Spotlight on the Arts: Last Train to Nibroc

(music playing ) – Hello and welcome to
Spotlight On The Arts. I am Mark Mclemore. To paraphrase Humphrey Bogart “The lives and loves of two
little people didn’t mean a hill of beans in the crazy
world that existed around World War Two.” The newest production
from Invisible Theater “Last Train to Nibroc” Tells the story of
dreams and romance. And joining me now
to talk about it, in costume are the stars Damian
Garcia and Samantha Cormier. Thank you so much
for being here. – [Both] Thank
you for having us. – So this morning we went
out to the Union Pacific Big Boy Steam Train. Which is parked here in
Tucson for a couple of days. For you to have a
photo-op and it’s amazing, not to be funny, that trains
have so much pull these days. Because there were
thousands of people there. – [Samantha] I did
not expect that. Did not expect the long line to get in to see
the steam engine. The world’s largest
steam engine, Big Boy. We had no idea the hype. – [Damian] Right, people
are so fascinated by trains. Even after all these
years and it’s wonderful. Turned out so enthusiastic. – In a way did it
help you to feel in connection with the era that you’re portraying in this play? – [Damian] I think for me
yeah it really brought it home and kind of gave it
a sense of realism that we were on something
so historic and then it just brings it full
circle at least for me. – [Samantha] That’s how
they got around was train. You know that was the major
way that you could get from city to city. And there’s that
energy of the journey, the train kind of
like where am I going? That whole kind of aspect of it. When you see a train especially
in the 1940s and 50s. – What kind of research
did you do in terms of like what a young man would
be experiencing in 1941. How did you get in touch
with you character? And tell us a little about him. – Raleigh is a recently,
discharged flyer. he is returning back
home to Kentucky on this train and I did
just a lot of research on to the war and how it
affected people in general. Their mindset, how they
wanted to serve their country and how they wanted to be, put their efforts into the US. He’s a really good person and
he has a really good heart. He’s a genuine human being
and just looks for the best in people and in the
situation that he’s in. – Well Samantha, how would
you describe your character? – May is, very sweet girl was raised in the church. She is coming from this journey where I think she’s grown up
her whole life to be raised proper and you know, the good Christian thing and what it is to be,
you know, to love god. And so she kind of goes
outside of her comfort zone to visit a man that she’s
engaged to in California and she lives in Kentucky
and once she gets there she kind of chugs along one way and then she kinda
gets heartbroken. A man goes off to the war. He changes when she comes
to visit him and you know, she becomes Raleigh’s word
for her is feisty. – What was the first thing
that you thought Damian when you read the play? – It was so heartwarming
and the playwright is wonderful with dialogue and
you just get to hear them fall in love with each other
and they go through so many twists and turns and their
relationship is convincingly difficult and
convincingly beautiful. It was really touching, it
was really touching to hear you know that kind
of relationship. – And Samantha what do you
recall about your reaction? – As you’re reading it you’re
fighting for this couple. You see them get so close and how just these inner
actions and the way they are together cause as he said
years pass between each scene. And how they get so close
every time and you can just, reading it for the first time, I’m like oh is this it? Is this when they, oh
man but this happens and life comes in and how they speak
with each other very. – Back and forth
– Natural! – Exactly
– Like were doing now – Well another question about
kind of the actors workshop perspective on
this is that doing a two handed play like this, do you sometimes
wish that there were other characters in the play? Or are you happy that you got that real estate to yourselves? – For me, initially
it was intimidating because you know,
it’s two just people. You have really no where
to go, no where to turn, you have to rely on the
person for everything mostly. It’s a really good
challenge as an actor, I think it really puts
you through the paces and you really find
where you can thrive. – Yeah, there’s the
pressure there but there’s other characters in the play. You just don’t see them. You know, they’re around the
corner at any moment someone can pop in you know. There’s people on the train too. I guess were the only
human bodies on stage. But it’s challenging and fun. – Samantha and Damian thank
you so much for joining us – Thank you. – The Invisible Theater presents “Last Train to Nibroc” by Arlene Huton
through November 3rd on their main stage at
1400 North First Avenue. Thank you for watching,
Spotlight On The Arts. (music playing)


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