Steve Aoki’s Mega Vegas Playhouse | Houseguest With Nate Robinson | The Players’ Tribune

– The first thing I did
when I bought this house…. I just had so much space, so I can get like big 3-D sculptures and start investing in some art. This is the design studio. – Wow. – Nobody’s seen this, too. I’ve got some of the Bruce Lee collection. This is officially Aoki’s Playhouse. – Is there technique into
jumping into the foam? – Don’t die, man. Just don’t die. – Trust fall? – Oh! I call this the Neon Future Cave. I keep it really bright. That’s like one of the
most important things about my studio that’s very
different from most studios. – Yeah, mine’s all dark. How’d you come up with
the whole cake face? – In 2011, I came up with
this idea in my head like, “I’m going to cake someone tonight.” There’s always one crazy
guy or one crazy girl, that’s just like, “Cake me in the face.” It’s 21 feet, 16-foot-deep pool. You just got to like aim for my face and you’re good to go. – All right, bet. Whoo!

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