Stonehenge at Auction | 21 September 1915

Lot 15 which is Stonehenge and about thirty
acres of heath land. And now ladies and gentlemen, there has been
a lot of interest in this particular lot so I am going to start the bidding at five thousand
pounds. Well on the 21 September this year 2015 it’s
the hundredth anniversary of the auction when Stonehenge was actually put up for sale and
was bought by a man called Cecil Chubb. Sold to Mr C. H. E. Chubb of Beverton, Salisbury.
Sir you are now the proud owner of Stonehenge for six thousand, six hundred pounds. It was a huge turning point for Stonehenge
when Cecil Chubb decided to give Stonehenge to the nation, as a gift it was such a generous
gift and one hundred years later it is still in the care of the state and we are able to
now to build a new visitor centre. We’re making Stonehenge more accessible and
we are just finishing off restoring it to it’s landscape so that we can give access
for visitors but also to protect it for the next generation as well.

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