Spooky Stories – Caroline Harker – The Croft

When I was a child I used to see a woman stood at the end of my bed called Gale. And she was absolutely terrifying. She was a sort of big, enormous, angry, rotten-teethed angel. With sort of fallen wings – she was like Mrs Trunchbull. She was the Mrs Trunchbull of the angel world! And she stood at the end of my bed and I used to see her on a regular basis. And I used to go to other houses and it would come and see me. I’d obviously conjured up this monster. And then my sister was doing a very young
version of a weegie board with my cousins, you know they did the dreadful thing where
they cut out things. And we were in my Aunt and Uncle’s old farm house somewhere and the
thingy said ‘Caroline will see Gale no more’ and I never did…

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