Based on true events. SLEEPWALKER Darling … Are you ok ? You’ve manage to bring all this stuff without trouble ? No, no … It’s not like he lived next door. Dad & Mom are not here ? No, they’re not … I take a week off, I travel from Lyon, and they go skiing, nice. Really ?! At least, they will not bother us. Are you ok ? Yeah, and you ? I can sleep in Mom and Dad’s bed, you know. Oh, no ! You take the bed, I take the mattress, like in good old days ! Yeah, well, at the time, we had bunk beds. Besides, I remember, you kept kicking me in the mattress, it was so annoying ! Yes, because you snored. Oh come on, it’s gonna be fun, it’s been at least 10 years we have not slept together. No, 8 years. I have been living with Simon for 8 years It’s gonna be okay, you think ? No, I think it’s over, this time. Do you still snore that loud ? Well, you’re about to know. Oh god, I want to sleep somewhere else. Sleep tight ! Stop it ! Night 1 (indistinct chat) Lucie ? Are you ok ? You’re an asshole, SImon ! (indistinct chat) What are you doing ? Stop it … Let me see it, why are you hiding it ? Come here ! Lucie, you’re sleeping. Wake up ! Lucie, wake up ! Leave me alone … Lucie, you’re sleeping ! Wake up ! LEAVE ME ALONE ! So, here is the news : you are a sleepwalker. I’ve never done that with Simon … Maybe you did, but he never noticed. Shit … I can sleep somewhere else … No … Don’t worry. You tell me, I can … Don’t you worry ! As long as it’s not every night ! NIGHT2 I hate that girl … I hate her ! Wait … Can I come with you ? Lucie, wake up ! It gets serious. It can’t be real… Swear to God. Jesus … that’s awful ! That was awful, yeah. Don’t you think that tonight, we should set up Gopro in the house ? To see what you are doing, at night ? And I set an alarm around 3AM to keep you safe. NIGHT 3 Who is it ? Probably mail man… Dad is waiting a letter. Was I sleepwalker, tonight ? No, I’m disappointed ! Hey, that’s a feat ! Hello. Hello m’am, sorry for disturbing you, did you hear something strange last night, saw something unusual ? No, why ? One of your neighbors was assaulted, so we check houses nearby to know what happened. No, I didn’t hear anything. Is he okay ? He is in hospital, in critical condition. His name is Simon Marot, do you know him ? No. If you remember anything, call me, okay ? So ? Nothing … Surely a temporary thing … NIGHT4 She will not expect it, if we do this properly… He cheated on me with his colleaguer, that bitch. She will have the same treatment. Hello ? There’s going to be an other attack. Don’t worry, madam, I’m in the car. If something happens, I will be the first to know. DON’T MOVE ! I SAID “DON’T MOVE” ! She is a sleepwalker. She’s sleeping ! This is the police … Give me the knife. Give it to me.


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