Spooky! Is this a ghost caught on CCTV at Romford theatre?

Just another night at the theatre, or is there
something spooky going on here? Look again. This bone-chilling CCTV was captured at the
Brookside Theatre in Romford, Essex and shows a chair appearing to move on its own. Could this be evidence of ghosts? Middle class
theatre loving ghosts, but ghosts. To make things weirder, this potentially supernatural
event happened after a psychic medium had been on stage earlier in the night. Maybe he summoned some spirits and forgot
to put them back. The theatre’s manager Jai Sepple said that
a lot of weird things had happened in the building over the years – we assume he’s talking
about pantomimes which are always bizarre – but he did add that this is easily the freakiest
thing he’s seen.


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