Hey guys, welcome to spirits in the theater. In this segment we’re going to explore the spiritual dynamics happening in the movie theater when you’re watching movie at home, when you’re watching with people, especially There’s a very spiritual exchange happening when we watch movies and so this whole segment is designed to explore the dynamics within that and kind of help explain what’s happening when we go to the movies. I grew up, you know, feeling a lot of stuff, especially in the spirit realm and it affected my emotions and my thoughts in the way I experience other people and I think there are a lot of people in the world who are gifted in the same way that I am they’re sensitive they’re intuitive they’re discerning or whatever you want to call it and I think a lot of them just don’t realize that that’s a thing in their life that they’re picking up stuff outside of their own Life and their emotions are being affected by things outside of their experience when we watch a movie there is energy coming from the screen, like there’s spirit coming from that so there’s what the author intended when he wrote this thing the director, the producer, the actors, the writing The elements from the story itself, the characters, all that stuff is releasing stuff into the space when you’re watching a movie you’re experiencing things, right? Which you’re also going to be releasing stuff while you’re experiencing that and then if there are people around you. Guess what? They’re doing it too So when all that stuff is filling a room anybody that’s wired the way that I am but I’d actually like to propose that everybody’s experiencing this on some level. We’re getting an overwhelming sensory overload of experience from all of this different input from the spirit world affecting our being right? so it’s gonna hit you in your emotions and your thoughts and we’re gonna get into that later in this series, so stay tuned and remember whenever you’re watching the movie you are never alone


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