Goodmorning from Palermo. I drove to Palermo this morning… I was a little bit nervous about driving… I was a little bit nervous about driving… Because everyone said I shouldn’t drive in Palermo. But it was not that bad! I parked my car at the edge of the city where I was greeted by… Antonio, and he is the man that is going to give me.. a cooking class tonight! And he took me to a little café to get some coffee and pastry. After that I went to the palace… And the chapel… *Me getting confused about grammar* The chapel in the royal palace was… One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! But I will show you in a second. And now I’m on route to discover the rest of Palermo! I’m going to the market, again, because I love markets. And I am now standing in front of something really beautiful… I believe this is the cathedral. Can you see it? So I’m now going to take a closer look… Ok bye. Do not visit a market in Italy, or Sicily, at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Because a. everything is closing down already, which is not the worst thing… The worst thing is it smells like a combination of fish, piss… and cheese.

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