Strange Drama – Tales of Tenali Raman – Animated/Cartoon Stories For Kids

One day, the Royal Court was in progress and a serious matter was being discussed. But Tenali Raman was yawning with boredom. The King spotted Tenali. Tenali! Is Royal Court your bedroom? It seemed that you are not taking interest in the work here. There is no need for you here. Go away from the Royal Court at once. This is no place for your laziness. Your wish your Majesty. I’ll do as you say. Your Majesty, see how casual he is. Even your words have no effect on him. Please do not let him enter this Royal Court hereafter. You are right. For this kind of attitude, He deserves a punishment like this. For days Tenali did not come out to the Royal Court. On the tenth day, a tribal youth came into the Royal Court. Your Majesty, I am the disciple of Sage Gangadar. Some time back, your courtesan Tenali, came to stay with us, in our ashram, in our village. Today morning, he went to the river for a bath. He slipped and was swept away with the flowing water. Is it so? You saved him right? No your Majesty. As the water was flowing swiftly, they could not even find his body. Sage Gangadar asked me to convey you this news in person. My dear Tenali. My dear friend. Why did you leave me and go? Your Majesty, You’re so sad to hear this news. Tenali was a great learned man. No one can equal his intelligence. We did not realise his value. His loss can never be compromised in our kingdom. Yes. Now you tell like. You are the one who told me not to allow Tenali Raman inside the Royal Court, didn’t you? Oh boy. I would like to meet Sage Gangadar, and speak to him about Tenali. Will I be able to meet him? Yes your Majesty. I will lead you there. Swamy. Greetings. I am very glad, that you hosted my Tenali, in his last few days in your ashram. But. But, why did you not save him? What can I do your Majesty? No one can overcome destiny. That is what happened to Tenali Raman as well. No swami. I am the one who’s at fault. I am the one who scolded Tenali, and sent him out of my Royal Court unnecessarily. That is why he decided to come here , and went to bathe in the river, Which made him fall inside and die. Oh God. Don’t grieve over his loss. What is gone is gone. Proceed with your work now. Swamy, will I be able to see the place where my Tenali last stood? I would like to pay him my last salutations now. Oh. I won’t see him anymore. Don’t worry your Majesty. If you want him so much, then you can meet him now. Please close your eyes and meditate. Now open your eyes your Majesty The King saw Tenali and started smiling. he embraced him with affection. Where did you go my friend? You made me suffer a lot. Okay, Where is the Sage Gangadar? Your Majesty, I am the Sage, and I am Tenali Hahahahaha Dear children, Anger makes us blind. So don’t get angry with anyone. Be kind to all your friends and relatives.


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