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Hi! I’m Kimber Sprawl. My name is Bethany Xan Jeffery. What’s up guys. It’s Eben here. I’m at Madison Square Garden right now on
the I Heart Radio Jingle Ball Tour. My name is Jeff Heimbrock and I’m backstage
at Wicked on Broadway. And now I am on tour with the Lion King playing
Sarabi and covering Nala. I am currently on the National Tour of Kinky
Boots. STAR Camp was honestly so special to me. It was the highlight of many many summers. Not only did it teach me a lot about professionalism
and working in the theatre, but also the best training in all aspects of performing and
the best memories I’ve ever had in the summer and the best friends. It was just so nice and refreshing to be around
like-minded people who had a passion for musical theatre and together we learned so much about
ourselves as actors and as people and we grew together. It was just such a comfortable environment. Prior to STAR Camp I’d only done one musical
in Middle School I’d done Bye Bye Birdie. And I was like wow this is cool maybe I should
learn to do this for real. And STAR camp was my first taste of any kind
of real training. One thing that I took away from STAR Camp
was just work ethic. Definitely work ethic. STAR was one of the most intense programs
that I had done. STAR Camp was one of the things that made
me realize that theatre was what I wanted to do and I was sure about it. Without Cincinnati Children’s Theatre I would
not be the performer I am. I would not have the confidence that I have
as a performer. And I would recommend STAR Camp to anyone
serious about theatre who really needs to get better and wants to get better. I can’t recommend it highly enough. STAR Camp is amazing! STAR Camp is amazing. You guys should go.

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