Spartans on Screen

To fight the unbeatable foe… She can’t have gone far… Well we pride ourselves on accommodating all of our guests. Hi I’m Tanya Hart and welcome to the Red Carpet Diaries Ketchup is too spicy for me, so this might be… We want the release of Ramon Salazar. Did you know the Bedazzler was the top selling item of 1994– 1994, yeah… We’re surging toward even greater inequality. You’re safe now. We have the technology to rebuild him. I want it done no matter what the cost. Good morning! Oh in case I don’t see you, good afternoon good evening and good night. Brilliant! I felt like “oh, this is a Broadway show.” The Real World… This is Project Runway. Thank you to the Academy for giving this award to a movie that was made without compromise. Oh Ash—don’t let them take me away again! I’m bringing them in closer Merlin. You’re gonna do WHAT? Dr. Hannibal Lecter. I’m having an old friend for dinner. What are ya — hey, it’s my sister’s wedding. What do you want, you want me to hit you? Come on — Do me this one favor. But they’ll never take our freedom!

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