Spoiler-Free Zone (feat. Regina Hall) – Key & Peele

There’s no way
that he can win. No, mm-mm, no. So, anyway, what did you think
of the season finale ofGame of Thrones?– [gasps]
– Right? – That was–
– No, no, no. I’m reading
the books. Oh, sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry. And he reads slow. [laughter] We can never
talk about it. We’re never
gonna talk about it. Okay. – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
– Uh-huh. Hey, has anybody seen
that new Russell Crowe thriller? ‘Cause let me tell– Ah, ah, ah! Ah. Sorry, it’s just we’re going tomorrow,
and I don’t want to know a thing about it. Doesn’t want
to know a thing. – Got you. Okay, all right.
– Sure, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
That is– How–who won the game? – I think–
– N-n-n-n-n-n-n. That–I’m–
I’m gonna watch it later. – Oh, you’re–
– Oh, you have a DVR. – I got it–
– Sorry, okay. Mum’s the word. – Yeah.
– So… – So…
– Yeah. What’s the weather
gonna be like this– [squawking] [dog barking in the distance] Sorry.
It’s, uh… [sighs] We’re having
a barbecue this weekend, and I don’t want to stress
about the weather. – No, of course you don’t.
– We just–Yeah. Yeah.
You know, yeah. [clears throat] This three-bean
casserole is– [scatting] I’m so sorry, babe.
I just– – I hadn’t tasted them yet.
– I’m sorry. – I’m sorry.
– Really looking forward to it. You know? Don’t talk about
the ingredients, I know. It’s a surprise
for your mouth. – Yeah.
– Really. Oh, uh… [laughs] You know that
commercial with– Okay, never– Oh. [laughs] [laughing]
Okay. (woman)
Never mind. That’s probably best. – Yeah.
– [clears throat] Oh. No, it’s fine. – Cheesecake.
– [gasps] – What?
– Huh? We got cheesecake. – I mean…
– Oh, yeah. No, I’d love
some cheesecake. – Yeah.
– Let’s do that. – Yeah.
– Yeah. All right,
what the hell? – Okay, cheesecake.
– Cheesecake. I mean, I’ve been watching
my cholesterol intake, but what the hell, right? We’re all gonna die
someday anyway. – What?
– Honey. – Wow.
– Come on. Are you
kidding me? You just ruin it
every time! I’ll see you
at home. – But wait a second.
– So rude! Now, how would you not know
that that was taking place?

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