Sneaking Into Movie Theatre With Full CANDY STORE!

All right, we got the bag in the car package is secured bro, I’m just thinking there’s no way Story I’m actually recording this at nighttime, it’s currently 4 a.m I just got back from the movie theater And in today’s video you guys are going to see us walk into a movie theater Pretty much my entire candy store in the meantime, check out the vlog leading up to that GiO All right, boy, you can’t even wait till he goes potty. He’s dripping as he’s going. Wow What are you doing? What are you doing? You really want to be pet right now, don’t you yeah you do all you got pee on you, dude Why’d you just poke it out of nowhere, what do you keep doing this He’s like telling me where to go but you keep doing this no matter where you go he’s gonna do it again over here oh I think you threw up underneath his mouth, huh Oh God do it. I know you want to do it there he goes Wow Okay, guys, I just took fart spray and put it inside of my friend’s Cologne. The video is hilarious His reaction is hilarious. If you guys want to check it out. I uploaded it onto my other account I’m gonna be posting videos on that account as well So if you guys want to see other types of content Make sure to subscribe to that channel link in the top of the description to check out the video Here’s a quick little preview of it. So I have some fart spray right here My friend DK is currently staying over for a week. I went into his room and grabbed this Cologne I’m gonna replace his Cologne with the fart spray and see how he react Boom what’s up? Graham Graham. It’s 4:00 p.m. You’re going to bed. You look great grandma Fantastic, as you guys know, my sister has been living down the basement. It’s her new room or her room upstairs is actually clean But I walked in here and I noticed this random wait in here I don’t understand why this is here grandma You don’t want to go to the gym bring in the gym kneel Lift it. Yeah It’s like 20 pounds oh Wait, wait what there’s more weights in here. I told you guys before that I’ve had a guitar for a while now and I used to actually play so everyone wanted me to play for them So let’s do it All righty guys not to toot my own horn But I will say I’m probably the best guitar player that you will ever hear in your life like no joke Let’s check out what I got. It’s been a while. I will say that Do you like it grandma? My biggest supporter right here he knows I’m the best it’s been some time since I shred it that hard guys Honestly, like I’m really missing it and since I’m so good already. I think I might as well just go on tour right away So the link to buy tickets is down below last you turn that Calm get them over there grab you coming to my tour When I get good Probably not anytime soon good. Yes, I am grandmom play fetch You tried you tried Got him till was GTA GT you mean DK? No GT. My dad called you GT, but I don’t know He’s just chilling in the dark. He’s hibernating in here. Here we go again This thing is always about the fall whenever you close this door the vibration moves it forward There you go, I give it two days and I’ll be over together They sure get that merch new merch dropping on Friday 2 p.m. Eastern Time. I showed Ya haven’t shown you guys that yet we’ll keep you updated obviously as well Yeah, yeah, I love my mom designed some hurt sometimes I designed the girl long it fits perfectly on YouTube We can’t show that on camera though Hey, we got some lighting setup outside my house. Now. Whoa, that looks nice. Oh, that’s nice This is the invitation to my sister and Dave’s engagement party like it. I like it So some fun facts really was that I went dress shopping Even though she’s not getting married till 2020 while we’re I didn’t even say that Yeah, that’s the date even tell me this is the first day are planning for spring of 2021, but that may change I don’t know that she’s gonna wait that long the reason why we’re doing it so early is because when you go dress shopping most dresses take 8 to 12 months to come in every dress that she tries on is very similar to my wedding dress and as You know, I preserved my wedding dress. I showed you guys in the vlog that I said was rusted I know boxes Dolorosa She told me today in the car that she thinks she wants to wear my dress and just have it modified a little Oh really? Because it’s her something old which I assume is so sentimental. It’s like so cool. That’s cool. Dad I should have came with you guys what we probably want to reveal it right now because she doesn’t want anybody to know what her Dress looks like what we’re gonna keep that a surprise to you guys. The whole wedding is gonna be a huge surprise That’d be awesome. I came over to steal my mom’s food Where is it? That’s not it this Oh, yeah, you can have it. Oh my god G you’re going crazy. He’s been acting really weird today. I don’t know. Look who’s here So we were all actually going to see The Avengers tonight, oh I’m so high I will say we actually have another person coming as well. We got Mikey Mass coming up I told Mikey two days ago that we’re all going to see the movie tonight tonight is Saturday, by the way He thinks today is Friday asked me this yesterday Yo is the movie tonight or tomorrow? I said tomorrow night. He never replied I texted this morning I said what time you were coming today? He said I might come up tonight if I could stay over and we could chill all day Saturday I was like half asleep So I barely even understood what he said and I was like, yeah, you can stay over Brown don’t care today at 7 p.m I said are you coming? What time today is Saturday, bro? the movies tonight lmao because I reread his sex from earlier today and I guess for some reason he thought today was Friday and then an hour later he Replies. He’s like, wait why I was like bro. Today is Saturday. He’s like yo, what the Let the go to our favorite burger spot right now James’s comment DK you’re not comment boy you’re looking fresh. Hey it’s not merge boy To merge the key CSUN and the roadie. Hey, this is actually the limited-edition Merchandise that came out a couple months ago you guys know we do one limited to drop every single year every Black Friday So unfortunately for those who did not cop this you can never get it again in existence So make sure to look out for next year’s drop. No, I’m so hyped right now There’s like literally nobody here know what that means. We get served superfast. Oh my lord Oh That looks great to be out here we are here yes, we are If you ever cook you order a small it’s cheaper and they give you just as much of the car Yeah, they just give you a bigger play with the large that feels real good in my stomach How many snacks can you bring in the movie theaters? You’re gonna stuff my whole candy store in your pockets, brother Did I cannot get over this car? I just love looking at this thing. I love cars. I have an obsession I literally do signs baby 210 on the dash a my keys in the buildin You guys can see his car yo, yo, yo, what up brother was going on know you didn’t know today was Friday I Just got you there. Mikey just told me that he saw the movie already. He saw yesterday. Yeah I couldn’t wait the pasta day was Friday and I couldn’t wait til tomorrow technically in my mind dude. That’s hilarious. Did you enjoy it? Yeah don’t know spoilers since we have the candy bar You’re actually going to be sneaking as much candy as we can fall in this bag through the movie theaters You see a vendor get packing boy just grab like one of everything skittles the airheads everybody humming in the bottle pop We got some curls for the girls with the candy bag boy He’s for sure and not the right way. As you can see this bag is completely filled All right, we got the bag in the car package is secured girl, I’m just thinking there’s no way this is gonna work 100% we’re trying I think what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna bring in the bag, you know Obviously, they’re gonna want to check this like, who does this, you know? You want snacks what you want The ones candy Wow, that was a great movie I had an amazing time as you guys saw we literally brought in an entire bag of candy into the movie theater I hope you guys like enjoyed that that is so epic. Thank you guys so much for watching Today’s vlog if you enjoyed smash that thumbs up button. Don’t forget to turn on my pro certifications I like to give notification shout outs every single day to people that have them turned on yesterday. Shout out to the day boom and Other than that, I’ll see you guys next time


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