Srimanthudu Theatrical Trailer | Mahesh Babu | Shruti Haasan | Srimanthudu Trailer Official

You wanted to stay in hostel while schooling,
I thought you wanted to be with friends. You went abroad for further studies,
I thought you wanted to explore the world. I expected you to take care of the business
once you are back That too is not happening! Let me do what I feel like to,
let me also earn some respect. Hail Lord Rama,
let us be united like his army I may look interesting
but I would bore you My family and me did not understand him,
How would she understand him? My village has given me a lot,
I need to repay at least a part Else I would get plump Stop the bus before entering the city,
cut the throat and suppress the voice He said he has a bad father to save him
from whatever wrong he does Even my family has a bad son like me to save them
Bad does not mean like you, its different. Do you always do the same way
Are you not bored of it? Hey! You have taken a lot from the village.
You need to give something back. Else, you will get plump!


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