Strange Fairy Tale | 낯선동화 [2015 Drama Special / ENG / 2015.12.18]

(This program was produced with funds provided by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.) (2014 KBS Script Award Winner) (Strange Fairy Tale) My father created the Bong Bong Brothers. Stop lying! What do they teach you in school? What? How dare you? Kids don’t believe anything these days. I’m going to buy a house. Stop lying! See? You don’t trust me, either. Let’s go! Hey! Here they come! Hello. It’s a ramen restaurant. It’s yummy. Come by! Okay? I was lying about buying a house… But do you see that house over there? When you were younger, we all lived there. With mom and dad. Right! I’m going to save money and move in there. What do you think? Isn’t it great? When? As soon as possible. I don’t want mom to be confused. She thinks that we still live there. Mom? Isn’t she in Japan? She’d come back when I go to middle school. Mom promised me. Why go through this trouble when there’s an easier way? Why don’t you join me? I’m good. Go ahead and do it yourself. Whatever. Don’t put any on my wall, okay? Yeongbae, are you going to meet that thug? Geez. Yeongbae! Yeongbae! Hello. Hi. How are you? Good. That room is still available, isn’t it? Have you come up with the money? Yes. Almost. Really? I guess your mother sent you some money. I guess she’s making enough money now. Pardon? Nothing. Nothing. Go on. Why bother? It’s gone. (Gipung Media ignores the rights of creators.) (Give me back my sons, The Bong Bong Brothers.) Have you eaten? You shouldn’t skip meals. You know. We all do this to make a living. If you haven’t eaten, let’s go to the cafeteria. Shut up, you thief! Jang Sanggu! Watch your language. If I hadn’t worked hard, the Bong Bong Brothers wouldn’t have become this successful. Enough. I’m preparing for a lawsuit. Get ready. Lawsuit? Hey… buddy! My son. What are you doing here? Where is it? What? My bankbook. I know it was you. Give it to me. Well… hold on. Hold on. Where did I put it? Give it to me. Subong, you know what? If it’s not about lawyers or the Bong Bong Brothers, I’ll forgive you. It’s about a lawyer and the Bong Bong Brothers… He’s a good one. That’s why he’s expensive. Get your money back. Let’s go. Now! I can’t get my money back. I started the lawsuit. Do you know how I saved that money? Subong, can you trust me just this once? Trust you? You stole money from your son. I’m fighting alone to make things work, and you can’t support me a little? The Bong Bong Brothers. You know how hard I worked while staying up all night to create that character. He took it from me. Hey! Subong! Subong! I’ll buy you chicken. I’ll buy you pizza as well. – Thank you. / – Go ahead and eat. I handed out 500, so you owe me 5 dollars. I know it’s 500, but I only pay you for 400. Besides, how should I know you actually handed out all 500 them? Hey! You can’t do that to him. Who are you? How can you take advantage of a little boy? You broke the law. Thank you. Give me $5. I’m kidding. Don’t be that way. Hey! You were quite brave. Over 5 dollars. I was impressed. I heard you support your family. Subong, we’re doing something and you’re perfect for the job. He won’t do it. See. You get 3 cents for ten flyers. 5 cents at the most. I’ll pay you $50 per job. You can make a few hundred bucks easily. If you work hard, you deserve something in return. Go on. Wait a minute! I’ll do it! We’re going to claim compensation for breaching the copyright of derivative work. You can’t make videos or fancy products using the character without the inventor’s permission. The law is on our side. You don’t have to do much. You can keep watch and when the owner comes, start coughing like crazy. See? It’s easy. Are you really going to give me $50? Sure. You can’t betray us. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Go Subong! Hey, are you okay? Hey! Are you okay? Yes? Are you sick? Well… Let’s go. Okay. Contact me using this phone. Here. Your salary. I’ll pay you daily for a while. Stay here. Yes, boss! What’s gotten into you? You didn’t want to do this. Is your father in debt again? It’s not that. Save up some money and go to your mother. Where was she? I think I heard. I think I will. She’s in Japan. Japan? No, it started with Hok… what was it? You don’t know? Hok…? When my grandmother was talking to your father about the housing deposit, I heard it. It was ‘Hok’ something. Right. It was ‘Hokkai’. That’s where she is. Hokkaido? Hokkaido? Is that it? I think so. Yes! Hokkaido. Where? Where in Hokkaido? Well… is it somewhere in the North? Gangwon-do? Is it Gyeonggi-do? I don’t know. Ask your father. Your father should know. (The brave Bong Bong Brothers started their journey to look for their mom.) Subong! Ta-da! I really like you. Jaebong, do you want to go to Japan to find mom? Mom? Yes. Let’s go get her. Just the two of us. You and I? If we keep living with dad, it’ll get harder and harder. We need to bring mom back. Mom studied more