Stephen Butterworth on how he prepares for playing female roles

Well actually, in my career I have done quite a few women so I often, like I played Lady Bracknell in ‘Earnest’ and that’s another fabulous role which I never thought I would ever get to play but the lines in that are incredible. She comes on and smashes out these you know, 10 line, one sentence kind of words it’s incredible but every time I do play a women I try and give each woman a point of difference so one might have heels, and then I might go no, this one’s got bare feet and this one’s got a beard and this one…, you know but when I saw the costume for this I was already, ‘okay I kinda have an idea of where she’s gonna be’ The costumes are amazing in ‘Twelfth Night’ and when I saw that I just knew the deportment of her and because we’re setting it where we are setting it there’s certainly a realm in which she sits but vocally, all of those things I love playing with and if you have seen both plays, being Capulet is a completely different role as to Mariah so I always make sure my physicality is different and my vocalisations are different and to give me a point of difference each time I play a woman cause I have played about 10 roles as women.

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