy guys
I kind of thought these seats would be like hard but honestly it’s like as good
as just chilling on the couch and I love the blankets it makes you feel so comfy
and safe in here it’s awesome now that our forts built let’s go play some Xbox
and check out this movie theater gaming setup dude this is so sweet hi guys well that was sweet I’m thinking
we play a little bit of maybe like a nerf battle or something now all right
so it sounds like Jake wants to do a little nerf war I got my zing Bo and
Jake is going down he’s coming this way it looks like we might have failed this
challenge like we said guys we always do these 24-hour challenges for real and we
gotta come clean when they don’t work the owner said we could do this but it
looks like some of the employees are getting a little bit upset that we’re
here so we do have to shut it down we’ll go talk to the owner and maybe we can do
this again some other time but guys if you like these 24 hour challenges be
sure to smack that button down below if you think we should do another one let’s
try and crush 50,000 likes on this video we got some pretty sweet ideas but make
sure to leave a comment if you have an idea below and we’ll see you guys next
time for another awesome video


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