than dad, so she must be smarter than him. Subong! – Subong! / – We’ll talk later. Don’t tell dad! Okay. Subong! Jaebong! Jaebong! I know you’re not sleeping. You’re not sleeping, are you? You stink! You’re not sleeping, Subong? Stop! Just don’t! At 7 p.m. tomorrow. At the bus stop. Let’s make lots of money! Way to go! Are you still awake? Dad. Yes. Let’s talk. Choose between No. 1 and No. 2. Choose? No. 1. Forget about the Bong Bong Brothers and get a job, rent a room, and live happily. No. 2. Don’t give up on the Bong Bong Brothers, get further into debt, get kicked out of here, and live in misery. They’re too extreme. No. 3. There’s no No. 3. Choose between the two. Why not? Get the Bong Bong Brothers back, make lots of money, buy a big house, and live happily ever after. Geez. How are you going to live in a dream? No. 1 and No. 2 are reality. You’re just like your mom at times like this. Is it No. 1 or No. 2? You can’t live by only holding on to reality. You need to have dreams to get through hard times. There’s only so much we can take. I heard mom was in Hokkaido. Who told you that? Where? Sapporo? Otaru? Do you know how to contact her? I told you that she’s going to come back when she finishes her studies. I don’t know. I have a drawing to finish. Let’s get inside. It’s cold. I’m excited about this Bong Bong game. I’m counting on you. Thank you. See you later. You made the right decision. If you keep it up… Money? You can make up to $300 a day easily. You need to do something big. What are you doing? Go ahead. Come on. I was right, it’s Subong. You bastards! Stop right there! Where are you going? Hey! Let go of me! Hey! Subong! My back! Should I see a doctor? Go ahead and eat. You must be hungry running around all night. Go ahead and eat. Are you doing this to make money instead of your father? Go ahead and tell me. Is it your dad? No. I just did it. Subong. I know you. I won’t tell your father. Tell me. It’s okay. Japan. I need to go to Japan. Japan? For what? To see my mom. Please don’t tell my father. Please? Your mom’s in Japan? Yes. She’s in Hokkaido. Hokkaido? Was it Hokkaido? Your father said that? Your mom went to Japan? (Hokkaido) Your father told me so I went there to eat sushi. And I saw your mother there. Hokkaido. How may I help you? Well… is Ms. Yeom Mari working there? Yeom… yes, she is. Hello. Come with me. I have somewhere to go. Where? To see mom. What? Mom? Yes. She’s in Seoul. Really? Wait for me at the playground after school. Let’s go see mom. I’m a little nervous. Why? I haven’t seen her for so long. – Hello. / – You bastard! Did that guy who caught you report you to the police? No, he didn’t. He bought me breakfast. Hey. Are you at school? Stay right there. Hey! What the heck? Who are you? How dare you push my princesses? Hey! Hey! Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! Hey! Hey! What are you doing? Here he comes. Hide! The doors are closing. Guys! How much longer? My legs hurt. My legs hurt, too. I don’t remember mom. It’s okay. She’ll remember you. Guys! It’s dangerous being out this late at night. We got lost. (The Thief) What are you doing? I’m busy. Why? I tried to put myself in your shoes. I think we should settle this matter. I’m doing you a favor as a friend, okay? I guess you’re desperate, huh? Don’t be silly. How’s Subong? Why are you asking about Subong? Over here! Where are they? Tell me! Before I go ballistic. If your wife were here, she could handle things better. Subong is going through puberty now. He needs special care. Stop talking nonsense! What’s wrong with him? Excuse us. I’ll take care of it. You can’t just neglect Subong like that. I saw him hanging out with some punks and stealing from a drunk, unconscious men. What? I’m sure the police are after those punks but I took care of Subong myself. Thank god I saw him. Something terrible could’ve happened to him. What a load of crap! I’m telling you this from the bottom of my heart. I know you’re going through a lot, but pull yourself together for Subong. Subong is getting into trouble because of you. Watch your mouth! If you don’t believe me, ask your son. Where did they go? I was worried that they might go to the airport, so I told him the truth. It’s not Hokkaido in Japan. It’s in Seoul. Take care, my friend. Pull yourself together for Subong. Subong is getting into trouble because of you. Subong. The cops brought them here. They’re over there. Subong. Mom. How did you know? Did your father tell you? Did something happen? Did something happen to your father? Is that it? Let’s step outside. Jaebong, eat your ramen. We’ll be right back. What happened? Is something wrong? I… I just came. Tell me. Did something happen to your father? Is that it? Mom, can you live with us? Even if I could, nothing’s going to change. No. If you come back, everything will be okay. It’s not that simple, Subong. It’s cold. Let’s get inside. Jaebong and I are living in a sleazy motel. We have no home. If