Soda Drama (Kardashians Spoof)

[KOURTNEY] So me, Khloe and Kourtney decided to… Wait…Did I just say Kourtney? – Yeah, you said your name. – (bleep) Let me start over. So me, Khloe and Kim decided to have some lunch at the hotspot in Los Angeles. [KHLOE] I’m starving. [KIM] Oh my god, me too. [KOURTNEY] Oh my god, did you guys hear what mom said to us on the way out? [KHLOE] Oh my god yes, what a b****. [KIM] What did she say? [KOURTNEY] When we said bye she said ‘I hope you guys have a great time’. [KIM] Shut up! [KHLOE] Yeah I know, who says that? Like, can you be any more rude? [KOURTNEY] She could’ve just said ‘good time’ instead of ‘great’. [KIM] What drinks are you both gonna order? [KHLOE] I don’t know, I’ve never been here. [KIM] I’ve been here like a thousand times. You should get the orange soda, it’s amazing. [KOURTNEY] Okay. [WAITER] What would you ladies like to drink? [KIM] Orange soda please. [KOURTNEY] I’ll have the strawberry soda. (dramatic music) [KHLOE] Me too, strawberry soda. [KIM] I am so shocked and betrayed right now. Kourtney and Khloe have completely thrown me under the bus. [KIM] I can’t believe you guys did that. [KOURTNEY] Did what? [KIM] You didn’t order the orange soda. [KHLOE] We changed our minds, Kim. [KIM] You said you were getting orange soda. [KOURTNEY] Strawberry is better. [KIM] Whatever, f*** you guys. [KHLOE] Kim, seriously? [KOURTNEY] Don’t be stupid. This is stupid. Why are you being stupid? [KHLOE] This is typical of Kim. She always makes a big deal out of soda. (Kim crying) [KOURTNEY] She’s such a cry baby. [KHLOE] Should we check on her? [KOURTNEY] No if we do, I’ll start laughing. [KOURTNEY] Kim crying is the funniest thing ever. [KIM] I just don’t understand why they were getting strawberry when I said to get orange. [KIM] I admit I might have overreacted but after taking a long sh*t, I was finally able to face my sisters. Where did they go? They were my ride. [KHLOE] We ate and went home. [KIM] What the f***?


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