Song JoongKi gives update on his wife Song HyeKyo [2017 KBS Drama Awards/2018.01.07]

He was the recipient of 2016 KBS Grand Award. Let’s welcome Song Joongki. Hello, I’m Song Joongki. Nice to meet you. In the new year, I get to say my greetings to you. I think it’s a huge honor. Many people on site and the viewers at home who are watching 2017 KBS Drama Awards, I hope you’re healthy this year. Happy new year. Thank you. I’m back on the same spot after a year. In front of me are the actors whom I admire, and my colleagues. Looking at them makes me more nervous. Mr. Kim Youngchul, how have you been? Hello. You look better than ever. I also watched KBS dramas this year. I especially liked watching “My Father is Strange”. Thank you for your great acting. I admire you greatly. A year ago, I was on this spot and was honored to receive a great prize, the Grand Award. I’m back here as the presenter. I think it was 2.5 to 3 years ago. I received the script for “Descendants of the Sun”, and I can’t forget the chills I felt when I flipped the last page. I was so honored to have acted in a drama called “Descendants of the Sun”. I think I’ll never be able to forget 2017. I’ll remember it as a glorious year. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the staff members of “Descendants of the Sun”, and the viewers again. It’s time to pass on the happiness I felt for the year to the best actor who shone in 2017 in KBS dramas. I think it’s time, so I am very happy. Joongki is about to present the Grand Award. Many viewers – have questions for you. / – Okay. I’ll ask you the questions if it’s all right. There’s a person at home, right? People are wondering how she’s doing and how your marriage life is like. It would have been more meaningful if she joined me today, but unfortunately, she had to be somewhere. So I came on her behalf. She’s doing well. I’ll make sure to deliver this to her. You’re doing something that I haven’t done yet. So I’m quite curious. – Right. / – How is the life? I’ve already mentioned this before. But “Descendants of the Sun” was truly a hit and was the reason why I’m here. But as you’ve mentioned, I’ve found myself a lifetime partner whom I love very much. That’s why 2017 will be a year that – I will never forget. / – Right. I don’t know how I can express the joy. KBS drama connected you two, right? – That’s true. / – Please say something. Thank you, KBS. Thank you. I’m pretty sure that you’re very thankful – for KBS. / – Yes.


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