you were with us, we wouldn’t have ended up there. Please, mom. The room’s too small. I’ll sleep at the restaurant. Go inside. I had this much money. I don’t have it anymore, but I can save it again. I’ll save up more money, rent a room, save up more money and move to a bigger place. Please, mom! Subong. Then… can you come back next year? You promised me that you’d come back when I started middle school. I start middle school next year. You promised me. You can come back. Stop being such a kid! Look at me and your father. Don’t you understand what’s happening? When are you going to grow up and face reality? Are you becoming like your dad? Okay, okay. I’ll tell you everything. We’ve been divorced for quite some time. I was sick of your father denying reality and constantly trying to live in his dreams. I wanted to do something to turn things around. Subong. My boy! You’re big enough to understand me, aren’t you? Subong, please don’t do this. You’re breaking my heart. Go inside. (The Bong Bong Brothers, Going to Court?) Are they here? Even after I left you, you haven’t changed at all. Are you still obsessed with the Bong Bong Brothers? Subong! They’re not here. They’re in my room. The place that I know? What kind of father are you? How can you make them live in a sleazy motel? You have no right to criticize me. You know what? I thought you’d come and see them at least once. They’re still your flesh and blood. Do you think I ran away because of them? Are you happy living in a fairy tale? I was sick of you being so selfish and not caring about anything else. All you cared about was drawing. And now what? That’s why I couldn’t give up on the Bong Bong Brothers. That’s the only thing I’m good at. That’s the only way that I could make my boys happy. Happy? How can you say that looking at them? If you really cared about them, instead of drawing cartoons, you should’ve worked at a construction site. So… is your life better than mine? Stop pretending that you’re smarter than me. I tried, but it didn’t work. I was going to raise the boys myself. I wanted to live with them as soon as possible, and did anything that I could do. But it was hard for me to take care of myself. If you keep living in your dreams, Subong and Jaebong might end up like us, okay? Yes, I’m a horrible and evil mother. That’s why I want you to pull yourself together and take care of our children. Letting them live in a sleazy motel? Let them sleep. I’ll pick them up in the morning. Subong! Subong! How much longer were you going to lie to me? Until high school? Did you think I’d be that stupid? Why? You were too young, and I wanted you to only have good memories of your mom. Mom abandoned us. What kind of mother does that? It’s not that… Stop. I don’t believe anything you say. I won’t say anything to you. Do whatever you want. I’ll do whatever I want. Subong! Did you see my friend, Gipung? No. Look at me. Are you sure you didn’t? I trust you. If you tell me you didn’t see him, I’ll believe you. You didn’t see him, did you? I wasn’t going to do it. I didn’t mean to. What? I wanted to get a place where our family could live together. But you wasted the money I saved. I still wanted to bring mom home. But… Subong, but this isn’t right. Even if mom comes back, this won’t go away. You’re the one who lied about mom. Because of you, I’ve dreamed about her and looked for her. I feel like I’m a fool, just like you. You ruined everything. You only care about the Bong Bong Brothers, and you don’t care about Jaebong and I. You know what? You have no right to nag me. Subong! Subong! Hello. Did you find Subong? Yes. Thank you. I’ve been thinking and it’s not a simple matter. What? If those guys get caught, they might tell the police that Subong was their accomplice. What should we do? I asked a police officer about this, and as the eye witness, what I say carries a lot of weight. I guess I’m the one who holds the key to this case. I’m glad that you found Subong. Take care. I’m busy filling out the questionnaire from the court. Bye. Daddy, I’m hungry. Do you want to go home and cook something? We’re out of rice. Let’s cook some ramen instead. I’ll go get some ramen. Go on home. Daddy! Eggs, too! I thought you left the country or something. Why haven’t you been answering your phone? Jaebong, go home. Subong. Listen to me! Follow me. Let go! Jaebong! Daddy! What is it? Where’s Subong? What a rat! You betrayed us so that you could be safe? I didn’t do that. How dare you! Because of you, I was beaten by my bosses. I was almost killed. Please calm down. Do you want me to beat you up as well? You’re next. The two phones that you dropped, and the money that you wasted. You have to work hard and make up for those losses. I can’t. No, I won’t. What? Why don’t you tell my boss that? How dare you! Your father’s a beggar, so I took pity on you. Is this how you repay me? What? Beggar? No, he’s worse than that. He steals money from his own son. Don’t be disrespectful