Something Rotten Reception

I’m Zachary Bigelow and I’m Emma Benson,
and we graduated Class of 2018, musical theatre, and we’re here! Yeah! Really just to give space and support for great people to do great work, and so having great faculty who really pursue really interesting projects like this and attract great students and wonderful things like this happen. So we um, just finished the second national tour of “Something Rotten.” We, um, right after graduation we – shipped off – moved to New York City and then started rehearsals and then were on the road nine months in the United States, one month in Korea, um, a national and kind of world/Asia tour. But, uh, yeah, so the last few months of our life is literally this, this wonderful show. Yeah! We’re so happy to see it, so excited. I love the people. I love the students, the opportunity to see them grow from freshmen to seniors. And see the faculty grow every year; it’s just really exciting and it’s a great community. Hey everybody, I’m Ian Campayno, um, I graduated SU MT ’08, and I did the first national tour of “Something Rotten” for 17 months. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been back Um, but it feels like coming home, honestly, because so much work and energy and time in while you’re here studying – it’s good to be back. It’s very refreshing. It’s exciting to meet people you didn’t go to school with, to keep in touch with people you did go to school with and then now, for me, to be here and meet a whole new generation of SU MT majors. Um, it’s super exciting. I’m so happy to be here. Go theatre! GO THEATRE! That’s right! I agree!

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