to my father. Subong! Come here. Subong! Subong! Subong! Hold on! Come here. Darn it! Daddy! You’re the one who forced my son to steal, right? Now you’re playing father to him? The police are looking for you. Save your own butt and leave my son alone. Save my own butt? I can take care of myself. This isn’t over, yet. What? Are you going to be at his side 24/7? I’m going to harass him every day. He’s going to bring me money every day. What is it that you want? What should I do to make you stop bothering my son? Do you have any money? If you give me $2,000, I’ll think about it. I don’t have that kind of money. You have to understand my position here. The police are after me. I couldn’t work for days. I couldn’t bring any money to my bosses. I don’t want to chase him around. But what can I do? I need to support myself. Okay. I’ll settle for $1,500. That’s the least amount that my bosses will accept. Keep your word. Call me any time. I’ll be there in a flash. Hey. Let me see your face. You don’t have to see them again. Don’t meet them. I’ll take care of it. I said I’d take care of it. Promise me you won’t pull this kind of stunt again. Hello, Mr. Kim. Hello. You haven’t wired the rest of the attorney’s fees. The rest of the attorney’s fees. Of course. Were you busy? You haven’t replied to my texts. Like I said, after you wire the rest of the money, I’m going to prepare for trial. I’m sorry, but can I call you back momentarily? Subong, I need to go somewhere. Lock the door. Where are you going? You can’t go in there. Stop! Who are you? Let’s take a break. Go have some coffee. What are you doing? What now? I feel bad that I couldn’t take care of my own kids. What’s this? Bong Bong Brothers. What’s the most important quality about them? They never cry unless they’re happy. They never cry. It has to be a happy ending. When I first created them using my sons as models, that was the principle that I made. But my sons… So? What’s the point? I quit. What? What did you say? I’ll withdraw the lawsuit. Why all of a sudden? I’m scared. Subong won’t get involved in crime anymore. If the police say otherwise, can you protect him? Of course I can. Kids can get into trouble while growing up. Don’t worry. Thank you. I appreciate it. Now you want to be their father. Don’t worry about it. Well… when I withdraw the lawsuit, you said… Right. Of course. You’re right. You need to become a good father to your sons. Is this enough? Pay off your debt and send your kids to a private academy. You can’t take it back. It’s not that I don’t trust you… I won’t. Do you want a written contract? A written contract? Why bother? Thank you for the money. Thank you… Yes, Mr. Yun. Of course. Sure. I’ll make a decision and send it to you. I could’ve demanded $2.000. That was my mistake. I might get in big trouble because of this. This is it. Don’t bother my son anymore. I won’t. It’s a promise. If you break it, I’ll report you to the police. Okay. Hey! Your call isn’t being answered. Leave a message after the beep. What are you doing here? Why didn’t you answer your phone? Did you call? My phone was on vibrate. You scared me! I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again. It’s okay. Are you done crying? Do you think those bastards can take me? I don’t know. I could destroy them. It was a good exercise. You should’ve seen it. Wait. Here. If you win the Bong Bong case, pay me back then. Forget it! I gave up. You gave up? I’m going to make a better one and hit the jackpot. Why all of a sudden? Is it because of me? Because Gipung… No. It’s not because of you. I took some money from Gipung. He paid for it. You and Jaebong are the only Bong Bong Brothers I want. Let’s go. I should’ve asked for more money though. I was a little distracted. You should’ve seen how arrogant Gipung was when he gave me the money. I could’ve come with you. I did get my revenge though. This is the plan that I told you about. (Be nice to your wife instead of the girl at a wine bar!) Subong. I want the Bong Bong Brothers. It’s not easy to get one. Please. See? This is rigged. That one in the closest. You can get it. They’re all tied together. To lure kids like you. That’s why you can’t do anything. You keep getting distracted and can’t concentrate. That’s why you can’t do anything. Try again. Please? If I don’t make it this time, we’re going home. Okay. Like you said, I’m not a child. I thought if all four of us lived together, we’d be happy. I don’t think that’s the only option. I don’t want you to feel bad. I understand. But I won’t give up dreaming. I’ll be happy without the Bong Bong Brothers or mom. That’s my dream. Wow! Subong worked hard to buy this. I couldn’t buy a cake though. You can create something cooler than the Bong Bong Brothers with it. Thank you, son. Should we eat out today? A birthday party? Oh yeah! Let’s go. What’s the matter? Nothing. Let’s go! Be careful! (Strange Fairy Tale)


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